Nov 7

SC EP:49 Bigfoot encounter stories

A listener wrote the show and wanted to share his encounter when he was a child and how he was stalked by a Sasquatch on his paper route.

We will also be hearing from two other guests who also share their encounters with the creature. Is this part one of two shows? Tune in and find out!



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50 Responses to “SC EP:49 Bigfoot encounter stories”

  1. Reggie C

    ” I’d like to see one again but at a long distance through a scope. ” I have listened to ya’ll from the start and that is the winner of the prize. That has Got to be the best one liner of all the shows.
    When you run short of ideas you ought to put some of these great moments together for a funny spot. ” but at a long distance through a scope.” too much

  2. Reggie C

    “I want to get more involved in it, I don’t want to get kilt but I want to get more involved in it” . There’s another one. The comic relief that comes from extreme situations is amazing.

  3. David W

    I lived in Newnan and remember the whole “Believe road Booger” stories. most of the sitings happen near town and the story did make the local paper. I found out later thru a friend that the whole thing was a joke. That the Booger was actually a guy in a ape shit. I actually got to me the guy and saw the suit. I won’t tell you his name but he continues to joke around with the whole Bigfoot thing on his Facebook page. As for Chris and his story it could very well be true. The area he had his sitings is near the Lori & Dustin house siege issue in Carrollton, Ga and the Jim Akin Pike county Bigfoot print. Both areas within 25-50 miles. I am a big fan and love your broadcast. I hope I never have an encounter but I do believe. KEEP UP THE GOO WORK!

  4. springr

    Parents, I just can not understand these parents who don’t believe there own kids. I am a parent and grandparent and if one of mine came to me and said the they saw something. I would be on it like stink on you know what.

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