Dec 24

SC EP:393 The Christmas Show

This is a show for everyone and its going to be an extra long show.

I know some people struggle this time of year so I hope the show takes your mind off things for a couple of hours.

I will be posting the show tonight but it will not be up till later tonight, later than normal. Being that it is a longer show and the file size is much larger it takes twice as long to upload it to the site.

One of my guests for the Christmas show is Jim King. Jim “Bear” King of the Bigfoot Outlaws program had his first Bigfoot encounter as a child many years ago. Since that time Jim has been studying the creature at every opportunity. He has had numerous sightings and has enough stories regarding his experiences to fill many books.

Bear wanted to come by and share what is new with him and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.

One of my surprise guests for the Christmas Show is going to be Dr. John Bindernagel. I love having Dr. Bindernagel on the show. I spoke to him today and he wanted to share some of his recent research but John also said “The fans of Sasquatch Chronicles have some of the best questions I have ever been asked. Please ask your audience to feel free to ask questions and I will try to address them.”

I asked Dr. John Bindernagel about these prints that were sent to me:













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116 Responses to “SC EP:393 The Christmas Show”

  1. Sam T

    thanks wes. im by my self this christmas my wife and kids went to Ct. from Va. her grandma paid to have them come out cause this may be her last christmas we couldnt afford to have our 2 dogs kenneled so i had to stay home with them. so its just me and my 2 dogs this christmas your show made my night. thanks

  2. Jay Carlsen

    Merry Christmass to all ! The Host – His Brother – The Cup – Guest – Audience And Anyone else I might have left out !

      • Christen E

        hay Wes, this is travis in MN , we talked the other day and it was mentioned on this very sorry that i was kinda scared of telling the whole story. you got to understand i need to make sure i dont brake down taking about it. i would love to talk more to you about it. i would want nothing move to get everything off my chest and it even goes so far as being called re#### by my own GF and i have to cut her lose just for thinking im just a story teller. just like you has stated , ” well if its just like unicorns” she will not go into the woods to see, she wants me to bring something home for her to see. i think yoou know just as much as i do, they dont do photo opps so hell, fighting cancer is easier that talking to her about this. so far you are the only one along with the SC group i can talk to. lord knows i tried everywhere but i tend to notice the disbelief and then i just leave it like i left fakebook. this is the safest place to talk freely about one of the biggest cover-ups i know of and on the air i would love to let everyone know most of what i know. the shit gets thick but not as much as our Gov is full of shit.

        • Tammy C

          there’s an ear here for u in it’s ever needed….
          No judgement, no repeats of conversation….
          No one should have to feel that way about sharing such an experience.
          Best of luck to u and hopefully u and ur girlfriend can work it out.

  3. Sherri M

    Thx for the Christmas show, Wes. You’re the best!!
    We are driving from FL to KC tonight, & your show is taking us though the last stretch. Can’t thank you enough for all you do!!! Merry Christmas ?❤️⛄️

  4. russell s

    Awesome thanks Wes , looking forward to chilling out with it after Christmas lunch with the family , a very merry Christmas to you and your family wes from over the pond

  5. Lara K

    OH MY GOSH! I rarely laugh outloud when listening to a podcast….but when Bear said “I know people are going to accuse us of jerking each other off , I almost fell out of my chair….BAHAHAHAHHAH!!
    Thanlk you thank you Wes for all the hardwork you do throughout the year and for the extra long show this morning. It made this Georgia Girl’s morning as I am up way before , as Bear would say, the (ass)crack of dawn to finish my Santa duties and start cooking before the massives fam starts decending on the house
    Merry Christmas and Much love to you and yours!

    • BrokenMind27

      You ought to share a camp fire with him. It is truly an experience you will never forget.
      Wes, thanks again.
      Bear, glad to hear you boss man. Talk to you soon.


    • Christen E

      im so southern and im in MN and i catch hell from saying stuff like that. ppl just dont know what a lot of stuff means and i have to talk in some kind of plain English and i never grew up hearing stuff like that. sure messes up the spelling but that will never save my life so i put that on the back burner

  6. Tamsin D

    ??? Thank you Wes, ???
    I’m am one of those alone today, just the critters and I.
    There really is a Santa.
    Wishing our Sashquatch Family a very merry Christmas ?.
    Tamsin ??

  7. Rich A

    Merry Christmas mr. Wes, yeah you work really hard and you give us members great value for the subscription you should definitely take Christmas off but we appreciate the heck out of it when you deliver the extra work especially for the folks you mentioned that have a hard time this time of year. The show is really spectacular these days but even back at day 1 it was still interesting when it was just getting started at Bigfoot hotspot radio. looking forward to the coming year congratulations and Merry Christmas.

  8. Mary L

    Merry Christmas, Wes, and thank you for the gift of this great big show. You’re always there for us and it means a lot. Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday.

  9. Steven B

    I’ll not have the chance to listen to the show for a couple of weeks but I WILL get to it. 🙂

    Thanks again Wes for all you do and the personality to do it! Woody – hope you’re over your illness and able to enjoy the holidays.

    Merry Christmas to all!!!


  10. Mauri G

    Merry Christmas Wes and SC family me and my husband are gonna start listening to the show into front of the fireplace and Christmas tree .Hope you and all the members have a safe and great 2018.Thanks Wes for all the great shows

  11. Dianne S

    Merry Christmas!
    On another note..sasquatch don’t know who has some supposed status in BF community I guess I‘m a nobody who’s probably had more experiences than a lot of the “somebodies”

    • F S

      What a show.
      * Great personal encounters from “nobodies”.
      * “Bear” with his usual crap talk about other researchers, authors, and his own team (“they can all kiss my ass”.).
      * Dr. Bindernagel refusing to endorse Todd Standing’s documentary “Discovering Bigfoot”, and actually sounded embarrassed.
      Looks like things are status quo with our lovely little community.

  12. Cindy W

    Wes your’e a lot like B. T. Barnum! I went to see the movie today The Greatest Showman and you, like him, didn’t listen to other folks and YOU made it!! You didn’t back down because of the negative press and all the “go home” yelling. YOU did it and for that I thank you because you’ve changed so many lives including mine! Thank you Wes and Woody for all the hard work, learning curves, ignoring bad poo-pooing and the prevalence y’all endured. You are my hero. Merry Christmas to two men whom I call my friends. Y’all are loved then, now and forever. Keep on Bigfooting!!

  13. jason p

    Merry Christmas!! Great show and I couldn’t agree more about the confessionals podcast and the renegade podcast! I hope you all have a great 2018 and I hope the Renegades take off like crazy and the confessionals becomes the leader in obscure topic podcasts.

  14. Kelly W

    That’s what all that was over? A simple slip of the tongue?.. Then why didn’t she take it up with Bear directly? instead of creating all the havoc?.. I miss Bear on the show..I don’t even listen to the show anymore.. Bear provided such comic relief, it made the show so much fun.. That’s too bad..Merry Christmas Bear.. Wes.. and all Sasquatch Chronicles… loved the show.. I hope you have Bear back often..

  15. Anthony H

    Thank you Wes! What a great treat for tonight totally unexpected thought for sure I’d be listening to 392 again! Merry Christmas!

  16. Dovie D

    I enjoyed the podcast and appreciate you bringing Bear on. I really like him and wish him well with his future endevers. Happy holidays

  17. Shelly S

    It’s still officially Christmas for 5 more minutes! Just getting around to listening to the show! Best present I got all day! Merry Christmas and thank you!?????❤

  18. Ron S

    Tracks at the end of the show made me think alligator…not common for that area but not impossible. The show was a great surprise to get my nightly bigfoot fix before bed. It really is true for most people I’d say that after you’ve had one or more encounters with the creatures you have no choice but to make it part of everyday life…not sure weather it’s fun, a learning tool or more of a sickness, maybe all of the them. Thanks again and have a great New Years Wes!

  19. William O

    Wow Wes thanks for the extra long Xmas show. You definitely know how to keep your subscribers happy and coming back for more. I so appreciate you and this show.

  20. Dovie D

    Thank you for another great Christmas show. I really enjoyed hearing from “Bear”. I have heard his story before and if it were not for you I’m not sure my husband and I would have known about the outlaws. Love them all?

  21. Jennifer S

    I really love this podcast. I only discovered it a few months ago and became a member right away. I have been binging on it ever since! Thank you Wes for all the work you do and I hope your Christmas was a great one.

  22. Sheila

    Great show and it was a little creepy. I forgot Jim King’s story, it has been a long-time since I heard it but after he retold it the story, I remembered it. Merry Christmas and have a healthy new year sasquatch family.

  23. Reid D

    Merry Christmas Wes! Hope it was good! Your show is STILL the best out there! I pray that the New Year is the best yet for you my friend! Please keep up the excellent work! It has been keeping this fella entertained since the beginning! My friend Sean and I have shared a fire, backyard,,boat on a local lake at night,pickup,and several cold ones listening! Your still the man! Have a great New Year! Your friend from Texas


  24. Tony s

    Interesting view on the wooly people. I like it.
    The human family tree/bush seems to be full of surprises, if nothing else. It could be possible that nature selected some Bigfoot characteristics to thrive in extreme environments and those genes could have come from many possible avenues from simian to human. Humans are apes, so in a strange way we are kind of splitting hairs due to our biological proximity to the issue.

  25. Kris G

    Thank you, Wes! Merry Christmas to me with such a gift of a loooooooong Christmas show. Hope you had a happy day! You mentioned your favorite of The Confessionals Podcast which I will certainly check-out, but I would like to recommend The Cryptid Brothers Investigation (Dogman Sasquatch Oklahoma Encounters) from Tulsa…happened upon these in November and have been wondering what you thought of these programs? These bothers seem to be doing an excellent job of interviewing…calm and intelligent and letting the people talk…reaching out to those who have experienced encounters in order to give support…just like my hero Wes!!! You are The Best. I happened to discover this podcast when they were airing the Ohio attack a week after it happened. The man was beside himself…very heart-rending to have another life almost destroyed by violent encounter followed by ridicule and serious government denial and coverup. At least one of the Cryptid Brothers lives on the edge of Tulsa (where my brother lives!!!) and saw a Dogman right at an exit when coming off the 4 lane on the east side of the city. Happy Holidaze to you and your family, Wes. Please keep up the good work you do…you are a man of the times helping to bring reality to light….and comforting those who carry the experience of encounter in a hostile world.

  26. Charles W

    I REALLY enjoy listening to your show. It is a way for me to be a part of the great outdoors, again. When I hear shows that are about Oklahoma, or North Texas, they are of much more interest, as that is where I spent my youth. My Great-Uncle owns the land adjacent to Brown Springs, just outside of the Pig-pen WMA. In the 50’s, my father took us fishing in that area every summer. I heard stories about “Boogey-Men, and was cautioned to not wander off, or he would get me. I usually came home with a sore neck from looking over my shoulder.
    Thanks to you and Bear for a wonderful show.

  27. Pat T

    Thanks Wes for a great 3 hour show!, I’ve been here since the beginning and was very proud of you for hanging in there after the blow up with Will and all the false accusations. The humble one is still upright with a fantastic show! Here’s looking to your continued success Wes along with an awesome 2018 right around the corner!

  28. Randy F

    Thanks Wes!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy Safe and Prosperous New years to you and your entire family. The Christmas show was wonderful three plus hours of stories information and fun. Thank you for remembering us your fans and caring about us throughout the year. I was good to hear Woody on as well, he’s a lot of fun and we are hoping he gets well soon.
    A friend and Fan

  29. Nicolas B

    Thanks Wes and all the guests, you made us a great Christmas gift with that show. I wonder what the Doc thinks about dogman, wow this one must have him scratching his head.

  30. Janet P

    Listened on Christmas Day. I can’t express how much this meant to me. No family here. Wasn’t able to drag up the trees or Christmas decorations from the basement. The show filled an empty spot in my heart. Thank you so much Wes. Wishing you the very best in 2018. Hugs, prayers and love. Janet

  31. Charles R

    Well Christmas is past, hope it was joyful for everyone, best wishes for a great 2018 and new discoveries in the Sasquatch field. It is quite interesting with the released Pentagon Program called the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program on Dec. 16. It included a F-18 radar screen of a UFO. The head of the project Luis Elizondo has stated there is much more and these craft are flying with characteristics outside of anything in our or anyone else Military. Military pilots who captured the film by luck concur with Luis Elixondo. Could this be the beginning of Gov’t disclosure? Could the same happen in the Bigfoot Field?

    Dr. Bindernagle is so reluctant to offer opinions. I so agree with you Wes on the population increase, it just feels this way with so many people coming forward – in large part thanks to you. The Bigfoot movement into the small outlaying agricultural and forested communities is happening all over. Thanks Wes for making this a truly great place to be – you are a professional in every way. Bless you. Sorry I have not been around so much in past couple of months, business is just so darn busy right now

  32. pam purple rose

    When you start thinking you are somebody, you are on the downhill road to
    pride and a stumble.
    The BigFoot world is so crowded with those that think they are better & smarter than everyone else- on a subject where no one can back up that claim.
    Thats why Wes is such a standout; why we appreciate the hard work you do to produce the shows and the reason your show is the gold standard.
    May you prosper, enjoy good health, peace and happiness .

    • pam purple rose

      ooooh those fingers in those tracks freak me out! When you said RACCOON fingers it made me shiver. Those creepy, long, raccoon fingers haunt me still, and I do not really know why.

  33. Jessica R

    Listening to this show on our trip home from family festivities, we’ve got 4 hours to go. ??❤️??Merry Christmas to all the Saschron family. Thanks for giving us something great to look forward to in 2017 and on to 2018. You all rock Wes, Woody and Tony!

  34. Spanky

    Finally getting to listen to the show. I read an article about the lady walking her 2 pit bulldogs. The law officers confirmed that the dogs were witnessed feeding upon the lady’s rib cage.

  35. Alan L

    Very good show Was, thanks for all you hard work this past year to bring us your podcast. Although I’ve never seen one of these things, I’ve heard them, twice, and in each case a member of my family was with me. Both events are seared into my memory, I think about them almost every day. Guess I’m glad I didn’t see them…anyways just wanted to say thanks, I’m sure many who speak with you find much relief in talking about it. Hope you have a great new year!

  36. Diane L

    Love you Wes, Woody, and all,
    I am so glad I found this show almost from the beginning.
    You have brought hours of enjoyment, your show is truly the gold standard.
    You are all such nice guys. I appreciate you so much.

  37. Tammy C

    Fantastic show Wes!! Great Xmas gift for sure
    I am a little late to the party listening but well worth the wait.
    So great to hear Bear again.
    I hope u had a fantastic Xmas and sending the very best wishes to you and ur fam for an especially Happy New Year filled with health, happiness, love and much success.

  38. Michael B

    Great show. Superb content and guests. Hard enough to do when feeling well so must be a struggle with the cold/flu chaps ! Get well

  39. Antonio C

    Hi Wes,

    First of all I have to apologize for this long email or post. I have been listening to this podcast and Wes had a cohost that for some reason didn’t work out I don’t want to ask I’m glad Wes is OK. I always thought that Bigfoot was a fun thing to watch on TV shows, I always thought man what a great thing it would be if this animal was real but deep down I just didn’t think it was. As a young kid I had paranormal experiences but those were actually validated by my mom and my grandma, so afterwards I really was not afraid because my protectors were in my corner pretty much beleaving me. At six years old I saw a black panther walking in our courtyard inside the house and I was the only one to see it. This animal shouldn’t of existed there they only exist in other areas maybe South America but not there. Everybody made fun of me and my mom didn’t but I knew she thought I was crazy. I can still remember the ridicule. 30 years later I remember being scared to death and the people you love laughing at your story. So when I heard people in this podcast talking about their ridicule by their friends and family, I got cold chills because that’s when I knew that Bigfoot and dogman were real. I believe it like the air I breath. I hope I never see one. But I hope some of my friends that make fun of me when I mention Bigfoot do see it. People can be so close minded. Anyways, last three months I lost my dog to cancer and lost my house to foreclosure same week. The only thing I always kept looking forward to was your show Wes. I know it may not mean much but thanks man. Now I am in much better spirits, new job and very hopeful for what the future will bring. I know there may be people out in the same situation, you’re very considerate for doing a Christmas show. Cheers to everyone and a happy new year.


  40. m99

    Opinion’s are based upon one’s own perspective… and that radio announcer is simply that – a radio announcer…

    I was blown away when I discovered SC on you tube. I was perusing looking for something substantial… and I turned around, looked at my husband, and said “Finally!”, meaning, actual encounter stories that were comprehensive and NOT theatrical (stupid).

    Wow! Wow! Wow! I still can’t believe it.

  41. m99

    Hello Bear! So nice to hear your voice again, as Wes said. I’ve been waiting for this because I had a house full over the holidays. Just getting to this show! Well, Happy New Year fellers!

    ~ I love Lightning bugs! that’s how it was as well, out at my Paw-Paw’s house in the country…We used to play, catch lizards, run around on horses, play and catch lightening bugs…the whole enchilada, in East Texas. Me and my grandpa used to sit in the back facing the woods and he’d point out the deer eating the feed corn he placed out there… I’m so very glad no buggers EVER bothered us out there, or anywhere else for that matter. I’ve told Wes about a friend telling me a gorilla lives in the woods near her house… I never believed it, but thank God I never saw one.

    Dang Bear, couldn’t you come up and see the Buggers on Yacolt Mountain? I bet Wes would like that! 🙂

  42. Seamus J. C

    Are people still reading this? Happy new year, folks.

    yeah, it’s good to hear you again, Bear, and it’s nice that you seem more aware of others’ air time now, and respectful of that. We all need to learn and grow, and it’s inspiring to see you actually doing that in a public way. It gives the rest of us change-resisters hope.

    Still one of my favorite stories, about Bear in his childhood. You could name it “Bear and the Hangdog Booger,” and make it into a children’s picture book. The booger’s puppy-dog excitement; his chagrin. His grandpa’s decisiveness and bravery is inspiring, too. And Bear, who must have told it a thousand times, tells it well every time. Thanks, Bear! You’re always an Outlaw to me.

    Bear, it would be nice to hear more details about the face, if you can remember. You said it looked like an ape? I wish I could sit down with you and draw what you describe, like a police artist. If we ever meet, I will ask you if I can do that. I’m no pro, but I can draw a little bit…When you say it had an apelike nose, do you mean it had flaring nostrils open towards the front, like a chimp or gorilla? Or did it have a hooded nose, with the nostrils pointing more downwards, only wider, with bigger nostrils, and therefore looking more apelike than, say, a Polish guy’s nose does?

    As always, I am struck by the fact that our guests seem not to embellish their stories. If they did not see the face, they say so, and don’t make something up. If all they saw was a silhouette for two seconds, they say so. This is why I find them very believable. I will always wonder, unless I ever see a booger myself, if they are really real–but, based on these stories, I believe that bigfoot do exist in appreciable numbers.

    A lot of things in life are that way–you don’t know for sure, you weren’t there, you’ve done mushrooms and you know that hallucinations can feel very real, you’re not sure about the source, you’ve got a niggle of doubt–but you have to decide for yourself: true, or not true? I’ve had to do the same for alleged conspiracies, for the state of the climate and the shape of the Earth–even for my very own history, which has some major memory blanks in it. Figuring out what’s true, and what’s not, is pretty much continuous.

    Such is life.

    • m99

      Happy New Year Seamus! It’s nice and quite this morning so I thought I’d doodle a minute and saw your comment. Yes, I just got to this show recently as a matter of fact. I saved it up for a special time with no distractions. Did you see the new moon on New Years Eve? we didn’t because of fog !!!), saw it online, and observed the moon the following evening. I like to read you’re comments, but don’t think I’ve ever told you before. One thing I want to do this new year is communicate a little better, speak up a little more. Feels good to be going forward to a New Year. 2017 was a booger, and that’s all the credence it gets! . Anyway, bless you and Happy New Year!

  43. m99

    Welcome Douglas! How new? How’d you find this site? Are you a BF believer, were you prior to this show? And, you’re right ~ the best money spent.

  44. Scott C

    I was in a comma so catching up with every thing .. bear talked about meeting with Brenda this last summer.. Well me being a trucker drive from washougal wa to Brenda place and met bear and Brenda and Dan and the other outlaws there had a really good time and learned a lot about the subject of bigfoot

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