Oct 8

SC EP:367 Is this thing something more?

Tonight I will be speaking to Frank and Frank grew up in the woods. His family had encounters with these creatures going back to the 1950’s.

Frank contacted me, he has agreed to come on the show and writes “Wes my name is Frank, I live in mid-Tennessee. I have had a lot of encounters me an my family, call when you can.” I spoke to Frank in great detail about his encounters growing up. He had two visual encounters and talks about encounters his family has had. Frank talks about being followed in the woods for several miles and feeling like he was going to be killed.

Frank said “We had a small wood stove and me and my brothers spent many days collecting firewood. After we had the encounter and saw what we saw. We spent days going deeper and deeper into the woods and getting more and more firewood.

We got up one morning and there was a huge pile of firewood and broken branches next to the house. We were all confused….so many things happened on that property and around that property…I don’t know”

I will be interviewing Jami, he writes “Wes, I feel like it’s time to share my encounter as ️maybe one of your listeners will relate or have a similar experience.

My experience happened in late August/early September at dusk. I guess I should start by saying my father lived with us during his bone cancer and strangely relates to him in a way I’d never expect.

So this experience happened several months after my father passed away but I’ll share how this all comes into play later after dissecting it over and over in my mind that day. On that particular day I remember entering a turkey trail and looking up at the sky and saying a prayer to My dad, to God for a sign. Forgetting all about that we hiked the trail and made it to a creek that feeds into a lake called, “Shenango”. My wife was photographing mushrooms, flowers and nature. I noticed our beagle harley acting odd as she was whining, shaking and wanted picked up. I guess it was my thought she’d been stung with a bee or stepped on a thorn. I picked her up and no sooner had I picked her up, we heard a vocalization.

Jenny and I stood motionless in shock just listening. We communicated with our eyes only as I think we just couldn’t speak at that moment. The noise was as I think ️back something of prehistoric nature, primate like but also louder than anything I’ve ever been so close to. We actually watched a puddle in front of us ripple and a vibration inside our bodies. I’m not sure how or why but the vocalization became more of a warning type nature. We watched trees about 75 feet in front of us shake and thud. Jenny and I made a silent agreement to just leave. As we turned to leave still carrying my dog, it made a loud lung filled aff wuff aff type of sound.

Almost like it was prompting us to leave. We headed back up the trail and the entire time we felt it almost on both sides of us and it felt like more than one. I briefly turned and saw only shape and mass, no detail. Jenny and I made it back to our truck and still the entire way home didn’t speak. When we got home we started researching animal sounds, nothing matched so we entered Bigfoot vocalization.

The very first entry was a recording called,”the Ohio howl”. As we listened we realized it was exactly what we heard and after researching the recording found out it was recorded in Wellsville, Ohio only 40 miles from where we had our experience and it was recorded by Matt Moneymaker as we found out is from a show called Finding Bigfoot.

For weeks I would dissect this encounter over and over in my mind, every nuisance and it hit me one day on my way to work. I was driving my truck and I retraced that day of my encounter and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I remember my dad saying if you lose something go back to the beginning. So the beginning for me was entering the trail that day. I remembered saying a prayer/thought to my dad for a sign. This is where it gets very strange for me because one of the last memories for me of my dad was weeks before his death he asked me to take him outside in the deck to listen to the birds and look at the trees and then he said he was done and wanted me to take him back in the house.

I then asked him if he wanted to watch a movie so he chose a movie from a stack of movies my sister from Maryland gave him. He chose a movie and I put it in the DVD player. I remember watching him watch the movie thinking it could be the last time watching him smile and laugh as his Cancer was getting worse. It hit me that the very last movie my dad watched was, ” Harry and the Hendersons”. A bigfoot movie. If my dad wanted to get my attention in any way, it would have to be big. I realize now this experience is in no way coincidence. The experience then takes on a new layer for me and only gets weirder at this point. This is when my life changed more even after this huge experience. Jenny and I took our friend Roger back to the exact location to show him where we had this encounter. We showed him and started hiking out. Getting closer to our vehicles we heard what sounded like a dog bark, man mumbling and a whistle. Jenny got the dogs as we had both on this day. Nothing came out of the wood line so Roger and I went to the ravine edge to see what made the noise. We watched something very large covered in hair rise up and bolt in the opposite direction away from us. So for me this thing became very physical but it also had this strange connection to my father who had passed away.

This whole experience has changed my life in ways I can’t explain and I’m on what I call a journey for answers which has taken me in some really amazing places. My research has taken on a life of its own and the things Jenny and I have found is and I say this because I see other peoples research, very different. We have recordings, prints and tree branches twisted out of the trees. Shelters, nest like and things that really make you stop and think, is this thing something more…”






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88 Responses to “SC EP:367 Is this thing something more?”

  1. Christopher U

    Well Wes I not sure how you think of Tennessee but probably 90% is rural wilderness with East Tennessee being mountain wilderness butting up to thousands upon thousands of acres of mountain wilderness on North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, and Georgia .plus you’ve got the Appalachian trail that runs from Georgia all the way to Main that’s over 2,000 miles of wilderness trails!!!!

  2. Dovie D

    Yes thank you Wes. You provide a safe place for people to share. It’s too bad your last guest didn’t have pictures. Regardless of what others think it would be great to see some good pictures of these things.

    • Pete M

      Yes, it’s also too bad they didn’t have shoes at times, indoor plumbing or a vehicle….much less a camera to take pictures for our entertainment…too bad indeed!

  3. Ben H

    Oh man, I could sit and swap stories with Frank about middle Tennessee boogers for days. Even the ‘little stuff’ as he called it.

    Please get this man back on, Wes!

  4. Doug F

    Wes I listen to every episode that you’ve broadcasted; some more appealing than others and some guests more appealing than others. Frank is up there on the list with some of the most honest voices of real life sasquatch experiences. Totally believable, no guile or embellishment just the facts about what happened being a young boy to the ruminations of older wiser man. Anyone with half of a an open mind would realize you can’t make this stuff up. It is just what has happened to some people in their ordinary lives. You should have him back.

  5. Melissa K

    I am going to the Shenango reservoir…not sure if I will get out of my car! Awesome episode, Frank was so interesting.
    Jamie got me to actually go Squatching! 👣🤓

    • Melissa K

      I did go to Shenago Resevior. It was so nice out my husband and I did walk a trail and we were the only ones there.
      No squatch but, it was really pretty there. 🙂

  6. Doug F

    Oh..something I forgot to mention, the thing with the stack of firewood is one of the strangest things ever mentioned in any story regarding sasquatch that I’ve ever heard. Wes the one question that you always ask your guests is “What do you think that sasquatch is? There’s no wrong or right answer” Based on that event, I can’t see that being an action that something purely ape would do. They understand the concept that we use fire for a number of different reasons; cooking, heat (maybe) light and protection. The motive is unclear. Were they being generous and understanding or were they tired of these humans constantly foraging in their area and decided to curb the frequency that they would be back doing this again? Either way the particular individual(s) involved were nicer about it than others in other told stories.

  7. Christian L

    Frank needs his own show!!! Frank’s stories and touching details about the forgotten white poor of Appalachia (that the media ignore) need to be repeated. Top 5 encounters ever! Thanks Frank….pure gold. Captivating!!! Need a second show just about his “other stories” we didn’t have time to hear. Fantastic!!

  8. Doug K

    YEEEEE HAWWWWW!!!! I really liked both of the guests tonight. I was tearing up during Jamie’s encounter and I was on the edge of my seat with Frank’s encounter.!! Thanks Wes!!! So happy to have you back.

  9. Trey

    What an awesome bunch of encounters. I second or third having Frank back on a future episode. Also makes me feel great when I hear someone talk with the same dielect that I have and being from the same state. Great job Frank and great interview Wes.

  10. Rod C

    Frank, Your life growing up in the country reminds me of visiting my grandma and grandpa in rural SW Arkansas. She cooked on a wood stove and heated water in a wash tub on the wood cook stove for all of us kids to take a bath in the middle of the kitchen floor. The water came from a hand pump well that was out in the front yard. The thing I remember is that I always had to bathe in the leftover water that my older sister had just bathed in. My grandma had a quarter acre garden, chickens and a few cows. We had to walk across the cow pasture about a quarter mile on a cow trail to attend a little country church. The out house was out back behind the farm house some distance and was stocked with old Sears and Roebuck or Montgomery Wards Catalogues that were used for toilet paper because they were too poor to afford toilet paper.. The dirt lane out in front of her house was lined with giant English Walnut, Black Walnut and Persimmon trees. They were poor, but proud folks and didn’t accept handouts from the goobermint. Simple life, but salt of the earth type honest people. I still have my grandpas old fiddle that I remember he used to play in church when I was a young kid. I think he also played it at country dances.

  11. Charles R

    I have heard the Ohio call in late June, 2011, Iosco County, MI. Due to the circumstances that were going on just prior to the call, 3 others near me imitating an owl, and loon, all went quiet after the Ohio call from way back in the woods at least a mile and maybe 2 away. All went quiet after that. I think the Alpha uses that call to call the other Klan back in from whatever they are doing, at least in some cases. Unlike tree knocks it can be heard for miles where as tree knocks are good in heavy forest for at best 500 yards.

  12. Janet P

    Hi Wes,
    Both of these encounters were awesome. Wes, you are so wonderful with the witnessing. Very understanding and respectful. Your podcasts are the best out there.
    Thanks so much for all you do. I know it’s a lot of hard work.
    Respectfully yours, Janet

  13. Suzanne A

    Hi Wes, I’m a new member and just happened upon your podcast and really love the way you interview people. I love your guests on this one. I was thinking about Franks firewood appearing. I feel like most visual encounters the interviewees use the pronoun he …I guess because they are so big, intimidating and maybe the gender is not clear. Anyhow I had a thought that maybe it was a female sasquach seeing Frank and his brother having to gather wood all the time and the gesture was out of sympathy for the young humans. If the bigfoot/sasquach have anger, aggression and curiosity they surely also have compassion or empathy. Just a thought. Thanks again. I love your show!

  14. Charles R

    A hairy man walked out in front of your brother, looked him up and down and took off. Man you just do not hear of this happening. And Wes, I agree with your assessment of them acknowledging you in this matter and non aggressive. Nice to meet you, see you later, gotta go.
    They brought you a pile of wood, amazing, this after throwing you brother to the ground. Makes me wonder if a family or Clan followed your family from house to house and took a real like to your family. Also makes me think the episode with your brother may have been a younger one wanting to have a wrestling match. The night it followed you for miles. Most times they are escorting humans out and I know you feel that way about this episode. I was not there. But I wonder if all the interaction over a period of years, if it was really protecting you and seeing you to safety. Possibly the banging of the door and chains was trying to get possible humans inside to come out and look after you. I know I kind of see these hominids in different ways than most do, but face it, if they want to take you you have no chance. I like your comments Wes. I am not sure they realize the fear they put into humans, when in reality they may mean no harm.

    Was it not Mary Green that recalled 50 years experience her family had with the wood boogers and also from Tennessee, eastern part?

  15. Tamsin D

    Two great guest Wes!
    Please, please have Frank back……. he is easy to follow and I so wish to hear all that he had to edit from his encounters.
    Definitely going to replay this episode. 👣👣

      • Jack33

        Hands down Frank was one of you best guests you’ve ever had one your show. I listened to it 4 times.
        Please have him back on for an encore interview soon. I get the feeling he’d got much, much more to share with us.

        Plus I want to know what his older brother encountered while hitchhiking through Arkansas.

  16. Ruth B

    Frank’s account is one of the most terrifying ordeals I’ve listened to on this website. This creature, I think, was always making noise, intending to scare him as it was stalking him. On my! Frank, since your brother was pretty much responsible for you getting caught up in this situation, did you ever have anything to do with him again?

  17. Jeanine T

    One of the best shows ever! I loved listening to Frank. I could sit and listen to him tell us more about his experiences for days. Please bring him back. My condolences to the previous guest who lost his dad to cancer. Also it’s great to have u back Wes. Moving sux.

  18. Albert R

    Wes, Frank is surely one of the best ever on SQ. This man is a font of valuable experience and information as well as well spoken and concise. It would be great if he could be persuaded to write a book about his experiences so his knowledge isn’t lost. Please have him back as many times as needed to get his full story.

  19. Tammy S

    I’m very rarely motivated to comment on podcasts. I figure my two cents have less value than that in the grand scheme of things, however, after listening to Frank’s part of this episode 3 times, I must let you, Wes, know how wonderful you are at bringing out the best in your guests. And you, Frank, please know how impressed I am with your honesty and willingness to share what has to have been some terrifying experiences. I really enjoyed Frank’s approach: This is what happened – take it or leave it, but it’s the truth. When retelling the experience(s) of encountering a Bigfoot, there has to be a fine line between it being cathartic and it being disturbing. Hope it’s the first more than the second, and I hope to hear more from Frank soon.
    Sincerely, Tammy, Knoxville, TN

  20. Julian A

    That was a great show. I got Goosebumps listening to it. Thanks Wes and Thank You Frank
    Keep up the good work Wes, you’re doing a great job.

  21. Bruce Welty Johnson

    What a great show!! I hope Frank is on again and soon. I did not want the show to end. Frank had me sitting on the edge of my seat and I kept thinking I want to hear the stories he did not go into.

    • Jeff K

      That was the first thought I had on hearing about the wood left over night, Maynard. Seems likely Frank and his brother were getting too close to a nursery or other sensitive area. Whether the creature knew what the wood was used for, possibly from having observed campfires, is open for debate; I don’t doubt that they are intelligent enough to make the connection. An argument against that could be made based on the mixture of both green and dry branches. It would be interesting to know if the green branches were twisted off or appeared to be natural breaks, but it is too much to ask that Frank would have noticed a detail like that as a youngster.

      • Maynard w

        Thought about the green branches. If they dont understand the nuances of building a fire it would be like asking a child with no outdoor experience to gather wood. You are going to get a little bit of everything. But still scary smart.

  22. James K

    Wes I have been with you since day one. The show with Frank was the BEST show I ever heard. Thanks for all the the great shows. P S I think the show with Frank would have been great even if he never had the encounter. His life growing up in the woods was so interesting. Thankful for all the great shows James

  23. Janetta V

    Wow, what an entertaining show. Thanks Jamie, very good. Frank it’s a wonder you and your brothers lived to be older folks. Great show Wes. Thanks for all you do.

  24. Jack33

    What did Frank’s brother encounter coming out of a mash while hitchhiking through, was it Arkansas or Louisiana?

    Frank? Care to fill us in on the details?

    Also, I find it fascinating Frank and his older brother heard a baby crying out in the woods, in the middle.of nowhere, in the middle of the night. I’ve always wondered why we don’t get more reports of people hearing the cries of Sasqutch babies.

  25. Frank E

    Man this show was awesome! The fact that the story was coming from a fellow “Frank” makes it even better. I love listening to the old timers. They are a no “bs” type of people. Glad you’re back on Wes. I finally have some time off so I’m getting to binge listen to the newest 3 episodes. Hope the move went well. 👍

  26. Barbara W

    By far my favorit episode. Franks told this story was such great detail from ever in Tennessee I’d love to meet the story teller.

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