Nov 5

Bigfoot Odyssey: Rez Squatching, Omaha Tribe And Citonga

Kerry writes “What we call Bigfoot or Sasquatch, the Omahas call “Citonga” and for Berry Webster, an Omaha Native, and his team, the quest for Citonga begins with respect, humility and glory to God.”

4 Responses to “Bigfoot Odyssey: Rez Squatching, Omaha Tribe And Citonga”

  1. m99

    I like how he just jumps in and talks about Bigfoot. Sometimes I get bored and annoyed by endless begging for money, likes and clicks in the beginning of videos. Wes has never done that and if you don’t like it ‘leave’, but he’s never said something ugly like that, that I know of. Truly Wes Germer has spoiled me and you too I’m sure. ?

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