Oct 12

SC EP:480 Female Bigfoot stalks and kills a hog

I have moved the member only show to tomorrow due to technical issues.

A listener writes “Hello Wes, I witnessed a female Bigfoot stalk and kill a hog on the bank of the Sabine River back years ago, I grew up in La, right on the Sabine Rivers backwaters and hunted, fished, and trapped it all my life from the Texas state line to the north, and south down to the Toledo Bend Lake and all the backwaters in between, since I was old enough to get in a boat.

My family made our living like this since they first come here from Mississippi back in 1900. I am 54 now, and in all my time in the woods etc, I’ve only seen this creature three times. Once when I was six y/o sitting in a deer blind with my uncle. At 34 when it ran across the road outside Diana TX on lil cypress bayou, and when I watched it stalk a pack of young hogs and kill one. I have not seen one since.

I’ve heard you say that folks from the south won’t hardly speak of it.. We don’t as a rule talk to outside folk of such things because of ridicule etc, But I’m where I don’t give a damn anymore”


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59 Responses to “SC EP:480 Female Bigfoot stalks and kills a hog”

  1. Denise F

    When I was 5 yrs old, a good Friday night would be ordering pizza and waiting to watch Dukes of Hazard….this beats THAT, LoL!

    TGIF, TGFW & TGfSC!!

  2. Tamsin D

    Spent this whole week trying to deal with kidney failure in my 16 year old kitty. I am fast learning at stag 4 very little can be done. This will be the distraction that I so need.
    Pizza was just delivered and Wes’s podcast.
    Thank you lord for the blessings I’m about to receive.

  3. winkatme

    WES, start the banjo music there is a female bigfoot on the hunt and she’s got HAM on her mind…. BAH! BAH! BAHHHHH! Never get between a HUGE HAIRY GURRRL and her favorite pork product! Nothin but LUV, WINK

  4. Tamsin D

    Thank you for your kind words members. It means a lot.

    Wes thank you and your guest, he is lucky he got out of his tree stand in one piece. ??

  5. Gene P

    I’ve been wondering about the Sasquatch hunting abilities?
    The success rate of predators vary like 1 out of 4 attempts results in a kill. But it sounds like the squash just might not miss? Between the plants, animals, mushrooms, fish, they have more than enough to eat.
    But how do they stay warm? Huddle together?

  6. Janetta V

    I sure enjoyed the show. Shane was so descriptive in his story that it put me right up there in the tree with him, ‘cept I didn’t need to go and pee. Ha. Intense. I just love pig stories. I guess this poor little piggie went to the market. Thanks.

  7. Eva B

    Hey Wes, You know I’ve been a member for a bit now. You do great job!!! I pay to listen to you, but I’m happy you have (My bookie. Com) on here otherwise we wouldn’t get additional shows! You do you, as far as business goes, I own a few businesses and understand. You can’t please everyone…. ❤ ya , sweetie! And hey, I told ya fight fire with fire a long time ago, in regards to the trolls, that pirate your hard work! I hope it’s working out for you! You’re just advertising yourself now.

    ???? You’re the best! (Now I’ve got that song in my head… simply the best! Yeah yeah, inflated head , pop! )

  8. Trent M

    Wes your guest was great, his speaking style is very easy to listen to and he gives a lot of detail. I have been really enjoying the shows because of the great witnesses and their willingness to share their encounters and I want them to know how much they are appreciated!

  9. Denise F

    I was excited when mybookie wanted to sponsor the show. I remember thinking ‘you’ve hit the big time now’!
    I’m proud and happy for you, you built it from the ground up!

  10. dean f

    This is my stomping grounds. Never heard of “Sibean” river before but have heard of Sabine River and here in deep east Texas we pronounce it just like it’s spelled. Bow hunting I saw a hog on the other side of tree but couldn’t get a clean shot it. So after a while and much pondering I came up with a plan. I’ll just take my arrow and bend it a bit and it will fly around the tree and in the morning you’ll smell bacon. Sure as biscuits it worked. Then booger walked out behind a bush and lifted my pig.

  11. m99

    Oh My Goodness! Dang! /// LOL Dean. Funny comments Dean! I know. I almost shut it down with that pronunciation of the “Sabine”. We also don’t say “crick” for creek, but, he corrected and pronounced it creek in the next sentence. I had to stop it though because I always try to remember Wes works to vet people and this guy, as myself, may have moved around a bit. And, I’ve NEVER heard of anyone in East Texas or Southwest Louisiana allowing a child of four to have or handle a gun. 10 or 11 maybe, with supervision. Not four!

    Turned out to be a very good episode once he got his wording right.

  12. Doug K

    Hey Wes….you are number one in my book. Big thank you to Shane for sharing these awesome encounters you had. Thank you Shane.!! YEEEEEE HAWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

  13. Morris W

    This show really got to me. I just want to give Shane a hug. God bless ya brother. I’m so glad it turned out ok for you. You sure handled a very dangerous situation the right way. Why the hell do people still not believe? Wes has the best show I’ve ever heard. I don’t even listen to radio anymore. Dude way too modest. He deserves so much credit. He is paying it forward also. Listen to Tony’s show. That dude is moving on up. So is Tim. Great guys! Down to earth. I was able to contact Randy Harrington. He is hands down the best field guy today. He treTs me like family. Good people. Shane your story is just amazing. Keep listening. Your mind will be blown Meteix style!

  14. Charles R

    Amazing witness. His story did not waiver one bit from what was published in his original BFRO report that I sequenced here a few days ago. Only this time there was much more detail and just raw jut emotion pouring from Shane. This is why your forum Wes is so vitally important. One can read all the reports they want, for me over 10k easily, but when a raw emotional voice is attached the whole dynamic is changed, and leaves the listener in no uncertain terms of the honesty of the witness.

    I think the grin was her acknowledging that she never knew he was there and Shane had one up on here – kind of like you caught me, good job, I will be more careful next time. In sports we call this tipping the hat. Also very good detail on their walk. It is extremely difficult to emulate, if even possible, and even at that we look clumsy. By walking with a swing to their hips they have no straddle, unlike us. Fortunately because of this it makes it much easier to identify a Sasquatch trackway in the proper substrate or snow. A good friend of mine who saw one up close in Iosco County, MI while bow hunting in 2000, told me their walk kind of reminded him of a bow legged human. Maybe this is what he witnessed. He, quit hunting and going into the woods on that date.

  15. Charles R

    Another thought, this one must have been young at Shane’s thoughts of here being in 6 and half foot, and not large breasts. however they are still endowed with tremendous fast twitch and crazy powerful muscles to leap this far, thin knock a 150 pound hog through the air into a tree to stun it then immediately pound it into dinner. Anyone know of any human 6 and half foot human women that can pull this off. How about any man. Thought so.

  16. Amie S

    Wes I’ve listened to many interviews and imo this was one of the best. Thanks to Shane for sharing such a rare expierence!He did such a wonderful job recounting his encounters that i was able to feel emotion ecspecially when the female Saswatch spied him spying on her! I wonder if she was saying ” huh? what are you doing here?!”
    Thank you Wes!

  17. Robert B

    When Shane was talking about how she did that little half hop from tree to tree, I saw that happen up in the Sierras off of Hell’s Delight road above the town of Kyburz Commiefornia back in 2008. My partner and I were squatted down next to this half buried boulder about the size of a VW. Someone online in the forums had made a comment about woodknocks, and how they might not be wood against a tree, but perhaps a rock against a bigger rock. My partner grabbed a rock about twice the size of a softball and smacked that half buried boulder 3 good smacks. Then we just sat back and watched and listened. Within a couple of minutes, I caught movement across the forest road and across the creek that ran along that road. On the hillside just beyond the creek we caught movement. It was the same thing. This weird little half hop thing, and a big hairy booger jumping from tree to tree, working it’s way down the hillside and coming towards us. Well my truck was parked just off the road next to the creek. We decided not to wait around until it got too close to my truck. We got up making lots of noise and started walking towards my truck. It just stayed behind the tree it was at until we were in my truck and gone. No idea what it did after that, I just didn’t want to let it get between us and the pickup. I know exactly what he meant when he said he didn’t have enough gun tho. My first face to face I was packing a 45 acp. Definitely not enough gun. I sold it and bought a S&W 500 mag for any trips to the woods. Is it enough gun? I’ve seen what a 500 will do to a pork roast. It’s not pretty. But is it enough gun? I don’t know. But since they don’t make a revolver in 458 magnum…. Bob in Germany

  18. Brad R

    This guy was great! The way he described everything actually had me laughing at times, not in a bad or demeaning way at all, he was just entertaining to listen to, seems like a smart guy who had an amazing encounter.

    I wonder if the fact it was a female was the reason it didn’t try to warn or scare him off and just smiled and walked away. Thought that was the most interesting part of the story. I wonder how much time the females spend hunting vs the males – or if the females are the primary hunter/gatherer for their children while the males fend for themselves and perform different survival functions etc..,

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