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  1. David J

    I shared in episode (315) about my grandfather’s stories of White Bear that I heard all my life. My great-grandmother called it that and would hide her three children under a bed when it came around. Just before his death, I shared my encounter with my grand daddy and asked him about White Bear. He told me that he could still hear its footsteps 80 years later and that he was certain it was a bigfoot, what others in Central Alabama call the White Thing. The one I saw was blonde to light tan. Almost all who share an encounter from the same area (Central Alabama) talk about seeing white to light tan creatures. I’ve only heard a couple of guys say they saw a bigfoot that was black or brown. Central Alabama has a lot of sightings but very few tell anyone except those they know they can trust not to tell others.

    Wes, thank you for sharing this story from Alabama.

      • David J

        I now live in Missouri but I grew up in Adamsville and Graysville. When I had my sighting I lived in Mulga and saw the creature in the old Number 19 mine area off of Union Grove Road. My grandfather grew up in Lindburg which no longer exists. It was located between Graysville and Brookside. There have been white Sasquatches seen in the general area from the West to Northwest to North of Birmingham for more than a hundred years. Several have been seen where I had my sighting.

  2. Larry C

    Thanks for the show Wes, it’s great to listen to these encounters again, and you’re right, you have done a great job and you deserve to be proud of what you have accomplished! Hope you’ve had a great Thanksgiving!

      • Jon W

        Was that you!?
        I wish there was a color code system where your name was a different color because you were in an episode, anyone who has seen one was a different color and believers/sceptics were another.
        I also wish there was a way to have a private chat with each other. I would love to talk to you about what’s happened since your episode.

  3. Eddie M

    Hey Wes the last encounter with Papa and babies (Frankly had forgotten how cool it was) brought back my childhood. My “Granny” would get the kid detail on school holidays I guess for our parents to go shop or do something. But, she never failed to warn us “they’s Haints and Boogers that come out at dark”. When he said the old lady called them haints I immediately thought of her telling us that.

  4. m99

    Well, hello – good for you Wes. Glad you’re finally realizing what everyone knows… you’re the bomb diggety Wes. We love the show because of you and how you present the content. Thanks so much for sticking with it!

  5. Nigel D

    This is an instant classic episode to introduce potential new listeners Wes. Some go to episodes for this purpose have been usurped now. Excellent body of work you’re amassing now. Congratulations on the impending 500…

  6. Lisa B

    Thank you Wes!
    I’m one of those having a rough Thanksgiving. This summer I lost my stepmom June 25th and exactly one month later I lost my dad July 25th. He couldn’t live without her. Found their letters and cards to each other and it was a true love story. I miss them and dreading Christmas coming up. I’m trying really hard to not be sad because I know they wouldn’t want me to be, but you know…

    Thanks for what you do and for doing this show…hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic! Thank you again!

      • m99

        Dear Lisa B ~ Yes, I agree. I’m so sorry for your loss too & will say a prayer for you as well. My parents and step parents died a long time ago, but it still hurts me at the holiday, especially since they were the ones we all went to, to celebrate the season. It’s something that changes everything. I do try to think about seeing them in the future, and know that’s not just a pipe dream, if you know what I mean. Glad you’re here and Wes’ site is something you enjoy a lot. It helps me too. Be Blessed Lisa B.

        • Lisa B

          m99 you are right…my parents were the place to go for the family get togethers and holidays. I lost my mom in 2011. And regardless of how long ago it was, it still hurts. Thanks for the kind words. Let’s all thank Wes for bringing us all together! I love listening to SC, I’ve been a believer since I saw Patty and Legend of Boggy Creek LoL. I love his shows, definitely the best of what’s out there.i could binge listen for days!

  7. Debbie C

    Wes, you have always been number one Sasquatch go to for true stories and
    much needed advice about this creature.
    Congratulations! You are what Sasquatch Chronicles needs to pravale:)

  8. Steve W

    Such a G R E A T idea !!! I’m a new subscriber to SC but I’ve heard E V E R Y episode and agree this is the G O TO for all things SASQUATCH / BIGFOOT … I would love to hear more “BEST OF” in the near future. THANKS WES for all your blood, sweat and tears… and I mean that literally !!!

  9. Renee S

    I’m very happy that you realize what an amazing job you do w/ all of these shows! So looking forward to the big 500! Thank you, Wes! Hope ur holiday was blessed & peaceful!

  10. Lee

    Thanks Wes for all your work ! Hope u and your family enjoy the break . Hope Woody is well ! hope to hear him again on a show soon.
    It didn’t surprised me to see the bedside confession as a fav . The way he describes the chopper the killing and the way the female ran up the hill always stuck in my mind . Another was the feller who got stranded lost starving in the woods a squatch helped him and he woke up in a camper going down mountain after 3 weeks from memory . Can’t remember which

  11. Pat T

    Thx Wes, great show and I hope Tracy and Warren are 1 and 2 respectively! A little self praise never hurt and yr hard work is very much appreciated! Hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving

  12. Norita B

    You have Earned you own self Atta’Boy, pat on the back.
    You have grown as an interviewer, small-business proprietor,
    and most important, Big Foot Listener and Validator.
    You are unique in your mission and are the lead modern day pioneer and collector of Sasquatch stories, encounters, lore.
    No one can do what you do like how YOU do.
    Thank You and continue to do what YOU need to do to fill your curiosity Cup

  13. MONTE M

    The deathbed confession , I played that to my wife and youngest son when it first aired . There seemed to be too many aspects of that for it to be made up . Part of my futile quest to get them to believe that Sasquatch exists . The sad things about that episode is how it affected the people involved , the Sasquatch family’s involved and that they probably were not successful in exterminating all of them .
    I do not know where in SD this occurred but we used to hunt ruffed grouse back in the seventies on the ND /SD border and we had lunch all the time in the local bar in Solen ND wich was called The Bigfoot Bar . There was a hand painted mural on the bars wall with a Bigfoot and the namesake of the bar described on the wall with it that told of Native Americans finding massive human like footprints along the shores of The Missouri River bottom nearby . This was out in the middle of nowhere in 1974 .
    I noticed on a map behind DR Bindernagel on a YouTube video that there was a pinpoint on the map ( I assume to be sightings ) in SD Between Mobridge and where we hunted in ND , in the Missouri River bottom .

  14. jade W

    Great show… this will give new listeners a good taste of why you have so many loyal fans/ listeners!! And something I can play for friends and family who never heard of sasquatch chronicles.. as I’m always referring folks your way!!!♡

  15. Evelyn L

    Seems like Fantasy Island but he sounds very believable as he tells the story. I just have a hard time believing that those things could be that “tame.” Maybe some of them are different. Interesting about the “star”people. If these creatures are something that was genetically put together by the “Watchers” (mentioned in Enoch) then this could very well be true. I believe that there could still be other “Watcher” entities and they could be something like what some think of as “aliens” today.

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