Nov 7

SC EP:48 Sasquatch encounters and audio files

Researcher and Sasquatch witness Larry Turner drops by and shares with us his bigfoot audio files and encounters with the creature. Larry was grabbed while in his tent one night while out researching Sasquatch. Larry shares with us what he has found works and what doesn’t work for him in the field.



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37 Responses to “SC EP:48 Sasquatch encounters and audio files”

  1. Norman Racca

    @ 16:00 – 19:00
    This is weird…..I just don’t know how people can tolerate stuff like this! I promise you if something was fondling my head from outside my tent……It better kill me because i’m coming out that tent pretty pissed off with a fully loaded shotgun……Trips me out how people just lay in the tent while they hear things diggin around the camp site and pushing on their tent and stuff…..crazy…..with the crew I camp out with….we all coming out the tents ready to kill something!
    IDK ,……..guess it’s a South Louisiana thing! 😉

  2. Kevin K

    I had something similar happen to me. At the time I was a police officer…..I shouted “Police”…and ended up firing a shot into the air and what ever it was screeched and ran away at incredible speeds (breaking large branches to boot) and left the area. Oh I so agree with this show, they know what guns are and they are creepy to be around. I had that encounter back in fall 93 in Northern lower Michigan; Alcona county; west side of Hoist Lakes….I now live in Alaska and have experienced/seen other encounters (whoops in yard, tree knocks, BIG rocks hitting side of house, trail cameras have caught strange stuff)……my wife and I ALWAYS carry firearms. Currently have a brand new AR-10 with large capacity magazines…..always armed when go outside at night to check on livestock….enjoy your show. There are PLENTY of Alaskan ” Bushmen” up here in the wilds of Alaska

  3. Nicholas S

    The sound that they played at 13:45… I’ve heard in New mexico but way louder. I was in the Jemez mountains at the Pueblo Campground site. And I’ve heard it more than once at different times…. I always dismissed it as people being crazy or some sort of animal. I didn’t sleep the first time I heard it.

  4. Tammi C

    Sorry but listening to them cutting down others just isn’t entertaining, and it’s hypocritical…did I mention unprofessional? I enjoy the show 100% with just Wes and guests now.

  5. Eli K

    I’ve never seen a sasquatch, but instead of just saying its bs Will since ” you can’t remember the faces even though you were 20 feet away” why don’t you go out with Todd S. And see if its bs. He offers to bring g people out in the woods and show you sasquatch….not to mention Wes changed his opinion on this matter correct??

  6. Kevin C

    I agree, no offense but if you all believed the face morph to bedunk Todd’s video, it isn’t Todd that’s the fool. I could morph a ten year old girls face onto it and make you believe it. use the pine needles to measure the creatures head and eyes. it wasn’t possible for it to be a mask. not even close.

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