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SC EP:401 Retired police officers encounter

In August 1976, Police Officer Brian Gosselin had a face-to-face encounter with a Bigfoot-type creature on Abair Road in Whitehall, NY. This event set off a firestorm of publicity and has become a landmark case that has withstood the test of time. Brian encountered this creature just 30 feet in front of him, in his spotlight, with his pistol pointed directly at it, but he did not shoot. In “Abair Road, The True Story,” Brian is sharing the events that took place that night along with a great deal of information that has never been shared before.
Check out the book: Abair Road The True Story




[Language Warning]

I will be also speaking to Greg and Greg writes “Hello Wes, I wish greatly that I could maintain a correspondence and tell you how proud I am of your tireless effort in this area, but, unfortunately, I am wrestling w/ sending you an account, an encounter as you call it.”

The encounter took place in 1979 in Texas. The witness had been giving food to a homeless veteran. The witness who was 10 at the time rode with his friends on their bikes down to see the man. When they pulled up the homeless vet was yelling at the boys to get out of there and than he turned and was yelling at something else in the bushes. The homeless man took the food and started throwing it at this thing.

The creature came out on all fours, Greg said “It moved kind of like a spider, it came out of the bushes on all fours grabbing the food and eating it.”

The homeless man took off running. Greg said “I hold so much regret in my heart for giving this man food. I feel like this thing ate this guy and it was my fault. We never saw him again, he left everything behind.”



My final guest tonight is Christopher Noel. Christopher Noel is a Burlington, Vermont-based sasquatch researcher. Noel brings to his study an academic tone, and rightly so. For two decades, this Yale philosophy graduate taught at the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Chris writes “We need a radically new approach to Sasquatch research. For much too long, we have stereotyped our next of kin, certain that they must confine themselves only to the most remote wilderness, occasionally sneaking up to campsites just long enough to scare the hell out of us before withdrawing once again to the far corners of the forest. Incorrect. Increasingly, evidence is pointing a different way, toward an intimate proximity between our two species.”


We will be discussing Chris’s new book: Next of Kin Next Door: How to Find Sasquatch a Stone’s Throw Away




SC EP:401 Retired police officers encounter


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184 Responses to “SC EP:401 Retired police officers encounter”

        • Terry P

          My friend lives on the western edge of the Adirondacks in the Town of Ohio in Herkimer County NY. His step son was driving home after dark one nite on a dirt road (Black Creek road ) and witnessed a very large upright walking creature cross the road in front of him. As he approached it the creature it was standing on the side of the road. He slowed down and drove past it and was very close to it. He said the thing just turned its body to watch him drive by not turning its head like most humans but turned its body. He really noticed the hair on its arms. He said it was very long. He continued home and told my frien about the incident who told me.

      • Shirley S

        I think Greg’s exhibiting something called “pressure of speech.” It’s a symptom rather than a disorder on its own and is indicative of a type of underlying thought disorder called “flight of ideas.” It’s most commonly a symptom of mania, frequently seen with bipolar disorder, but it can also occur with extreme anxiety (in which case it may be temporary) or anxiety disorders (such as PTSD); with use of psychostimulants, such as amphetamines, methylphenidate (Ritalin), even caffeine); in ADHD; and in schizophrenia. It took courage for Greg to share his experience. I hope he finds some relief in it. Some of the comments are harsh, but many people have probably never seen the symptoms of extreme anxiety and mental trauma, so thanks, Greg and Wes, for sharing this interview with us.

  1. Barbara W

    Can’t wait to listen.
    Wes, I must say you set the bar pretty darn high for these types of shows. I’ve listened to and liked cryptid PTSD & the Confessionals, but your show is my favorite.
    You remind me of Carson Daly in the sense that you’re a consummate host but you never get in the way of the guest. For those who may not tell a tale as well, you help them keep focused with your well thought out questions. You especially help them to paint the picture so we can all envision the encounter.
    I look forward to each and every show, and being new I’m binge listening.
    I was wondering, if I were to give you an address in Washington state, in Snohomish county, could you tell me privately if there are any reports from very close by? Son is building a new home in a very wooded location.
    Thank you, sir!

      • Gary C

        That was fear the guy was really suffering from what he saw that night, yes I wish it was a clearer story but that guy was still seriously affected by that night, you can’t fake that in my opinion, raw emotion.
        One brave guy for coming on here and all credit to Wes for one getting him on and secondly handling it very well.

        Let’s hope the guest cant start healing now

        Well done and thanks


        • Jeffrey H

          Gary: Well said Gary!! Your so right in that he’s a brave man for coming on the show with his encounter still effecting him as it is. Let’s hope that he got some relief from telling his story and that time cures all.

        • Larry S

          I totally agree with you Gary. That guy was a bra exposed bundle of nerves. He isn’t just reliving the moment as he talks about it. He’s reliving this every day it would seem.
          I hope that by telling his story it brings him some peace. Because God knows he is hurting.

      • Jason E

        Please don’t say that guy was awful. He was 10 years old when this happened to him and it obviously scared the crap out of him. I actually thought he was hilarious. I loved all of his tangents and it was one of the best stories out there. Please don’t judge people or tear them down that’s not fair. Live and Let Live.

      • Randall P

        I have to agree. The scariest part of this story is that this imbecile was allowed to chaperone a children’s camping trip.
        I’m pretty sure there is a state hospital in the state he resides in that could possibly help him with copious amounts of electro shock therapy and some very strong anti psychotics in extremely large doses.
        Giving this obviously disturbed individual a platform for this insanity is a big reason people give those of us that believe in this subject a bad name.
        Any sceptic that wants to throw another wrench in the sasquatch disclosure machine will almost certainly replay this quibble for the masses. DAMN.

        • Morgan H

          Well, the guy had a childhood trauma, what do you want? You know when you have that kind of trauma at that age your innermost emotional state never really recovers and worst of all it never really progresses. So if you listened to this guy and heard what sounded like a terrified 10 year old with severe PTSD speaking through a grown man, that’s exactly what it was. This guy’s emotional state has not had the chance to progress since this incident through no fault of his own. If you want to tear this poor guy down, go for it if it makes you feel good about yourself, but just pray that your children or grandchildren never have a childhood trauma like this that scars them emotionally for life, but chances are that you probably will.

    • Robert H

      That’s an understatement! Good lord I could almost hear the wheel’s turning in Wes’ head! He did the best he could with that guy, but thought WTF have I gotten myself into this time! That’s not ptsd that’s bananas!

  2. dan s

    Wow. This guy was a trip. He has been tramatized his whole life.

    Good quotes:
    “It came out like a car”‘
    “This thing was an asshole”
    ” It had the face of chim chim”

  3. Mary H

    Thank you Wes for another great show. I am so, so sorry for Greg’s trama. I didn’t understand what happened to him though, did it attack or did he just see it eat? It was a little like listening to a Charles Manson interview, hard to follow.

  4. Christian L

    Dude….that second guy…..WOW! If he was acting he’s damn good…but i dont think he’s acting. The sad thing is people eat people. In some dark corner of the world out of 6+Billion of us whether its Papua New Guinea or the deep corners of the Amazon or parts of the Congo someone is being eaten. To NOT think that an omnivore that has to sustain 500-1200 pounds of beast flesh will eat people when necessary is naive. Good job Wes….this guy needs some serious counselling. As far as the last researcher from VT…i think the reason some live close to us js simple and probably not often “kinship” although anything is possible…it’s for easy food/energy from our pets, to our gardens, to our farms and table scraps in the trash and on occassion eating us. Its much easier to eat our crops, eat our animals and waste food then spend the calories and risk injury running down coyotes, deer, elk or bears for example. Same reason polar bears roll into far northern towns and dumpster dive. At the end of the day most animal behavior at is all about reproduction, shelter and calorie intake versus energy expended.

  5. Frank T

    I liked Gregs theory on why you only find a pair of shoes sometimes when a person goes missing. It’s because a bigfoot caught them and ate them. They don’t eat the shoes though because they’re made of leather and taste like shit so they just take them off and get rid of them. 🙂

      • Jay Carlsen

        They say to play Dead if attacked by a Bear. Unless it is a Black Bear. Then You Fight Like Hell because it is Planning on Eating You. I am so sorry to hear that. what a Tragic Event.

      • Morgan H

        That’s horrible and tragic 🙁 being a dad, I often wonder what I would do if something like that happened to one of my kids. In all seriousness, I don’t think I could live with it.

  6. Robert E

    Wes, I don’t know how you do it sometimes. Greg was all over the place and I could tell you were struggling to keep things focused. This guy probably had a good encounter, but it took everything I had to get through this. Props to you for being a gracious host. His mind was going light speed and it was probably impossible to hit the brakes on this one.

  7. Linda W

    Man, if Greg is like he is because of his encounter, that goes to show you how the fear impacts you. That makes it even more scary!

  8. Jon A

    Could not follow the second caller. He was all over the place and scattered. Sounds like there was a story in there somewhere but I have no idea what it was.

  9. George W

    Wes, you helped that poor guy tonight! He’s obviously carrying a load and you were a friend to him. Proud of you! Always a good show.

  10. Christine R

    Poor Greg. Definitely PTSD but also some other things going on there. I recognize it. He needs some help to cope. Bless his heart.

  11. Michael W

    I wonder, would we get photos with trail cams if we made some without infrared sensors, and instead had them react to sound only.

  12. Chuck S

    Wes, you get major karma points for trying to guide your second guess back into reality. “It defies logic!” “It makes no sense.” He got that right.

  13. Paul M


  14. Pete M

    Damn Wes! That was intense and hard to follow, interviewing that guy was like herding cats! He needs some serious professional help, has some other things going on that I recognize from dealing with folks during my career in the past. He’s all over the map, some things made some sense, but others didn’t, he’s calm, he’s hysterical and back to calm. You did the best you could, I appreciate your efforts but unfortunately he’s in need of a licensed professional. Luckily you’ve already been here to Texas with Bob Garrett.

  15. Patricia R

    I, like several other listeners had a hard time following the second story – so much so that I could not finish listening to it. Greg must have been extremely troubled – kinda like PTSD.

  16. pam purple rose

    God help Greg, I felt his pain!!!
    Wes, check in on him in a month and see if he has found some peace after letting this out to you, us.
    In some ways I related to his “all over the place” mind racing thinking out loud, in that it was like that when we were driving out of that campsite in Arkansas! My brother was babbling questions, my husband sounded like Greg. For him to hold this in for 40+ years is just awful! Greg, you need to talk and get this living nightmare out of your conscience. You are in no way resposible for the mans leaving. Would you place blame on your 10 year old child for the same thing? never, so let it pass. Peace mybfriend.

  17. Sarah J T

    Greg, thank you for sharing your story. I’m so sorry it continues to haunt you to this day. I truly cannot imagine what you went through, but it was very brave of you to share your encounter and I’m sure it will help somebody. Please take care of yourself.

    • Amy D

      I agree Sarah J T … it was tragic to hear what this poor man is going through. Please take care of yourself Greg . What Wes said was very logical, that the man just took off & ran for his life. There are stories of people leaving their homes with just the clothes on their back. Please ignore people that are not being kind. They have not walked in your shoes or lived with your memories.

  18. Mike P

    Whew…that was exhausting. I hope you passed Gregs info over to a mental health professional right away. Not just for him, but his kids also.

  19. Al G

    Is it me, or did Greg sound like Roddy Piper. The guy was hard to follow. I’m going to listen to this again…but not sure when.

  20. Janetta V

    I enjoyed tonight’s show but had to fast forward to get through the second guest. Poor thing his mind is like a mixer. All mixed up. I don’t know how you made it Wes, but you are a special guy. Thanks for trying to help him.

  21. RICHIE E

    Thank U SIR 4 SEVERING n Yes BLUE LIVES MATTER … I use 2go 2 Upstate 4 camping as a KID in a BIBLE CAMP n I never wanted 2go 2 the bathroom up the HIll in 2 or 4 am every nite while I was there n I was 10 n 12 years old I just remember this rt now lol … I always felt something was waiting or beening watch OMG and Im from NYC n my family still lives in UPSTATE NY and my COUSIN DANNY is a STATE TROOPER up there SIR WOW … MY UNCLE DANNY works 4 the CATHOLIC HOSPITAL 4 THE ALL EAST COAST N THEY HAVE THREE CASA OR HOUSE ON LAKE GEORGE and I always wondered if They lived up there them selfs ???? –

  22. RICHIE E

    U know the big bothers like some tribes say and in LONG ISLAND I used LIVE IN RONKONKOMA, NY 11701 n my step dads family used to have some land in SOUTH HAMPTON n I never saw anything n I use to go into the woods all the time as a KID or heard anything and I never felt un save at all , IT WAS GREAT SUMMERS N SOME WINTERS TO ON WEEKENDS LOL… PS THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS 2 NITE WES IN A LONG TIME N U R THE MAN GOD BLESS U SIR ALSO WES 2 ….

  23. Michael C

    Hey Gregg. We do the best, we can as fathers. As long as we love our kids and do our best, that is all that can be asked of us. Thanks for sharing your nightmare with us. You were spot on, in saying, the 70’s were the best. Peace, my brother.

  24. Sid N

    Greg’s account was one of the most horrifying encounters I’ve heard to date. And not because of the event that he witnessed, but the aftermath, the affect it left on his life! Hearing this man speak chilled me to the core as I became a witness of another person’s agony, trauma and self blame. In much the same way as one remembers the day President Kennedy was murdered or the tragedy of 911, this event is that same kind of day for Greg. It’s a day that never ends and is never far from his daily thoughts. It’s worsened by the fact that he was just a child when it all happened. I think the veteran building his campfire ever closer to his tent indicated that he recognized he may be in danger from the Sasquatch, but the fact is, he was an adult who made that decision. Those boys had nothing to do with that decision. The boys have no way of knowing what preceded their arrival at camp that night either. The old veteran seemed to be apprehensive when they arrived. It’s possible his reaction in throwing the food toward the creature while at the same time telling the children to “get” was for their protection from a creature that was already behaving menacing. If the Sasquatch did take the old veteran after the boys left, all indications are that it was imminent whether they had came or not. The old veteran was heroic in saving the lives of these young children. I hope Greg comes to realize that bad things happen to good people and this can’t always be prevented. Greg sees this account from a child’s perspective of self blame, but I think it would be good to see it from the old veterans perspective, which was to protect a group of young children. Many if not most adults would have done the same thing. I think Greg should focus on this positive outcome which has allowed him to grow up and have children of his own. It’s time to feel gratitude for the old veterans actions that night and stop the self blame. “Time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all.” That is Scriptural.

    • Michelle L

      Thanks for this – well reasoned and makes a lot of sense. Truly a tough encounter to hear – he is consumed by the emotion of it still.

    • Sid N

      Another thing that occurs to me. We’ve heard many accounts that these creatures become ever more aggressive the longer you remain in what they consider their territory. The boys had been going to the old veterans camp every day for the preceding 4-5 days. If the Sasquatch’s behavior had became more aggressive day by day escalating that last day, one wonders why the old veteran didn’t pack up and leave prior to nightfall. I can only come to one conclusion again. The old veteran knew the children would come back on their bikes and he would not abandon them to the creature. It seemed that he anticipated the children’s arrival and wasted no time in baiting the creature with the food they had brought giving them time to escape, telling the children to “get” thus saving their lives. If that theory is true the old veteran made a calculated choice to save the lives of young children rather than saving his own because he could have escaped earlier that day.

    • Greg T

      The old veteran taking action to save the boys is what I was thinking while listening, but wouldn’t have said it this well. I believe that was real fear and pray that this helped Greg in some way. Take care, brother.

  25. Todd E

    Wes good stuff the compassion that you showed for Greg was impressive. Your a good egg Wes. I hope and pray Greg finds some Peace.

  26. Michelle L

    Excellent show, Wes. I enjoyed both guests and especially some of the 1970s mentions from Greg. Evil Knievel was HUGE back then – if you didn’t grow up then, you can’t grasp how cool he was and how many kids set up jumps and played ‘Evil Knievel’. And bike helmets? They didn’t exist. Thanks Wes.

    • Greg T

      With a speed racer reference too. Using chim chim to describe the chimp face on the thing was creepy. Was consistent with the reports of the ones with the chimp faces being the psycho ones.

  27. Jessica R

    Whoa! ? I agree with many others. He has something going on for sure. Hope he finds the help he needs. You were very patient with him, thank you for that.

    • John G

      Yeah, he seen one, but he didn’t see a regular curious squatch. He saw one that was PISSED about something, then took it out on that homeless veteran, and the kids happened to be there when it happened. I”ll bet that Squatch was already pissed about something… someone shot and kiled it’s juvies, or female or something. Maybe others fed it, then stopped and he found another spot for food. Something sent that squatch on a rampage, and a 10 year olds soft mind could NOT handle it.

  28. John G

    Wes, I loved the story with Brian from Whitehall NY. It’s funny that you had him and CHristoper Noel on the same show. They are within 150 miles of eachother.
    I live right here in the Adirondack Mountains. Brian (Whitehall) are south of me down near Lake George. They live about 20 miles outside of Albany. I live WAY north of them in the Adk. park. I am in the High Peaks Region, with the largest old growth forest in the Adirondack Park (and the lower 48 for that matter). My camp in basically “Between” Christopher Noels research area, and Whitehall. Not Right inbetween, but close. My house is about 10 miles from the Canadian border. It is SERIOUS wilderness up here. People think of NY< and they think NYC. This is as FAR from that as possible. My friends from WV were amazed at the beauty and vastness of NY"s forest preserves. I wish I could show it to everyone. It is def. one of america's best kept secrets.
    Anyways, glad to see two of my favorite subjects in the bigfoot community on one show. THank you Wes! !

  29. Irene H

    Thank you Wes for the excellent job you do and your compassion in dealing with your guests. I listen to other shows and think darn I wish Wes was the host. I know he would ask the questions to which I want to hear the answers. I have worked with people with trauma before, especially with my people. When someone feels safe and trusts the person who is listening, they often seem to be right back at the place of trauma in both age and emotion. I think that is what happened tonite. We basically saw 10 year old or however old he was react to his trauma. I think that the trust he gave you was sacred and I know you honor that. I hope that he gets help to continue healing, since this incident so obviously has impacted his life. But once you open that door it usually gets worse before it gets better. He might want to also use the Truama Releasing Exercises by David Bercelli. We have found them to be quite useful in addition to counseling.

  30. Celia

    Friends, I understand Greg’s segment was hard to follow but it was clearly an emotionally overwhelming experience for him. I don’t think that makes him a “bad actor.” Here’s the story as I understood it: Greg and his buddies befriended a homeless veteran camping in the woods and would bring him fruit every day (during daylight hours). On Thanksgiving, they decided to bring him a full tray of leftovers as a special gift and delivered it to him after dark. When they arrived, the vet told them to go away and threw the food at something in the woods. At that point, a creature emerged and began eating the food off the ground. The kids scattered but the youngest left his bike there. Knowing that child would get in serious trouble for losing his bike, Greg went back during daylight to retrieve it. The veteran was gone but all of his belongings were left behind. Greg fears the creature may have attacked and killed him but no one knows for certain.

  31. Irene H

    I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. I really enjoyed the other guests, too. I am going to buy the book. But darn it is not in Kindle format. So I have to wait for it to arrive in the mail.

  32. m99

    ~As Brian said, the truth, the scenario, as it happened, is never used. For instance, movies about the bible are never portrayed as written, and usually so off the truth it’s ridiculous. Why? Perhaps because it’s thought to be a fairy tale (but there’s money to be made from the sensationalism of it).

    • m99

      ~ I believe Greg saw a thing like many never do. Maybe in the future he could talk to you again to explain what happened when they went back to get the friends bike. Was the man gone? Was his tent still there? Was anything amiss? Why did he think the thing ate him? Was there evidence of that? Blood on the ground? Anything? And, I understand what Greg means about the freedom of the seventies. It was hard for me leaving that time when everything started to change. We love this podcast. And thank you so much for having Greg on. He’s right, this may have saved someones life. Wow. Greg. Bless you. Bless you too Wes. You are a real friend. Wish we could know you.~

      • NHSquatcher

        From what I could gather and it was difficult he never saw the homeless man again. He said something about he can’t just check into a hotel so that’s why he assumed he got eaten. But who knows like Wes said I think it probably was there long before that day and would’ve eaten him before that. I don’t know you can’t tell some do and some don’t perpetrate violence it will just be a mystery I guess

        • m99

          Yes, and the ones that do are probably never seen before they grab someone. I think of being a kid in East Texas with a lot of brothers and sisters and step family too. Way too many people around all the time! I just wanted some peace and quiet, so would go out in the woods. I felt at home there, but at times would get that creepy feeling and usually would leave. Oh man. I’m so glad I never saw one of these things. I think of Greg’s great joy with his friends (taking the food to the man) then great terror at the sight of this animal. It had to be horrifying.

  33. Norita B

    Wes ~ again you have shown what a seasoned listener and interviewer you have become. Another excellent example of sticking to your priority of letting your guests tell their encounter in their own words.
    For a number of these encounters, you are the best release for their traumatic experiences. Your encounter allows you to be sympathetic and empathetic to the situation. You are instantly connected to the shock, disbelief and fear of the encounter. You have the benefit of time passed, for Greg it is the raw emotion of letting the gusher go from 40 years is suppression.
    Your calm, but firm interventions are testament to your maturity and hundreds hours of interviews you have conducted.
    Keep up the good work and Thank You for all do


  34. JOSE J

    Maaaaaaaaaan! The second guest was everywhere, it was intense, all over the place, entertaining yet I feel bad for the poor guy, favorite quote “spider monkey I dont what a spider monkey is!!!”

  35. Tamsin D

    First off, Wes I still hear the loss of Doc in your voice. Yet you gave Greg great compassion and a voice, someone to talk to.
    Your kindness is a gift, bless you for that!

    Your other guests gave information that gives one things to think about. Will look into their work, for sure.

    This was probably not the show for the first time listener of Sashquatch Chronicles. They wouldn’t know your past , style or patience, so it may seem confusing.
    But your members (family) totally understand the diversity of guest.

    Know Doc is looking over you. His kindness was passed on to many of us.

  36. Tamsin D

    ? Hi Greg,
    I don’t know if you will read the comments here, but if so, could I ask some yes or no questions ?
    If it’s too much, I totally understand. I can tell you are dealing with this like it happened yesterday.
    I think you have one hell of an account, but emotions took over your story.

  37. Dawn G

    The second guest just broke my heart. You could hear how this experience has unraveled him over the years. Sometimes we need to hear this because it’s easy to judge someone but if we look deeper, there’s always a deeper issue going on. I wish he could have shared this with his wife or close friends so he wouldn’t be carrying this alone.

  38. Norita B

    Wes / Greg ~
    Some additional thoughts on your encounter: You repeatedly mentioned it being the 70’s. My thought is that the 70’s represented the time of innocence and childhood. This experience brought that to a shocking, abrupt end. It was a tremendous loss and I am sorry and grieve with you over that loss.
    My sense is that you Greg, are and always have been a caring, sensitive individual. Because you witnessed the abuse of someone you cared about, I could hear the sadness and pain in your voice when you spoke of your young friend “getting it” from his dad if he came home without his bike. For a young boy yourself, those are big, heart-felt thoughts. In your effort to save him from his dad’s wrath,
    you unexpectedly opened the door to a living hell.
    I don’t remember if you mentioned the name of the homeless gentleman, but again, that is another example of your caring heart. You and your friends acts of kindness to a stranger was unselfish and giving. You all knew it was the right thing to do to care for someone who was in obvious need of help, and you all did it willingly.
    To arrive on Thanksgiving bearing your gifts of food, on a holiday that is so family-centered, and to at first be greeted with being yelled at to “Get!” ~ that reaction in itself would be hurtful, shocking and scary to such open-hearted boys. Your confusion, your questioning of why is totally understandable.
    And then to turn and see a monster, something that is not suppose to exist, something that is not supposed to walk among the living out of the stuff of nightmares ~ again, such a sad loss of innocence, trust, childhood.
    As for some who think you should seek further help, where is there a psycho-analyst, psychologist, therapist who will be open to counsel an encounter with a living, breathing, walking-among-us boogeyman?
    I commend you for opening up. I pray this is the start of further conversation between you and your loved ones. I wish for continued healing on this journey.

  39. Maxim K

    I have a theory on the question to Christopher Noel regarding why they seem to live closer to humans than we realize. I think it simply has to do with water. Humans settle around bodies of water, all living things need it, it only makes sense that they would as well.

  40. Theresa R

    Hi Wes, I have to agree w/ the other listeners, it was tough getting through your 2nd guests story. You had your hands full! Thanks for doing all that you do.

  41. Doug K

    Hey Wes!! Thank you for another great show. You are the best !! My heart goes out to Gregg. He is carrying a lot of guilt around with him. It was very good of you to allow him to come on and tell his story. I really enjoyed every bit of the show. You are one heck of a great interviewer. YEEEE HAWWWW!!!!

  42. Cindy W

    I so wish we could have someone that could follow these creatures and see where they go; where they live; how many is in a family or even if a drone could follow them. I know this can’t happen but I wish it could. Now the funny thing is………….Not me following the BF’s!! LOL!!

  43. John W

    In my opinion the second interview probably shouldn’t have been aired. When it comes to the subject of Bigfoot encounters and certain stereotypes that accompany them, non-believers will have a field day with that interview. That one should have been left for the blooper outtakes.

  44. Jason R

    Whatever your opinion is regarding the second guest I think we all agree that Wes has tremendous patience and demonstrated his ability to host a well done show.

  45. Pat T

    Wes, great call on not doing TV, Hollywood would make a joke out of all your hard work. Stick with this forum, it’s a pleasure to hear from all your guests, we so much appreciate them!

  46. Lee F

    Hey Wes,

    All great guests – my heart goes out to Greg.
    Thank you for ending the episode with Christopher Noel.

    Another stellar job!

  47. Scott D

    First, thank you to Wes for being a good sympathetic person. If Greg’s encounter is true, he needed to talk about it with someone who understands. However, the preinterview I suspect wasn’t a whole lot different and probably should have been passed on due to his erratic nature. I listened to his part of the interview twice and it is incoherent for the most part.

    Having interviewed people as a part of my job, Greg is the kind of person that you ask direct questions of, and you have to stop him when he goes on a tangent, which is exactly opposite of how Wes operates. This interview was the result of Wes’s “tell your story” technique gone wrong–and no fault of Wes’s–that is what makes SC such a good podcast–when you have interviewees who are conceptually coherent.

    I’ll go out on a limb here. There is more to this story. I think something happened to Greg, but it may not have been Bigfoot related. There are many reasons to believe this given what he said and the way his narrative went. As I’ve said before, I do believe in Bigfoot or whatever you want to call it. But, this story has signs of trauma that are much deeper if it is true.

  48. m99

    Hi Scott – Greg thought his homeless friend was ‘eaten’ as a result of the group of boys (young boys) taking food there.

    Bigfoot. Homeless man. Group of kids. Holiday. Happy. Terror. Fleeing. Fear. Man-Gone… sounds terrifying, doesn’t it?

    As well as the fact, this guy has never (ever) talked about it to anyone, anytime. As Wes said, PTSD. I was thinking about Tracy’s encounter. He was totally freaked out by it. It wreaked havoc on him. Remember, after his encounter, Wes said he just kept saying, over and over “Monsters” . Just thoughts…

  49. Debbie C

    Great interview Brian ~
    I believe your story and agree with you
    how movie creators never stick to
    what actualy took place.
    Travis Walton-Fire in the Sky movie,
    nothing within the movie was correct.
    I believe Travis personal story over the movie.
    Many people simply do not believe Sasquatch
    is real. That goes with the paranormal,
    UFO’s anything unknown. As they say, seeing
    is believing.
    Great interview Greg ~
    Talking to Wes and sharing his story, I hope will help
    him cope with his life. Poor soul, he needs help with
    coping with what he has witness.
    Hypnosis without fear could help him move forward.
    It took pure guts for Greg to open up.
    The 1970’s I remember very well.
    He has lock his ordeal up for so long, I feel bad for him.
    Greg’s flash backs are horrific for him.
    Wes…You did excellent helping Greg stay on track:)
    Great interview Christopher ~

  50. michael m

    One of the best shows ever,From start to finish,Great job Wes.”ROCK ON GREG” GREAT JOB AS WELL.THE 70S WERE GREAT! Excelent contrast of guest.And for the car antana getting bent,I had an angry girlfriend do that to my 67 GTO Im going to buy your book sounds great.thank you

  51. Tiffany L

    Homing pigeon’s use electromagnetic fields to navigate and find their way home. They can sense that. There could be many more animals on this planet, humans included that can also since electromagnetic fields.

  52. Christen E

    I wonder if half the s*** talking wouldn’t be here if this was 100% paid content. He’s been dealing with this with his childhood memory. I had nightmares every single night of my life waking up in a puddle of sweat because I thought there was a monster trying to come inside the house and get my sister. I can sympathize with his terrorism but I also got to know the wilderpeople AKA Bigfoot when I become a teenager and lost that fear. I would like to see at least a few people that is ridicule in this man for trying to speak out have themselves an encounter. If anybody is around Hill City I’ll be glad to get them as close as I can to them but don’t think I’m going to take you by the hand and make you feel safe,You will be on your own their

  53. Nathan E

    Well gee Wes, you continue to deliver again and again! Three excellent and engaging interviews. Christopher Noel is the sort of intelligent & involved researcher this field needs more of, really. I will have to read his book now. Former deputy Brian from Whitehall was good, liked him setting the record straight on his involvement in the Whitehall record. And for Greg, wow, there is a guy who got a load off, and was seriously reliving the past. I hope he feels better now. Keep up the good work, Wes!

  54. Trey

    1st off I loved the show and the 1st guest was very informative. 2nd off I disagree with people saying the 2nd interview shouldn’t have been aired. This guy definetly had some PTSD going on along with maybe something else but he needed to tell his encounter and what happened. Hopefully it helps he cope with the situation at least a little but he definitely needs to find someone he can talk to about it quite frequently. And No I don’t think he was lying. I think he was an odd guy that had some extraordinary happen to him. Keeping it bottled up all those years certainly didn’t help matters but who was he supposed to talk to about it. Just cause someone has a couple screws loose doesn’t mean they’re lying about everything. You did a great job Wes of just listening and keeping the encounter moving along. Thanks for another great show

  55. NHSquatcher

    Wow. If I didn’t have the write-up to read above I would not have been able to understand all the story from this guy he is still so shook up over this incident. I really feel badly for him because you can tell that this incident has changed his life.

  56. NHSquatcher

    He could be an actor who knows? But if he’s not you have to have sympathy for him because this incident has marred his life If you read Celia’s post below you can get the gist of the story

  57. NHSquatcher

    He could be an actor who knows? But if he’s not you have to have sympathy for him because this incident has marred his life If you read Celia’s post below you can get the gist of the story. A man went missing and they’re not sure where he is or if you got eaten by the Sasquatch

  58. Matt S

    I couldn’t finish this episode. The guy’s so all over the map it’s anxiety inducing. I understand that he’s suffering from his experience but the ratio of listening annoyance to information just did not make it worthwhile to me – and I think this a very well made podcast in regards to all of the other episodes I’ve listened to.

  59. Rusty Shacklford

    Wow. What did I just listen to? Clearly fake and in the slim chance that he’s not, so over the top that all credibility goes out the window. Does more harm than good. Get on that quality control. Having no episode is better than putting extremely questionable stuff like this out there.

    • Wes Germer

      Well…Noah takes them all on the boat 🙂 I can tell you this, I have talked to MANY people off the air that go into a straight up panic attack as they start talking about what they saw. A coherent conversation can go south really quick. I think Greg went back to being that scared child and holds guilt thinking he got the man killed. I think Greg showed a lot of courage to come on the show.

  60. Mauri G

    Tottaly agree Wes. I believed the 2nd guess and he is suffering from PTSD and I’m sure it was healing for him to let it out. I just hope he seeks some kind of counseling or at least someone that will listen. It was upsetting to hear him being in agony over this. Not all people react the same way to traumatic events. Also the other guest we’re very good

  61. Brian L

    Greg may be moonlighting as Richard on the Cryptid Bros. Show where he tells a story of a Creature in the Florida Parks that was spotted and that the law enforcement took the evidence from people’s cameras. They sound suspiciously alike. Members can go to the forum and listen for themselves. I have to agree with James J. Good Acting.

  62. Rosie M

    That second guest really gets it, completely with it, just emotionally distraught, what a rush a total rollercoaster of an account, I was right there – all you people critical of him are emotional infants, he was riveting, thanks for letting it all hang out Greg!

  63. LINA P

    Wes, this was an EXCELLENT show. Fascinating guests. I gleaned a lot more with the very traumatized man by listening to his testimony a second and third time. You did a wonderful job listening. Bless his heart. The account, though difficult to follow at first, was very touching and struck me to the core. My son is interested in helping people with PTSD, and I am going to play this for him as a striking example. I’m confident that sharing this was a great burden lifted off the man’s shoulders. Thank you again for handling the interview in a kind and sensitive manner. The thought of one of these coming out like a car on all fours, then eating the food off the ground was indeed terrifying to me. The other two interviews were excellent as well! Great show!!!!

  64. Kelly W

    WOW.. I’m going to say this, anyone who says a negative comment about that man, obviously has never dealt with a person who has PTSD.. that was the reliving of unimaginable fear, guilt and extreme personal pain..it interferes with cognitive thought when reliving the moment…once it starts it comes out in a flood of emotions..and that’s what happened here.. having two Vietnam veteran family members and a ex who was a veteran of desert storm..I have seen and heard this flooded emotions before.. and I found the guy perfectly believable, that which he was reliving can’t be faked.. because his PTSD was triggered..it was obvious..

  65. James G

    Great job Wes! You are a true professional. I’d always wondered what one your the difficult/uncommon interviews sounded like and I’m sure this doens’t even come close to representing the full spectrum of “unique” interviews you’ve conducted over the years. Keep up the great work and thank you!

  66. Daniel Y

    “It was like a spider monkey, I don’t even know what a spider monkey is but it’s the only way I can describe it”…….brave to come on Greg, hope it’s helped. At the very least you gave a lot of listeners a proper ride…….wow.

    Bless you Wes.

  67. Kimberly P

    I listened to the whole second interview thinking Greg saw a man’s head twisted clean off, something truly traumatic, but all he saw was the thing eat a Thanksgiving dinner off the ground and then made the assumption that thing ate the homeless man he intended to give the food too. Maybe there should be a test run where Wes listens to them tell the story the first time before he exposes us to the rest of it. I wish I could say I learned something from his encounter but I didn’t. Some people should write out their encounters. Greg is one of those people.

  68. Kimberly P

    As for Sasquatch being interdimensional beings with powers? I think they’re as flesh and blood as we are. They’re cousins to us like Neanderthals were. They evolved alongside us. If there is weird shit going on on that land well, what’s to say these sasquatches are not experiencing what we experience? What’s to say Bigfeet aren’t being abducted or tormented by “ghostly activity”. Maybe the reason these Sasquatch are so hostile is because they’re dealing with the same unexplained phenomena we are.

  69. Scott C

    You guys are bad that poor guy was going though a lot .. it’s a shame most of you haven’t even seen one you don’t know how it well effect you.. when your 40 feet away from one standing right in front of you and see how you handle it my first time was 40 feet away and I wasn’t in a car I wasn’t safe and no gun so you figure out how you would deal with it

  70. Dan H

    I loved this episode. I felt the terror in this mans voice. He was all over the place but i had to step back and try to understand where he was coming from, what he experienced. this man is carrying around a lot of guilt. There is not doubt in my mind that he saw something.
    I agree with others above this man needs help dealing with this, but with that being said where would he go. this man is in my prayers.

    Wes what a fantastic show.

  71. Morgan H

    Did anyone recognize that thing Greg said about a cyclist stopping and stripping his clothes off because he thought he heard water running, but then his friends arrived and they insisted they didn’t hear water but they did hear growling? I want to hear more about that!

  72. Stephen D

    Oh such a champion for the validity and sanity of people with real encounters! I will remember his advice always. What was it again?

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