Nov 7

SC EP:47 Screaming Sasquatch! I was run out of camp!

This is your bonus show for the holiday weekend! Tonight we speak to Matt from Colorado. Mike tells us about an encounter he had while camping. Mike and his friend were terrorized by a group of Sasquatches while camping in the Rockies. This is the first time Mike has ever shared this story with the public.



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18 Responses to “SC EP:47 Screaming Sasquatch! I was run out of camp!”

  1. erik p

    This sight is the best guys! My thoughts on the subject of sasquatch is that thay absolutely can’t be all fakes! With all the sightings and foot prints found in places where people don’t go or are expected to be? There has to be something to it. Once agean guys, your doing one hell of a job informing people and keeping the subject alive and well. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  2. L S

    The media’s treatment of the subject is intentional dis info. If they make a huge joke of it nobody will want to admit they’ve seen one. It’s no different than the UF0 subject. Humans are easily controlled by their desire to be accepted. It’s time we get over that nonsense.

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