Sep 29

SC EP:586 The Creature Never Took His Eyes Off Me

Davidwrites “Thought I’d share an experience that I had back in the mid 80’s. Probably not as exciting as many of those encounters that I’ve heard on your podcast, but non-the-less interesting.

The entire experience was at least a 10 minute observation which I shall never forget. I am now 56 years old. This took place when I was in my early 20’s. Up in the high Sierra Nevada mountains, tucked away at about 7000 feet in the John Muir Wilderness, is a popular lake named Huntington Lake. I frequented this spot as I am an avid fisherman, hiker and love to explore. This lake has easy access with “the” main highway running through the area. So in the summer months it is quite populated with tourists and such. I would often fish the lake and hike the area.

When hiking I often times would exit the trails and go off on my own, equipped with essentials and, of course, a compass. I was coming down the mountain from an afternoon hike and found a beautiful scene too lovely to not sit and take in for a while. A small rock face, or ledge if you will, perched just 12 – 15 feet overlooking a mountain meadow surrounded by redwoods. A mile and a half down from there you could see Huntington Lake, which seemed so small considering it’s actual size. It was about 4 pm and I was sitting there, and had been for at least an hour, when I saw movement just to my left where the redwoods quit and the meadow began. Granted I was approximately 15 up on the rock ledge but the movement was not more than 25 feet or so from the rock ledge. At first I thought it was a bear or a deer due to the size of what I was able to see. As I watched further, it came out fully into the open, sniffing the air, reaching for various plants and bushes….nearly in complete silence. it would pull up a plant, or off a branch…and nibble on the leafy parts. Nope. Not a bear! Certainly not a deer! It was in the open and foraging about…unaware of my presence. The small cliff I was sitting on/in was somewhat concave so it kinda wrapped around me to a point so my perch must have been somewhat concealing. If this would have been a bear I would have been concerned. I was floored. Taken. Nearly mesmerized I could not believe nor comprehend what I was seeing! And it wasn’t like the creature was difficult to see. It was a matter of 20-25 feet from me as it worked it’s way toward the rock face that I was sitting on. The hair was orange. Similar to an orange cat. The hair under the arms from the armpits to about the wrists was longer, about 4 or 5 inches long. The skin light gray. Standing at approximately 7 feet tall, this thing was blowing my mind. I was too amazed to be afraid.

It had this permanent expression on its face like it was worried or sad. It wasn’t worried or sad….just had that look on it’s face. The face was nearly human. No ape looking attributes at all really. That is the part that freaked me out the most. It looked like a depiction of a Cro-Magnon. It was male. Undoubtedly male. Round – faced with a slightly pointy head…but not extremely pointed. Another thing that fascinated me was his eyes. They were the same orange-gold color as the hair. Mind – blowing. I still stand in amazement at what I saw. As he worked his way toward the rock cliff and me, I noticed him sniffing the air more frequently and looking around more. I figured he possibly had picked up on my scent. At this point he was no more than 20 feet from me. I would guess perhaps even closer. But I was up about 15 feet atop him on the cliff. Figuring that I had better make myself known to him rather than scare him…I softly said “Hi” and raised my right arm and waved it back and forth. He was startled and I could clearly see his eyebrows raise. He zoomed in on me instantly Freaky! He stood there not moving. I was feeling, for the first time, like “OH SHIT!”. What was this thing going to do? Or more specifically, do to ME? His eyes were larger than a human’s eyes but not by a whole lot. I could see whites on the insides and corners of the eyes. He stood there for what seemed like a minute but was probably less. Just looking at me. He didn’t seem angry or agitated. Mostly surprised that I was there. I was staring at him as well…probably for the same reasons. He then started walking off. His body turned but not his head.

He never took his eyes off me as he walked away. A part of me was glad that he was leaving me in peace. But the curiosity part of me didn’t want him to. He was still looking at me as he was walking away. I raised my arm and slowly waved and said “Don’t go.” This is going to really seem stupid but non-the-less true. He stopped for a moment and very slowly raised his right arm ever so slightly…then walked into the redwoods. I was relieved but stunned. I cannot believe that I asked it to stay! I don’t know what I was hoping for in doing that. I do believe that this being was very intelligent. It had a curiosity and wonderment just as we do. I also believe….no, I KNOW, that this creature could have pounded me into the earth like a hot knife goes through soft butter. But yet it chose not to. I am more than grateful for that.”



I will also be speaking to Linda who writes “I just listened to the new episode and after hearing about Maine I have to ask. Have you ever heard of these creatures yelling HELP ME? I have a camp up there and the last time I was there I could hear arguing in the woods with a strange dog like bark. The next night same thing only this time they were on my property. Closer but I could not understand a word of it sounded like jibberish. I kept saying hello who’s out there? Then it yelled help me. Not like someone in need but more of maybe we can get her to come to the brook. I froze. Then back and forth arguing continued then again it yells help meeeeeee but really long drawn out. It scared me. Now I know there is no one out there. I mean no one. I have heard one whoop and a tree knock there but I just went about my day and pretty much ignored it.”



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    • Jennie R

      Brilliant show with brilliant guests. That first encounter, wow!! Great to listen to an encounter filled with the little details, but ultimately ending well. I could have listened to him all night. The second guest was awesome too. She sounds like a gal id enjoy sitting with for a beer and a chin wag!! Much love all xx

  1. m99

    Yahoo Wes! Listening now. Love the format (s), music, narrating the ads, All Good, ALL fun and funny. This time both of us starting smiling listening to the opening. I said, ‘love it, Wes is having FUN!’ What an animal! Poor defrocked Tony…

  2. Doug K

    Hey Wes….Awesome show tonight!! Big thanks to David….cool encounter……..Also thanks to Linda. Really enjoyed listening to your encounters Linda. YEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

  3. Lisa B

    Did anyone, while listening to David, get a feeling of sadness? From the creature, I mean, I had an overwhelming feeling that the creature felt sad. Anyone else feel that?

  4. Denise F

    I can understand how easy it is to get caught up in the excitement of the ‘phenomenon’ but I would be freaking out if my kids claimed growling at the window and ‘help me’ was being yelled in broad daylight. ?

  5. Robert J

    . It seems everything she said mirrors previous shows. She might be looking for attention and not be telling the truth. I hope I’m wrong but in this case everything seems to perfect.

  6. NHSquatcher

    I’ve heard people describe the color as rusty but never orange like a cat that is really bright orange. As for Linda, it always freaks me out when you have a guest from New England because it gets closer to home I truly believe these things can show up any place even near a city. So I live in a nice neighborhood with houses on an acre or more but I do have those Booger lights everybody laughs when I call them that. 🙂

  7. Robert H

    Wes, I’m really glad you discussed the “help me” vocalisation, that was the part that was pretty disturbing to me. It’s not so much if they understand the meaning of the words that they are mimicking, instead it’s the unknown event when they’ve heard these words spoken that bothers me. I can mimic my neighbour calling hello but I’ve never heard him say help me.

    • Jonathan B

      That’s Exactly what I was thinking!! It’s like those particular “Sasquatch” knew that they were a call out to other people or really meant something and something that they’ve heard before, if not a few times. Very creepy…

  8. Charles R

    Fabulous show Wes. I always love these one’s where the people get such a close look at one and then even better trying to interact with one. By the way your good buddy Bob Gimlin wishes for this kind of experience, but I am sure you know this. I have heard them eating leaves off branches in the exact same way that David described several times. If they can get nutrients from leaves it gives us a better clue of their digestive system, and certainly obtaining food in spring, summer and fall quite easy for them. This one, again,seemed to be younger male linebacker type, not yet fully developed. The attitude of whatever I am seeing does not belong here, is born of academia saying they can not be and their brainless twits with perfect hair on the new channels snarky attitude. I wish I could someday have the kind of interaction David had, and had some cabin property where a family of them would hang out. Perhaps when I retire. Maybe they moved that X Linda to a new place. I am certain the one I found in Salt Fork Lake was used as a choke point by a hugely traveled game trail to ambush deer. I think they serve other purposes too. Again a fabulous show Wes.

  9. Charles R

    Their ability to use words they hear from us gives hope that someday and somehow and someone(s) can interact with an individual or better yet a family and learn enough of each language to gain a full understanding of their behavior, character, and what they truly think about us. Albert Ostman had a chance. Too bad he did not hang with them for a few months or more. Also there would have been much to learn from the Kentucky Day Care lady I would think.

  10. pam

    Am LOVING the Manscape ads you do! I still want the first one with ALL the Ooootini’s included…. Only thing missing is a recommendation from No Shoes Curly.

  11. Matthew W

    Wes, great work! I don’t think that tabby was sad. Tabby had a terrible belly-whopper from eating ripe critters and he took the extreme step of coming out into the open to get the medicinal leaves he needed to calm his belly. After eating down the remedy, he had to head back to cover to relieve himself . I have probably used that same short arm raise to dismiss attempts at conversation on several occasions when I was attempting a bee-line to the throne.

  12. Matthew W

    I am curious to know whether Linda’s fall was at or about the time that clearing work was being done on the property. I have heard other accounts of property owners getting injured at the same time that they were attempting to clear an area on their property. Linda should try to place a recording device by the brook to see if she can record the sounds. Linda, what about attempting friendly contact? Create a gift spot and place some simple items, perhaps marbles or some apples. From Linda’s account, if they were actually trying to lure someone to the brook for an attack, why have they not already grabbed one of the grand kids or Linda herself when she is on a walk? I’m not saying that going down to them when they say help me is the way to go, but consider the possibility that their reason for saying help me may not be evil. After she fell, and broke her back, did Linda yell help me?

  13. stephen P

    That was a great show. Good luck to Linda with her back problems…I hope you can manage it and live a long life Linda. I loved the way you told your story. You can never quite tell, but I don’t think they are being aggressive toward you or your family and it would be great if you could gather as much info as you can and maybe update Wes?. Don’t be climbing up ladders for god’s sake Linda!!. Stay safe.
    I’m still hopeful things can get back to normal and we can have Pompeya back to close the show please Wes. Don’t mess with what works and is totally identifiable as S.C as much as your silky tones are dear Wesley.
    Imagine…I’m on my own…it’s dark…I listen by candle light…some of these shows scare the shit out of…The sound of Pompeya at the end is positive…like all will be ok and I won’t be scared.

  14. Eva B

    Excellent encounters. I really enjoyed Linda since I’m from New England. We have similar accents. Lol Kudos to Linda for coming forward explaining the strange vocals and viewing that orb. I was a laughing stock in Connecticut when I was a kid. So I internalize the encounter due to family and friends. It’s something we keep to ourselves. I believe it’s that way due to our family name. In the small towns, in New England, everyone knows you and you do not want to be considered “crazy.” Everyone gossips too much in New England. So mum’s the word.
    Thanks Wes.

  15. joeydeveever

    Top ten contender. Linda is like listening to Lorraine Bracco in “Goodfellas”. Major kudos to Wes and his ear for truthfulness. My subscription expires in later October… but episodes like this one have me clawing the short road back to renewing,

  16. Mauri G

    Really enjoyed the show ?. With the Orbs I truly believe that somehow Sasquatch can put there consciousness or whatever in an orb and come around people and check them out in that form without exposing themselves ???

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