Dec 30

SC EP:502 Monkey-Bears at the window!

Last show of the year. Happy New Year everyone! I have three guests tonight. A summary of their encounters are below.

Case writes “I live in South Western Pennsylvania. I have had 2 sightings in my life. One was locally where I live (2014) the other at my camp in Clearfield county in (2013). The first was what made me realize there’s Bigfoot in our state.

I was hunting at our camp which is 2 miles from the nearest paved road and we get very little traffic back there even in hunting season. I was still hunting along the spring that flows through the bottom of a valley below our camp. In the bottom is a 100 yard wide by 200 yard pine thicket. It is so thick through there I usually just carry my rifle slung under my shoulder shoulder and just hunt with my pistol (.357 mag) cause shots are under 30 in the thicket. Upon exiting the thicket I noticed 2 doe in front of me at about 50 yards. I retrieved my rifle and was watching these deer through the scope. They were not alerted to my presence and didn’t seem spooked cause they just fed along towards me.

As I looked for a buck I hoped would be following the doe they fed into a mountain lion thicket to my left. I was just getting ready to take a step farther out of the pines when I noticed something to my right almost at the top of the valley about 140 yards away. When I seen it I thought to myself that’s the biggest bear I have ever seen in my life and threw the gun back up to look at it. My scope is a 3×9 and I had it set on 4 power for when I exited the pines cause I knew shots could range from 25-175 yards. This thing was squated down on its haunches behind a tree and it was looking down the hill at me. It had its hand stabilizing itself on the trunk as it peered around at me. When I looked at it I realized it wasn’t a bear. It didn’t have a snout but a nose. This thing looked almost human.

I got a 10-15 second look as we stared at each other before I saw it’s expression change into this oh $h** look. It stood straight up then like a athlete finishing a squat turned to the left take a step and a half on 2 legs and disappear into the Laurel at the top of the valley. I have alot more details I haven’t gone into here ingrained into my mind I haven’t gone into here but would like to share my experiences with you.”

Matt writes “Wes, I was at my cousin’s in Tionesta, PA for Christmas dinner. I stayed until almost 9:00 pm visiting after. On my way back home, in Oil City, is about 16 miles of mostly deserted rural roadway.

There is a section of Gamelands, state owned public hunting lands, numbering about 10,000 acres on both sides of the road. Driving back home it’s a slight downhill on the left side of the road and it goes uphill to a ridge top and dense, hemlock and mountain Laurel covered steep river hillside, all hundreds of feet above the Allegheny River.

We had been hunting archery and rifle some behind my cousin’s house above Tionesta Lake, a Corps of engineers flood control lake, so we had been seeing deer on the way home numerous times, especially in this one stretch of road that travels through the Gamelands, so I generally drive a little bit slower and am a little more attentive in areas we frequently see the deer to prevent hitting them.

So, here I was driving home, watching for deer, when a young deer, I would say a yearling or early fawn from this year came stumbling/sliding into the road, like it had been tripped or pushed. In seconds, a huge, hairy figure jumped off of the bank and landed in the middle of the other lane next to the deer that was just regaining it’s feet. In one motion, it scooped the deer up in it’s left arm, which caused it to blat loudly, similar to a spine shot deer that needs finished off to prevent it’s suffering.( I had been only going 30 mph roughly through that stretch and had jammed on my brakes and had stopped.) In just a moment, it took it’s right hand and grabbed the deers head and just twisted and broke it’s neck effortlessly. It seemed to have been so concentrated on catching the deer, it didn’t notice me right away.

After it dispatched the deer, it turned slightly to it’s left, towards me and, having my high beams on, I saw it well, only 15-20 yards from my bumper. It’s lips parted slightly and it let out a low, rumbly growl and just hurdled the far guardrails, easily and must have sprang at least 20 feet in that one leap. It was a dark auburn to black, but it seemed to have reddish highlights in front of the headlights. I only got to see part of it’s face, the left side and from the back really well. It was 8 ‘ or so tall, longer from the waist to head than waist to foot, didn’t seem to have a cone shaped head from the angle I saw it from, hands had to have spanned a foot or more across, it was at least 4′ across the shoulders, legs as big as my waist and I am 6’ and 270#. I know without a doubt this was a Sasquatch, flat nose, had pointed canines, upper and lower on the left side when it’s lips parted, not really pronounced, but noticeably pointed. It had fairly long hair, it’s face was bare from it’s protruding eyebrow area to it’s lower lip. Gray/black skin, kind of looked like supple leather, not worn, really.

I just sat there for several minutes to get my composure. As much as I wasn’t quite sure what I saw those years ago, I’m convinced it wasn’t a black bear, but I am positive that this was a Sasquatch.”

Joel writes “We have some things going on at my house. Strange noises I have recorded. My six year old told me she saw a Sasquatch at her window before. It had creepy red eyes. It was black but had brown hair mixed in. It’s nose was flat. It scratched at their window. It hides, meaning it disappears and then appears I believe she means it ducks down and then stands up. She also said, and this is the wierd or creepy part, that it had blood on its teeth. I asked what she meant and she said it had red on or around its teeth. She also said it motions to them like come with him.

The blood on its teeth sounded out of place and I know she’s young but when she told me this I believed her. I wonder if you’ve heard this before?

This is the same girl who told me when she was three she saw a “monkey bear” with red eyes and a flat nose. She had a fever when she said this but I believed her and what is a monkey bear with red eyes and a flat nose? I have pics of foot prints, hair, and recordings from my house. I have a pic of what I think is a Sasquatch a guy gave me two-three miles from my house. If you can’t look into these or want to talk that’s fine but have you or anyone else heard of this type of behavior and details my daughter told me? Activity at my house has gone way down and I believe they keep their distance from us but we still hear them and experience things from time to time.”





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85 Responses to “SC EP:502 Monkey-Bears at the window!”

    • Raymond N

      never ceases to amaze me at some peoples ignorance. Thinking because he hand loads his rounds and he has a 357 mag he’s Safe. He wouldn’t be safe with a 45/70 in one hand and Desert Eagle in the other. He will be lucky if he doesn’t end up in one of those bone piles other hunters have come across. Wonder if he heard the podcast yet of the encounter of the guy that found a human male corpse with both legs ripped off and the face pushed in the skull about 5 inches. If that doesn’t get your attention nothing will!

      • Cynthia W

        I agree, even if someone managed to take a BF down (I know a person would need more than a deer hunting rifle and bullets). From the encounters I have heard they are usually not alone. Happy New Year.

    • Robert H

      I agree Cynthie , in WV , as a child we had our fun in the woods . It was so beautiful , and to think the many a times we were watched . AS a Christian I think there is nothing good about these things , no matter what any one says about their ” plesent ” encounter . My older brother and I went on an run to this little grocery/snack store for our mother ,and hafe way walking home we heard a baby crying behind this home up on a little hill , I went through so many emotions in a nano second . THEN . A scream .. have no words to explain the feeling . We ,well me I know could barly stand let alone run . I was probaly 8-11 and he two yrs older . Someone could ask me to tell that a 100 times , other than more details it wouldn’t change. Plus my younger brother and our friend abd his parents , saw this very large White One . We are grown aand best friends and own homes next to each other and my younger bro and me listen to Wes and others , I haven’t a clue why I rold you, I guess thying to get my nearve

      • Robert H

        Trying to fix typo spelling Nerve , I posted an early comment , so to finish ………… to get my nerve up to talk to Wes about it . My brother said he would . I thimk his words were

  1. Eva B

    Excellent encounters! The 1st and 3rd really worried me. The 1st one, expect the unexpected. One can turn into three and it seems to be this species not only thinks, but I think they hold grudges and are cunning enough to calculate. Who knows, but im tossing that out there. I just wouldn’t trust them to take it one step higher.

    The 3rd encounter worries me because of the kids. I know dad is on high alert, but it goes back to how devious this species is…

    And Wes, I’m behind you 100%. If a sasquatch needs to be injured or killed, out of self defense, so be it. Aside from that, it’s quite obvious a body needs to be hauled in for the world to know about Sasquatch.

    Encounters, foot prints, scat, hair, videos, bioacoustic recordings e.t.c… is absolutely wonderful evidence!!! But, unfortunately not good enough evidence to prove the existence of the species’. People would be better prepared and not lose a loved one, just enjoying nature, by camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing.

    Thank you for your “hard work”once again! You’re always appreciated by our family! May you and your family have a blessed New Year! 🎉🥂💗👣😎

  2. Doug K

    Thanks Wes….!! Thanks for bring us all another year of riveting encounters . You are the best. Big shout out to all 3 of tonights guests. Thanks guys for sharing your awesome encounters and experiences. YEEEEEE HAWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Reed D

    Thanks Wes! And a very Happy New Year to you and yours… and everyone here at SC!

    Reed D.
    Auburn, Ca…. the gateway to the (squatchy) Sierras.

  4. Dovie D

    Thank you Wes for all of your hard work. I know this has to be time consuming. This pod cast is high quality. I’m thankful you decided to keep going. I remember way back when You were thinking about giving up on this but man I’m glad you didn’t. I’m sure hundreds if not thousands have received so much from listening to your guests and hearing your blogs. I know I have. I began listening to you soon after you first started. Wow. It gets better and better. Thank you 🙏

  5. Dovie D

    I know I know but I won’t say. I live in Oregon and know many hot spots but also Oregon coast. I live about 45 miles from the Oregon coast.

  6. MONTE M

    New Years resolution
    Try to not be so stressed
    Don’t sweat the small stuff
    Iam not wired that way Iam stressed thinking about trying to not be stressed .
    Don’t change the outro music …..ever ….it’s relaxing

  7. Karen C

    Tonights guest were awesome the way described there encounters, I feel for all of them and wish them safety for now on…Happy New Year to all…Lets have a wonderful 2019….

  8. F S

    I wish we’d get to hear the audio, but I’m sure we won’t.
    The app you’re coming out with is supposed to track sighting locations, but the encounters we hear about in SC shows are frequently kept hidden. I understand private addresses being kept secret, so how will this work?
    It is frustrating to be given little bits of information, be promised updates of encounters, be told we will be given evidence, and it never comes.

  9. Cody M

    Happy New year’s,Wes!! We are HUGE FANS!! WE LISTEN EVERY NIGHT. keep up the great work, we live in Kamloops,B.C Canada! Have never seen a sasquatch but we do own 160 achers and my aunt who was visiting heard a scream, “that sounded like an Indian warrior!” After getting getting the atv, they saw nothing! But we are keeping our eyes and ears open for sure!!!
    Yur biggest fans,
    Erin and Cody Melien

  10. Glen M

    Great encounters, The people tell it all! I recently moved to the farthest reaches of oregon and I have been having strange things happen randomly. Kinda makes me wonder why the people decided to sell this home. Thanks wes I appreciate what you do.

  11. Denise F

    Great guests and great encounters, ty to all!

    Here’s another “home-mader” for ya….😉

    Happy 2019 Wes, hope it brings you tremendous happiness & satisfaction. 🎆🍻

  12. Pat T

    Great start to the New Year Wes, hope yours is blessed and to the members who help support this awesome show. A great big shout out to all your brave guests to: Happy New Year!!

  13. Morris W

    Matt I had an encounter just outside of New Bethlehem in Truittsburg. Thats not far from where you had yours. I was on the show before episode 377. I believe there are a lot more encounters in the area but can’t seem to find any reports. Be careful bro.

  14. m99

    Hi There. Just finished Episode 502, Monkey Bears. Wow. What a good show. You just get better and better Wes. Thanks once again for the show, your never ending work, and all the help you’ve given to people. There’s just no telling how many people you’ve kept from harms way & saved. Absolutely love the song at the end. Beautiful. Anyway Wes, God’s Best Blessings for you and yours this New Year 2019._m

  15. Bryan P

    Thanks for an awesome year Wes. I grew to love weekends for an entirely new reason in 2018 🙂
    Happy New Year to you. yours and all of the SC listeners!

  16. Janeda E

    I so get Joel. You are on high alert while things are happening, then when it slacks off you kinda forget about things and make excuses in your head. Til it starts up again. Game camera has worked for us mostly. Guess it is just part of country life once you become aware.

  17. rosalyn b

    This was so fascinating. Thanks for all you do, Wes. You are helping to educate the world on this topic. So appreciated from this New York State listener! Happy New Year!

  18. dan F

    Great show Wes! Great guests..Wish you and my brothers and sisters a wonderful new year. And special note to Matt,I hear some of the ones near President are extremely ill tempered.If you ever need someone to talk too look for the house with the bright red steel roof on Nebraska road just up the road from the gate for the bridge above the reservoir

  19. MONTE M

    If game cams worked well there would be many good pics available of Bigfoot . I am assuming there are game cam pics of Bigfoot / Sasquatch . There are a couple guests that said they have got pics of them on game cams . The one guest said they paint the game cams black and that helps . Another guest said a Bigfoot let a game cam snap several pics of its face . There probably does need to be a body but how that would then get out to the public and be the definitive discovery of Bigfoot without being swooped down upon by the “ powers that be “ and smothered out with the body being confiscated and all the BS that goes with that or the immediate repercussions of the other Bigfoot / Sasquatch group members opening the can of whoop ass on you .
    ??????? Interesting subject

  20. Mario G

    Thanks for a great year Wes looking forward to 2019. Keep up the good work. Give me a shout out for my birthday on January 15th. Thanks all the best !!!

  21. Rich A

    Hey wes you’re not a bad podcaster after all this time but I think you may have missed your call. You could easily make it as a DJ

  22. Ulrike H

    What’s with all these encounters in Pennsylvania of late? Is there some major urban development/sprawl going on?
    Also, I’m sure the government knows Sasquatch exist but are concerned about the ramifications if they alert the public. However, at the rate of these sightings they’ll have to do something soon.
    Thank you for the fascinating episode.

  23. Christian L

    Wes will the audio from Oregon be loaded eventually to add to the encounter…..that would be fascinating. In the second encounter did the witness hear the bleating deer and the growl over his car/truck engine as he sat in the cab? Man in my noisy truck I can barely hear Ronnie James DIO cranked to 11! :()

  24. Nathan E

    This was a great year for SC, Wes!! Lots of great links on the blog, lots of great interviews. I am sure that 2019 will only continue to impress.

  25. Anthony C

    Well it took a while but I am caught up. I have listened to every episode. What a super job you do Wes. Hope for 500 more my friend. Good luck and God bless.

  26. pam purple rose

    I was on the Oregon coast last two days, and listened to this episode. Had me wondering if I passed by the 2nd guests home while I was out there!
    High,high tides and windy waves out on the coast and just exviting and beuatiful!

  27. Debbie A

    Happy New Year Wes, Admins, SCMembers, and all your family. I pray 2019 is everyone’s best year yet!
    Great show Wes! I’ve listened about 5 times, Lol. Thank you to Case, Matt and Joel for coming on the show. Your encounters are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing the details with us. Please be careful all of you and your families. Wes the ending song is nice. I will have to look it up.

  28. Max C

    I can almost guarantee the first guest is full of shit either the entire story or just that he is a hunter and knows firearms. So you saw how huge they are and you think a 357 is gonna do something???????? Then he says he still hunts there all the time then seconds later he says he doesn’t cuz he doesn’t like to muzzleload cuz of the flash?!???!!! This dude is full of it

    • Jules D

      So glad to be Subscribed! I love every story I hear on Bigfoot I have several very painful
      Immune diseases listening helps ease my pain. Thanks for all you do Wed

  29. Kim C. L

    Sounds to me like the last guest has enough room on his place, to set up a nice family target shooting range.
    Let the pests sit and watch you guys blowing up melons, breaking clay pigeons.
    The whole family together.
    It’s something you can immediately stop, if you recognize it’s producing the wrong results.

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