Aug 24

SC EP:464 The empty tent

I had to move some guests around, I will be back on Sunday for the members. I will play some of the audio Randy has and I hope it comes across on the podcast.

Randy Harrington joins the show. Randy is one of my favorite investigators because he is always thinking outside of the box. Randy writes “have done a couple interviews with Wes, and I spoke with him yesterday about what has been going on with my adventures over the last few years since my last interview.

I was out with some fellow researchers in Missouri, and we captured 2 fantastic thermal video’s of our target species…..will chat with Wes tonight about it and other happenings as of late, Think he will make another show out of it. my previous episodes were 109, and 225 if anyone wants to refresh their memories…”

Randy will be sharing some of his audio recordings with us and some of the tricks he is using to get the creatures to come in. An interesting side note Randy is about 20 miles as the crow flies from where the North American Wood Ape Conservancy group has been trying to shoot and collect one.



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68 Responses to “SC EP:464 The empty tent”

  1. Randy H

    At this point, there is probably nothing I haven’t tried….I have played baby crying cd’s……and other times I played recordings of my toddler grandsons running around screaming for a couple hour recording….you name it, I have tried it. lol

  2. Randy H

    …as I hear the recordings here on the podcast, they don’t translate as well as they sound on the original recordings…the runner starts out some distance away, and the sound grows louder as it approaches and then runs by the tent, and then the sound grows distant as the thing runs further away….. As I hear it here, it sounds monotone.

  3. winkatme

    HEY WES, YAHOOooo! It’s time for the BIG FELLA to make an appearance! Can’t wait to hear this one. I hope everyone has a great weekend. NOTHIN BUT LUV, WINK

      • Rich A

        i meant to suggest playing the sierra sounds or samuri chatter in that tent ( or in any situation) to see how they respond. Baby cries make them curious.. What would they do if they heard these other sounds? Curiosity? Could they come in angry to defend territory?? Hope that makes more sense.

        • Randy H

          Rich, I have played the vocals from the Sierra sounds many, many times while out researching , That tactic has not been any more successful than any other specific recordings, or even no recordings at all, as a matter of fact, No recordings at all has a higher rate of success for me, Their curiosity is their achille’s heel……

          • Rich A

            Well cool. Good to hear that you are trying everything including that. Keep up the good work I’m sure something will change. I’ll keep thinking and I’ll toss some ideas your way.

  4. Michael V

    Yeah the steps running by tent just sounded like scratchy interference. Couldn’t hear anything. I was listening to podcast from SC website. How do i hear version of footsteps by tent that is clear ? Suggestions ? Good episode regardless but always dying for good BF videos, pics, audio.

  5. Denise F

    Randy, out of curiosity (and you may have tried it already) but have you used snoring or the heavy breathing sound of sleeping people? I figure that’s what they are most used to when passing by a tent at night?

    Thanks for all your dedication and keeping us posted ?

  6. Brandon T

    I wonder if it would be possible to put something in the tents that moves occasionally. Maybe on a timer of some sort. Something that would rustle and move around a bit and periodically make some noise.

  7. Randy H

    I bought a small battery operated childs aquarium, that is lit up and rotates a display of fish around the small aquarium, so that it would cast a faint light of movement inside a tent…..

  8. Morris W

    Randy sent me the sound clips from the show. You have to hear theses. They did not come over the podcast very well. These are truly amazing and gave me chills! The sounds are better than anything I have ever heard. Randy is the real deal! I’m sure he would send them to you if you ask like I did. I’m so fired up from these. Wes sure does have the best gig in the world. Thank you Randy.

  9. Randy H

    Thanks Morris, Its crazy how I have researched just a few miles from your location…what are the odds? But Thanks for reporting back to the listeners here. I love this subject, I am OCD obsessive about trying to out smart them??? LOL ( not easy) but it is possible. The podcasts allow me to share with a larger audience too, and for that I appreciate Wes and his achievement here.

  10. Brandon T

    Randy, keep at it man. You’re doing so much more than so many “experts” are doing. Great work.

    We’re all like “Have you tried A, B, C and D?”
    You’re like “Yep. And E, F and G!”

    Lol…. You’re the man. I have total faith that you’re gonna get a huge breakthrough. Just stay the course. ?

  11. Rick C

    Randy is our best hope with the best attitude. He is refreshing and I don’t believe he is the type to claim having evidence and not be willing to share it. GOOD LUCK!

  12. Kris G

    I think Sasquatch are smarter than being taken in by a recording…they know it’s recorded. And for sure it’s the teenagers bombing the tent. And the troop or watchers are watching him always…they see him set up a tent then leave to hunker down elsewhere…they know the tent is empty.

  13. Charles R

    First off great show Randy. Love your enthusiasm and commitment to capture something from the Forest Giants. It just seems from your many experiments, they want to keep that safety zone intact, in their home grounds.

    Maybe the best chance to get something is on the home front. A home next to a National Forest. Miniature cameras mounted on all sides at the top of the house embedded into the siding. Thermals also of course. We know they love to look in windows at night. Have cameras pointed from inside the house towards the windows, and keep interior lights off so no light shine on the windows. I can think of a myriad of ways to get them to come to a home at night, and I know the smart folks here and Randy can also.

  14. michael m

    another great show and guest.i loved the part about drawing straws to go down and flush him out.It reminded me of Mt Monsters”HEY BUCK GO DOWN IN THAT THICKET AND FLUSH HIM OUT”.I wouldnt want that job anyday or night.great job Wes and thank you.

  15. timothy m

    Wes, Randy; probably like new squatchers as myself, I’m hoping to hook up w/ a researcher or investigator such as you sir, because I don’t have a clue, but I’m psyched up from this episode, & Randy, this would be such an honor.

  16. Mauri G

    Enjoyed listening to Randy’s experiences!! He has a real passion for this subject,I hope he has a even better experience in October that he can share with us.?

  17. Jay Carlsen

    WOW – What an Interesting Episode ! I fell asleep just after the Intro , when this aired. But when I re-listened to this episode I recognized His observation of the Sasquatch putting some kind of Obstruction between them and their Target of Interest ! As I had One of these things escort me down a Mile stretch of Road – But it stayed in the Shadow of Woods. Very Dark night & I do not recall a Moon. And even though the Gravel was a liter shade of Color. So even though it was Dark ; as long as I was looking at the Road – I could See.
    But as I walked and this Thing that was walking on 2 Legs started to Follow beside me ! And it stayed in the Woods – where it was Pitch Black with shadow right beside the Road. Even as I strained my Eyes trying to get a Bead on this thing walking Lock Step beside me , I couldn’t get a bead on what was following so effortlessly beside me.
    When I made the Intersection with the Paved Road , I turned around & smoked a cigarette…. And it stood there , just inside the Woods that ended 200 feet back from the Pavement. It did not Present itself ( but I JUST KNEW IT WAS WATCHING me ) And after I was done with the Cigarette I turned & walked away from my chosen Destination. The Paved road being open , with a Wide space between the Road & the Woods.
    Until the Sun started to come up And I reasoned my self out of Danger ? I turned & walked cross country back to the Paved Road I should have taken earlier that night. While cutting through a Christmass Tree field I turned from the Wind & seen a 9 – 10 foot Tall Gorilla Standing in the next Fire Lane over from the one I was walking.
    …….. But after recounting this on the Forum , Someone asked me If I thought This Gorilla assumed I was as blinds as I had been earlier that Night ? When I was walking down the Center of that Dirt Road Earlier , I was Straining My Eyes to try to get an Idea who this was ?
    When I seen it standing 200 feet away , in the next Lane Over….. It was Frozen Still , And did not Move a Muscle ! I had the Immediate Feeling that I had caught it Off Guard. That it had not Anticipated that I would have Stopped & turned from the Wind to lite the Cigarette in my Mouth I was close enough I could have said ‘ HEY ! What are You Doing ? ‘ & it would have heard me.
    There was one behind Me , Because it was a Stick snapping in two Pieces that woke me up. When I turned there was nothing there. But when I turned back to get me a better look at this Gorilla here – it was GONE – with out a sound.
    And I ran like a Terrified Child ! Out to the Pavement & walked home looking over my Shoulders the Whole Way !

  18. Smallfoot

    56:10 West mentioned a story posted to the blog about a guy in a tent who saw two sasquatches standing below a hanging bear food bag trying to figure out how to get to it. I have searched but cannot find it. Anyone able to tell me?

  19. Randy H

    The documentary is moving forward, I have seen the sizzle reel, and am quite excited for people to see it. I am currently building a knew travelling wooden blind in the back of my Polaris ranger, much like my little coffin trailer….building into it the things that seemed to work for the trailer, Anyways, next month ( feb 2019) I am going to hit a few places of interest, starting with the place I had myencounter with the 2 bigfoot back in 2006, its been 13 years since the encounter, and it still is on my mind every day, so am wanting to see if there is anything worth reporting from that location still……then I will travel east a few hours into the Kiamichi mountains to finish out this next trip…as always, excited to try and outsmart them again…

  20. Andrew C

    Has this thermal recording been released yet? I would try putting a small radio playing classical music or maybe even different animal sound compilations in the tent. I live in the northeast Georgia mountains at the edge of huge national forest acreage and would like to know if there’s any nearby locations I could look for evidence of my own. I’m not going to say research because I don’t consider myself any kind of expert, but I am very interested in the subject and %110 believe there is some sort of creature people are seeing. Too many reports with too many similarities to be complete fiction. You do great work Wes and thank you.

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