24 Responses to “SC EP:38 USAF and Bigfoot”

  1. Tracy L

    I really wish the first USAF guest hadn’t been interrupted constantly and then had his recollections unceremoniously cut off by the two prior hosts. I was really curious about what happened. Thank God that Wes is now the only host; he lets the guest tell his or her story and doesn’t constantly interrupt the guest with his “expert” testimony. If the first guest has yet to return, I hope that Wes will eventually have him back.

    • Mary H

      While I completely respect each hosts opinions and experiences, listening to these is much easier now that Wes is the only host. I found myself getting agitated each time I tuned in. These episodes are my happy place…a time for myself to wind down, listen, reflect and enjoy. It was becoming burdensome to listen to. BUT….everyone is so great…I would have stuck it out no matter what.
      Thanks y’all!

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