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  1. Steve W

    We appreciate all the blood , sweat and tears you have personally poured in to SC to make it what it is Wes. BEST OF is a great idea and we really REALLY enjoyed part 1. Part 2 promises to deliver as well. CANT WAIT FOR EPISODE 5 0 0 !!!

  2. Dovie D

    It upsets me about the cover up! We have a right to know what might be out there in the woods. For years I thought a few of my encounters were not real. A nightmare or something. If you tell someone they laugh at you. I get it! Your guests are lucky to be alive but many others have not been so fortunate. The “Government” are just people but shame on them for being a part of the cover up.

    • Eddie M

      The Smithsonian is not the advancement of Knowledge as the Public wants to believe and these people are proponents of us believing. It is where knowledge goes to die. 14’ skeletons, remains of 19,000 year old citiy in Indian Bay, Stuff Science should be sharing not hiding. Yeah there may indeed not be as much revenue from Yosemite IF the truth was shared from official sources. But, if my 5 year old was missing and I thought “they” knew what got him or her…. ?? I’d make a big big mess or would be trying!

  3. rosalyn b

    Loving these Best Of shows! I know you’re including most if not all in this “best of” series, but I think it would be neat to have one compilation show of all the clips on your intro. I hunted them all down one time, but it took forever to find them. Thanks for your hard work; totally enjoying these!

  4. John G

    As many shows as I’ve heard here which I think is about all of them the one that always sticks out in my mind is Bobby Hamilton’s encounter from episode 99. When Bobby was a young boy one of these things was looking at him through a bedroom window as he was coming back from going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Then it started beconing him to come to the window with it’s hand… Come here little boy…. Sort of movement. This always scared me bad. Idk if it was my own fear of the dark that made this one so scary… But it is a horrid encounter. One of my other favorites is Randy Harringtins encounter where he set up shop in the cab of his truck and watched these things crawl into the back and rummage through his stuff. Two of my all time favorites.

  5. Mike B

    These were terrific shows,Wes. Thank you. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to pick the ten “best.” I was a bit surprised that the Brothers account was not among them. You have teased from time to time about a follow up/“rest-of-the-story” type of show about them. I, for one, would love to hear that. I don’t post often, but I do thank you for your best-in-class program and the work that goes into it. Happy Thanksgiving and may your holidays be blessed.

  6. Teal

    Thanks so much for taking the time to put those shows together, Wes. As always, you did a great job. It was nice to hear your voice and have “your company”.
    I had forgotten about episode #110 so, that was a surprise. Also, no matter how many times I hear Mike Wooley’s encounter, it still freaks me out!
    Thanks again.

  7. Robynn P

    You had all the ones that struck me as rememberable. But I just will never forget Tom from Hamoomoo.com when you were discussing killing a Bigfoot, and he was saying cut a chunk of the liver off and stick it in your pocket!! OMG, That still makes me laugh!! Thanks, Wes!! I enjoyed both podcasts!

  8. Eddie M

    From someone that’s heard every episode from the beginning .. your and Woody’s would been in top ten… Tracy’s encounter in the sprinter van… the Two brothers….Taylor’s LBL…The Texas Ambulance EMT….The Two Brothers was probably the scariest… the tall woman with misfit clothes and demonic “joker” smile really gave me the “willies”. Also The Insider episodes were good with sadistic club footed booger. Lots of great ones to choose from!

  9. Eddie M

    But, the episode I’ll never forget was the one of Part three… 2 and 3 never aired and one got pulled … at the time I thought was a male but, was a female that almost died from being attacked trying to save Knine partner. Her descriptions of the DUMB zoos and the creatures there being genetically created that were much worse than Sasquatch and were Part of Super Soldier project micro chipped andwere abominations to God as she called them. An elderly friend had a run in with one these creatures He said was a giant Hyena looking cross with a Mandrill Baboon. He said was 600lbs. The Game Warden told him it came off the Air Force Base at Panama City Florida.

  10. Eddie M

    The people that enforce this cover up are as scary the creatures themselves. They know what they really are and the “Reason” they are in existence to cover it up is what’s so disturbing. I use to think it would just blow Darwinism/ Evolution Up because they would prove we didn’t Evolve from an ape and still do think that’s part of it…But, now there seems to be a much more sinister motive other than blowing up Evolution. I believe now the Bible has already told us what they are…why they have rules for engaging humans .. male one way female another…Also why they at times have Red self illuminating eyes. The Lady The Two Brothers called in to help I believe nailed this. Along with the answer and name to evoke when confronted by something w/o a soul. But is an empty vessel easily filled with pure evil. The people / agency created to cover all this up is covering up a lot more than a hairy man in the woods.

  11. Tedd

    HaHa, Wes is a fanboy of Mike Wooley! I know from over time listening, it’s one of Wes’s favorites because it had a big impression on me and every time Wes refers to it I hear a ding, metaphorically of course. Thanks Wes for all the shared knowledge, I wouldn’t know kacka if not for you and your community!

  12. Richmond H

    Wes, I discovered your show while you were releasing show 312 or 313. I enjoyed it so much I went back and listened to every show from the beginning. I caught up around 460 and have enjoyed them all. All that to say I’d listen to a 6 hour show without hesitation, maybe not in a single sitting but I would get it all in.

  13. Jessica R

    OMG!! Thank you Wes! Episode 249 that’s it!!!! I think this one is so compelling. You made my day! And yes I listen for 6 hours. I have your show on on the background while working pretty much every day. Going ALL the way back 2 times now will allow that ya know. Thx you rock star!!

  14. Doug K

    YEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWW!!!!!!! Wes……I absolutely loved both parts one and two . Thank you for making the holiday a lot more special. You are definitely the MAN!!!!

  15. Karen C

    Wes, Thank You for the Great Holiday Fun, Always can count on you for keeping all of us fans wanting more….the one Ep. that always comes to mind was Last Man Standing and I love the TV show too with Tim Allen…

  16. Reid D

    Wes!! Thanks a million from Texas brother!! Love hearing Mike Wooleys it too is one of my favorites!! This here is what gets me thru my afternoon at work!! I just knew Honobia was on here but glad Mike’s was and the rest of your selections!! Thank you my friend!!

    • Kathy E

      Thanks wes, this was great!
      I wouldve listened to a 6 hr show though. Lol
      It was nice of you to do an extra show for everyone, you have a good heart!
      You are right that this time of year puts people on edge, you never know what
      Thouughtfullness might mean for someone. Keep up the good work my man.

  17. Evelyn L

    I don’t understand the story about the police officer. How can a police officer get in trouble for going fishing? How could he possibly use his law enforcement credentials to go fishing? The whole thing makes no sense. How can some bully of a police officer threaten to arrest someone for fishing on land that is for public use if they did nothing to break any law?

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