Dec 21

SC EP:500 Survivorman Les Stroud

Join us in celebrating Sasquatch Chronicles’ 500th episode on Friday, December 21. We’ll be welcoming Les Stroud to the show, and he sits down to talk about his journey as Survivorman and what lead him there, what he’s up to now, and of course, Sasquatch. Les will share with us some never before heard experiences, his opinion on what the creature is, and will give us some firsthand insight into some of the most memorable moments from Survivorman: Bigfoot.

Les Stroud is a Canadian survival expert, filmmaker and musician best known for his hit television series “Survivorman,” where he uses his skills and knowledge to survive completely alone in the wilderness for up to 10 days with limited or no ready access to water, food, and supplies. He is the “only producer in the history of television to produce an internationally broadcast series entirely written, videotaped and hosted alone.”

Les began his rich career as an outdoorsman in 1990 as a guide for Black Feather Wilderness Adventures leading canoe excursions into the Northern Ontario wilds. The time he spent there would lead him down the path to creating his first documentary, Snowshoes and Solitude, which was named “Best Documentary” at the Muskoka Film Festival and Best Film at the Waterwalker Film Festival. Stroud would go on to produce a collection of “specials” for The Discovery Channel Canada which laid the groundwork for “Survivorman” as a full-scale series, spanning 7 seasons and inspiring a long list of subsequent “survival”-themed television programs.

His interest in the “Sasquatch Phenomenon” (as he likes to refer to it) began at a young age and continued to grow as he spent more time in the outdoors, especially in remote locations which offer few, if any, concrete explanations for some of his more mysterious experiences.

Stroud dedicated an entire season of Survivorman to the mystery surrounding Bigfoot. He started the journey from a skeptic’s perspective – equally questioning and open-minded – in the pursuit of bringing legitimacy to the discussion of whether or not Sasquatch exists. He remains actively interested in the subject, subsequently conducting a handful of interviews expanding on his beliefs and divulging details from some of the unexplained encounters he’s had while out in the wilderness.

To find out more about Les and what he’s currently up to, connect with him here:






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    • Avril F

      Hi there
      Santa came early and I know I had been dropping hints like ‘All I want to Christmas is Sasquatch Chronicles Sub’ and my wish came true. Who said there is no Magic in Christmas anymore?
      I know I am late to the Sasquatch Party joining at episode 500 but I have listened to all non members episodes and am so going to enjoy binge listening to all the Members ones over the Christmas.
      Wes Congratulations on your 500th show. I truly enjoy listening to people share their encounters I find it more fascinating than anything on the TV . I’m across the Pond in the UK. So I would like to wish all my American cousins a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    • Bob M

      Wes, I will say it here first, ( I think ) : Bear Grylls will now film a show showing us how Sasquatch taught him survival skills waaaaay before Les started his show. Thank you Les for your openness. I know that by you sharing these encounters many people will feel alot better knowing they are not alone in their telepathic experiences. Happy New Year to everyone.

  1. Denise F

    Thank you, thank you, thank you SO much Wes & Les!
    I know you have a great show for us tonight ? and you know I’m about to say:

    TGIF, TGFW & TGf 5⃣0⃣0⃣ great episodes of SC!!!!!

    Hats off to ya! ?

  2. Carson H

    btw THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your hard work. This show has been a blessing for me in so many ways. We really appreciate all you do Wes. One of my big goals it a road trip to WA to visit the olympics and buy you a beer or at least meet you and thank you in person some day. Thanks again man, Merry Christmas.

  3. pam

    What a ride, eh, Wes? So proud of you and what you have produced for us, by us, and those that have yet to bevcome ‘us’! Congratulations man, be proud Carol Germer.

  4. winkatme


  5. Dina C

    Thank you Wes!! Congratulations on episode 500!!!!!!!! Keep them coming!! Merry Christmas to you Wes, and to all of the SASQUATCH CHRONICLES fans!! ??❄️❄️

  6. Cynthia S

    Congratulations on Episode 5 0 0 Wes!
    I look forward to listening to you and Les.
    Thank you!
    Merry Christmas to you Wes and your loved ones! ??? Also the same to all SC members and loved ones! ?

  7. Patricia N

    A beautiful celebration of your 500th show wes ! Great accomplishment of building thee best podcast & to hv a wonderful guest of Honor
    — les Stroud, yay ! What a night its gonna be ! Ty wes

  8. Asheim

    Almost 3:00 am in Norway and was worth waiting up to hear our 500th episode!! All snug in bed ready to listen and thank you Wes for making a difference to so many and being such a genuine guy. Thanks to our guest Les Stroud. Merry Christmas SC family! ?☺️?

  9. Issac A

    Merry Christmas Wes and Congratulations on your 500 episode cant wait to hear it. hi Les Stroud and Tony Merkel shout out from San Antonio Tx. Cool show . Happy Holidays everyone.

  10. Danny H

    Been here since the Coonbo roundtable with Eric Garcia #19. No place else I’d rather be. Congrats on all your accomplishments Wes. May your future be just as bright.

    Dirty Mike and the boys

  11. John P

    I started listening around 180’s. Finally joined up as a Christmas gift to myself. Wes you have helped me more than you know. Keep it up bro! Thanks for the life changing entertainment and escape from reality.

  12. Amy M

    500 Proud to be part of the community, proud of the show! It’s so amazing listening from EP 1 and the way the show and Wes have grown . Can’t wait for the next 500. Merry Christmas Sasquatch Chronicles!

  13. Don

    Excellent interview!! Both guests did great! Having been a fan of Les for years it was greatly to here his inside perspective of his Survivorman series. Thanks for letting us be a fly on the wall tonight; just glad the frog didn’t notice us…

  14. Rick T

    Thank you Wes! Congrats on reaching episode 500. Quite an achievement. Thank you for keeping the focus. Also big thanks goes out to Les Stroud for joining us for a bit. Merry Christmas to Wes, Les and all the SC family!

  15. John M

    Merry Christmas to you and yours Wes and to all a good night!!!
    Unless Bigfoot is staring back at you through the window…
    But then at that point all bets would be off…

  16. Kathy E

    Congrats Mr. Wes! YAY 500!
    Ive been listening since the teens i love the show.
    I really loved hearing the ” classic” intro. again.
    Ok enough chit chat time to enjoy the show!

  17. William L

    Wes, First, I recognized the old intro immediately; it was great to hear it. It made me think about when you were thinking about changing the music and I wrote you a long email about why to not do it. While I am sure that had little to no effect on your decision, but I am glad you still use it for the most part!
    This was a great show period. It is great that it is your 500th, but this will go down as a classic in the Bigfoot/Sasquatch world. And Les was great; I’ve heard some of what he talked about but even that had a special quality and, of course, all the new stuff he shared, wow – just wow!! I’ve been with you from virtually the beginning, but I’ve got to say this one has to be in the Top 5 if not the top show. Thank you so much, Wes.

  18. Leslie H

    All I can say is WOW, FREAKIN AMAZING! I often wondered if anything else happened when Les went out with Todd. Now I know and what cool a experience it was!! VERY COOL! GREAT SHOW WES! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK! ALSO, THANK YOU LES! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

  19. Neil S

    Wow! Wes this was a fantastic interview! Les is obviously brilliant and so multi talented. It was so enjoyable to hear his experiences told from such a personal perspective. Pure Gold! And I love the way you have developed your abilities as captain of the interview, you always know what to say and when to say it to carry the conversation along in the most interesting way. You are amazing! Thank you so much for all your hard work that has brought you this far!
    Wishing you, and all others here a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful Holiday Season!
    God Bless.

  20. TroyBuilt

    This has to be the most relevant conversation to celebrate a milestone like 500 shows. You had a no-bulls_#t celebrity open up about his experiences and beliefs that took us down a path that mirrors the progress and view of the show and Wes’s transformation throughout the show. The could not be a more credible witness as far as someone common folk know rather than a stranger, etc. Wes, congrats my friend… and hurry up and get us an “app”! I’ve got the website saved on my home screen and it’s just not the same as an app. A show this size and quality needs an app!!!

  21. Michael H

    Just finished my day and heading to the dark bedroom to listen. Thank you Wes for sticking it out for 500 episodes. I know that doing this show has cost you a lot. Not just in time every day but in relationships as well. There’s not many who would have hung in there like you have for so long. If people only knew the countless hours that are spent daily behind the scene on show prep alone they would be glad to just get one show a month, let alone two every week. So I take my hat off to you Wes. You deserve to celebrate a huge milestone in this way and I thank you for all of your efforts. May you have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

  22. jean paul

    December 25 2014….hard to believe I have been a member for almost 4 years. It has been a truly awesome time listening from the inception. Being here in Texas we appreciate people who reach out and help other people. Your ability to let people talk while you truly listen is above and beyond what anybody could ask for. Hard to believe something so simple could have such a positive impact. Congrats Wes on 500…I’ll be here as long as you are!! From a Sasquatch Chronicle OG subscriber

  23. Aaron W

    Congratulations Wes! I’ve been listening since the 200’s, and even have shared my own encounter! Your show is by far, hands down the best out there! It’s such a great way to relax on a Friday evening, or get ready for the week on Sunday night! I truly do thank you Wes! Congratulations again, from West Texas!

  24. Debbie C

    It feels like home:)
    The old intro feels like home:)
    It fits Sasquatch Chronicles best!
    I hope you keep with it Wes?
    Congratulations on your 500th episode!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!:)!

  25. Norita B

    Am looking forward to my bedtime podcast.
    In the meantime Congratulations Wes on a Job Well Done.
    You have grown and persevered as a Seeker of truth and I, for one, am very proud of your achievements.
    I hope for your continued success and that your journey is always determined on your own terms.
    Thank You

  26. Lisa B

    Question: When Les speaks about how the hairs on the back of his neck starts, he’s suggesting that our bodies are reacting to something powerful. My first thought would be iminent danger. Wouldn’t it be we are reacting to danger, and then fear? I’m not saying Les is wrong, we are absolutely reacting to something VERY powerful! Mountain Lions, Moose and Bears are all very powerful but our bodies don’t react the same as it does to a Sasquatch. I wonder too, since Sasquatch can use telepathy and infrasound, I wonder if they purposely use a power that causes our bodies to react a certain way, like causing the hair to stand on the back of the neck and even our head. And do they do it for entertainment to see our reactions since they’re so curious about us and watch us like they’re watching an episode of Survivor Man lol. Loved the show tonight! Thank you Wes! Episode 500 was awesome! ???

  27. Lesley H

    Remember the old intro! Been listening since I heard yours and woodys encounter, thank you for the show it’s my guilty pleasure, listened tonight as the moon is bright and the English countryside is blanketed in soft moonshine wonderful accomplishment to be at 500! X

  28. Mauri G

    WOW!!! Boy does time fly when you are having fun ?? Been with you since the beginning,feels like you are apart of our family?? The show keeps getting better and better Wes, please keep them coming. Merry Christmas Wes and SC family. Thanks to Les for coming on for this special moment ??⛄❄️?

  29. William P

    Happy 500th Wes! I know it sounds exhausting, but here’s hoping you have 500 more! Ive listened to every show starting around the 60th episode. Youve brought myself and my family many an inneresting evening and my unbelieving coworkers many an argument! Les has been a hero of mine as well…fate that y’all should meet! Have a very merry xmas Wes. We appreciate the hell outta you buddy!!

  30. Susan P

    Absolutely loved this interview and love Les Stroud s honesty and point of view thanks Wes and congratulations on your 500th episode. I have a small group of people that meet every month here in southeast Missouri and cannot wait to share … I’m a member but … I also appreciate you letting everyone listen to this great interview

  31. Morgan P

    Congrats Wes. Nice comments SC knuckleheads. Good to see all positive comments about Wes and the site. He deserves all the accolades he’s getting. 500 is an awesome number. Keep up the good work.

  32. Eddie M

    Good to Hear the Old Intro. Seems like I just heard episode 2 a few months back… instead of 5 years ago. It went by fast. Really appreciate it Wes. Congrats .. hope I’m around to hear 1000. We need to talk about the “Best Of” show next time. I can help. Lol .. I’m serious.

  33. LaVonne J

    ?Congratulations on 500!? Such a milestone!
    I’m a fairly new member who’s listened to (oftentimes binged) shows while driving, working outside etc. I was so excited hearing Les talk about my area, the Smoky Mtns. I’ve been in touch with Scott about experiences I’ve been having. He’s a sweet individual and was truly helpful. Only after listening to your podcasts was I able to reconcile sounds I’ve heard here all my life while camping, exploring or working in this beautiful place, and to understand other recent occurrences. Of course now I’m researching my area and these ancient old mountain chains, and tales I heard as a child now make sense.
    Thank you Wes for the expert way you interview your guests. And thank you guests who have shared your stories, encounters, experiences and helped answer questions many of us have about “the phenomenon” as Les says. Have a truly Merry Christmas! ?☃️?

  34. Robert C

    Great show Wes and Les!!! Merry Christmas to you both! Wes I have been listening since the beginning brother.. And you knocked it out of the park with this one! I had mentioned a couple times about how awesome it would be to have Les on the show! I have watched his shows over and over. And to hear about the mind speak in the Smokey mountain bigfoot episode blew my mind! I remember how distraught and nervous he seemed walking down that trail.. Around the time he showed the toad. Wow! Would love to see the raw footage of that experience! When the voices popped into his head! Maybe you could get him to share that footage with you… And us! Anyway thanks again for all you do. And thank you Les for sharing those experiences! Top notch job guys!!

  35. Jan F

    Hejsa from Denmark. Wes this show here made me and many so much up to date about what a sasquatch is.
    Before i bellive its was an walking dum 40 now,and remember in School the book mystik and magisk whit the patienter pic in it.then came your show/ lesseion from people who had there testemony..
    Your how is an revolution for the bigfoot World. Before there was the same and the same .who Would know that a tribe of Giants live in America.and was muchmore stater than we gave the, credit for.✅
    SO THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH…..AND MARY CHRISTMAS?????(((5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣)))???????➖➖?(((5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣)))???☃?
    ???❄️??????⛰???? THANK YOU!!

  36. Jan F

    ??????. ??????. ??????
    ? ?. ?. ?. ?
    ?. ?. ?. ?. ?
    ??????. ?. ?. ?. ?. ?❗️?⏮▶️⏭⏹?.
    ?. ?. ?. ?. ?
    ?. ?. ?. ?. ?
    ?. ?. ?. ?. ?
    ??????. ?????? ??????

  37. James M

    Love the old intro! Loved Les’s take on it. Really got me thinking and trying to make sense of my own experiences I’ve had over the past year. Congratulations on your 500th episode Wes, you deserve it. You’ve helped me hang on to my sanity and I appreciate it very much.

  38. Ann B

    Excellent episode, Wes! I have wondered some similar things that were mentioned. Looking forward to more from Survivorman and Sasquatch Chronicles! Merry Christmas to you and yours!????????????‍♀️

  39. Linda P

    This is so awesome when i heard the old intro it made me feel all the old feelings i felt when i listened to the older shows and how i just felt blown away by peoples life experiences they have shared with us all on the shows..thank you to the members and everyone who had the guts to come out in the open,you all gave me the courage to tell my story in a safe forum..thank you Wes Germer you will always be a big star in my book!! Absolutely the best!!

  40. Jessica R

    Love this!! From humble beginnings to now 2 rock stars chatting!! Truly honestly thank you Wes! This was a great interview! I’m on episode #215 replaying the lineup again. Some good stuff in the lower 200’s Merry Christmas everyone!

  41. Andrew O

    Congratulations on your 500th show, Wes!

    I’m really looking forward to listening to your interview with Les Stroud.

    Happy Christmas to you, and everyone involved in Sasquatch Chronicles. ???

  42. Ulrike H

    Thank you for the best gift this season!
    I’d love to hear more. You are an excellent host and manage to bring out the best from an interview.
    Best wishes from the Sunshine Coast of B.C., Canada

  43. Melanie W

    Wes, I know you probably won’t see this… buy, I just have to say… CONGRATULATIONS! I’ve been here for almost all of the 500, and you’re not only still going strong, but getting better and better! Thank you!

    Now, for episode 1000… how about having Joe Rogan on, and debate Sasquatch with that silly head in the sand man. Wouldn’t that be awesome!! Think of what it would be like to share the best bits of SC with Rogan, and overwhel him with testimonials. Woohoo! 🙂

  44. Jesse K

    Congratulations on 500 Wes! Great Show, love hearing Les speak and I think he is really honing in on what the Sasquatch is all about. Thanks again for doing this, there is some great information given and there is so much more to learn going forward. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  45. RICHIE E


  46. Gerald G

    Been with you from the beginning Wes, phenomenal show with les . I was so pleased to hear les talk about his story on hearing a great ape sound. I’ve heard this same thing , it happens to me not once but five time’s in a row. Validation to me and comforting to my sole. Had so many experiences it was just happen chance I set my bait site in a hunting corridor. I’ve heard the ape sound , branch breaking,whistle,hi pedal footsteps, being growled at from twenty feet away. I’m so afraid of that place but I can’t get it out of my mind something draws me back to it two to three times a year. I drive to the location and just set there I can’t go in no matter how hard I try to bring up the courage to go in the wood I end up driving away and just allowing the trip to satisfy the moment. Thanks for the show Wes your a great man and friend. God bless , have a map for you if your interested in it take care.

  47. Jim W


    Really good show, only complaint is it wasn’t long enough, could have listened to you guys for twice that time. Enjoyed the talk and hope you keep going for another five hundred. Have a great Christmas for you and your family. Cheers

    Jim W.

  48. Brian W

    Wow! I’ve been waiting for the episode for over a month. Major Congrats on 500 Wes. What a mic drop for #500, mental telepathy. Never saw it coming from Les Stroud but so glad he opened up about it. This wasn’t the first show that is tied to mental telepathy with the big guy and I’m sure it wouldn’t be the last. Keep up the great work!!!

  49. Bryan P

    Congrats Wes – amazing milestone. Your show is the best thing going about this subject right now – I love it and look forward to it every week. Though the production has refined over time, the tone and vibe of the show has been constant from the beginning. You have a warmth and authenticity that I’m pretty sure is why you’re celebrating 500 shows. Can’t wait for the next 500 🙂

  50. NW Mike

    Congrats Wes. I’ve been a member for years and I’m glad you have gone this long. Please don’t stop. The interview with Les Stroud was Awesome! I’m glad he admitted to having experienced mind speak. It seems like a “Woo” topic but it happens. It was refreshing to hear how nonchalantly he discusses his experiences. I’m looking forward to 500 more episodes and beyond.

  51. Becky E

    Totally enthralled to the last minute!! Didn’t want it to end. Really awesome job Wes and Les! Congratulations to you Wes on 500 high quality, informative, exciting episodes. THE BEST podcast on Sasquatch!

  52. Pat T

    Merry Christmas Wes! Great interview with Les! Please bring back the original intro, looks like a lot of us have missed it. 500 episodes is a huge milestone and one you should be proud of. Looking forward to the next 500!

  53. Bryan H

    Great episode Wes, Thanks Les for coming on and being open. Dont know if you do read these or not Les, but that voice inside your head you heard, I’ve heard that exact same thing as well. I chose to ignore my experiance when it happened, thinking it was just a figment of my imagination, and bad results came of it, for ignoring what I heard, so I definitely understand when you talk about that experiance. Once again thanks for the great show, and Merry Christmas to all

    • Charles R

      I have had it happen to me also, however mine was with a Grey. I was still in the Crib, although I probably did not need to be. When the voice entered my head I jumped out of the crib and ran to my parents, probably happened in 1957 in Midland, MI. A similar occurrence happened to my younger sister in that same bedroom 5 years later. What she described to me as a monster in 1991 was an exact description of a grey, something she knew nothing about. It was hair raising.

  54. Dovie D

    Congrats on #500. I love Les and surviverman. I recall watching the episodes he talked about. I recall the apple disappearing and I think I recall a head peeking out quickly. It’s funning I recall several years ago about 1993 I saw a therapist and shared about seeing plaid man and the black creature with red eyes that walked to my window and asking if I might have schizophrenia too. Lol. I’m so glad I’m not alone in that respect. Thank you Wes and Les!

  55. Kris G

    Congrats Wes…..500 AND Lowe’s advertising! I am happy for you…..Sasquatch Chronicles has become a great success! ….and Listening is one of the highlights of my life. Thank you for that!

  56. Jeffrey M

    Great show! My 4th time listening to it. You do a amazing job Wes. It’s interesting that Ron Morehead is talking about quantum physics and Sasquatch’s abilities and now I hear Les mention the same thing. I haven’t heard about it before and look forward to learning more. Maybe you know someone to interview about this. Love the show and the old intro. Happy holidays to all!

  57. Douglas s

    Congratulations Wes on 500 shows! I really want to say a huge Thank You for every single one of them too. You’re the best podcaster out there for lots of reasons but your authenticity of just being you is what makes your show so great. You’re changing the game one interview at a time and believe it or not, one day when sasquatch is brought to light as fact without question; you’ll be recognized as one of the pioneers that made more people open their mind …just by teaching us all how to listen.
    Also, thanks Les for being THE badass that helps people everywhere get up to speed on true survival – in the bush and in the concrete jungle. You’ve been a huge help to opening minds as well. Wes couldn’t have asked a better human being to guest his 500th show.

  58. Debbie A

    I haven’t listened to the show yet but I’m sure it’s going to be great. Congratulations Wes & Admins on your 500th show! You have been a blessing to many. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Gid bless.

  59. Renee S

    Was happy to hear you say that “hopefully we’ll get another 500 under our belt!” You do a super job & feel like family to us! Thx also to Les for sharing, especially his Smoky Mtn experience. Thx to Tony for The Confessionals! You guys rock! Much luv & many blessings to you all this wonderful time of year!

  60. BUDDY H

    GREAT SHOW Wes !! I enjoyed the intro, it’s nice to hear some of the back story. Being a ‘Mentor’ in any Business/Endeavor is an
    indicator, for Me anyhow, of a person’s heart and not having so much ego as to preclude helping a colleague. I see the same in Les with his efforts to teach survival skill’s and provide his constructive comments/criticisms. If the recipient/colleague has the right attitude
    . ie NOT thin skinned, closed mind or a snowflake {a snowflake is “delicate like a flower”}.
    ====>> 500 <<====
    WOW !!

  61. Jessica C

    Wes. Congratulations on 500! What a fantastic accomplishment. Thank You for educating while still entertaining us all. A HUGE thanks to Les Stroud as well. This episode/interview was absolutely phenomenal. I’ve been a huge supporter of Les/Survivorman for years. His views on Bigfoot are so incredibly fascinating…If anyone knows about things in nature it’s him. Truly a wonderful interview!

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! ❤️??

  62. Charles R

    A fabulous interview with Mr. Stroud. Man, I sure would like to spend a few hours and some beers with him picking his brain. I really respect his perception of what he calls the Sasquatch Phenomena. Mine has evolved in this decade, mostly through 1000’s of reports and better witness interviews – and Wes Germer’s are the best. So much to try and understand.

    If you want to meet us stay the night. Now this takes some balls to let this kind of information out, for very obvious reasons. I am so glad he is willing to just put everything out there and let the chips fall where they may. Les Stroud is so important to this phenomena as it gives it credibility in the eyes of many out there that are on the fence. I hope he takes the reins and becomes a major spokesperson for this community. I also hopes he produces more Bigfoot shows in which he can explain how he too has evolved due to research and personal experiences. For me he is a breath of fresh air. Continued success Les.

  63. Charles R

    Robin Hood as a sponsor. I heard Clark Howard talk this week about Robin Hood, although it was their online banking in which they pay you 3 percent interest on both checking and savings accounts. Now this is a throw back to my younger days when most banks would pay you interest up to maybe 5 percent. However it is online banking and I so worry about my accounts being hacked and the money robbed. In the black market you social security number is now worth only 5 cents. However your bank account numbers are worth $1100.00 dollars according to Clark Howard. I will not even do internet banking at my local small town bank, however they are 1 mile away. This kind of crime needs to be addressed at the highest levels in this country and people involved need prosecuted for life. Anyway Clark Howard likes this Robin Hood. I will push for members to give them a try. So you bought AK Steel. I have been to their plants in Middletown, Ohio many times on business, although not in recent years. They have been a solid company, Wes.

    I will check into this Robin Hood some more and see if it is possible to make transactions by the old and safer methods.

  64. Scott D

    Many thanks to you Wes! I’ve been a loyal listener since ep.#2! It’s been a GREAT journey with you and ALL your brave, admirable guests! I’m so glad to have caught this show. Keep it up as long as you can please…
    Incredible show with Les!

  65. Trevor C

    Hats off Wes! Les is very cool! But omg that was the best interview I’ve heard with him yet! Very professional too! Congrats on the big 500 Wes and look forward to another 500! Happy Christmas 🙂

  66. BrokenMind27

    Congrats Wes. As a legit – I was here in the beginning – member it’s hard not to think of you as family. I never really get the kissing butt fever but you deserve it boss man. Kudos my friend. Great job.

  67. Zarin K

    Can you ever really trust a Canadian though? Great interview. It’s darn near impossible to legitimately call Mr. Stroud out for being a liar. It just doesn’t seem like he’d waste his time on the story…It’s clear Mr. Stroud has spent considerable time thinking about this subject. Its refreshing to hear someone be open to ideas and share experiences which do not limit BF capabilities to the status quo beliefs of mainstream researchers and aficionados. There have been enough ESP studies on humans to prove many forms of it exist in our species. It would make sense for ESP to be part of BF’s evolution as well

  68. Bob V


    I’ve learned a lot because of this show. I appreciate what you do. 🙂

    About this episode. I’ll say it again, the thing that bothers me the most about Sasquatch is how they watch us. It seems to me they were watching Les and knew who he was. Do they know who we are? Creepy.


  69. Clyde G

    Congrats on the milestone show! Think that I have been around since about the 10th episode. Really enjoyed this show, and his take on the subject. Keep up the good work.

  70. charlene s

    WES. congrats on 500,,MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR ,, AND 500 M0RE

    fantastic show with Less , hope you book more with him . so sad when it was over ,, and I like your buddy at the beginning of the show ,

  71. Duke S

    Had this posted to my group for days now, and now it’s Christmas and i finally get to hear it! lol.CONGRATULATIONS on 500! Thanks for all the help you have given me, thanks for being on my show, and thanks for the many times you had me on your show! I am so happy you kept going, since i have always been a fan of your show and love it when the little guy who is getting hell from others keeps plowing forward and ends up winning. Great job buddy, this was an excellent interview, and thanks for keeping it real like you always do. WELL DONE.and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  72. Dale J

    Traveling to see my mom just diagnosed with lung cancer. Wes, you and your show have given me a good place to be when things get stressful, for years. Stay your course brother! You do good for Squatch & for many people. Congrats!!! Looking forward to the next 500 shows.

  73. Blair D

    I think for all the hype of this episode, episode 499 was the real jem…… plus Tony sucked all the air outta the room for the first half hour….. ???? all the best in 2019 Wes

  74. Sonia G

    Love the episode Wes! I appreciate the hard work, I bet its not easy. Les was awesome. I don’t know him well besides the shows he puts out but I see him a trustworthy type of a guy. Congratulations on the 500!

  75. Nonnie C

    Wow!! I love Les Stroud!!! I was off work till wed. and I always listen to all my SasChron and other podcast at work….my thing, helps the night go SO much nicer. Can you imagine how hard it was for me to wait till then….I was like a junky waiting for my fix!! I could have tuned in early to it…..but then I wouldn’t have the best to start my short work week out. What a show….so worth the wait!! Thank You Wes…..and Congratulations on 500!! I have been here from the start and I am not going anywhere!! Merry Christmas too (I know it’s a dsy late, I hope you had a sweet one! ) ?

  76. Peter B

    I like the woo factor by Les, it’s true. If you don’t investigate it….it makes everything else false. So many alleged Bigfoot Researchers don’t cover the whole incidents.
    I had an aunt who was doing a ceremony for our family one time. Which was one of a few more to come. Anyway I asked her if she believed in Bigfoot. She said she did, she said she did a ceremony on a teen boy who had deer hunted.
    He was living on the Navajo Nation at the time. He saw the creature walking in the forest, l don’t know if it saw him. She never elaborated on it, but she was called to perform a healing ceremony on him. I asked her how did she know what to do? She said the Bigfoot told her telepathicly how to pray for him. He had nightmares and would not be able to sleep. After the healing he was okay and was on his way….. The sighting occurred on the Arizona/New Mexico border. In a place called Sawmill by another place called Navajo Pine. Just a thought…

  77. Matt S

    Great Interview Wes and Les, too bad you weren’t ready to meet them that night. That was one of my favorite episodes of Survivorman Bigfoot, and Klemtu Hill also. In the one clip it does look like a young one was watching you up in a tree, a guy broke it down in slow motion on a you tube clip. We would love to see more Bigfoot episodes from you Les!! Keep the faith Brother!?

  78. shirley b

    Hi Wes,
    Remember me the 12 year old who faced BF. in 497. I am hooked on your show and started at episode 1. I am now on 18 and still trying to keep up with the current ones. THIS ONE IS THE BOMB!!! I am listening for the 2nd time, just in case I missed something. I found in the search lots of Les Stroud stuff, but was there a prior interview, a prior episode? Which episode was that episode?
    My son in law turned me on the Les years ago and I turned him on to you. Thank you! Shirley.

  79. Glen M

    Les always liked survivorman. Really liked the ending to this episode especially about seeing the face on the camera. Dont put it past the goverment to have technology to mess with cameras. This is one possibility why the items disappeared. Happy 500! Love sasquatch chronicals!$

  80. Dean-na I

    Great show,love Les’s interview! I agree in order to have any break through in discovering a new species you have to approach all the accounts of information with an open mind. A degree or high society status does not make you right, we are all human and have made mistakes so because the #1 scientist at the time says it’s not real doesn’t make him correct! Example the playtapus was originally discovered by a zoologist whom sent the specimen to European Scientists whom officially stated at that time it was the work of a talented Chinese taxidermist! They had an actual full body specimen to study but yet they concluded it was a hoax and that was that ,,,the public accepted the “opinions” of these well known scientists all because they had to be right because they were so called experts… point is everyone has made mistakes, everyone has been wrong in some point in their lives or else we wouldn’t learn anything! Just because someone had held a higher degree of education or career doesn’t make them perfect! So many common characteristics with accounts of locals in an area that spoke of unknown species at the time were always considered by scientists to be folklore until they were either given a specimen or discovered it for themselves then it’s given merit ! That drives me crazy today that things aren’t considered to be real unless someone of high society/degree/career says so! We all have abilities and no one person is better than the other for their emploment! Great show!

  81. Kristina Easterday

    Great show. Happy New Year!?? Love your warmth, honesty, true feelings! You get down, your humane, no worries. It’s nice to know how humble you are, a real live person! Keep doing what your doing, don’t worry about negative, concentrate on positive! You have support were here!
    Take care
    Northern Michigander here

  82. Robert P

    Congratulations on the 500th show. I’ve been listening since the early days and loved hearing that old intro. Got the blood pumping as it used to. Great interview with Les. Thanks and blessings from Northwest England.

  83. Cathleen H

    Wes, so glad you were able to sit with Les and pick his brain. Did he tell you when he would be bring his channel back up and running? Having been a member sense almost day one…it’s been over a year sense he went dark, with the Promise of returning soon with new…blah blah blah. He didn’t give up much to you, other than what he has told word for word on his own and other shows. We were hoping to learn some new answers to questions he has left us hanging on. Oh well, maybe someday. Oh so love your show. Thank you for teaching us all so much.

  84. Lee O

    You’re in the 800s now..
    Been a member for couple years.
    I’ve commented only a few times…
    I had to after listening to this…
    I’ve been a Pastor/Evangelist for 40 yrs…
    Done delievence….
    Had my own experience with Sasquatch…and what I always believed was a werewolf..possibly a Dogman?
    I’m asking you and your listeners to check out the Black Awaking.
    Russ Dizdar. ( He helped super soldiers escape their hell)

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