Jan 28

Whitehall police encounter

An interview with Brian Gosselin. Brian was an officer for the Whitehall Police Department in 1976 when he had his life-changing Bigfoot encounter. It was an encounter that still gives him goosebumps just talking about it 37 years later. He saw something – he said something. Now, we want to hear your story.

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3 Responses to “Whitehall police encounter”

  1. Gene P

    I wonder why the insects and all the other critters go quit when the Sasquatch are around? They don’t go quit like that when wee’er around.

  2. Amy D

    I’ve experienced the strange dead quiet of night when taking my dog out at night….I live in a rural area & get very nervous when it’s like this… it’s eerie & even my dog doesn’t like it.. I’ve not read any before reports in my general area so can anyone tell me if this is normal when there are other predators near… Bear, coyote which I have seen in my area….

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