Aug 23

SC EP:574 Run And Don’t Look Back

Jessica writes “I wanted to write to you because my fiancée and I have had a few eerie encounters in our travels through New Mexico and during my time being stationed in South Carolina. I’m now former Air Force, recently separated. I will state that I have never been exposed to anything abnormal or out of the ordinary in my time growing up in California.”



Todd writes “Early summer of 1983 I was in love. I took a romantic moonlit walk with my girlfriend on the 17th green. We sat down at 1:00 AM and started to talk. That lasted maybe 2 minutes when we were interrupted by an angry animal in a big oak tree behind us just 25 yards.

Whatever it was it shook that big tree side to side as if was jumping all inside of it, I heard it grunting and short yells like a gorilla and it really screamed like an African lion and a silverback gorilla at the same time.

I was really scared and yet I was calm at the same time, I knew we had to get back to the clubhouse and get into my car 400 plus yards NE. The moon lit the way and the dense fog near the ponds along the way were eerie as the landscape was a downward slope and a straight shot to the road.

I stood up and told my girlfriend to grab my hand and never let go,I knew we could die at any moment and I wasn’t sticking around to find out.

That thing was still shaking that tree and I said softly, run, as we ran 100 ft or so I heard a sickening thud. I mean it was like a something really big hit that grass. I knew that thing was coming after us. I glanced over my shoulder, omg it was tall and wide in the shoulders, it darted towards our way and I noticed it slammed it’s the long arm on the ground and grunted like a bear, it was no bear.

I think it had red eyes I can’t exactly be sure because I had recurring nightmares long after this happened. I was skinny and ran long distance at school, she was a little heavier and she had no problem keeping up. All I could hear from her and I was fast breathing as the tears rolled down our faces from sheer fear.

I distinctly heard to thing forging behind us and not giving up, thank Thank God we didn’t trip and fall. The clubhouse was getting closer we went along the left side and ran across the street into the parking lot I had a four on the floor, Ford Bobcat Pinto and the hatchback was all glass and I had a sunroof in which Kathy was slamming her hands down on it screaming it’s coming hurry open the door. I manage to get my key in the door and opened it and started the car and opened her door, by the time I shifted into first gear and popped the clutch as fast as I could she was already in and I glance out my drivers window and saw this massive hairy dark thing race along the clubhouse and on-road to get us and it yelled that God awful yell again and I could see it was really mad..I raced along Skyline Drive towards Duluth Heights and we both didn’t speak until we went to Mc Donalds and got a coke and sat in a booth staring at each other in shock.. we both pissed ourselves. we were shaking and thankful we were alive.”




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      • F S

        Thank you to these two ladies for sharing their encounters, and for their service to our country.
        And congratulations on their engagement! May He Bless you with long, happy lives together.
        This poor world need all the love it can get.

        “Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying, ‘Master, which is the great commandment in the law?’
        Jesus said unto him, ‘Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment.
        And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
        On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.’”
        Matthew 22:35-40

    • Robert B

      Micheal that entire area is very well known for Bf sightings, as well as many other strange disappearances. From Lake Arrowhead to Palmdale to SCV (Santa Clarita Valley), and then up through Castaic to Frasier Park. It’s all a very bizarre area. From I-15 to hwy 14 and then points north along I-5. I lived in SCV and Castaic and spent a great deal of time all along Pear Blossom doing the jeep thing all through the San Gabriels. It is a beautiful area with lots to see, just pay attention to your surroundings… Bob

  1. Kent C

    “An experiment gone wrong” is a common answer to the question “What do you think Sasquatch is?”

    Wes, when this answer is offered, please point out that this answer does not explain the older historical accounts. Our Government is guilty of many sins, ….but I don’t think they deserve credit for creating the Boogers!

    • F S

      Who says the “experiment” happened recently?
      I, too, believe that Sasquatch and other cryptids are the result of genetic manipulation – manipulation which was done outside nature and outside the hand of God, which is what makes them abominations.

    • Steven B

      If some, but not all, are ““An experiment gone wrong”, this would explain having historical records of the creature and the many variations we see as well.

    • Cory M

      It seems to be so hard for folks to wrap their head around the fact that a woman could’ve decided to go outside her own to get some…lol. Notice I said could’ve.

    • Denise F

      VERY interesting the way they explained it’s like the creature couldn’t go onto the paved road….I was thinking that as they were telling the story about it stopping. Are they somehow trapped in a certain area? I don’t think it’s all about hiding in the treeline…..good show.

  2. Maria D

    BTW, wonderful show tonight.! Lovvvved the ladies, and the golf course encounter was so amazingly frightening.!
    Thank you all for sharing.!
    Have an awesome weekend everyone.! ?

  3. Jack G

    FYI, I’m a member and the site was not working well, getting worse by the day. I went into “my amount” and updated my payment information and now the site is once again fully operational.

  4. Amanda V

    I believe that’s why God cleansed the Earth for 40 days and 40 nights to clean it of the sinners and abominations, that have befallen our earth, it is written in the Bible of all the Giants and such and impure humans

  5. Doug K

    Thank you Jessica and thank you Todd. Both of your encounters were awesome and very frightening too!!! Thanks Wes for another great program. You are the man!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bonnie I

    Thanks Wes, interesting guests tonight. I thought the girls were really brave and gave very insightful/intriguing interviews. And Todd, well hope he never has another encounter. Could not believe he blamed his girlfriend’s tribal relations (that they intentionally sent a Sasquatch after him) and then decided recently that it was just her because well, it was her time of month. Don’t think it ever really donned on him that the thing was very angry just because they were there and it reacted in a very typical/scary “get the heck out of my territory” way. He never should have taken his girlfriend to an area where he knew he was not suppose to be. And I think he knows that in itself was the begining of all his Sasquatch problems at that place.

  7. Carolyn R

    The experiment gone wrong, I don’t think so. The government (of almost all countries) responsible for these abominations, I really don’t think so. I believe that the government is responsible for “keeping a lid on it”. The creators, I believe, cannot afford to be seen like the executioners occasionally are, or like the MIB are. I believe that these abominations are not allowed to harm us….yet. I believe that the ones that break this law are exterminated, those of us who are capable of calling attention to the growing numbers of these things are relieved of any proof we may have collected (like the crash of a UFO out west?) and then we are threatened with death if we become vocal about our experiences….
    The bible says we will not be advised of the time of the end but we are given signs. One precursor is that the beasts of the field and the forests will be called to devour (some of ) the people. Hmmmm? Some will be responsible for the hearts of men to stop in fear. Hmmm? I could go on and on but I think I have rambled quite enough for now.

  8. Fran S

    Great show tonight! I live in Minnesota and know the area Todd had his encounter. How scary! So glad you were able to get out of there. Duluth area has many encounters. They are here. Thanks again everyone.

  9. Paul M

    The second story was a get the heck out of here now preformed by a number of BF… They could have had you… l been in Duluth = And up on skyline drive… You really dont want to drive fast at night on that Road… Its long drop off the side… PLUS Theres tons of WOODS and wildlife in The AREA… With creeks and rivers all over the place… Abounding in deer and bear and small game… PLUS tons of SIGHTINGS in Northern MN… THEY ARE AROUND… NO DOUGHT….

  10. joeydeveever

    The best thing about Todd’s account is that you can find everyplace he describes on Google earth is exactly where he says it is. But it’s hard to figure out at which McDonalds they ended up at, the one in Duluth Heights or the one on North Central Ave down by the harbor.
    Then again, McDonalds do come and go and seeing as how it was back in 1983 it might be a McDonalds that’s no longer there.
    But everything else is still there, Rice’s Point overlook, Enger Tower behind it, and the golf course is Enger Park Golf Course. My guess is the 17th green is the little par 3 on the edge of the woods, and they ran down the 18th fairway to the clubhouse, and there’s the parking lot across the street.
    Todd, if you are reading this – which McDonalds did you two drive to?

  11. richard r

    Remember going out there to an art show (new mexico) it just reminded me of a John Wayne movie, where he would ride out on a horse or something, very beautiful country.

  12. Debbie S

    Good show. I don’t know what the ladies encountered but I don’t want to see it. Yikes!Yeah, I thought New Mexico was a really eery place when I was there and Arizona is a close second. Beautiful and amazing but eery. . The desert seems to have it’s own vibe doesn’t it? Todd’s story had me biting my nails. I think if it had wanted them it would have gotten them. Scary. Thanks Wes and guests!

    • stephen P

      Well, I was hoping to read through the comments and not have to read any homophobia. But oh no…there’s always one bigot. They are two happy girls telling their story. They are no more open to the demonic than Jesus Christ. Have you served your country?. I’d suggest you have actually been opened to the demonic with your small minded bigotry. Comments like yours should be removed and if you were in Britain…you’d be removed yourself I’m sure.

  13. Delano D

    That chick got on my nerves by bashing SC. She obviously never really got out to see anything besides the immediate area. And Sumpter isn’t as she says at all.

  14. Miss Kendall S

    Awesome show Wes and when one of the ladies mentioned when she was talking about Sasquatch and what it had done to the man’s body by bending it in half and shoving it in the floor of the passenger side of his truck that was one of the stories in Bigfoot Terror in the woods. I own a few not all of them “yet “ and they are amazing , definitely will keep you up at night LOL

  15. Coop

    S.C. is beautiful, well the Greenville area is. I didn’t get to see anywhere else. I loved it enough that I had started to make plans to move there when I got out of the military, but decided to stay in and retire haha.

    • Cory M

      I grew up and still live in Greenville. It’s growing more than I’d like but is still ok for the most part. The outlying areas are where it’s at in my opinion. Mountains, lakes……all good!

  16. David C

    I’m afraid we’re going to have to get used to the idea that as soon as we get a little closer to understanding one cryptid such as sasquatch, which seems downright normal by comparison, people run into something as aberrant as a rake! Is it possible that we will ever understand what is going on?

  17. Paul E

    I would be very Cautious Ladies about going back out there, it might decide to follow you home. And going out into the wastelands like that unarmed is not very prudent, go armed.

    • Paul E

      I would like to ask the last Witness a rather Personal question and it relates to the dreams he was having. Was He a Virgin at the time of the actual event? I only ask because I used to have prophetic dreams before I lost mine and this could have been what those dreams were.

  18. Tracy L

    I really want to see the drawing that Tory (?) did of the creature(s) she saw either in North Carolina or New Mexico. Did you ever get a copy of it from her? If so, did you post it elsewhere on your site? Thanks!

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