Oct 25

SC EP:593 Terror On The Job Site

I am leaving Dallas tonight. I have been working on some projects for the show while I was down here. I will return on Sunday with a new episode for the members. Some of the members have heard this encounter and due to time restraints this week I am posting the Terror On The Job Site show. This was one of my favorite episodes.

Spoke to Doug and he had a scary encounter on a job site in the California mountains. Several creatures showed up and were very aggressive. Doug was bluff charged trying to leave the area. There was damage to his car from the rocks being thrown.

I was trying to figure out why there was so much aggression towards a guy working. The answer might surprise you.



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  1. Joe R

    I was wondering why the title sounded so familiar. Then I started listening and realized that I heard this episode before. The non-members are going to be on the edge of their seats because I know when I heard this episode for the first time I was like biting my nails and this didn’t even happen to me. So I’m really glad that West released it for everyone to hear because it’s crazy. Thanks Wes I think everyone needs to hear this encounter it’s really quite exhilarating.

  2. Mark H

    He definitely pissed them off taking a shot at one.
    I’ve dealt with these animals for the past 5 or 6 years
    On my hunting property in southeast Oklahoma.
    Anytime I have new people hunting, I tell them,
    If by chance you see one of these things, do not
    Point your gun at them.
    Fortunately the ones I deal with on a continuous
    Basis are more curious than aggressive.
    But I’ve never tried to shoot one either.

  3. David R

    I was just watching a show called Paranormal Emergency EP 6, and they have a creature called The Big Muddy Monster, that people seen in Murphysboro, IL. On the show someone recorded a ROAR that could of come from the creature. I was wondering if it was the same sound this guy heard! I would like Doug to hear it, and see what he thinks? Thanks Doug! It would of scared most people too.

  4. theresa m

    Was good to listen to again. If this happened to me it would be tantamount to a lifetime of night terrors. I’d never want to go back to the mountains for sure. Very scary. I’m so glad people can share their stories to get some of that pressure off of them. It’s horrible to hold it in. Thanks, Doug and Wes!

  5. christina p

    LOL@ people go looking for bigfoot. I’m glad I wasn’t hunting when I came across my bigfeet. (is that the plural for bigfoor?) Or I would have had my ass handed to me. I saw this group of creatures before finding bigfoot. I never saw the movie or show called Harry and the Hendersons. I didn’t see mine in California (unless it saw me) but I had plenty of opportunities at camp forest home.
    I’m sure this man blacked out and was so overcome with fear, he did not remember. I could not remember my encounter for years. it wasn’t until last year or 2017 that I remembered. I only remember the non scary events of taking walks in the forest near Park street in Dishman Micah hills.

    • David C

      Omg Christina, I was just there in Spokane 6 weeks ago and we went hiking there. I think it was called Micah Dishman park. Though there are signs of bigfoot culture all over that state, I couldn’t find much info on sightings in that area. We walked up Mt Spokane as well, and that area looked like good habitat….I saw around 20 turkeys!

    • Bonnie I

      Hi Christina – there should be signs all over the forested hills surrounding the Spokane Valley and along the river here to warn people of possible Sasquatch activity. Instead it is totally ignored and people go missing.

      • David C

        Where can I find info on missing persons in that area? I’d be interested in what is really happening around there. My wife is moving there to be close to her father, who lives right there in Spokane.

  6. Egon S

    Personally, I think we’ve (industry) chewed up, clear cut and invaded enough wilderness where these “primeval” creatures who’ve been around since time immemorial, are saying “enough is enough”!! Like the first encounter with the aboriginals and them having to constantly retreat from whiteman’s encroachment, these “forest giants” are feeling hemmed in now, and they are pissed off! Do you blame them?! No.

  7. Bandit E

    Central TX. I was in the thick of them on a hog farm. I got use to having the intincety and awareness of my surroundings with wild people moving around and calling me out. I would like to explain a small part of the mind and apply natural instinct. …. Well i was burned 100% on my body 2nd nd 3rd degree. Was left for dead fot 3 days from the burns at the hospital when i was 11 months old.i had to fight every single day of my life… Fight pain, bullies, abusive father and every kid that when to the school. I had to do this fighting till i had no more confrontational encounters. Lucky for me, the groups of students that would circle around me to try to beat me down created a fantastic way to hone the skills of a fighter that’s so dangerous, he promises to God to never do anything for money but only to protect the ones I love. The amount of pain that I am able to cope with in order to do anything I want to do has created a very skillful thinking 2 assess and evaluate a situation where I am totally surrounded by wild people and feel safer than I did as a child in a government owned building. I have learned that I could trust the wild people more than I can hairless people. It’s a give-and-take world and be careful what you give because we, hairless humans, or not a viable species and we as a invasive species to possess the weakest in most harmful quality of life. Nobody seeks to acclimate in go with the flow of nature but to fight Mother Nature the whole way from not acclimating 2 not eating the correct Foods. Hairless people are consuming preservatives more than they are consuming the most needed substance which is the knowledge and practice of self preservation. Being that i have been in the shoes of the most outcasted and undesirable to be around due to only the way i look i can see why someone so weak and pathetic would act in a way to have somebody much more skillful and Powerful wring your neck for putting on an emotional face such as fear or fright, the most dangerous emotion in the natural world and the most deadly emotion. Why would anybody arm themselves with an emotion that is the most debilitating disability known to man. I would rather be blind as a bat and walking in the woods then to have 1 oz of fear. I have seen these wild people take sides on an argument or you can say loud obnoxious words being said between siblings. When the show first came out I was very disappointed that they were believed to be monsters and needed to be killed. I’m sure a lot of people thought about that with me but who would have thought that I would have been able to become a public servant and be a firefighter and to make a positive change wherever I should be. When wild people look you in the eyes, you have one Split Second to make your first impression and if your first impression is showing fear then that will probably be for the whole day. There is way too much facts to try to elaborate here but given them the respect and right to self preservation and understanding that I am in their world and letting them understand that the choice of bartering is totally up to them. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a farm or in the middle of a hike, correctly assessing and evaluating the situation that you’re in will allow you not to show Fear but have the look of seeking understanding. I wish I could take everybody Into the Woods and introduce them to Wild People but there’s so much that people’s got to get over. The politics has got to change to where men are no longer cutting their nuts out and wishing that they had vaginas so that they can play at home all day and blow. So far that I have studied there has been a top Superior species and if everybody understood that an invasive species is one that overpopulated and does damage to their environment they will see that the hairless people AR an invasive species and given that they populate so fast it will mean that they are a hybrid. I know a lot of people didn’t do real well in biology but understanding biology and it’s terms will infact shed light on the subject. Until then, Bigfoot researchers and this topic will always be looked at as a joke. Try to convince somebody that there is a hybrid animal out there populating like rats but you can’t just drive down the road and see one. That’s an obvious sign that you do not have a hybrid. If you understand how both the Muslim and the Catholic religion has its nasty little daggers into our government so that they, religion, which not to let people know that evolution is God’s creation and that religion is a sick in statistical way to manipulate and control people and devaluing God’s creations. I am somebody that was willing 2 bring out every bit of Arsenal from my house and shoot every single person that was coming onto the property and a lot of those people work government people. Those people tapping the boxes and following you, yeah, I dress those folks with deadly force and I came out on top. I might have a long issue of losing emails and their little sneaky ways to mess with people so that they are not able to get stuck in a death trap. But they do know me and they’ve known me for a long time and Travis Herman eastlick is a man that they do not want to f*** with. I will lead them to the deepest darkest hell holes in the woods that they will ever find and never come out or they can deal with me. I have learned to pick my friends because I know what type of problems I don’t want. If you want to know what this crap is all about oh, well here it is. I have been through so much in my life and have been mistreated in the most horrific ways that it has not only humbled me but it also has taught me how to manipulate people’s mind. These experiences that I have gone through has taught me to deal with everything in a natural way. You don’t fight gravity and you go with the flow even if you see no end to the flow. Don’t be scared to fight for the death and remember that the most challenging obstacle that any man or beast will have is changing the mind of a person who is correctly assessing and evaluating an immediate situation that could be easily misunderstood due to fear. I’m on my last kidney and I’m not scared of losing that. If somebody is willing to put a $100 bill on the table, I will put my finger next to anybody else’s finger and let somebody try to chop our fingers off and the person who maintains there position and loses the finger will win the hundred dollars. It’s not that I want $100, it’s that thing that I don’t possess any fear so that I can focus on the end game. How i want things to end, it’s really the only control that we as a human having her life because no matter what, we’re all going to die

    • David C

      Among the 7 grandfather teachings of Ojibwa tradition, honesty is represented by the “sab’e” (bigfoot). Maybe they do represent that and that is why you trust them.

  8. Maria R

    Reply to Bandit E, wow. I am sorry that you have endured so much pain in your life. No one should have to go through what you have gone through. Unfortunately the society that we live in dictates what is acceptable and what is not. How are we as humans supposed to accept the fact that there are hairy beings living in the our forest? Our society is not raised for that. We are raised to follow the rules and do as we are told and don’t ask questions. Everything is laid out for us. We are a brainwashed society and unless we learn to wake up from it, and realize that there is more to life than what our 3 dimensional eyes can see, then and only then will we learn to live and let live. And live a harmonious and happy life.

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