Apr 27

SC EP:537 Do Not Point A Weapon At These Things

Here is the early release for Sundays show.

Dylan writes “Wes, I want to tell you about an experience that I had with Bigfoot around Lena Lake in Washington state in the Olympic National Park.

It was during a camping trip that I had with my dad and the interaction occurred while we were sleeping in our hammocks. We both awoke to what I first assumed was a bear because of the breathing noise it made. It wasn’t until I looked through the gap in my tarp that I realized that the creature was standing and had arms. This camping trip was cut a little short because of some other concerns that we had while we were hiking. My dad and I only spoke once about this the next morning and after he told me that he was convinced that we had a bear problem I decided not to tell him what I saw.

Shoot me an email if you’d like to hear more about the experience and why we decided to cut our trip short. To this day I haven’t told anyone about the encounter because I’ve always thought of Bigfoot as a dumb joke and I never wanted to sound like a hypocrite to my friends.”

Joe writes “Hi Wes, I’m from Ohio. I’m a huge fan of your show and I have been wrestling with the idea of mailing you and telling my story. But I guess if I’m going to tell anyone (outside my family) it would be you.

Im an avid outdoorsman and have been spending as much time in the woods hunting, fishing, and hiking since I was six years old. My brother and I started out as our fathers hunting dogs, tromping on brush piles kicking up rabbits and pheasant for our dad and I’ve been hooked ever since. My Bigfoot story starts a few years back when we started hunting a new lease. Our second season in, It started out with hearing what sounded like someone talking far off in the woods , but you just couldn’t make it out. Which seemed odd but there are some(not many) but some people who live around the area. I brushed it off the first time, then a few days later my brother and I went hunting again and I heard the same thing, I was beginning to wonder what it was and was going to tell my brother about it, but I didn’t have to say anything to him. When I came out of the woods that evening he meet me at the truck and the first thing he said was “did you hear those people talking?” Not wanting to tip my hand I said I thought I did but couldn’t make it out,,, and he said “yeah same here. But it got kinda close and it was like they were talking gibberish!” That ride home was spent talking about what we both heard and then I introduced him to ur show. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to believe but he was about to get on board really soon. We both hunt pretty often and two weeks later we had both been to the woods multiple times and each had a few more “odd” things go on. A few more talking episodes a whoop or two a rock clacking incident, a few weird things but nothing that was definitively anything.

All could possibly be explained away essentially. Then one morning about 3weeks after the initial incidents I had a work commitment and couldn’t join my brother in the woods. At about 530-6 in the morning I get a call from my brother, hoping nothing went wrong as I knew he’d be walking into his stand I answered and he immediately sounded upset. After a few minutes of calming him down, I finally got it out of him that something had “screamed at him as he was almost to his stand”. My brother is a tough guy, always was the bigger brother, my protector. And I had never heard him sound as scared as he was in that call. He told me it was like nothing he had ever heard before, it sounded like it was wanting to rip him apart he said. He also said there was something that sounded like grunting and growling together after the screaming, he said he could feel it shaking in his chest. He wanted to run, and hide all at the same time. He chose getting up in his stand and waiting on the sun to rise. He called me from his stand. He made me stay on the phone with him until he was ready to walk out.. I should probably mention that this is taking place in mid October. Ohio’s hunting season starts the last weekend of sept and my second time in the stand(which was day two of the season) is when this all began. It had been a pretty wet year so the majority of the leaves and foliage were still hanging on. My brothers stand was in a pretty thick area of our property. So as I tried to keep him calm and quiet and have him listen for things moving around him. Suddenly as we were on the phone he heard something and shushed me and said he thought he heard something. It was approaching that point in the morning when the woods seem to suddenly appear b4 ur eyes, that special morning time. Suddenly he panicked and said something exploded out of some brush about 75yds away and sounded like a freight train going thru the woods,, luckily going away from him and not towards the car. He waited till he couldn’t hear anything else and high tailed it outta there. A few days later after the shock of it all kinda subsided we went back to our land and tried to find some signs of the thing. Other than a few broken branches there wasn’t much and needless to say my brother, who I credited for even going back, wasn’t wanting to stay real long. So we got his stand and left the area.

We stayed outta the woods for a few days, but the rut was about to start and we couldn’t stay away forever. We’re just to big of hunters and as I was thinking about it and discussing it, my brother and I convinced ourselves that if whatever made those screams wanted to hurt him it could have done whatever it wanted. It was probably just a warning. So we decided to give whatever it was that side of the property and we’d move to another part of the lease and just be careful. So back to the woods we went. A few hunts later, about a week or so, I was in my stand enjoying a beautiful afternoon. Now the woods at this time end of October early November are starting to thin out a little bit. It was one of those days when a strong breeze makes it look like it’s snowing leaves. It was about the last hour or two of the day when I heard it again,, the chatter. Only this time it was a little higher pitched than I remembered. I was on full alert at this point, then I started to hear something that sounded like it was approaching,, but it just didn’t sound right.. now my stand sits on top of ridge there’s about 30yds of flat(that is loaded with oaks) then it goes into valleys on either side. On my left which is the side my stand is on,, on the hillside there is two natural shelves one about 20ish yds down (which by the way the bucks love to cruise and scent check) and another about 50-60yds down. I can always see the closer shelf but the further one down is hard to see because of all the brush. But I do have two shooting lanes cut down there for gun season. Anyway just laying out what I’m looking at. So like said I could hear something coming my way but sounded weird. As I’m studying the woods the chatter and sounds start to become clearer. The chatter sounded like two monkeys chitchatting and the sounds seemed to be coming from the up in the trees and something walking on the ground. Suddenly I swore I could see the trees moving out in front of me to left. And it seemed as soon as I thought I was seeing that, I heard a noise I never heard in my life. It was like a grunt and huff and deep bark all rolled into one. And after that everything went silent. It was eerily quiet, no sound no movement nothing. Sat for what seemed like an eternity, probably two minutes lol,, but then the wind started moving and as a bigger gust came along the leaves began snowing again and I heard it again only in two tsk tsk sounds and at that point I heard some limbs breaking and what sounded like two tree stumps landed with two distinct thuds and was followed by two clearly running down the hill sounds. I never saw what made that noise but definitely sounded like two separate things running away and wasn’t bounding away like deer or anything else in the woods I had ever heard b4. Those ended kinda quickly. After the initial shock of that my attention immediately turned to what made the deeper grunts and tsk sounds. It sound like it came from the lower shelf but out in front of me. I studied and studied the woods for anything!! Any sort of something wrong in the woods, any sound any movement anything. Then the usually bane of my existence in the woods, the squirrels that seem to constantly run all around my stand came again. One of those furry bastards came from the other side of the flat and started down the other side towards the sounds.

I was looking at the squirrel,, staring in the direction of the noises when suddenly the squirrel, which had got pretty close to where I thought the sounds came from, shot up a tree and immediately began barking his head off. As I again began studying the woods I caught the slightest movement.. a movement that changed my life. I finally remembered I took my crossbow that day instead of my usual compound, so I slowly raised and looked through my scope and saw it. A hand, just a hand that was wrapped around a big oak holding on. I stared at it and stared. Not believing it at first I looked off the scope blinking and looked again and it moved. Repositioning itself very slowly and methodically. I stared into that scope looking on both sides of that tree looking for what that hand was attached to. When suddenly very slowly and methodically a face began to creep around the tree looking directly at me. I was frozen and knew that she was looking at me and immediately knew by her expression that she knew I was seeing her. She looked panicked for a split second then immediately withdrew her face. At this point I’m in a state of disbelief not believing what my eyes just saw. It was dark skinned and had longer hair hanging down on the face but not very much hair on the face. I continue to stare down at the tree. When she moved her face back she also pulled her hand back. I sat there looking intently for what I instantly knew what I had saw. There was no mistaking it. Finally the long wait was interrupted by a loud clacking sound. Like someone taking two rocks and banging them together rapidly. It came in three quick bursts and was followed by a quick higher pitched whistle. This definitely got my and the attention of the mother that was below me. She made a sound like she was shushing the little ones down the hill. Or what I assume was the little ones. She then peeked her head out from behind the tree and was looking at me again. I instinctively lifted my bow and looked down at her and her face had taken on new much more fierce and clearly was not happy I was there and I assume wasn’t happy I was so close to her and her babies.

She then stepped from one tree to another,, to another every few minutes whenever the leaves would start falling heavy again. I’d catch glimpses of her and see her for a second or so. she was about 7ft tall and had a bigger but still somehow lean build. I could see breasts on her, which is why I keep calling her mom. Another long pause with her outta sight, but I knew she hadn’t left the area. The exact spot she was in she would’ve had to either drop down a weird drop off which I felt I woulda heard, go back the way she came, or cross thru one of my shooting lanes. I was scanning the area with my scope looking for anything and that’s when she stepped into the lane and turned to face me. she was about 80-100yds or so away, and when she did this I was looking at her through the scope and I regret doing that now. I don’t know if she took it as aggression but as she stopped and turned she stood there for a sec and then got into a (for lack of a better way of saying it) an aggressive stance and began to growl and show her teeth to me and took two or three steps towards me. I lowered my bow instantly and even went as far as to hang it up on my extendable hanger. As I did that she stopped gave me one more mean look and walked briskly away. I could hear her moving down the hill, I then heard a louder whistle and heard the two (I assume babies) start moving down the hill away from me. They cleared about 400yds of downhill in a matter of seconds and when I could barely hear them I heard a loud grunt and suddenly a giant pop and crashing. Sounded like a larger tree being pushed over and snapping. I felt very shaken and extremely unwelcome instantly. After the woods settled down for a second and I was able to shake the shock and shakes enough to climb down from my stand and made the walk back to the vehicle ASAP.

On my way home I tried calling my brother but he and his fiancé were at a function and he wasn’t able to answer me, so I left him a message and just hoped he would call me back. He unfortunately didn’t and the next morning he went hunting and went down the hill and past where I heard the Bigfoot exit the area I wAs in the night b4. On his stand he finally took some time to check his voicemail and heard my abbreviated story and on his way out was intrigued, searched around for a lil bit, and saw a tree that was broken and fallen. I’ll include a picture he took of the tree. It’s a tree that for no other reason should have been broken or damaged, as it was a perfectly healthy tree and there were no storms or anything else that could have done what happened to this tree. It has been two years since this has happened and I and my family have still been hunting this land. We have been extra careful and have adopted a live and let live attitude about this property.

I and my brother have each shot deer and left them as “presents” for the Bigfoot. We love this piece of land and we also have our children who we bring with us to hunt (but we never let them hunt alone) and we can’t help but be hunters and enthusiasts about the search for an unknown species. As we’ve hunted over the last few years we have both shot deer and have left them over night, only to find significant blood trails that lead to pools of blood, hair everywhere, but no deer. We looked on these as “peace offerings” and haven’t ever pushed the issue on finding these deer. We have always had an extra agenda on our minds, and we have had a few more experiences (also floating lights which we were able to get a pic of one) and “things” go on.. but nothing like what I saw that day. I believe that our land is more of a summer into fall location, bcuz as soon as our land loses its leaves and we get into full winter the activity drops off and as full winter hits we lose all activity. We are pretty close to the Tappan Lake region(like two miles or less) which has had its fair share of sightings and claims over the years. And is about 20miles from the famed salt fork state park. I am more than a believer, just like you Wes. I am “knower” that we as humans share this land with an unknown biped.

I also believe that our government is definitely aware of these creatures and is actively protecting them, monitoring them, and possibly even protecting and possibly moving them as they see fit. I’ve saved this last bit for the ending of my message to you as it may be the most unexplainable part of my experiences. This past fall I was in my stand for another hunt when I heard a helicopter approaching. Odd, but not totally extraordinary. But as it came closer I could see the heli beginning to slow down about 3/4 to 1 mile away and began slowly circling a smaller in size area. Suddenly the chopper blades became extremely loud and making an odd but very loud, bum bum bum slow and steady sound as it circled and began lowering. As it started to drop out of sight all of a sudden there was no sound anymore!! Even though I could still see the heli for a few seconds b4 it dropped out of visuals. And when I say no sound I mean no sound whatsoever! Then there was about a 5min gap of zero sound from the area where I knew the helicopter had circled down.

I was dumbfounded by all of this, and as u know 5mins in the woods can seem like a day when exciting things are going on. When all of a sudden the extremely loud bum bum bum erupted again and I saw the heli rise up from the same spot. It lasted for about 30 seconds as it slowly rose and circled again then the sound of regular chopper began again and the heli moved around behind and I lost sight of it, but could still hear it and even though I couldn’t see it the loud bum bum bum sounds came and went again where I couldn’t see it. Only this time I heard something else. As the loud noises came the second time I heard some loud huffs and smaller scream/whooping noises accompanied by crashing and what sounded like something throwing something big and some more crashing noises from out in front of me. For some “visuals”…. the heli came from my back and to the left to out in front of me to the left. It then circled back from the same way it came,,, my left and circled behind me to 45degrees to my rear right shoulder. The noises I heard came from in front of my right shoulder about 45degrees. Just so you can picture it…… Now my rational thought immediately tried to explain this away as maybe there was an emergency that an emergency rescue or life flight was being executed. That seems logical as there are boaters, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts in the area. So I began to research that. I have friends who work at the two closest hospitals that would and are able to accommodate life flights and they both looked into the matter and neither had any flights come in within a week b4 or after the date in which this happened. So I struck out to try and find another resident of the area that had heard or saw anything weird. It had been about 4-5 days since the incident and a few people had heard something weird but no one close to where I knew the heli had went down. The area I saw the noise come from was particularly weird. I knew there was a home pretty close to that area and so I went there to try and start a dialogue. I started out as “neighbor” who had just got permission to the neighboring property and was wanting some hunting and property line info. The man and woman were extremely nice and were more than willing to help. We chatted for a about 10mins when I started to put out there that I was hunting another property close by. At the first mention of that there demeanor instantly began to change. We had ventured about 100yds or so from their house as we were chatting. And as i saw their attitude change I immediately decided to drop the bomb on them.

I said I was hunting and had saw a helicopter circling around close to their property and they immediately shut down!!! They started walking back to their house and I kept right with them and began asking every question I could about seeing it hearing it, what they saw and everything else I could. They didn’t answer a single question. They just kept saying they didn’t know what I was talking about and were actively trying to get away from me. I went as far as sticking my foot in the door to keep them from shutting it in my face. The last thing I heard from these people was “we didn’t see anything, and if we did we wouldn’t tell you!!!” This obviously piqued my interest quite a bit. But I’ve yet to get any farther with anyone else around the area either….??? So Wes that’s my long story. Sorry for the lengthy message but as I was writing you it just kept coming out, and believe it or not I’ve left out some stuff. If you’d like to chat I’d be happy to, if not I understand. I’m sure you get a lot of people that contact you. Im just happy that there is someone like you who does what you do and helps people out as much as you do. You truly are a much needed outlet for people like us who come away from these encounters and “strange things” not knowing what or how to feel or deal with the stress of it all. Thanks again Wes have a great week.”





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76 Responses to “SC EP:537 Do Not Point A Weapon At These Things”

  1. Ted M

    Really liked the show Wes, listening from Afghanistan, but missing my home in Ohio. Sounds like this guy is not far from where I live. Both stories sound real.

  2. MONTE M

    Would have listened while trucking but figured it would be up later, but did listen to April 23rd episode of Open Minds UFO Radio podcast that I recommend . Topics were Disclosure,Demonology,Demons,Angels,Aliens,US Nimitz encounter,etc . Interesting stuff. Watching Sharks vs Avalanche recorded playoff game but excited to listen after reading about this episode Thanks in advance Wes and Guests.

  3. winkatme

    WES, HA! HA! You’ve got a stalker LOL! That Robert J guy from the last episode he’s hitting up your MOM! I just left him a message. [NEVER go through a mother to get to a brother! ] Can’t wait to listen to THIS one! Thank YOU, your the hardest working man in pod casting! Nothin but LUV, WINK

  4. Richard P

    I heard what sounded like 2 or 3 bigfoots just outside my headlamp range hiking an hour off trail at 2AM in the Gifford Pinchot forest 2 summers ago. One of them may have been mimicking an owl. At the time I didn’t know what it was. But last summer I heard a YouTube video of the howls. And it sounded almost identical.

    I had Keltec PF9 9mm pistol with the extended 8 round magazine loaded with economy grade fmj in one coat pocket. And a compact high powered flashlight and a spare magazine in the other pocket. I decided to leave the gun and flashlight in my pockets. And to deescalate and disengage and hike back to my Bronco ll parked at the end of the logging road spur.

    When I got to the truck. I got out my Keltec Sub 2000 .40 S&W from the soft case, loaded it, and placed it in the passenger side foot well and on the passenger seat for the 10 mile drive back to the pavement. There wasn’t any further non conventional activity.

    I think that there may be more than one type of bigfoot. Some may be ETs doing scientific research. And some may be an ET/ED (extra dimensional) managed and protected early human species that are semi indigenous as part of an ET genetic project.

    With drones the bigfoot’s tracklines would be much more visible than they are. In the Billy Meier case his tracks in the snow would end in the middle of a field like the bigfoots. In his case it was when he would get picked up by a ship. ET/ED technology would explain most or all of the nonconventional aspects of the bigfoot and criptid phenomena.

    • Richard P

      I went back up to the area where I had the bigfoot encounter 2 or 3 days later during the day to look around. I didn’t see anything unusual until I got back to the truck. By that time it was after dark. And there was a light on the side of the ridgeline further down the valley. The roads leading to that area were damaged at the time, and were closed by the forest service. It would have been a difficult hike to get to the area where the light was. Which in afterthought makes me question if it was conventional.

      If some of the bigfoots are an ET/ED managed species of early humans. Part of their purpose here may be to help manage our transition into becoming an ET race and civilization ourselves. To demonstrate that there is an IQ, genetic and technology gap between the early human bigfoots and ourselves. That is similar to the gap between ourselves and more advanced ETs/EDs.

      I bought a recoil reduction stock for my 12 gauge pump. And am going to buy some Brenneke special forces maximum barrier penetration slugs that will penetrate 4 feet of dangerous game. I’d be surprised if even a large bigfoot could survive double taps, two to the head and two to the chest.

      I’m not planning to shoot anything unless I’m in immanent danger of abduction, injury or death. I carry an inReach satellite emergency locator beacon with sos and texting capability when I’m in the remote wilderness. And I bought a gopro camera and head strap. And a Seek Compact Pro thermal imager for my smartphone. In case I need to locate a lifeform for friend or foe assessment, and possible threat mitigation.

      • m99

        …they say shoot through the eyes because it’s soft tissue… they say their rib cage is too thick, and so’s the skull. And while you’re shooting in the front the two in the back will kill you… just saying…

        • Richard P

          Bone won’t stop anti material rounds, they’ll blow right through it. If you have to start shooting you’re already in a life threatening situation. A pistol grip magazine fed 12 gauge semi auto with a muzzle brake and a 15 shot 10mm pistol are on my next buy list. On target mag dumps will take them out of the fight if it gets to that. And a class 4 laser will blind them.

          I have a couple of camera drones and thermal imaging. Situational awareness is a big part of threat mitigation.

          If they leave me alone, I’ll leave them alone. But they’ve engaged me, so I have to deal with it. If they get along with me, I’ll get along with them.

        • Richard P

          I’d start with less lethal options before escalating to live fire. 26.5mm parachute illumination rounds, 12 gauge bird bombs, flash bang rounds and baton rounds. You have to be careful with that stuff to avoid a fire threat. I’d rather use a camera than a weapon.

  5. Maria D

    We live in Central Florida. The forest service states we have 400+ Florida Panthers statewide (100+ black Panthers) and over 4000 black bears state wide, 1700+ in our part of central Florida.. I’ve never seen a single black bear, and only caught a glimpse of one panther running across a dirt road.. Could a few hundred Boogers be out there in our forests and remain hidden.? YES YES YES, it’s obvious they could be out there…
    Just had an urge to state these facts..
    Great show as always..

  6. Trevor C

    Awesome story! I was captivated! Loved the music at the end there too! Sounded like she was singing with an English accent so I looked it up! Sure enough ‘Black Lake’ by British band Fabrik, Birmingham UK. Thanks Wes!

  7. Paul M

    Thanks MR. WESS. another good show put on by you guys…. l want to thank you also for warning your guests to be more then Careful in the woods … lt has MANY hidden dangers…. God Bless

    • Jay Carlsen

      YES SIR ! But do you know the Funny Thing ? When I had seen that Gorilla I was still a Parishioner of the Evolution Religion. You could have told me it was a Monkey & I would have been Down with it. Hell ! The thing I seen had the exact Likeness of a Gorilla , so that wouldn’t have been a Far Jump.
      About a Year later , I had a Crazy Dream where I heard HIM say 4 words. ( And Please if you care to hear my story …. What 4 Words I heard HIM say ? Please feel free to get ahold of me @ jaycarlsen1971@gmail.com and I would be more than happy to write it all out for You.) After I heard those 4 Words I had a Paradigm Shift Overnight.
      It was after the Show was first aired , when one day I was flipping through the Book of Genesis ; when I found the Story of Isaac’s Twin sons after Jacob had stolen this Blessing ( WHAT WAS IT ? That Blessing ? The Lords Blessing ? What did that Blessing Represent ? ) When Isaac gave esau that Empty Blessing and said ” You shall live off the fat of the Earth and drink from the Dew of Heavens from above ” And that was the Hook that I bit like a Sucker Fish ! But I needed more Information….. And so I went Backwards in the Tale until Rebekah was Pregnant with the Twin Boys. And they Struggled together in Her Womb when She went before the Lord to inquire ” why am I thus ?” When She was told by the Lord Himself ” 2 Nations grow within you Now , and 2 MANNER Of People will be separated from Your Bowels. And the one People will be the Stronger than the other People. And the Elder will serve the Younger”
      AND WITH THAT I KNEW I WAS ON TO SOMETHING ! Then the Red Hair all over like an Hairy Garment – And Eating of Raw Meat – Living in the Field – the Smell of Esau’s House Coat – Plus the Living by the Fat of the Land and drinking from the Dew of Heavens from above ? All this I was Pretty Sure was talking about these feral People who the Native Americans call the Sasquatch People.
      It wasn’t until 3 yrs ago now , that I found the so called hebrew movement on the YouTube – Who have ever since TRIED To Convince me that I was of Esau’s Line of Decent. Who have directed me to the Book of Obadiah ………. NOW I AM CERTAIN THAT Esau was in fact the Sasquatch.
      NOT Who is Related to Esau in the Biblical Account. But Esau Himself.
      Because these feral People are NO Question the Stronger ( Physically )
      Do they not have the Dominion NOW ? Since Everyone has been tricked into Thinking they are only Hoaxes & Myth for a reason?
      They do have Wrinkly Hide like Skin.
      They do emit a Foul Odor
      They do have the Dominant Presence
      They do live in the High & Rocky Places
      And what a Coincidence that it states Esau will be Ruling at the end of the World ? And what do ya Know ? These Things have NEVER Been Conquered before ? ( And yes , I do think the Ancient Hebrews worded it as such for a reason )
      Everything said in Description of Esau from the books of Genesis and Obadiah is describing the Sasquatch People. This Nocturnal Nation of People who are of a different MANNER than You , Me ,. or Any Other Modern Humans on the Planet today.
      And Native Americans called these feral People the Sasquatch.

  8. Aaron L

    I wonder if Joe’s dad suspected it wasn’t a bear and was looking for tracks in the morning to connect some dots.
    I can relate to sleeping in a hammock when a large unknown animal approaches, that stuck feeling as he said.

    • m99

      _and you’d be remiss if you didn’t mention what you said as a warning Wes. In your situation, I see it as much as self preservation as it is admonishment. In your shoes I think if something happened and I didn’t warn people, I’d feel awful, probably somehow responsible for it.

      I don’t know if Joe in Ohio reads these so long after but I listened to it again and got several new things from it. I felt strongly about is warning those children and educating them as to what is out there. Two reasons.

      1. When I was a kid we all did what the parents said to not do. Once we went to play in the woods where we had been “forbidden” to go. I nearly drowned and a little miracle or wonder occurred, but the point is, telling them to not do something is almost an invitation to do it. You sound young Joe, so I’m sure you can remember and relate.

      2. If they’re out there with you (your kids) and a Booger appears and challenges ya’ll, even if nothing happens the kids could be traumatized by it resulting in something akin to, if not PTSD, and/ or could resent the fact that you never said anything about monsters in the woods.

      Those are the thoughts I took away Joe, hope you don’t mind me telling them to you. Thank you though. I so enjoyed your testimony.

  9. Evelyn L

    It seems that it is mainly the people who are not looking for this creature that usually find it. There are Bigfoot “investigators” who have been looking for years and have never seen one. It also seems that as far as those many who have disappeared out in the wilderness that it is always the person that has separated from the others that end up dead or missing. That just seems to be how it generally goes. Not to say that something out of the ordinary could not happen. I don’t understand why anyone would take young children out in the wilderness where there are dangerous animals anyway. You may have a gun but is it enough to kill something unexpected or several unexpected somethings?

  10. mescha m

    I have been camping at Lower Lena lake.. that trail is hard, but I am suspecting he went to the Upper Lena Lake.. my husband has done that hike.. its SUPER HARD. the Buckhorn Wilderness is just plain spooky. Its not far from Brinnon either.

  11. Matt T

    Wes please keep them coming. When a new episode comes out it literally makes my night man. Keep up the awesome work and pleaseeee put out more stuff.

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