Apr 21

SC EP:535 Taken

Richard writes “When I was about 12 years old my Father had enough confidence in me to allow me to wander the forest near our home hunting for squirrels. Behind our home was undeveloped mountain property of several thousand acres.

There were old homes and farms on the mountain, long years ago abandoned when the families died and dependents moved away. Most of this land was purchased by timber companies and hunting and walks in the woods were O K. I had been taught at an early age in hunting methods and gun safety by my Dad. He took me on exploratory trips into the woods to show me good places to hunt and blaze trails so I could find my way home. Dad was a very smart man and a wise father. He didn’t want to find it necessary to search for me and lead me back home at night.

One of these locations became my favorite. Very large beech trees filled a little valley and my access was one of the ridges that formed this place. There was a nice creek at the bottom of this ridge and the babbling of water helped cover the noise I made walking in. The trees were very tall and the canopy was very full, making entry feel like walking into a large covered room. In the fall of the year little red berries in the beeches made this place a favorite with gray squirrels. I adopted this place as my personal hot spot and mental relaxing den. Squirrels or not I enjoyed spending time here sitting on a log and admiring nature around me.

Squirrel season opened around September 15 and I could hardly wait each year for the season to open. A few classmates bragged of sneaking out before opening day and harvesting a few early. Not under Dads watchful eye, I would follow the game laws or not be allowed to go all season. When opening day arrived during the 1957 or 1958 season I would rush home after school, grab my shotgun, and off I raced. After a few successful trips I went to my personal spot one evening to find nothing at all. No squirrels, no birds, no anything was moving. After waiting an appropriate time in my 12 year old brain, I decided to expand my territory. Crossing the bridge across the stream. In this area timber had been cut a few years back leaving few full trees, and extremely thick undergrowth, bushes and briars. I found a game trail (old logging road) circling the base of another ridge. It was quiet there just like I had found earlier, plus the undergrowth was very thick making eyesight limited. I had traveled 200 or 300 yards off my normal route and found nothing to investigate. I decided to turn around and walk very slowly back the way I came in. If quiet I might find game moving. Since I got out of school at 3:00 pm, it was almost time to return home for dinner anyway.

As I got near the little bridge that would take me toward home, I heard an unusual noise. I listened carefully but did not recognize the sound coming from the thick undergrowth. It sounded somewhat like birds or squirrels scratching in the dry leaves looking for buried nuts or worms. I decided to investigate and determine the source of this rhythm noise. Ground cover dead leaves were very dry, making it very difficult to make any progress through the laurels, briars and undergrowth without announcing my presence. I eased myself into the brush making far more noise than desired. As I got closer to the noise, it got louder but couldn’t see the source. The brush I was entangled in was almost as tall as me. Finally I parted the tangle in front of my face, I saw the source of the mystery. In front of me, lying on the ground was an extremely large animal in deep sleep. This animal had been careful to not leave a trail into the thicket it was concealed in. Had I not heard the breathing noise, I would never have discovered this hiding spot . What I saw was this large animal lying completely surrounded by thick brush, weeds and briars. It looked like a large rock that had been dropped into tall grass that gathered against all sides. The source of leaves being stirred was the breathing of this creature. With each breath the leaves were blown around as it exhaled. I could see no movement of the animal other than breathing. The color of the fur or hair was cinnamon brown. I had seen some cattle in this color, but this thing appeared to be larger than a cow.

I tried hard to see more details but was unable to see enough to eliminate guesses. It appeared this thing was laying straight down with feet and legs folded up under it. It had made great effort to be concealed. The head and neck were pushed up under the bushes so I could not see details. It’s breath was coming out of the bushes near my right boot, but I was wedged tightly enough that I could not see. At least I knew which end was the front. All I could could see well was the surface of the back. Considering bulk I could see of the body, I would estimate weight in the 700 lb. range or more. I smelled no odor nor heard any noise other than snoring.

Please keep in mind I was 12 yrs. old and so excited my heart is trying to jump out my throat. I was trying to determine what this animal was. In my range of knowledge the only thing I could think of was a cow or bull. I brought my 20 ga., double barrel up in front of my chest and began backing out one step at a time. I tried to form a plan of action if this thing woke up with me bound up in bushes. If it came at me I had two barrels of #6 bird shot. My plan was to shoot at the eyes, therefore blinding it and slowing it down. Better than no plan, I thought. Thank our good lord, I got out of the thicket and back on a cleared path.

As I started my walk toward home, it occurred to me I had crossed no fences. In fact I did not know of anyone with a pasture close enough for cattle to wander into this area.

In 1957 or 58 I had no knowledge of a Sasquatch or Big Foot. I had not heard any stories or news about these creatures. Therefore I did not consider them when this event took place.
No, I told no one of this event. Dad would be furious if I shot someone’s bull. He would confiscate my beloved shotgun. If I told any of the guys at school they would make fun of me for my story or tell everyone I was afraid of a cow.

At 12 years old the mind is an amazing thing. After a few days I hardly remembered the event, and then forgot it all together.

The only event after this I can think of happened many years later. Don’t know if this had any relation to my story. I was always proud of my father and never heard of anything he was afraid of. I went to visit him one evening and he had a story for me. He had been exploring deep in the same forest I used to hunt in. He had a Colt woodsman .22 pistol that he tools with him on most walks and hunting trips. He continued to say he had wandered into some deep woods that he had never explored before. He told me that he was so far afield that he became worried that there might be something in those woods he did not know about. He was so uneasy that he pulled his trusty Colt out of the holster and carried it in his hand on the walk home. For a man raised in a dense forest and hunted his whole life this was not normal. In fact he spent over 4 yrs in the Navy exposed to the worse battles of the pacific during WW 2. I never knew him to show fear in any situation. I wonder what he saw in the woods that he wanted to tell me about.

I am now 72 yrs old and began enjoying your Big Foot videos. Within the last month I listened to an account on your program that sounded similar to me and my memory came flooding back. Had not thought of this encounter in 60 yrs.



I speak to a lot of people off the air regarding different experiences. The show is 99% Sasquatch related. I spoke to this witness yesterday and heard about 20% of his encounter and I’m fascinated and want to hear the rest. Indulge me as we go off trail.

A listener writes “I was abducted at age 5, have awaken on an exam table, paralyzed, Have been through time warps in the desert and seen flying saucers go in and out of the ocean, land in formation, hang in the sky at close range. I’ve had a lifetime of encounters with disembodied entities and have battled ghosts for my very body. If you are interested, I have a 54 page book I’m working on. I’m a 70 year old disability rights advocate and musician, author and public speaker. I’ve been an NPR commentator, been published in chicken Soup, been on the CBS News with Walter Kronkite and been in a BBC documentary on the US Disability Rights Movement. I’m a serious guy.”



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  1. winkatme

    HEY WES, Nice to catch you in the Paranormal Portal and DUKE too. TONY M. called in there last night and it was a very funny show! OK HERE WE GO! 5,4,3,2,1 LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!! Looking forward to this episode. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!! Nothin but LUV, WINK

  2. m99

    Welllll… I could give my opinion re: the woman who was cruel (he hung with), the so called “reptilians”, the technology of the demons (Fallen Angels and their prodigy), etc., but it would probably fall on deaf ears. I will pray for him. The thing is, Jesus said, seek and you shall find. He is a seeker for sure and one of the most honest people I’ve heard on this program. God be with you Jeff.

    Just before he said the still small voice I said (out load) because you belong to Messiah friend. I did agree that the reason he got out was the “still small voice”… Times as we know it are are coming to a close and the more weirder the closer it’s getting. Sorry Jeff for your hard times. Thanks for sharing. Love you Wes. You have courage friend. Blessings on Easter.

    Jesus IS Lord!

    • Jan F

      I Will listen to it know…and yes Jesus is Gods son,and is like God.
      Jesus Said..if you have seen me,then you have also seen my father.
      He also Said.these word are not mine but my fathers.

      • m99

        _Wow, yes, feeding on human suffering. How blatant can you get? What I wonder about is how these ugly “aliens” ‘made’ something so diverse and beautiful as the human body? Not! What a load.

    • Elaine L

      So true m99… Jesus IS Lord! After listening to Jeff and what he was up against I can understand his plight although I’m not sure if he realizes the full truth of it all. Not to get all preachy but I too met the TRUE power behind the universe and everything in it. Thirty-five years ago I was living with my mother a wonderful Christian woman who has gone on to her true home. She always chided me by saying, ” Lainey you can’t be running with the devil & walking with the Lord… there is no grey area with God” (a Christian who professes as opposed to one who confesses to knowing the Lord).
      Anyways, at the time and for most of my life I had a very painful and disabling bone disorder involving my upper and lower jaws and teeth that worsened the older I got. One night I came home late and she was praying and reading her bible and she saw how in pain I was and she asked me to pray with her for a healing. I was 21 years old and not very believing but I did so and within a minute or so my face got very warm (my mother felt it and said it was so hot to touch but I didn’t feel it) and I could feel very slight movements of my teeth. In less than 30 seconds the pain was gone I could open my mouth wide and my jaws and teeth occluded perfectly. I was utterly amazed, flummoxed really but my mother explained to me why (always from the ‘Word” the Holy Bible) the verses of Matthew 18: 19-20, 1 Chronicles 16:11-12 and, Romans 11:36.
      I spent the better part of 2 weeks opening and closing my mouth and checking in the mirror to make sure it really happened. A few weeks later I had a visit with my surgeon as I was to have more surgery and he looked, and checked and looked again at my jaws and mouth and he just stood there not really saying anything so I asked him what he thought had happened and I still remember his reply like it was yesterday… “It’s a miracle… I can’t say it was anything else. Your jaws and teeth are perfect!”. Decades have passed and it hasn’t always been the easiest ‘walk’ but the healing, the relationship and the knowledge I’ve received from Him assures me 110% that He is VERY REAL and HIS ‘Word’ is His OWN words of truth and guidance and love to anyone who asks of Him and it shall be given. He IS the way the truth and the life! ~ God Bless

    • Rita S

      Well spoken, m99! I agree with how you handled your remarks and will also pray for Jeff (who seems very sweet, honest and sincere), and for all of us who are interested in the world around us….and pray that we will not be misled or miss lead others. God bless!

  3. Maria R

    I. Can. Listen to this guy all night! What a show! Sasquatch witches and aliens! It’s true everything lives off of the energy of other beings. And the universe is full of all kinds of crazy. Thank you Wes!

  4. Tedd

    Wes, I commend you on your willingness to hear and share. Five or ten years ago I wouldn’t have given another thought to any of this, But I have had my eyes opened to what may be the truth. It’s all scary but it doesn’t mean we don’t have the same God we had before, just that we need to weed out the deception that has been implanted in “our” religion and in our government to keep hate alive and the All being one impossible as long we fight each other. Why don’t people stop pointing fingers about childish complaints and calling people racists because they have been told to say that rather than look at what has been really said? We are strong together but we can never be strong if half the people look for a reason to be mad rather than strong.

  5. Jay Carlsen


    The Northwest Corner of North Carolina is where the 3 States meet ! I have been there Surveying for the Seismic Company I was working for at the Time ! ( though from the Tennessee side ) What a Beautiful part of the Country.

  6. Michael C

    Richard describes the creature sleeping with its legs tucked up underneath so he could only see its back.
    John Green, in one of his books, describe almost the exact same thing. It was many years ago I read it but it always stuck in my mind.
    It sounds like Child’s Pose in yoga, with the arms under the forehead. Happy Easter!

  7. Scott D

    The first guy was great. Authentic account of an experience, would have been interesting to hear what his dad had experienced.

    The second guy…90% of the talk was about him and not his experiences–or what some of us would find interesting. Unfortunately, remembering your circumcision is conceptually impossible in terms of child development (unless of course you are about 5 or older). Take it with a grain of salt…..

    And before anyone attacks me with the usual “if you don’t have anything nice to say” business, credibility matters to me. It may not to you, but it does to me. These are well-rehearsed stories without a lot of traction in reality.

  8. Avis B

    For the part 2 of this.. It really sounds like supernatural .. PLUS Aliens and so much more.. a lot of Magic .. This stuff Creeps me out bad.. I feel like the Aliens are part of the Fallen so much Supernatural in his story.. Damn Wes.. Be careful what you wish for.. I got my Tin hat on..

    • m99

      Yeah. What about that? Maybe in future shows like this he’ll say, get those Tin hats ready, we’re in for a ride! Something like that…

  9. Erik B

    Okay I have to ask… what do these “scoops” on the shins look like? Reason I’m asking is because I have had this weird mark on my shin and on each of my arms kind of near the back side of my shoulders… I’m just wondering is all.

    • Denise F

      I perked up when I heard that also! I have a patient who has had a UFO sighting that has a weird (melon scooper) ‘scoop’ taken out of her leg (above inner ankle, toward shin). She claims the FBI shot her in the woods (that didn’t and couldn’t have happened) but she believes it. Also after this ‘injury’ she became septic and was hospitalized for blood poisoning. Hmmmmm

  10. joeydeveever

    The second guy reminded me of a guy I once saw on a show about abductions and he drew what the aliens who abducted him looked like. The creatures he drew were identical to the blue squat-lookin’ alien costumes (not the “greys”) from the movie version of Whitley Strieber’s ‘Communion”. Christopher Walken plays Whitley, and he makes an interesting face when the blue squat-lookin’ aliens give him an anal probe. I think the “greys” in the movie were just puppets. This was well before CGI. Speaking of which, we should put together a petition for Steven Spielberg to re-do “ET” and replace ET with a CGI version. If you try to watch it now ET just looks like someone making a puppet lurch across the floor.

  11. brad b

    Good first half of a show. The second interview was the worst thing I’ve ever heard on SC. It was like listening to Dennis Hopper’s character in Apocalypse Now for 45 minutes straight.

  12. Bal G

    I get it Wes, you’re trying to branch out. That’s cool, I applaud you for that. But man, that second guest was out there. I mean wayyyyyyy out there. Otherwise Happy Easter, and keep up the good work.

  13. Paul M


  14. pam

    A year or two ago ,I would have said Jeff reminds me of Ray the Spaceman….today, well not so much! Funny how perceptions change, understanding happens and you realize freakinesss abounds.

  15. Robert B

    Wes I commend you for stepping up and sharing some of the more weird or strange or whatever you want to call it. I for one, absolutely ask that you continue to add this kind of stuff to your library of “out there” stuff. I have had strange things happen to me all my life. Everything from ghosts, to a hovering UFO over our backyard when I was ten, and I mean hovering directly over the backyard! Probably no more than a 100 yards up. Massive ship. That night was the first night I experienced sleep paralysis. Primarily though, my early life was engulfed with ghost activity. We lived in a haunted house through out my teen years. Crazy stuff. And back then, without the internet, research content was restricted to books in the school library. Not much to go on…
    But even though I had spent many years in the woods, from outdoor activities like hunting, camping, fishing, backpacking etc, and worked with my uncle, who was a professional hunting guide in California and Oregon, I didn’t have my first sighting encounter until I was 42 years old. So all the time I spent in the army, and traveling to far away lands, meeting new and exciting people, then burning their damn huts down, nothing weird every happened. Maybe it was because we were armed to the teeth, I don’t know. Prior to the face to face in the Sierras, I had an attempted abduction experience, ala Albert Ostman style where my tent was dragged up a hill and into the woods, right out of our hunting camp. We had no idea how or who, could have done this, especially since all my gear was also inside the tent with me, and the hill I got dragged up was at least a 60% grade. And it all happened so incredibly fast! Needless to mention, the 4 of us pulled guard duty the rest of the night. Then some 10 years or so later, camping with my stepson with an expedient shelter in a pushed over tree, didn’t know bigfoot existed, much less that they pushed over trees lol. He and I were surrounded by 3 “someones” circling our camp for a good five minutes, and then they walked away. I know it sounds like it could have been anyone, but trust me, no way, not where we were. By the way, I highly recommend against setting up camp in a tree structure….
    But later, August 2005, is when I had my first encounter, where I could actually say, without a doubt, what had been stalking me in the woods for so many years. You had a fireman that was up on a piece of property, burning off all the downed trees and undergrowth etc and was sleeping in his truck when a Bf came up and started yelling at him in the truck. My face to face happened less than 5 miles as the crow flies or the Squatch Walks, from where he had his encounter. Just as nerve wracking and violent like behavior as the one that went after him. His was the only other encounter that scared me as much as mine did. Mine lasted literally all night long before it finally stepped out and showed itself around 4:30 am. Armed with only a 45 pistol, I knew immediately I didn’t bring enough gun. Of course after you have something like that happen to you, there is only 2 choices. research and figure it out, or stay out of the woods and live in fear for the rest of your life. I choice the former. And because of that… this is why I am glad you’re stepping deeper into the weird, I’ve had several face to face since then, I have pics and video of them, some up pretty close, others with a zoom on the video camera, Ive learned not only that my actions that night was what made it so “violent” if you could call it that, since I walked away alive with wet shorts. But also that surrounding them, are all manner of weird stuff, and weird little beings etc. God only knows what these things are. While some of the weird happened back in the US, California Sierras, Nevada Sierra eastern slope, Sawtooth in Idaho, it wasn’t until I got here to Germany, that the real insanity started up. Stuff most folks wouldn’t believe, even though it’s been captured on video and still cameras. Since I have pretty much come to the end of the line as far as I can take my research or encounter experience stuff, any additional info that you bring to the table, be it paranormal or whatever, it is greatly appreciated, and Wes, thank you for what you do! I know you’ve heard folks say that what you do is a service to others, but seriously, it’s a service to humanity itself. Cheers brother! And if I ever get back up to Washington state to visit my daughter, I’ll buy you a beer!! Robert Boston aka Bigfoot in Germany p.s. Yeah, Germany is absolutely infested with boogers!

  16. Maria D

    Great show.!
    I totally agree with the very last words of your guest, we need to turn off and get away from the distractions of technology and get back in touch with our hearts and spirit and the natural world all around us.!

  17. chance g

    lol..the 2nd guy was all over the place..i like weird stories ,ufos etc…..not sure to think lol..alot of the things he said didnt seem truthful…very strange

  18. Larry P

    Tonight’s episode struck a chord with me and I listened with great interest. Why it struck a chord is because at the age of seven I experienced a traumatic and emotional event in my life that I understand now was a triggering event for something intelligent and horrendous that was patiently waiting for an open door to gain a foothold in my young life. In other words the traumatic event triggered the opening of the door, so to speak, to demonic attack and when it began it was relentless. That occurred 63 years ago and in varying degrees it has remained with me my entire life. I believe the ultimate goal is demonic possession; however, if you are in Christ (accepted grace) then the ultimate goal is impossible to achieve, but the attempt is still made to make your life as difficult and as miserable as that evil presence can make it.

    The details of what the guest described are different from my experience but the modus operandi is always the same. I have no doubt that this gentleman experienced demonic activity and attack. It is very real and unmistakable. He commented about an inner voice and he mentioned that he knows Christ. That has been his saving grace and protection!

  19. Craig M

    I had to gave up on the second guy after about 10-15 minutes. As someone mentioned above, watching paint dry would be preferable to hearing the life story of a new agw hippie.

  20. Ted M

    Sorry Wes, can’t stand listening to your second quest. It’s not so much the topic, as it is the person. My profession is the deal with professional liars and be able to sort out the true. I believe this man has done mind altering drugs, most like mentally ill.

  21. Teresa L

    Please have him back, knowing is power. Anyway we can learn what is around us is a good thing. Bigfoot, ghost’s or whatever!? Thanks Wes. Great show. The witch story was a little out there I must say ..?

    • m99

      I know! I can’t place it for the life of me. Who, where, what, when is Ray the Spaceman! I’m souly puzzled. Did I sleep through this Spaceman character era? I must’ve been sleeping under a rock!

  22. Erin D

    This is bananas. I almost wish I hadn’t listened until part two is out bc now I have to wait.

    The first encounter is insane. How he didn’t wake that thing up is beyond me. He sounds so cute too.

  23. Jon B

    Weird one,I dont know if I believe the second guy but weird, crazy, out there. Very entertaining. As far as I’m concerned a great show. May god bless that guy if he’s telling the truth.

  24. Kerry H

    I love listening about the paranormal and aliens, but I have to confess I stopped listening about 10 mins into the second half. I did give it a try but couldn’t listen any further. Love your shows Wes and your an amazing guy but this wasn’t my cup of tea. Perhaps you could do a separate podcast for this kind of stuff.

  25. Bob B

    Wes, the next time you speak with the abductee caller, Jeff, it would be interesting to hear his take on any possible connection, if any, between Sasquatch and the aliens. The guy mentions towards the end about ‘missing’ people and whether they were eaten by Sasquatch or, apparently, reptilians. So who in his view is doing the abductions; what is Sasquatch; etc.

    Anyway, just a thought. I would love the opportunity to ask him who; what; when; where; and why relative to his various experiences.

  26. Christian L

    Loved the first guest….those older Southern gentleman have a knack to speak and make you relish to listen. However the second guest!?!? All I can say is… “bless his heart”.

  27. Rebekah C

    Richard is the same age as my dad and I absolutely loved listening to him tell his experience. He was clearly honest and forthright in his telling of what happened. I had to turn off the show during the second guest. Both the horse-puckey and the boring meter went through the roof. I do appreciate the immense effort Wes puts into vetting his guests.

  28. June P

    Psychosis, schizophrenia .
    She was projecting when she said energy vampire- narcissism, psychotics and schizophrenics have that quality- it’s literally the way they exhaust you by being so needy.
    That lady was very mentally ill and gaslighted the poor guy. The psychological terms folie a deux and folie a pluusiers refers to shared psychosis. Some psychotic and delusional people will gaslight a person into sharing the delusions.
    Look it up- this lady did ‘feed’ off this guy.

  29. MONTE M

    Dude that was heavy ! I think he was smoking Kind Bud before Kind Bud was Kind Bud. Left me wondering if I should break out the Ouiji Board and try to summon the Polar Vortex one more time before I put my snowblower away for the summer or break out the Lincoln Logs and build a cabin of pain?

  30. Doug K

    Hey Wes! This was absolutely an awesome episode. Loved both guests. I hope you invite the second guest back again. Big thanks yous go out to both guests tonight. Thanks guys!!! YEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

  31. Dovie D

    I related to your first guest regarding forgetting something until years later relating what you see to a Sasquatch. When I saw one twice I was told “oh you had a nightmare” I was awake when I saw one the first time then second time it woke me up looking at me through the windshield while sleeping at a rest stop the willow creek rest stop off I 5 on the west coast. I don’t even cats what people think anymore I know what I saw. I recall other incidents looking back but back when I was a kid or in my teens etc I had no idea. They were and are around us closer then u know.
    Satan walks among us through various ways.

  32. Ulrike H

    Very interesting show. There was nothing that surprised me concerning the alien/paranormal experiences and I could relate to quite a few from personal experience.
    Funny how some people can totally embrace the idea of Bigfoot and yet have issues with alien encounters, or vice versa.
    Thank you for always keeping it interesting!

  33. Rita S

    Wes, there was so much chatter about the second guest that dear Richard’s story has been minimized in the melee! I want Richard to know that I really enjoyed his story! He is a great speaker and really “took us there”. Very enjoyable to listen to and informative as well! Thanks for having him on!

  34. Evelyn L

    First of all there are two kinds of Measles. Up until the 60’s everyone got the “childhood diseases.” Two kinds of measles, mumps, chicken pox. Women that have never had the Measles but who contract Measles when pregnant usually have a baby with birth defects. That is the most dangerous part of the disease. This is apparently what happened to this man’s mother and brother.
    I am a born again Holy Spirit baptized Christian. I do not believe that “extra terrestrials” are from some other galaxy. I do not believe that they are demons. I believe that they are the same fallen celestial beings that are written of in the Bible. There are many more entities than just demons. These “extra terrestrials” are actual “aliens” in the sense that they do not belong here but they have been here for a very long time. They may be able to travel to other parts of this solar system but I believe that they spend most of their time here harassing mankind. There is another realm. Whether you believe in God or if you believe in “aliens” you have to believe that there is another realm because these “alien” crafts can defy physics. How people can believe that these aliens can defy space and time and come from some other galaxy but they cannot believe in a supreme creator is beyond my understanding.
    Many Christians do not understand that demons are not the only enemy of mankind and of God. Listed in the letter to the Ephesians are principalities, powers, rulers of darkness, and spiritual wickedness in high places. Those are categories of fallen celestial beings listed from the lowest ranking to the highest. Nobody knows how many of these higher ranking celestial beings there are or just what their abilities and assignments are. They are not demons and they are not cast out in the name of Jesus either. Paul tells us that they have to be dealt with in prayer – prayer in the spirit. Much of the New Testament is written for those with spiritual understanding. That is why most Christians read right past much of it and never understand it. Most Christian denominations have “passed away” many of the spiritual aspects of the New Testament.
    Probably many of the memories that are put into these people who say that they are abducted by aliens are false memories but not in the way this man believes. These entities hate mankind but desire worship. Some people think that they are creating more hybrids. Maybe they can’t do it in the same way that the Watchers once did and are using human and animal DNA to create hybrids. Maybe they just enjoy tormenting humans.
    Jesus said that Satan was a liar from the first. Satan was a cherubim. The highest order of celestial being. Those who joined in the rebellion with him are also deceivers. They are masters of deception. These “aliens” tell people that they are here to save the planet. Isn’t it strange that all the things that certain people want to do to “save the planet” involves putting most of the population of the planet into abject poverty. Perhaps the “anti Christ” written of in the Bible is actually one of those “aliens” and will set himself up as god. The desire of these entities has always been to pervert the creation and to basically takeover. The Watchers perverted humanity with their genes in order to takeover. I see nothing different about the “aliens” that we hear about today. Constant deception and constantly looking to receive worship. They seem to also be messing with DNA. Jesus said that it would be as the days of Noah had been at the end of the age. There was a cataclysmic event that caused most of life on the earth to be extinguished during Noah’s day. The books of the prophets and the book of Revelation tell of some pretty catastrophic events that will happen again when these deceivers come back..

  35. Allen A

    lLOVED part 1, sas for 2, i’ve never listened to an abduction story before. But it wasn’t just that he had a lot of stuff going extraordinarily his whole life it seems. Not my cup of tea, I won’t be critical, I just really love the Sasquatch stuff. Anyway, God speed to all involved, and happy Easter¡ #HEISRISENFOREVER

  36. Levi R

    If ive learned one thing from sasquatch chronicles, its this: When someone says “grabba gun, grabba gun” …u DON’T ask “fer wut?” …. U JUST GRABBA GUN!!!!!!!!!!
    Haha love the show, thanks Wes. I will listen to pt. 2 for sure

  37. MONTE H

    Years ago, when I had my first encounter with the wookies & up until that time, I assumed they were some sort of lost mammal who happened to be very intelligent. As the years and my interest in them grew, plus having more encounters, I was forced by what I saw and experienced, to change my whole conception of what a majority of these creatures/entities are. Once you “dive into the rabbit hole”, everything I thought I knew began to change. There’s enough “WOO” for everybody on earth. From folks living with wookies (trying to cover all of them bc let’s face it, they are as unique to us as much as I am compared to a chimp…there’s a diverse group of wookies out there bip-pedalling all over the planet) to people who recently had their first sighting, the questions are without number.

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