Nov 10

Mountain Beast Mysteries: Strange Ape-like Woman Captured

The year is 1850. The place is the Ochamchir region of Georgia in Russia. A group of local hunters are prowling through the forests in search of whatever they can find – What they DO eventually find, shakes their beliefs to their foundations and leaves the world with an enigma that has yet to be explained.

What they saw appeared to be human – and yet not human. It seemed to be young and female with ape-like features. Her arms,legs,and fingers were unusually thick. her bosom was described as “Massive” and she was covered with thick dark hair. She was also said to be absolutely ferocious, nevertheless, the hunters managed to capture her alive and brought her to the isolated mountain village of T’khina fifty miles from Sukhumi, where she was given to a nobleman called Edgi Genaba.

So violent and ferocious was she, that for the first three years after her capture she was kept in a cage where she dug herself a hole to sleep in. The village people were terrified of her rages and would not venture near – food was thrown to her.

5 Responses to “Mountain Beast Mysteries: Strange Ape-like Woman Captured”

  1. Brian C

    What a fascinating story, I wonder what domestic tasks she was able to learn and preform. The fact that when released she chose to stay around “civilization” is so interesting and that multiple men breed with her disgusting as it is proves how close her dna was to Homo sapiens.

  2. Charles R

    This is an old story one I studied over a decade ago, never the less, few people have heard about it. For me it is an enigma. Everything about it describes what in that region would be an Almas or Almasty. Yet over time she becomes domesticated somewhat. And a point is made that disgusting men will breed with anything, perhaps they got drunk on Russian Vodka, any way quite disgusting. How could they even catch such a powerful creature. He story describes a woman with athletic, strength, and speed way above the best of men. She use to swim in the fridged cold river.

    In recent times one alleged child or grandchild of hers had DNA testing that came out with some Sub Saharan strain of DNA, certainly not what one would think a Bigfoot would have. Again for me it is an enigma and I am not sure what to believe or think on this one.

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