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SC EP:385 The dirty old man

Tonight my guest is Dallas who is a Native American and he lives in the south. Dallas had two encounters with this creature when he was a young man. He said it reminded him of a “dirty old man.”

Dallas goes on to say “It looked like a giant, dirty old man. He had no clothes on and he was very close to my tractor.”

You will want to tune in for this one. I will return on Sunday for the members. I have a great show planned with a gentleman from Arizona and he will be sharing his encounters with us.





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135 Responses to “SC EP:385 The dirty old man”

        • Christen E

          Humans that live by the law of the land. Sorry to say but if you fall victim of them buy law they have the right to eat just like a bear or a bird. But I’m sure the government would like everyone to be in the dark of their existing so they can kill the oldest living relative we have. I have a bag full of Bigfoot currency for when I get into a place where they are and I’m kinda ran off, I leave one marble for them for interrupting their day. I learned that on the farm and I had personal interaction with them. Unlike most, I am running out of time so I’m not holding back much, just can’t type everything. Hope Dark Waters will put my story out. They payed me in marbles every time and the big guy did keep the little ones in check so they wasn’t getting to close or to loud. I got along with them better than my dad.

    • F S

      Hey Wes:
      Check out this viddy of a baby gorilla.
      If you go to the 2:00 time stamp, you will see it doing a kind of “spider walk”, which you mentioned in your account, and would support what you reported.
      Is that how the creature moved?

      • F S

        Oh, Boy.
        My brain hurts.
        This guest is a perfect example of how a little knowledge can be worse than none at all.
        There are so many flaws in his understanding and explaination of BASIC biology, I don’t know where to start.
        The one, and only, area with which I agree is his distain for useless physical evidence, like track casts (the world does not need one more foot mold), BUT he contradicts himself by accepting and promoting anicdotal evidence, like witness accounts or spikes in statistics. (The mysterious disappearance of people does not in any way prove the existence of an unknown creature.)
        Thanks for the show. I may not agree with this guest’s theories, but I thank him for his time and passion.
        (And, yes, he does sound like DW.)

        • Mark B

          F S Thanks for your comment. I was thinking the same thing but get tired of sounding like the negative Nelly when I do make a comment. His limited and flawed knowledge of biology and science just made him sound foolish. Plus the constant reiterating of points already stated by him made it difficult to listen to the show in its entirety.

      • Christen E

        Spider crawling on YouTube by a girl on a stage. It totally tripped me out! Don’t know how to share but I will work on it

  1. Duke S

    Great show, his information of Gigantopithecus is not completely correct, NO ONE knows what their feet looked like, no complete skeleton of Giganto has ever been found, no bones from the feet, or legs, have been found. All that has been found are fragments of jawbones and teeth from the critter, and some scientist have taken the EXACT SAME BONES and proposed a completely different critter, Meganthropus, from looking at them. So, practically nothing is actually known, and 99% of it is guesswork, probably wrong guesswork. If they have found any other fragments from Giganto, I have not heard of it.

  2. Lewis S

    Sulphur is an irritant useful for insects and other critters, moth balls under the house is another trick for varmints. Living underground, yes many tribes work cave or underground dwellers. As to them encountering folks they are moving out of the home areas as they become more numerous. Was a time they were fought back just look to the tales told from long ago. They are the enemy of Mankind we are seen as food to them.

  3. Patricia N

    Bingo I was thinking the same thing I was listening to a story of an encounter and then somehow along the way it was more like a a researchers argument of a Sasquatch’s existence and their nature. I dont know what to think stopped listening half way.

  4. Christian L

    Appreciate this guys passion. Repeated his points a lot but he echoes the frustration that many of us have. I think they can and used to cross breed with early Indians or pioneer European settlers. Also Like his comparison to sharks….if sharks were smart and elusive and ate us more often we’d be in a similar predicament…these things are masters of their environment. I disagree though that they can’t or haven’t been captured. I’m sure in some highly isolated facilities these things are actively studied. Can’t wait for him to come on the show again!

  5. Gerald G

    One of the smartest person you’ve had on your show. Thanks again Wes terrific show , Dalles intelligence and common sense hard to argue great show again

  6. Garland F

    Dallas was a great guest on tonight’s show! Had me laughing at times. I’m thinking the fallen angels are responsible for manipulating their DNA.

  7. April O

    If this guy is Native American then this little Norwegin is Pocohantas. You have a great show, however this guy and his rants are annoying. Have to quit listening. He does sound like Dark Waters.

  8. Jay Carlsen

    HEY ! There are some White People who are listening to the Native American Account of the other Manner of People. ( I know I am not the ONLY One. )
    Technology will not work if it is using Infra Red Lite as a Trigger mechanism too capture the Image. This Nocturnal Nation of People have different Eye’s than we do. They can ” See ” the Infra Red Beam of Light.
    They will deny it’s Existence until one is dropped in Their Lap. For It will disprove their Evolution Religion.

    Loyd did have the Cancer. And yes , People do get the Cancer & Die in 3 months. (………..though rare indeed )

    We have the same amount of Chromosomes ! Is how we are compatible with these Sloping Forehead People. ( like more of a Brother …. than a Distant Cousin )

    Bestiality is not how these things came too be.
    The Biblical Interpretation for these things are Esau. The Hairy Man. Before the Twins were even born , the Twins struggled together in Their Mothers Womb , and she was Troubled and went before the Lord to Inquire ‘ Why am I Thus ? ‘ And the Lord God told her ” 2 Nations grow within you now , and 2 Manner of People will be separated from your Bowels. One People will be the Stronger than the Other People ; the Elder will serve the Younger ”
    2 Nations of People – One who is the Stronger than the Other ? Human Sapiens ( of ALL COLORS ) And these Feral People of the Forest. ( And YOU Have seen one – There is NO QUESTION Who the Stronger is ? )
    Everything said describing Esau – Can be directly related too the Sasquatch.

    • F S

      * How do you know the number of chromosomes a Sasquatch has?
      * Creatures of different species need not have the same number of chromosomes to successfully procreate and produce viable offspring. Happens all the time in nature.
      * The Bible can be a valuable reference, and science and religion do, sometimes agree, but we need a basis in fact beyond just The Cannon, IMO.

      • Jay Carlsen

        I state the Sloping Forehead People have 42 Chromosomes as us Humans do , Because I believe the report of the Village in Siberia who had captured one of these Hairy People in the 1860’s. Who they Imprisoned in a Pit for 3 Years until She was Tame To Hand , Before releasing Her too Roam the Village at will. Xanna ? Xenna ? Whose Great great Grandchildren Today are Russian Citizens.
        If WE can reproduce with THEM – Then SCIENCE says they MUST Have 42 Chromosomes that same as Us. For Man can NOT Reproduce with anything other than a being that has 42 Chromosomes. …………….Is how I know they have the same number of Chromosomes as We do.
        Man can NOT Reproduce with Monkeys or Apes. It is a Impossibility , for Monkey’s & Apes to Conceive – They have Too Many Chromosomes too Pair up with Our Own.

        • Jay Carlsen

          Just for the Record ……….. I Enjoy reading your Post ! They make Me THINK ! YOUR GREAT ! ( Really , not being Funny)
          I think these things are in fact Esau of the Bible. Ask the Native Americans – ( The REAL American Natives – not the Native Americans who came over by Boat from Africa. These So Called Hebrew Israelites who try to convince Me that I am of Lineage of Esau because I have White Skin ? ( that they claim is actually Pink ? Which means red ?Just because my Face will Flush Red when I am angry or Blushing ) Who tell me I am cut off from Salvation ? ( Which I disagree with , as I had PROOF Come to me in 2001 – AFTER I had Seen this Thing standing 200 feet away – in Broad Daylight.)
          I do not tell ANYONE where they are going after this Existence. I am not Qualified to tell anyone who is GOD’S Favorite ? But when a Group of People lump me with how Cotton Farmers from 6 States in the South Treated Their People – 200 Years ago ? I have to Call Bull Pucky . When My Grandfather came across the Water from Danmark in the 1920’s & moved to Detroit Mi. ….. And to tell the Truth – I am not a Bigot. I am a Yankee.
          I do not think GOD is worried about your Skin Color.
          And ” When the first came out Red , All Over. As if wearing an Garment of Hair ” is stating he came out covered with Red Hair. Not that He has Red Skin & is Hairy. I am of the ones who think’s Jesus LOVES EVERYONE. Not only a Certain Color of People ?
          Because ALL The Colors are the Same MANNER of People – Human People.

          You Are GREAT ! Thank You !

  9. Janeda E

    Thanks Wes, super show, I like this guy. Logical. He just says it like it is.
    BTW, We use sulphur pellets to keep fleas and ticks out of the yard.

  10. Diana I

    Great Show Wes! I feel Dallas’s anger. I don’t know how many times I’ve been hiking and passed a child or children tagging way behind their parents. What IF…there were Gorillas or Chimpanzees in our forests?, most people would not be out and about in forests. Why doesn’t the Government acknowledge them? We need to create a coalition for Sasquatch disclosure.

  11. BrokenMind27

    Believe it or not – beastiality is legal in the U.S. military. Its a fact, look it up. Came in on the back of Obsma care. I promise, Ive said this before in other forums and everybody ignores it because they cant/dont believe it but its true. Its not hidden, its just not discussed by the media.

  12. Darren H

    Not that it matters, but he sounds like a black man, not a Native American.
    Wasn’t he repeating just about everything ever talked about on SC?
    Agree with a couple of the previous comments….preaching to the choir and being yelled at!

  13. Daniel E

    Loved the show. Looking forward to Dallas coming back. I liked his attitude toward the subject, he’s a regular guy and doesn’t pull any punches. I used to live in east Texas years ago and heard many strange things in the woods. Lol, as I look back every time I went into the woods I always thought that there sure were a lot of wood peckers in these forest.

  14. BrokenMind27

    I understand his anger but this guy assumes a lot.
    Who in the f is telking people they are a professional texearcher?? Ive never heard that said by anyone.
    The outlawz dont even say that.

    • SANDRA E

      Jan….It’s been a couple of years or better since I’ve created my avatar, but, I do remember following this link and creating an account;

      I notice a few members don’t have a photo of their image or
      an image to represent them selves along side their names.
      If you would like to create one click on the link below.

      Word Press Gravatar image only;

      I found this in the “Forums” section of SC. I hope this helps.

  15. Christen E

    Wes, I have been trying to get my knowledge of them to you. Typing is too much for me to give you the whole thing. Here is my number.(218)221-2360. If your interested but it isn’t your run of the mill scary story, well not as much for me after I learned that I can be a foot away in day time and not get squashed or killed by them. I trusted them

  16. Doug F

    Just because Egyptians represented their deity’s with jackel, or Ibis or crocodile heads on human bodies means they practiced bestiality? Come on!! That’s an irresponsible statement and irresponsible for the host to agree with it. Does that mean that when native americans don head dress representing animals in their worlds, they must be representing bestiality as well?. This guy is all over the place with “hybridized” recounting of things he’s read which I read as well and has his facts jumbled and mixed. Another error is that all things hybridized are somehow abominations. Wood warblers and many other bird species hybridize to create regional variants and are not abominations. That’s an absurd statement and again not something that should be agreed along with. If you want to present a factual show then stick with known scientific facts. I agree with a previous member’s response. This guy makes my head hurt. His confusion and frustration are understandable but it took both 3/4’s of this story to FINALLY get to the heart of the matter after waay too much ranting.

  17. ben D

    This man is speaking the truth. Look at the bible and see why God flooded the earth and why Noah was told to take 2 of every species with him. It was because the fallen angels and man kind had tampered with the species creating a bunch of weird creatures like what the Egyptian people drew about.

  18. pam purple rose

    Vote for Dallas. I would.
    He is so right on; so intelligently framed his defense he could present this in court… Go Dallas!

  19. Cole D

    I work on a huge ranch in SW Louisiana, I’ve been working fields on night shift for a few months now, I’ve been a huge fan of Wes and the show from the beginning I listen to the show all night every night in the tractor Ive listened to every episode several times. Dallas is absolutely my favorite guest I love this episode I have listened to it 5 times already. Also, Wes if you make a shirt that reads ” You tryin to figure out how to make the car run better when it already has the fuel injection system on it” hahah love this guy!

  20. Seamus J. C

    I would have been more interested in hearing a more detailed account of the animal he sighted. When Wes asked him for that, he went into a rant, instead–that lasted the rest of the episode. I bailed. I don’t give a crap about researchers, whether they deserve to be called that or not. I want the beast.

    If the animal’s waist was 6″ off the ground, then we are talking about a 13-foot tall beast! You would think he would have gone on and on about how huge it was, then. But he says that he kind of ignored it, thinking it was an old man. OK…

    I believe that such large sasquatch are quite rare anywhere and would be more likely found in Alaska, right? Not as likely in Texas, though neither I nor anyone could say whether one so large in Texas is impossible. Still…If it was 13 feet tall, why didn’t he go on and on about how huge it was? Instead, he goes on a rant about researchers? And can give only a cursory description of the creature itself? “It looked like an old man…It’s waist was 6 feet high” And that was about it.

  21. Scott B

    Wes, outstanding job! You have got to have Dallas back very soon. He was not only informative, but so entertaining as well. Bravo!

  22. doug d

    This guy Dallas is very uneducated about what people that call thier selves “Bigfoot Researchers “are thinking or doing. As a bigfoot enthusiast who has many encounters with big harry friends I have never thought it was a bear. WHO IS SAYING ITS A BEAR!?!?. And the missing people doesn’t point towards a sasquatch either. WTF? $?!And Wes I have called myself a researcher but never a expert and as a “RESEARCHER” I dont know anything that others dont know about the subject and i have been looking at this for to many years to say. 5 things no one else knows? There is way to much info out there for that.

  23. Curtis W

    ‘You can’t my have cancer one day, then the next day have cancer and die 3 months larer’. Erm. Yes, you can. Asinine from asinine.

  24. Jason T

    Don’t like it don’t listen. You guys sound like a bunch of kids. Someone said the host shouldn’t agree with Dallas. Why not? This is all opinions and people’s Thoughts on the creature. The host job is done very well. Keeping in mind that this is supposed to be A friendly environment to share your encounters. WHITH OUT being RIDICULED. My wife and I enjoyed listening to Dallas and every other guest. Do we agree with everything they all have to say? no! but I respect them coming on the show it’s not easy to come on a show and talk about anything, not just Sasquatch knowing that thousands of people are listening or going to listen. I do know this for fact having been on a few radio shows and in a couple newspapers not for Sasquatch related reasons. Live and let live!


  25. Tony s

    A lot of anecdotal assumptions using pseudoscience. I agree with a lot of what he said, just not his science. This is a discussion and we can review the points made in a civil way.

  26. Tony s

    Oh ya…. hybrids happen in nature with no help from man all the time. Latest example is the polar/grizzly hybrid that was shot near the edge of the arctic circle. Ice melts and territories shift bringing species that might not normally see each other together. It’s kind of interesting we are coming full circle back to the ivanov/Stalin hybridization area. Lots of fun reading there.

  27. bryan f

    Only made it thru the first half hour. His basis of knowledge of general science and biology is soo wrong it was painful. A perfect example of how a little knowledge is worse than no knowledge. Started off alright but quickly went out of frame with his thoughts. Sorry Wes.

  28. Jeffery E

    Good Job Dallas – Way too many people coming up missing and the government aren’t doing anything to assess the issues. And I agree that those that haven’t seen a Sasquatch should get out of the business. I’d consider those guys on Finding Bigfoot in particular.

  29. Shaun H

    The absolute worst show of all time.Wes? Did you fall asleep and let this guy ramble on and on about nonsense.did you not here this shit? If this was the first sasquatch chronicles I ever listened to I would never listen again.

  30. Colin K

    Wes, I love your show man, but I couldn’t stand this episode. I believe his encounter story was possible, and he had a few good points. However he then talked in circles for over an hour, repeating the same things all the while his points completely unraveled. Yes, there is overwhelming evidence that can’t be ignored. Yes, there is a government cover-up. But beyond that, he doesn’t understand anthropology, species reproduction, historical context of non-North American cultures, or have much of his facts straight. I literally cringed each time you asked him to explain something, because it set off the same shit like a broken record. I kept waiting for you to moderate your show. It was in essence a twenty minute interview allowed to run amok for an hour and 42 minutes. Ouch, my friend. Ouch.

  31. Dan M

    Wes, I have been paying member since the very beginning and love Sasquatch Chronicles, but man this was the WORST guest ive heard on the show. Still love Sasquatch Chron, tho! Be well Wes!!

  32. Randy B

    Loved the show Wes. The entire show I had Samuel L. Jackson’s face in my head. Dallas may not be a biologist but I did recognize the passion he has for the topic. I can’t say I agree with everything he says but he does make some compelling arguments that deserve the attention of those in the know. Thanks for bringing him on and I look forward to hearing from Dallas again.

  33. Sherri M

    I enjoyed Dallas! Thx for another great show, Wes!
    And yes, Sasquatch Disclosure Coalition- count me in! :):)

    I do hope you have Dallas back, Wes. Thumbs up!

  34. Jan D

    I thought the accounts were very good. How he made sense of this thing as a 12-year-old kid was interesting. And his grandmother’s take was good to have. A wealth of detail in there. The hour and change of opinionating was, in a weird way, informative and somewhat entertaining, because, well, he did have a legitimate way of considering the thing. It helps to remember that we’re talking about something for which there is no baseline of fact out there that we can all agree on. There is no objective, universally held truth concerning this thing. Opinion is all we have. Despite that, if people are dying in a way that can only be attributable to a sasquatch, action should be taken to prevent it. That’s a respectable opinion, if you ask me.

  35. Debbie C

    I like Dallas and the way he describes his true encounters.
    I agree with his point of views.
    I have heard of using bags of sulfur
    on ones property to keep wild animals away.
    My great-great grandfather used it along his property-line in Grants Pass Oregon.
    Dallas accent and voice tone remind me of DW.
    New Orleans, Texas ya’all sound the same to me.
    Great show Dallas!
    Thanks Wes for having him.

  36. Kerry D

    Dallas was annoying and his argument about species interbreeding was absolutely retarded. What did the Siamese twin girls have to do with that? Ugh……..
    Then he goes on to say that God forbade men being with animals sexually because it would bring about a half man half animal. That’s poop! It wouldn’t happen! God forbids it because it’s GROSS. Man is human and animals are animals. We,re NOT suppose to mate. Please DONT have him on again. He was ranting like he had all the answers.

  37. Howard K

    I add my opinion that he wasn’t my favorite guest either. Didn’t hate him or the show but didn’t enjoy it. Reason is he felt to me that he was trying to impress us or Wes by listing as many theories as he heard but didn’t have enough mastery of the subject to speak to it.

  38. Jay Carlsen

    Let’s not stay Simple Here. Beasteality does NOT Produce Offspring. It is a Chromosome thing. There MUST Be Equal number of Chromosomes. This is NOT Opinion – it is Fact.
    I am Curious to hear who Dallas thinks is Esau of the Bible ? Only from the Wording He uses …….. Sounds like the so called Hebrew Israelites doctrine ( which is Crooked – WHO has the Right to tell ANYONE who Salvation is offered too ? When Salvation isn’t theirs to give.
    I do not know if it is a vain Thing ? To wreck their Doctrine for Them ? But I do it every chance I can. Only as I have had People say
    ” WOW ! Hey , you just Might be ON Too Something Here ? ” Because I KNOW I am.

  39. Rommie B

    Dallas was concerned about all these missing children which shows he has a beautiful heart. Can’t wait to hear about his other contacts with Sasquatch. Good show!

  40. Eva B

    This was tagged to listen to again. I enjoyed him. Yes, he was loud, but I’m sure he was over excited. Yes, he was Repetitive, But what he stated was common sense. These so called “researchers,” what’s new in the last 20 years? nothing we do not know about or Haven’t encountered ourselves. Aside from More encounters due to cement cities being erected? The encounters are going to get worse to the point that our gov’t can’t remain silent anymore. We are encroaching into their space. It’s not just their space, it’s nature’s space. We are ruining our earth. The more we do, the more things (that we do not think exists in nature) will appear.

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