Sep 7

SC EP:580 Confessions Of A Pastor Part 2

Randy returns to the show. Tonight we discuss how Randy became a pastor. He had several life experiences that led up to where he is at in life. Randy started out in life working in a night club, what led to him becoming a pastor will surprise you.



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  1. Sunny N


  2. bob r

    Wes please let Randy know I was moved by all his story’s —I too had a retarded brother and grew up a little different for it . Protecting him has always been my calling ! Thought I was unique and maybe that’s why the big guy encounter ????? any way great show ! they just keep getting better !!!!!! KEEP em coming Wes !!! May the FORCE be with You !!

  3. Joshua C

    I’m a half hour into this…. Not what I signed up for…. As a member I’m slightly annoyed with what I’m listening to. I’m here for sasquatch not church. Rethinking my membership.

      • Michael V

        Not my favorite show either, but…. Jim T. is right…. It was free. That said, I do wish loyal long term members received a few more bells and whistles; like access to audio, photos, videos, stuff Wes receives from guests but simply hasn’t taken the time to post. I realize some guests request he keep confidential. But Wes, don’t you have some pics and vids people sent you a long time ago you could now probably share with us ? That would be a nice “extra” for members. I often find myself “fiending” for new Bigfoot content and news. Anything extra for members would be appreciated.

        At the end of the day, if Wes didn’t implement any of my suggestions that’s just fine. Still the best podcast/show on the topic by a long shot. Wes is such a class act, by far the best host in the biz and this podcast smokes any I’ve came across !

        • Todd T

          Been reading posts about folks not liking this episode. In part, I can see that. But the other part of me says what are you doing here if not looking for some kind of answer? A few of his questions make me think Wes is of the same mind. Aliens, bigfoot, dogmen, angels, demons in some shape or form are they connected.
          The whole basis of this show is not to ask some “expert researcher” but the people that have seen it, heard it, have had contact with it. Me for one, have this loathing for the million-dollar tv preachers (expert bigfoot researchers) who are more concerned with their pocketbook than giving and finding answers.
          I say that to say this show is right in line with Wes’ style of show. I loved this episode and maybe 98% of all the rest, LOL Not a BINGO fan…

    • Kristy S

      I think that’s what we’re all trying to figure out is how all of this fits together or if it doesn’t. Keep in mind he’s not a “Churchy Person”. He’s a spiritual man. Also, this topic fits especially when cryptids leave when Jesus name is spoken. Just something to think about. I thought it was really interesting especially with a spiritual individual’s perspective apposed to a church leader. Huge difference.

      • SamSquanch

        Guy is a pastor. He can say he’s not churchy or that he’s spiritual all he wants. He makes his living leading a church. Full stop. All that “I used to be this or that” is just manipulation to try and downplay the fact that he’s a man of the cloth. It’s a common tactic in these times of failing churches. He’s just establishing as much commonality as he can and, as is typical, going after the weakest most lost minds with all that Amazing Grace BS.

        I am not so anti-church I can’t hear it. I listen to all the folks on here saying Sasquatch are nephilim and all that jazz but this one was too much for me.

        Just glad it was a free show and hoping this isn’t the future direction of the show.

    • Stephen M

      I agree. Remember when Sasquatch Chronicles was fun and something to look forward to? Now it’s almost depressing. All these people expressing belief in magical beings.. demons.. sigh.
      What happened to investigating the existence of a relic hominid?

      • Julia P

        A lot of people think Bigfoot is a ‘magical being”…. Wes does a few shows that touch on faith and the demons in the complainers squirm nervousely. WEs is broadening his show and I appreciate that. You can always start up ur own podcast if u disapprove on how he is doing it. BTW I think his show is very fun. So for every mully grumber there are new fans who like the way he doing things just fine!

      • Geoffrey P

        Well said – completely agree with Gabe on this. Very interesting stuff. While listening to Part 1, I was so into it, I could not fall asleep. I now consider it among my favorite episodes of all time for SC

    • Aaron B

      Then don’t listen to it cancel your subscription and go somewhere else you believe in dog man and Sasquatch but you don’t want to hear about the Paranormal I think it’s great that Wes is stepping outside the box don’t like it go

    • SamSquanch

      I am not quite to questioning membership but yah, this was 95% “Amazing Grace”, 5% generic paranormal. Just glad it was a free show.

      Please don’t turn into Coast To Coast AM, Wes.

    • Julia P

      Two shows arnt ur cup of tea and yr wanting to bolt? You seems very intolerant an inpatient. Wes gives u a full plate of criptids and he changes the format slightly for 2 nights and u get mad. I don’t like the shows with talking about UFOS and strange lights in the woods but im not about to try to tell Wes how to do his show. Be grateful and a bit more longsffering. Don’t respond.. I wont read it!

    • F S

      Whelp – as usual, no one can ruin a party like an Evangelical.
      I don’t mind other paranormal stories – but this is not why I come to Sasquatch Chronicles.
      We only get two shows a week. If you do this kind of show, please do it as a supplemental entry so we actually get two shows related to the topics.
      I’m out.

      • JOHN E


      • Gabriel H

        Randy doesn’t come off as a typical pastor. He seems down to earth (in his lingo anyway) and even said he doesn’t like to speak “church-ese”. This is more like someone speaking at an AA meeting. I could relate to his former hard drinking and drugging musician days, and his demon and ghost stories were both fascinating and terrifying

      • Ken K

        Wes. Absolutely love your show. I’m a dedicated listener. I’m not a religious guy and did not listen to much of this episode. Listened to the first one. That was enough for me. Not interested in religious material. It’s not why I’m here. I’ll continue to listen each week though.


    • MAL S

      No worries FS, we are sick and tired of your comments and arrogance. You need to get a life- as this web site is not designed to placate your hubris. 2 years I have been enduring your pompous smugness. Finally it takes an Evangelical episode to get rid of you. Now we truly know where you are coming from pal. Good riddance… don’t come back.

        • F S

          Thanks Pauline B. Don’t know why your posts were deleted. Good thing I got screen shots of them before they disappeared.
          No one usually notices the majority of positive comments I make, but then I’m not here to stroke my ego, nor am I here to play poker, attend conferences, or find a new BFF. I’m here because I, for the vast majority of time, like the content. I pay a fee, and get a service. I think Wes is a savvy business man, that he puts out an excellent product, and that he has an innate talent as an interviewer. If I ever don’t feel like I’m getting what I pay for, I’ll go.
          And if we now want to go down the religion road, let’s really embrace it.
          Future guest we can all listen to with the same rapt awe can be:
          * A Satanic Priest
          * A Wiccan Priestess
          * An Islamic Imam
          * A Jewish Rabbi
          * A Voodoo Priest
          * A practicing Necrophile Devotee to the Angel of Death
          * A Native American Shaman
          * A Catholic Priest
          * A Scientologist
          * An African Witchdoctor…
          And so on. If we are all so open minded, let’s really do it. And let’s all express the same glassy-eyed enthusiasm for each of those holy people.
          (I can only imagine the whiplash involved with the same people urging us to keep an open mind for an Evangelical minister losing their nuts over one of those people as a guest. Hypocrisy.)
          I like hearing about the Nephilim hypothesis to explain Sasquatch and other crryptids – I just did not care for two weeks of the minister. Just my option. No big deal.
          Wes, thank you for allowing the monkey in the wrench, the fly in the ointment, the pain in the ass that I am to comment freely.
          You’ve got the best show, by far, of anyone in the business. I tip my hat to you.

          • Trenton S

            No such thing as a “Native American Shaman”. People who use that term or actually believe that that’s what they think they are, are speaking from ignorance. I’m not saying this to be belligerent, just enlightening you. Now, not that I’d want to hear anyones take on religion on a BF podcast but you’d be both surprised and fascinated with what you’d hear from what you call a “Shaman”. Anyway, have a good one, personally I really enjoy these podcasts. Some more than others.

  4. Ahmad O

    Demons are everywhere just as we humans are. The problem with ouija boards is that when people use them they are actually calling and inviting demons over to talk to them. They respond when they hear people calling them over, specially if they want to toy with humans and are evil natured to begin with. In many cultures people avoid mentioning them so they dont hear that and come over to toy with them , like with Native Indians and their dislike to discussing or even talking about spirits or bigfoot in general with others, and sometimes even with their own kids, in fear the demons i.e. spirits might hear them and walk or fly over to see why they are being mentioned.

    • m99

      That’s a good word Ahmad O ~ Don’t you think (as well) rather than giving evil powers a place, it’s better to speak good things into being? Why give the dark side so much credit? Thanks for posting what you’ve come to know.

  5. Debbie S

    Such a good show…THANK YOU WES AND PASTOR RANDY! I’m sorry but if you are being oppositional and resistant to this , I have to tell you that your resistance doesn’t make the spirit world any less real. So you can close your mind and choose not to try to learn and put puzzle pieces together or you can grab a few pieces and learn something. Everyone has a free choice. God gave us free will. So don’t listen …easy. Pastor Randy has said repeatedly that he does not have every answer and that what he says is based on his studies and experiences. I respect him and appreciate this from him. He has filled in a few gaps for me and given me food for thought. Pastor Randy….I really need a notification of your podcast when you do it. I mean it…actually would love to talk to you but I know that is not likely to happen.

    And quite frankly Wes, I would pay extra for this as a supplement to Sasquatch Chronicles without hesitation. You and Pastor Randy make a good team. That would be one way to make everybody happy or to at least try to. Again, I would pay extra for it and people could listen or not. Great job you two! THANKYOU!

  6. Joe D

    Thanks for the show, Wes!

    I have complex feelings about religion sometimes, but it is always nice to step outside of my comfort zone and hear perspectives and ideas that I don’t normally hear. Thanks for continuing to expand the horizons of the show. Unlike others, I don’t need to live in an echo chamber.

  7. Eva B

    Thank you Wes, Part I was great!!!! He’s a plethora of information. Thank you, for bringing him back.♥️?


    All of these encounters… Paranormal, aliens etc…I think everyone should have an open mind about this subject. I’m sure thoughout the years, you’ve heard it all. I think delving into other phenomenons enlightens people to different theories. Possibly, these are all connected together?

    I’ve got to join, Tony Merkel’s podcast as well. I promised him.

    You two are doing a great job trying to steer people towards the truth and giving people a platform to tell their encounters. One day, maybe I’ll have enough courage to tell you mine. It’s a roller coaster.

    Thank you! ♥️

    • Eva B

      I commented before I listened to part II. A lot of what the pastor discusses has happened to myself. I can relate. I was raised Catholic, but veered away from the actual church due to the pedophilia in the church. All of that didn’t make me become a lesser person. I just chose to pray in my own home and not in an building represented by the church. I respect people whether they’re religious or atheist. I try my hardest to understand people, be kind and help others in their time of need. We live in a world where everyone speaks their mind now freely and what used to be taboo: “If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all.” Well, that doesn’t apply to this era. People get irate over the minute things. Try not to take life for granted and just remember, we are all in this together. That same person you walked by discarding them as a beggar; might just be the person that holds their hand out to lift you up in a life or death situation. I’m not a perfect person and I believe the pastor was making his point as well. But, connecting the dots, keeping an open mind, may help you see things you never really saw before. Much love to all. ♥️

  8. Diana O

    Thank you for having pastor Randy on again! I also have no patience with religion…. And I love his common sense, down-to-earth approach to spirituality. I love this episode!

  9. Mary D

    I also enjoyed this show, as I did with the previous Pastor Randy show. I was interested in Randy’s perspective on religion, as I am feeling the same way lately. As I see it, religion is people’s way of interpreting and reacting to a perceived higher power–en masse. As with anything that human beings do, great good can come of these things, but great harm can be done as well. I feel that in worshipping God, (as I know that God exists) it is imperative in fortifying one’s own relationship with God with extreme care and not allowing other’s own interpretations of God interfere with what you yourself know to be good and positive and healing. That said, I do also know that demons exist as I have experienced a demonic entity in my lifetime, one time and one time only. This experience is not traumatic to me in retrospect, and it was not particularly terrifying to me at the time it occurred, either. The experience was more along the lines of what you would feel when going out for a walk in the park and then out of the blue, coming upon a pervert exposing himself to you. I was more disgusted and offended than frightened. But this was a significant experience in my life because it taught me many things–one, being that I am a lot stronger than I thought I was, and two, that God is real and He’s on my side. When I had this experience, I was going through the tumult of a very abusive marital relationship. I know from this experience that negative energy is very much attracted to negative energy, and that demons enjoy witnessing and also orchestrating and influencing human tragedy and suffering, everything from domestic violence (such as what I was going through) to gang violence to warfare. (I took note of this when listening to the interviews given to soldiers who had been in Iraq and Afghanistan who had witnessed paranormal entities and thinking “Yup. True that.” (I am also an army veteran.) As far as cryptids go, I don’t know if they are necessarily evil in nature–unless you consider an animal killing another animal or even a human so that they can feed is evil. But I also feel that we are approaching the last days or more exactly, a turning point in human history, and I think the more frequent appearance of cryptids among us is a manifestation of this.

  10. m99

    _nah, there’s a lot of Believers in Jesus that are members at SC, & are also familiar with such things as remote viewing. It’s important to know Everything truth is counterfeit by the enemy. That’s true of people claiming to be Christians masked by a “religious” spirit (by their fruit you’ll know them).

    So, if you’re being condemned, feel angst or are bombarded by people in your world, shake the dust and move on. The spirit of God is liberty, kind, loving and forthright.

    I enjoyed this guest’s experiences. But I tell you, we are God hands and feet Wes. It’s been my belief from the beginning that the Lord is using you to help people everywhere. What the dark side meant for evil, is used for good- liberating. I mean, why wouldn’t those creatures have grabbed you and Woody that night? Probably the angels around you. God’s making himself and the dark side known.

    How many lives have been saved as a result of SC? How much wisdom (Not Fear) has come forward from it? and believe what may, it’s my belief these encounters are a manifestation of the end of the age, and part of the prophesy, giants are coming to fulfill Gods wrath.

    Be blessed Wes. You are the real deal!

    • Fran S

      m99 you stated that very well. I also believe that we are witnesses to the end times. Everything is connected. I have a very strong faith and Love for Jesus Christ our savior. We all need him to guide us and save us from this world. I listen to SC because I have a open mind and know that these creatures are very real and so is the devil. God Bless and Thank you Wes for enlightening us.

      • m99

        Thanks Ms Fran S ~ I was just reading a news line about Seniors that go a whole week without anyone talking to them and thought, what can we do to change that? But, I also believe that is an end time phenomenon. I believe we’re connected too, even to the people who are simply the’heirs of salvation’ right now. Keep on praying and loving… bless you…

  11. Greg O

    Thanks Wes! Enjoy hell hound! I do like that you mix it up a bit. You brought Randy on for his Sasquatch encounter may as well tap his other stuff too! Having battled these demons myself it does not bother me like others. It is such a relief having the “Most High” on my side. Thanks Randy! GOD bless you brother and see you at the feast!

      • Lisa B

        Thank you James M, I appreciate your kindness and concern. I’ve been battling it for years and it falls on laughing ears. I won’t give up hope that someone will care enough to listen and help me, or at least try.

        • Debbie S

          Lisa, I would be more than happy to listen but have no idea how to contact you without putting personal info out here. If you have been battling this for years it really does sound as if you need Pastor Randy’s help though. I paused and said a prayer for you that God will make a way where there seems to be no way….and peaceful rest and sleep tonight. Hang in there, your help is on its way.

          • m99

            Gee Lisa, battling it for years? Is this Sasquatch related? It is a psychological need? Surely you could post it on the forum and perhaps find some relief through talking about it? Maybe even if you emailed Wes he could/would send it to this pastor to help. Anyway, I’ll be thinking of you and lifting you up Lisa. Here’s a scripture I always use that is a life saver to me: I Timothy 1:7 – “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, of love, and of a sound mind.” That is a sword I use in my challenges and trust me, it has worked wonders. Be well Lisa.

          • Lisa B

            It’s a lot to write. I have contacted Wes but he hasn’t responded that I’m aware of. It was hard listening to Part 1 but Part 2 was even harder. Mine is not Sasquatch related however I have had an experience and I can’t prove it to be Sasquatch related. I just heard a horrific blood curdling scream where I lived. Way out in the boonies in South Carolina. The only sound I’ve found that’s even close to what I heard is the Sasquatch scream that sounds like a woman being murdered. Other weird things there too. But the other stuff is paranormal, evil things etc. I’m on fb, Lisa Causey Brazzale if someone wants to contact me. My profile pic is a submarine and background is ocean. I really wish I could talk to Wes or Pastor Randy or someone. Thanks guys for caring…means a lot knowing some people don’t think I’m crazy. ♥️???

        • devon c

          Lisa B, I am praying for you. Know that if you actively seek the protection of the Heavenly Father, He will be there to shelter you from harm. He has worked miracles in many lives, including mine, so I stand as a witness to his merciful protection.

          In the meantime, use the references people have given you on this comment section to contact Randy. He may be able to lend assistance as well. I have to say, however that the greatest power is within reach of your own prayers. Many of us in this comment section also lift you up on protective prayer – whenever two or more are gathered in His Name there is Love and Power in Love.

        • m99

          Thanks for the reference to FB. I don’t do FB anymore, and don’t want you to think I wouldn’t contact you there, because I would. However I do join with the others here to lift you up.

          • Mary D

            Yay!! Someone else that doesn’t do Facebook anymore!! You know, I risk sounding like some kind of conspiracy theorist, but I think that Facebook is something that can be really dangerous in a lot of different ways. After spending a year or two doing little outside of work looking at Facebook, I quit cold turkey because of 1) all the time I was wasting 2) all the negative things that I absorbing from both people I knew in “real” life and people I didn’t know from Adam 3) and the feeling that my whole life was on display and I was open to exploitation because of that (I can’t quite explain this feeling.) Because I don’t log into Facebook anymore, the Facebook admin pesters me constantly to do so. Why the fervor and urgency for me to participate? There is something underhanded about it. I keep thinking about how the Bible describes “everyone receiving a mark” at the time of the anti-Christ. Now, I don’t know if I believe in all of that as it is interpreted literally, but I do feel that being required by the powerbrokers of society to “log-on” is as good as having a barcode stamped on your forehead

          • Lisa B

            Thank you m99, perhaps Wes could give you my email or phone for a text. Debbie S has reached out to me and has helped me with a place to begin. There’s just sooo sooo much. I appreciate your kindness and value your opinion based on some of your comments on Wes’s show.

  12. Barbara W

    Many thanks to Pastor Randy. Hearing your story helps me accept my interpretation of my own supernatural experiences. Im excitedly waiting for his podcast to launch.
    I would also be willing to pay for special material from him, and also the other preacher Dave. (You know, from the episode where he did flood inspections.) Perhaps you could have a sub-podcast for those kinds of shows. Clearly the are plenty of believers among your members.
    I really wish i could talk to Dave about a supernatural experience i had one evening about 3 in the morning. One minute I’m watching dramatic looking clouds, the next im seeing what i can only describe as a theater scene in the sky unfolding in front of me. Oddly enough it had to do with cryptids and demons. I watch the scene unfold and an action take place, then the sky turns dark like a curtain came down, and it’s back to normal clouds.
    There’s great shows with Pastor David are among my favorites. I could listen to him w/out end! A man of God with this kind of spiritual perception of the paranormal is a rare thing. How badly we need more men and women like this.

  13. Kristy S

    I was raised Catholic but I pulled away and am more spiritually connected than I’ve ever been. I’m complete. I believe many people need organized religions and many others reach a level of spirituality and don’t need a church to keep them on the right path. Yes Randy demons and angels are very real. I experienced what I would call the devil telling me to do something. I guess mind speak or something. I was around 17, had severe depression and it was terrifying! I still remember every moment of this encounter. It kept saying DO IT very forcefully. It felt as if I was being pulled down. I started to pray and said Jesus’ name and the most remarkable thing happened. It started in my feet and this warm light moved upward through my entire body. I didn’t see anything but yet I did. It was the most amazing feeling of comfort and love that engulfed my body. Telling me I’m here and your going to be ok. I just can’t put into words how this experience felt. It was evil-vs-good or I should say God. There were a few other things that happened prior to this event and after that solidified what side I would end up on. So all I can say is I’m a very spiritual person! Jesus literally saved my life!

      • m99

        I’m also Full Gospel so to speak but my mom’s side is Catholic. My oldest sister is Catholic, bit she’s also Charismatic and fellowships with other prayer people/groups in her community. 🙂

  14. Maria D

    Thank you for the great show as always.!
    Awesome guest, I love listening to men of God who don’t end up just sounding “preachy”.
    I aslo think that this subject matter is very pertinent to learning about Sasquatch and other similar creatures. Personally I believe that these creatures are decendents through DNA and bloodlines from nephilim offspring. I can no longer believe they are just natural animals, they have far too many attributes described by many witnesses that are unnatural to this world, and can only be explained by supernatural, or spirituality based explanations. I feel that it’s time to start really connecting the dots and accepting the bizzarre traits these creatures possess and use, and start making some real progress into finding the truth about these beasts, and what to do about them as encounters seem to be getting more and more common every year.
    Bless you pastor, and bless us one and all.

  15. Cathy S

    Good show. There is a connection between sasquatch and demons I believe with all the light orbs and UFO sightings as well. We live in a spiritual world. Jesus is the way and the truth. We are in a spiritual battle against forces that want us to believe otherwise. Wake up people, life is short live for Jesus.

  16. Jon C

    Great show Wes glad you had him on again. That man speaks truth. It’s sad so many people are so against having a person like him as a guest. They would love to hear about aliens and other paranormal stuff but if you bring Jesus into the show of heck no can’t have that. Maybe there triggered cause his words are hitting hone. Anyway thanks for having him on. Does the pastor have a website I would love to hear his sermons if there available. God bless!!!

  17. Kathy K

    Listened to Pastor Randy part one and part two, it was okay for a once in awhile show but I honestly hope you’re not going to make Sasquatch Chronicles into Jesus Chronicles…( Don’t get me wrong folks, I believe in Jesus and all that but please don’t try and shove religion down my throat) Anyway Wes, Hope you’re enjoying Horror show !

    • Julia P

      You think two shows is forcing religion down peoples throats? What if he had a budhist on talking about the supernatural? I bet the same angry voices complaining would n to say a word and prob approve. Hypocrisy at its ugliest. I like the shows and from what I see im the majority here. Let Wes do his shows as he sees fit!

  18. brian s

    I like the different shows and it looks like around 99% of members do also. Keep up the great work Wes. Theres always going to be some folks who are never pleased with anything.

  19. Colleen B

    Thank you for continuing this. I have only been able to have my husband listen to 2 episodes. One of the episode of the teenager hunter with his dad on a four wheeler and his dad coming to the rescue as he ran from the creature and the other of you and your brothers encounter. We both come from religious backgrounds which I hate to use but I did use this to have my husband listen to these 2 episodes. I’ve had creepy experiences which I have written to you before about being in that state that the pastor talks about. I’m very grateful my husband believed me. Thank you so much for continuing this subject and not listening to the all the negativeness.

  20. Robert W

    we have all had things in our lives that don’t make sense . I like where wes was going in this interview and understand what he was asking. I myself have had one incident while deer hunting with something large that’s not supposed to exist. i MUST HAVE IMAGINED IT . just think that whatever this is must not be something far worse than we are prepared to except. i

  21. William R

    Just finished listening to this episode and want to say THANK YOU Wes & Randy! I actually enjoyed listening. Afterwards, I did go to Randy’s Church’s website to learn more about him and his ministry. I did some more in-depth research and can confirm that, regardless of what he said on the show, his Church is officially classified as Pentacostal. I had guessed so after hearing part one. Knowing this definitely put things in perspective for me. I have no issue with Pentacostals, but do not subscribe to many of their beliefs. That said, Randy’s Church seems to be doing much good in helping people. His website is nicely done and informative. MUCH respect Randy for all you’ve done and continue to do! Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing your stories with Wes & us on SC. God bless.

  22. Letty

    We’re living in a crazy world where there is so much yet to be discovered and proven. However, we must keep an open mind to all possibilities and inform ourselves. Believers will rebuke Jesus name against all unknown beings. If it leaves then I know it was evil and God is my protection. Thanks Wes! Have a great weekend!

  23. Kathy J T

    Hey Wes, This episode was so amazingly awesome!! I have not read all the comments but I know there will be some negative.

    Don’t let it bother you too much, this is your calling and just stay the course….

    Love shows like this and the one that Tony just re-released on YouTube….helps open the mind. Thanks!!!

    Thought about e-mailing you but I know you get so many e-mails and you’re a busy guy…so I hope you see this….

  24. Edmon L

    Well, I am beginning to think I may have become a member of a church organization, Wes. I was hoping you would continue with the Sasquatch encounters as in the past . If you have found a way to ‘spread the word’, then good for you. This is not for me. Take my $70. dollars and put it in the offering plate if that’s your thing.

    • Julia P

      Wes is friendly towards religion and has TWO shows and people who seem to me very intolerant get mad and give him grieve! Two shows! He has Christians that pay money to come here and so he has a few shows that they may like an now hes getting flak because of it. You get plenty of shows that are nonreligious with no m,ention of Go so u can spare a night here and there for us that believe all the criptide sightings are supernatrualy related. I cant stand narrow minded people exspecially the Go haters,

  25. Jennifer P

    Amazing show Wes! Loved hearing the Pastor’s stories and as a spiritual Christian too, I agree with everything he said. Thanks for seeking answers for those who encounter evil entities. Jesus is the only name that will cause these evil beings to flee. You should make him a regular guest!

    • Kathy K

      If Pastor Randy turns Into a regular guest then I’ll cancel my subscription to Sasquatch Chronicles. If I wanted to listen to religious teachings I’ll join a cult, I joined Sasquatch Chronicles for a reason..for people’s encounters with Dogman, bigfoot, and the such!

      • Julia P

        Whats wrong with u people? He ha some fascinating stories.. You kn ow if he came on as a follower of any other religion I bet those who are belly aching would\l be just fine with it! How intolerant can one be? Some of you are to narrow minded to be in a mix company of people who actually are here to exspand their exsperinces a little and that means listening to people they might not otherwise agree with. Check an see why you are a GoD hater because this is what this is about. Some grudge u have. Work it out somewhere else. Don’t throw a tantrum at me because I refuse to read anymore of you comments.To much bitterness for one night.

      • Jon C

        Seriously he does two shows and you and so many people condemn Wes for offering an interesting show to listen to. People saying they will give up there membership of telling him to throw there money into the offering plate. How ignorant and disrespectful can you be?

  26. Robert E

    Cant believe so many people are upset over a couple non members shows wich I found to be pretty entertaining myself..I think the price we pay is very reasonable for the content we get!! Keep em coming Wes no complaints here brother, I’d rather have a few off topic interesting shows to listen to then have a bunch of completely made up nonsense stories covered in horse feathers!!

    • Julia P

      Thease people are to bossy… They hate GOD and cant stumuch two shows but want to control Wes content. They make me sick!They have to ruin everyones else enjoyment. The man didn’t even talk much about God himself! They are willing to belive in Bigfoot and Dogman but want to deny there is a God or demons. I can alm ost assure u there are demons in thease people and they are prob the ones acting out. To much truth.

  27. Janetta V

    Well Wes, I think you hit it out of the ball park with Randy. You did good. I know the Lord is happy with you helping to spread His truth, whether or not you get a few complainers. This was a great conversation and the majority loved this show. I hope the very best for those few who did not. God bless all.

  28. Mike W

    Wes, do you ever kick yourself for being a nice guy? That’s my logic going forward and beginning with the guy that bugged you mad in Texas and instead of beating him and feeling a little better, you brought him on the show to give us a little bit of some of your road torture. It’s ok, we dont hate you for it. We just shake our heads, and hope for better next week. I’m sure you have slow weeks when nobody will come on. I understand. We understand I’m sure. You don’t have a staff of any kind do you big man? Not saying you dont do an outstanding job Wes, because you surely do. But one man bands burnout quicker in this genre than most. You only have 2 hands and 1 phone wes. Put out a message to people in the podcast field and see what comes back to you. You need a publicist, because you and bigfoot are synonymous. You’re both famous and always linked together like it or not. You know that. That’s why you know when they are around. Take care.

    • Mike W

      Wes, do you ever kick yourself for being a nice guy? That’s my logic going forward and beginning with the guy that bugged you mad in Texas and instead of beating him and feeling a little better, you brought him on the show to give us a little bit of some of your road torture. It’s ok, we dont hate you for it. We just shake our heads, and hope for better next week. I’m sure you have slow weeks when nobody will come on. I understand. We understand I’m sure. You don’t have a staff of any kind do you big man? Not saying you dont do an outstanding job Wes, because you surely do. But one man bands burnout quicker in this genre than most. You only have 2 hands and 1 phone wes. Put out a message to people in the podcast field and see what comes back to you. You need a publicist, because you and bigfoot are synonymous. You’re both famous and always linked together like it or not. You know that. That’s why you know when they are around. Take care.

  29. Guy B

    Loved it.
    Those who hate….. are.gonna hate. ….thier minds are to small to accept that there may be more to BF than just a big monkey.
    Have you seen the ” ” guy? Hes got some great encounters.

    God bless

  30. Randel S

    father Malachi Martin the famous exorcist said that their research showed that Louisville Kentucky had the largest amount of daemonic activity of any place in the United States. This surprised his research team who had at first thought it would be New York or Los Angeles or someplace like that and they could never find any explanation for it . Just thought I would pass that on. Must be something ancient about the land around there or something.

  31. Scott Perry

    Wes & fellow members. Please please please do not take this as being disrespectful by any means. I know I’m gonna get killed here, but as a paying customer since day one I do believe I’m entitled to post my own, honest , humble opinion. When SasChron first came out, & Wes, Woody, Will & Shannon did the shows it was incredible. Unfortunately the falling out happened & I remained a faithful follower. What hooked me on the show was SASQUATCH or the then Bigfoot Hotspot Radio. It was nice to here bigfoot stories only, hence the name. Now I get it, broaden the show, attract more listeners. SasChron did it for me, not hauntings, posession, UFO’s. There are 100 different Unexplained mysteries shows, a dime a dozen in fact. I remember Wes telling Tony Merkel that if he had the chance he wouldn’t just concentrate on BF. Well, that’s exactly what hooked me to this show. BF ONLY! Not Wes’s wild world of the Paranormal/Unexplained. Please live up to the great name of Sasquatch Chronicles that it was created as. Or start UFO, Paranormal, anything ORHER than Sasquatch Chronicles. Again I’m gonna hear, “Well if ya don’t like it, don’t listen” or theres the door comments. My opinion, again, please leave the Sasquatch in Sasquatch Chronicles. Tony Merkel is doin fine by himself anyway. With much respect, Scott Perry. Upstate NY.

    • Stephen M

      I am an original subscriber, too. I’ve left and come back twice. I get disappointed with the demons, Nephilim, and stuff, too. Then I miss Wes’ great talent at interviewing and the show when it is about Sasquatch and come back. I also miss the days with Wes and Will together. They seemed to balance each other out. Will’s show is dry as dust without Wes. Together, they were a lot of fun. Something to look forward to every Sunday night.

      • Julia P

        WE had two shows. TWOW Some of like it and we are paying memebers to. Why cant u people use a little tolerance? !The fact is that there is a concrete theory that BF may be Nephilim b ut u don’t want to hear that because for 5 minutes u have to thin k about the bible. Cant have that!Well I ;pay to and I want this talked about. Its a viable theory and needs fleshed out. My coin is as valuable as yours. If u don’t like it skip the episode and relisten to a old one. Wes has many listeners not just you!

  32. Josh R

    Couldn’t listen to this guy either but I tried. The last straw for me was when his mom asked him to call his brother, she was very worried and he flat out refused. What a jerk to disrespect his mom that way. Thought you were 2 peas in a pod with your brother. Guess your so called bible schooling didn’t teach you well. Really??? You couldn’t spare a few minutes to call him. Disgusting. I do love this show but sometimes it’s just hit or miss. I’ll go back to earlier shows when its a miss like I’m about to do right now.

    • Julia P

      Everyone disrespects their m om at sometime. It was a story. He was not always a Christian so it prob took place before that. You people are really reaching , There are many of us on here that liked the show just fine. I don’t like it when there are frays into UFO and odd forest lights but I haven’t said anything. Sometimes silence is golden.

  33. Cris C

    Thank you so much, Wes, for this program! This was very, very interesting, and my wife and I appreciated getting to hear Pastor Randy’s testimony and encounter stories.

  34. Evelyn L

    In the Gospels of the New Testament Jesus was constantly running into demonically oppressed or possessed people and casting those entities out. Before he returned to where he came from he said that those who believed on him would do the things that he did and even greater. He said that believers would cast out demons, among other great things. Sadly, most of what Jesus said that his followers would do is NOT being done by the modern day Christian church. The Dark Ages pretty much cut people off from the truth and not much of it has been regained. Man has organized the Spirit of God out of the church. The majority of churches say that the things of the spirit realm spoken of by Christ and the apostles were either never true or some say that they have “passed away.”
    Religion is simply the following of a particular set of rules and regulations. Many religions start out with a truth and then build their own ideas on top of it. There are hundreds of religions in the world. The thing that is supposed to be different about Christianity is that it is supposed to be a the healing of the relationship between God and man. That is hard to understand looking at today’s modern church.
    When mankind had to leave the garden where they had been created and protected they actually left the spirit realm where all spirits resided. That spiritual realm became foreign to them. The enemies of the Creator began to usurp man’s dominion over the planet. The Creator had given mankind dominion over this planet and never revoked that dominion but because they submitted to the serpent instead of their Creator the serpent and his followers began to usurp man’s dominion. Mankind became spiritually blind. Paul in 2 Corinthians 4:4 called Satan the “god of this world.” Satan took the Christ to a high place and offered him the kingdoms of the world. Now that would not have been a real temptation if it were no his to give. He said that those kingdoms had been delivered to him.
    ome people like to deny God by saying that if he existed he would stop all the suffering on this planet. The truth is that the Creator is not in charge of what man does. Man has been given free will but is spiritually blind and being deceived by master deceivers. Because of the breech that was created between God and mankind due to what Adam did the dominion of darkness, the fallen celestial beings, began to dominate this planet and take advantage of man’s blinded condition.
    Jesus gave an example of what has happened to this world in his parable of the vineyard. The owner planted a vineyard and leased it out and then went away. He sent his representatives to collect the fruit of the vineyard but those who had taken it over beat them up and killed some of them. Finally the owner sent his son but they treated him badly and killed him as well. What will happen to those who did this when the owner returns was the question. Mankind was given a lease, so to speak, on this planet, meaning that there is a specific time period before the lease is up. The Jews have always believed this. Some Christians seem to be slow to pick up on it. Because man has allowed this other “kingdom’ to usurp their dominion the earth has become a very mixed up and terrible place for most of mankind. The “gods” of this world have set up their dominion over various parts of the planet. Christ came to heal the breech between God and man. He came so that people could receive a new spirit that can be in contact with the Spirit of God. Sadly, as I said, the religious church now denies the spirit realm. It is sad to see people who are tormented by demons or curses, vexes, hexes, spells, etc., going to mediums, witches, and new age people instead of being able to go to the born from above believers that should be there to help them. Most times when a “medium” or other non believer casts some evil entity out it will return after a while and there is always a cost when dealing with that dominion.
    Demons are earth bound spirits that came about due to what the Watchers did. They hate mankind and some of them can be shape shifters. As the pastor said “familiar spirits” are also shape shifters. You cannot believe what you see from or hear from a spiritual entity unless that entity acknowledges the Lordship of Jesus, the Christ. The Christ took back that dominion from the gods and the demons that work for them. That is why a born from above believer, who knows who they are in Christ, has authority over these things. The struggle that a believer will have with these entities pretty much depends upon how much that believer knows about what the Anointed of God accomplished and what they know about the authority that they have because of it. If that entity that you are interacting with will not acknowledge the fact that Jesus is Lord of the heavens and the earth then you are speaking with something from the dominion of darkness.
    If the Sasquatch cannot speak to you face to face then how is it that they can “mind speak?” If they are so kind in speaking to your mind then why not set up a meeting with you? Why let anything that you are so unsure of crawl around in your mind? My personal opinion is that they are genetic perversions of God’s creation. They may not be all terribly evil but they are not part of the natural ecosystem either. I’m no expert but anything that is so allusive that no one can even find where they live is getting help from someone and I doubt that help is coming from God. I remember a guy on one of the Sasquatch Chronicle episodes telling a really outrageous story about a man that met an old woman who had these creatures on her property and she actually spoke with them in sign language. She took care of the babies. It was hard to believe but I remember him saying that they told this woman that when the young creatures reach a certain age that they then have to go away with the “star people” for a while. Now who are the star people? Many of the Natives of North America speak of the star people. Many civilizations believe that they came from the “stars” or their “gods” came from the stars. I confess having a Biblical world view and I cannot relate “star people” to any part of the Kingdom of God. The Bible does indicate that the dominion of darkness is in second heaven and the atmosphere around us. It also indicates that God and his other celestial beings have “chariots of fire.” I would have to surmise that the rebellious ones also have “chariots” that they can move around in.
    Spiritual things are as real or more real than the things of this world. The Bible says that the things of this world are temporal but the things of the spirit are eternal. The spirit cannot die. New age people will tell you that but they have a different idea of what happens when you die. The person who has received that new spirit from God have the ability to receive spiritual gifts from God but the dominion of darkness can counterfeit much of what is in the kingdom of light. A believer can have the gift of discerning of spirits which is the ability to recognize when a spirit being is present. A “medium” can also have indications of when spirits are around them, however, they are many times getting their information from very deceptive sources. I Corinthians 12 lists the gifts of the Spirit. Christians are not supposed to be the powerless people that we see today and, sadly, many times people in the “church” will persecute those who do receive spiritual gifts from the Spirit of God. What a mess! No wonder that Jesus wondered if when he returned he would find faith on the earth!
    I know that there are those who get carried away and have made a mockery of the truth but don’t “throw the bathwater out with the baby.” Evil entities are attracted to church services that are not run according to scripture and they get people in there that will mess that church up badly. The things in the word of God are there for very serious reasons. “We walk by faith and not by sight” because we walk around blind to the fallen spiritual realm that surrounds us. There are good spiritual entities out there as well but they serve the Most High God and they honor the word of God. Some are assigned to people who are “heirs of salvation.” These spiritual entities live according to their assignments. The dominion of darkness does not play fair. They will follow family lines through generations. They will attack babies in the womb. They are true wickedness that can disguise themselves as ‘angels of light.’
    I would advise anyone to read their New Testament on their own. Read it as fact, not with religious eyes. Don’t just read past the things that do not compute. Most of the spiritual things do not compute in the natural mind but they are part of scripture because the people it is written to are supposed to understand spiritual things! Believers are supposed to walk by those new spirits inside them instead of by the flesh, unfortunately, in far too many churches those newly born from above believers are not taught how to walk by that new spirit.
    Only those who seek the truth will find the truth and you have to keep on seeking.. If you are willing to submit to the truth that God loves you and wants you to know him and has made that possible then seek him out. He is waiting.

    • Mary D

      You know, something you said reminded me of the story in the new testament of the Bible about how Jesus cast demons out of the young man in the graveyard. The legion of demons were so desperate for a physical body to occupy that they begged Jesus to allow them to inhabit a herd of pigs. When the pigs were infected with the spirits, they, even being animals, recognized the negative power that was trying to control them and preferred immediate death to being possessed by evil. This story makes me think that while we humans are blessed with intellect and cognitive ability, we still fall victim, many of us greatly, to all the temptations and distractions in this world and draw evil to us–some to the point where we are welcoming it enthusiastically. Animals, whose intellect is limited to mere self-preservation, have an instinct to resist evil, according to this story. What this means is that we human beings really don’t study the world with our whole “intellect” meaning, our souls–although we think we do.

      Okay, that might all be babble, but where I was originally going with this was my thoughts on sasquatch: This story in the Bible made me think that demons, on the spectrum of evil–from passive to overtly destructive–just want a body to possess, because they are angry and jealous that we humans have bodies created by God to live in and experience life. Demons are denied this experience. Could it be that cryptids–living, breathing, eating, drinking, pooping, baby-making beings just like all the beings that God created on this earth–are nothing more that bodies created by the adversary to house adversarial spirits? Just a thought I had.

  35. Mary H

    Great show Wes, thank you! Good to hear from someone that articulates the difference between faith, a relationship with our Creator and organized religion. Two very different things.

  36. Caleb B

    Great show! I’ve loved having Randy come on and listening to his stories, please have him back sometime.
    Wes you do such a great job with the show, I like it when it’s mixed up sometimes like this and not just exclusively Sasquatch.
    Thanks Wes, keep up the good work!

  37. devon c

    Thanks, Wes for another really good show.

    To the naysayers in the comment section above – Bigfoot encounters don’t happen on demand. They happen when they happen, and people are ready to share them when they’re ready to share them. If this doesn’t fit your subscription schedule, then …. Bye Felicia.

    Wes has a what – five, six, year track record for bringing us some of the most intriguing stories on the internet. I love that he diverges to other topics rather than submit sub-standard Sasquatch related material when encounter stories are not ‘available on demand’.

    When you get down to it, humans have told stories of encounters, bravery, and magic over campfires or pub hearths for millennia. Wes has taken this into the 21st century. I believe this is why we all love SC as much as we do. Wes is the quintessential storyteller at the campfire, and we are all roasting marshmallows, making s’mores.

    Love you, Wes – and the SC community – most of you, anyway LOL.

  38. Anthony F

    This episode wasn’t my thing either. No big deal. Come on! WES puts on two shows a week without fail. We can always count on an episode to be up and on schedule. We can not like an episode and move on with life. It’s ONE episode. DANG! You would think we could cut Wes some slack regardless of how we may feel about the topic. Many people liked it, so let’s pit our grown up pants on and have some grace (no pun intended)

  39. Bob V

    Hello Wes,

    Awesome. I once drove out a demon out of a lady friends condo, it was in there because the daughter of the family who lived in it before played with a Ouji board. They are a mess.


  40. Glen M

    We should keep it mostly about Sasquatch, our goal is to prove he exists. Lets not let the people who dont want him proven real take us off course. Not everyone is here to just chat believe me WES.

  41. Chris B

    Wes…obviously it’s your site….your hard work and sweat that has built what you have today. Just remember that people of all faiths and no faith come here as well.

    I honestly wasn’t going to comment at all until reading comments claiming “99% positive”…”haters gonna hate”…people are close minded”…etc. Uh….not necessarily.

    I’m sure these commenters would be perfectly ok if you suddenly revealed you were an atheist and announced an upcoming 2 part show with guest Sam Harris to reveal his Bigfoot encounter, and then discuss why organized religion is nonsense for the next 1.5 hours.

    Guarantee you these exact same people would announce they are canceling their subscription(s).

    I still love your show in general. Can’t please all of the people all of the time..nor should you try. Just remember that people have various levels of tolerance towards a subject they may be adverse to.

    However…if your end game is to make this a Bigfoot community for Christians…please let us know. I can respect that. And then your subscribers can make their personal choices, as always, if they want to continue being a consumer.


    • Terran S

      Well said. I passed on this episode but will come back to it when life gets less busy. This is a community with diverse people, beliefs and life experiences. Hopefully, there is room for all.

  42. Aaron B

    Awesome shell West glad to see you stepping outside the box a little Randy’s a great guy down to earth and dealings with something that is very real and I notice more than a few people crying cuz they absolutely believe in at 7 two 16-foot foot giant hairy hominid or a six to twelve foot Dogman it’ll all about hearing the woo Factor but heaven forbid you can bring a spiritual aspect into something you’re a bunch of damn hypocrites you need to take the red pill okay instead of the blue pill wake up and see what’s really going on

  43. Aine B

    Loved this…I’m sure the Pastor has a part 3 in him but I’m afraid some people will rage quit membership and self destruct in self righteousness
    I hope the Pastors podcast happens….I’ll be there.

  44. Ahmad O

    Great show Wes. I really enjoyed it.
    Just because Pastor Randy shared his
    experiences from his own background, whether
    religious or logical or simply telling us what he encountered
    that does not mean that Sasquatch Chronicles has become
    a religion oriented show.
    Every guest should be respected for expressing
    their views, even if we find them weired, scary or even
    different than our own.
    Everyone has the right to worship God in his / her
    own way, or even not at all. Religion is a personal
    relationship between a person and his God, and nobody else’s business.
    I found Pastor Randy’s experiences and ideas and
    outlook on life very interesting, delightfull and
    full of ideas which each one of us can try to see
    how he can find a way to interpret them according
    to his own understanding of life, his own religious
    beliefs and experiences.
    I have had many similar experiences, and I am
    a Muslim by the way, which I interpreted very
    similarly to how Randy did with his, but based on
    my own set of beliefs.
    I respect Randy’s interpretations of what happened
    to him, based on his beliefs. No one has any right
    to critisize other people’s beliefs.
    We simply say what we have, exchanging ideas
    and hope others make use of the content which we
    expressed, and not the packaging in which it was

  45. chris422

    This show was awesome Wes! It’s absolutely whimsical that people are okay with a hairy biped that can mind-speak but are unable to handle their own spirituality. Truly nebulous!

  46. Zina C

    Loved part one and two! I love a good Sasquatch story any day, but this episode is filled with great truth. There is an unseen realm that is very real. I’m open minded about what Sasquatch is. I love Jesus and have enjoyed this very much. I interpret dreams for believers and his dreams really spoke to me. Thank you Wes for being brave enough to get out of the boat and walk on a little water. Can’t wait for Randy to begin his podcast. Huge fan of SC and probably always will be. Thank you!?

  47. acrylic sand artist

    I agree with Pastor Randy, his beliefs for me
    personally are refreshing to hear:)
    “Flash card” That happens with me,
    thank-goodness not always!
    It’s true, the Paranormal world is
    always watching you.
    Ouija boards are pure evil! Dowsing rods are no better.
    When I was 7 years old, I was with a neighbor kid
    who was playing with the Ouija board with several other kids.
    I was watching them ask questions to the board.
    They ask the board how I will die? The board spell out
    train wreck. I have been on a train for travel one time.
    I was in my 20’s at that time. I haven’t been on a train sense.
    I have herd my Guardian Angel speak into my right ear.
    The voice said their name is guardian angel Gabriel.
    Thank You Wes for this fantastic show!:)!

  48. Tim N

    The Bible is a collection of plagiarized stories that were written and rewritten to scare the week minded into giving up money for their salvation. A book written by people who thought the world was flat and witches needed to be burned at the stake. Wars have been waged based on one person beliefs versus another. As bob Dillan sang two men say they are Jesus one must be lying. Having a belief in something hire than us is a good thing, it gives people hope and comfort. but when it is the bases for every decision you make you are cheating you for another. Grow up and use common sense. I think Pastor Randy is an ok person but embellishes his stories for drama. He likes to talk just to talk. He is also an admitted drug addict. Sorry folks his words not mine. His stores rambled on so there was no point to his stories. for the people who said this was a free show why complain well this is a site advertised to Sasquatch and I do pay for them. Joel Osteen will take your money if you wish to be a member of his show, give that a try. I don’t know why Wes is going down this road, more and more with each episode and disregarding his loyal paying customers. I guess his boat must be paid for, sorry Wes had to take a cheap shot, or is it? Please talk to the listeners about our concerns to let us know what is going on. maybe there are simply not enough people who will come on the show so you are scrambling for guests. maybe you are bored with the show then take a vacation, every one gets bored with there jobs now and then. the longer you don’t talk to us the more frustrated we get. You are like me wife with the credit card statement.

  49. Cali H

    How is this relevant to sasquatch? For me, it brought me back to the Les Stroud interview. I remember feeling like I just had to contact les stroud and tell him to consider the possibility that the messages he was supposedly getting from sasquatch were not necessarily coming from sasquatch. My money is on the woman medium that took him out to the site where he experienced the “mindspeak” Pastor Randy alluded to the same when he said messages are not coming from benevolent entities and the message can seem good, because it is disguised

    • Aine B

      So you believe the human female has the ability to mindspeak…but not the human like creature we know next to nothing about…was this woman with all the other people who report “mindspeak” maybe she hides in the bushes just to mess with people….is it a conspiracy by all mediums to gaslight people into thinking squatch is communicating with them? I’ve so many questions .

      • Cali H

        I dunno. It’s just what I was thinking when I was listening to the Les Stroud episode. That’s all.
        He said something spun him around in the night and touched him and the next day she knew. She knew. So how did she know. Because maybe it was her doing it. Or maybe, as the pastor says, it is another entity doing it to her. To both of them. It just hit me when I as listening that it was a possibility. Not a fact, just another possibility to consider.

  50. Bob C

    Wes, I very much enjoyed listening to Randy. As a Christian it was great to hear someone who feels like I do about their faith. Granted not a whole lot of Sasquatch in the show but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Your podcast is my favorite, keep em flying buddy!

  51. Dovie D

    Thank you Wes and Randy for the interview. Very interesting. I am a Jehovah witness and understand about the power of satan. As a JW I to am an ordained minister which is required to do door to door ministry. I am also I licensed mental health therapist. I haven’t expelled demons but have encountered Sasquatch on a few occasions and have felt fear that is different then my fear of heights. I witnessed Sasquatch walk from the back of my home to my window when I was a child and it looked like the one I saw on A Video from Standing but when it peered at me with those red eyes. I woke up at a rest stop as a teenager with one peering at me threw the front windshield and in the 80s my husband and I saw the tracks On a hike. At a home I lived in I woke up with the smell of sewage and sulfur . I was home alone and felt fear beyond anything I have ever felt. I recall as a child my dad chased one peering threw our window. We thought we had peeping toms. I have stories. I grew up in a violent home so the nightmares I had for years.. were they due to my encounters or the violence I witnessed , I don’t know but my adult children and husband have heard my screams.
    I know if it were not for Jehovah I would not be alive today. I have had internal demons as Randy. God speaks to us through the scriptures and people. I have come to terms with .. and I don’t care if anyone believes me or not, I know what I know. I had the blade man visit me as a child to. Weird? Scary? It is what it is. My grand parents were witnesses and helped me more than they will know. We live in Satans world until this system ends ,

  52. Kenneth T

    Wow wow wow I liked the show I’m not religious but it was interesting the people that absolutely hated it should pull there head out of there a!! And smell the roses again I liked it

  53. greg b

    Not a fan of religious zealots. Way to overboard for me. Sounds weird but I believe more in the flesh and blood possiblity of a creature than some sky being that no one has seen.

  54. Michael S

    I don’t doubt he’s had “visions,” but from a psychological observation, dreams are representations of pieces of us. He saw his brother but he was also heading down that road. Feeling connected to his brother tends to “ovet spill” on to us. Also, mental issues are real, people acting different or demon like. Someone in a bell tower shooting people is considered evil, but medical exam shows a brain tumor….

  55. Mary D

    You know, there are episodes of this show that I can’t handle, either, but it doesn’t make me a) leave a nasty, childish message about it or b) want to cancel my subscription. I just turn it off, knowing that the next episode will probably be riveting and thought-provoking for me, and I’m usually right. That awful First Nation’s guy with the loud, grating voice that always went into TMI about kill shots and how to butcher animals? Not into that, and didn’t like him one bit, especially with the comment he made about Aussies/New Zealanders that made my blood boil. So I would shut that episode down and listen to something else. And that Wiley Coyote guy with 10,000 coyote kills– I hate that sh*t. An ethical hunter kills, respectfully and humanely, so he can feed his family, not get cheap thrills from slaughter. I shut that rubbish down, too. Why do I listen to a show where the vast majority of witnesses are hunters that are probably not hunting according to my ethics? Because I’m not a pansy that can’t overlook things that don’t fit into my perspective in life. Gee whiz. Religion is out there–deal with it, folks. Some of your friends are into it–if you aren’t, then shut it down and wait until next time.

  56. brad b

    I’m in the camp that didn’t like this one. Ended up fast forwarding through most of it. It just isn’t my thing. But that’s okay. You can’t like ’em all. I don’t think SC is going to suddenly turn into full time religious broadcasting so there’s no need to get too worked up if, like me, you’re turned off by this stuff.

  57. Jonathan S

    First off, great job Wes. I’ve been a listener since the beginning. I know you have been conflicted in the past about branching off or intertwining different topics. I think you are doing a great job. I’m a little biased when it comes to this episode. I absolutely loved. It really hit home with me. My experiences with the spiritual side of reality is what brought me to the whole Sasquatch topic to begin with. I believed in God years before I actually had confirmation. I always kinda thought Sasquatch was a very real possibility years before any thing started happening around my house. Now I have what I believe to be one trying to play catch with my dog or throwing rocks in to my tree until I look. Being closed off or having the inability to be open minded, never helped anyone solve a mystery. There were a lot of complaints about the religious aspects of the two episodes. Pastor Randy tied every thing in perfectly. For what ever reason people that have experiences with one unusual topic usually find themselves experiencing other strange events or creatures. People like to put their world view in acceptable little personalized boxes. You would think that would not be the case for people interested in the topic of Sasquatch. Hopefully you continue to be open minded. I’m willing to bet for every one that was not pleased there was another that needed to hear what was said. Pastor Randy was right about recognizing the signs that we are given in life. This episode was no coincidence in my life personally. In fact my friend is going through a situation that could use some one like Pastor Randy’s. If anyone has his email I’d really appreciate it.

      • Jonathan S

        I have a friend going thru a divorce. He is the only person I know to claim in all seriousness that he has a loved one possessed by a demon. From the sound of it she is. She used him for citizenship purposes. She was never faithful and involved with a sex for extortion website. He’s Christian but think he was involved in things that were wrong in order to please her. I’m afraid he might not have gotten out as clear as he thinks. He needs someone better qualified to talk to. His name is John. Please do pray for him and thank you for the information.

  58. Glenda M

    Great epsisode. I’m Christian and while would prefer to hear about Sasquatch or dogman, I thank Wes for letting the guest share his experiences with demonic realm. We shouldn’t be so critical of Wes’s choice in guests. Theee may have be one or two shows I wasn’t crazy about-in that case I just didn’t listen to them. It is Wes’s show after all and he has the right to determine content. He has done well by us! Keep up the awesome job Wes.

  59. greg b

    Makes you wonder when so many things happen to one person. As for the bible take it so you will but it is s book. Look at an encyclopedia from the 50s and see how outdated it can be. That is only 70 yrs old……

  60. MONTE M

    Randy’s stuff was interesting. I want to be ignorantly blissful to this type of shit and hope I never experience it first hand cause its creeps the heck out of me. Unfortunately this stuff is evidently true because I’ve heard of stories ( not as intense as Randys) with minor similarities that lend itself to the better possibility of truth in this. I could have been better off not hearing these episodes and it is somewhat scary and disturbing. Almost makes Sasquatch friendlier in my mind. Sasquatch…. oh yeah back to Sasquatch now, where were we? Michigan,Wisconsin,Kentucky ????

  61. Russell B

    Good stories to listen to. Enjoyed them I do believe in Demons and know people that struggle with them. I am a born again believer and have been studying the Bible and teaching the Bible for 40 years. However I do take offense at the way you talk down about organized Religion. Half of the apostle Paul’s writings are about the Church the body of Christ. He writes a lot about the Church being in order and organized. The Church is on earth now to minister to a lost and dying generation.
    To teach people how live a Christlike life and lead people to come to know who Jesus is and how He can save them from their sins and set them free. I have a brother that is tormented every day by evil spirits I know they are real. I have prayed with people that have been possessed with demons. Jesus said resist the Devil and he will flee from you. My brother turned away from the calling of God on his life and as a result the Devil and his demons attacked him and haven’t let up for over 20 years. I guess what I’m trying to say is it is going to take Church of the living God thru God the Holy Spirit that lives in His people to wage war against Satan and his army and it’s going to take a organized concerted effort from His Church to fight this war. The final victory won’t come until Jesus comes back and defeats Satan once and for all. So the question comes to this. If you are Christian what difference are you making in your world? How many lives have you led to Jesus so their lives could be changed?
    How many people have you pointed toward Jesus? That’s the question I have for all Christians including Pastors, Teachers, Evangelist, and lay people.

  62. Matthew W

    Wes, Good show, I get it that you might be trying to give back by helping out someone who is starting their own blog. It just seems that you were a little hands off with the questions for Randy!? I wondered if he still kindles dreams of being a rock star, albeit on his own pod cast. Did you wonder if the IRS demon that haunted the karate businessman was a real person who actually came to his business or was something haunting his dreams until he killed it? Does the word “Jesus” have more demon killing/controlling power when it comes out of his mouth than it would from you or I? We played around with Ouji lots as kids and it never spoke unles one of us made it send a message to a cute girl who was playing. Were we just lucky, unlucky? I guess that it’s ok once in a while to step back and try to see if you can connect the dots, just as long as there is something solid to justify the connections or maybe to create a hypothesis that you want to investigate. Personally, I am not sure that it all dovetails as neatly as some suggest. Then again I have yet to see any demon or criptid. I would rather look for Bigfoot than play Ouiji or go to church.

  63. Richard F

    As always this is the best podcast out there. However I don’t believe one word this guy said, does not make me a hater just someone with a different opinion. As far as the show veering off into other topics once in awhile, I’m fine with that, I think all this stuff is interconnected somehow. I especially enjoy stories about dogman encounters. Also listen to the paranormal portal, Wes was on today and there was a great encounter about a Vietnam special forces guy had in Vietnam. Never had heard it before.

  64. Shawn S

    I had read an interesting article about ancient humans. It’s a type of conspiracy theory/ early ancestor theory that we didn’t use verbal words or commands other than to express certain things or communicate over long distances. And that certain beings (aliens? Demons? The devil? All of the above?) dumbed us down from using mindspeak/ telepathy to make us easier to control. Interesting theory they proposed which also adds more and more to the overall mystery of our existence and world.

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