Sep 4

SC EP:358 International Bigfoot Conference Interview

Tonight I speak to Q. I met Q at the International Bigfoot Conference where he told me about his encounter. Q was warned by his family not to hunt in a certain area on his families property. Being 17-18 years old the first place Q went to hunt was the area he was warned not to go. He describes seeing a creature with twitchy eyes and with a large mouth, Q said it was breathing in and out like it was mad.

Episode 359 will be posted this week and it includes interviews from members and speakers including Lyle Blackburn and Tom Sewid.




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13 Responses to “SC EP:358 International Bigfoot Conference Interview”

  1. Curtis R

    Q, I am so glad you shared that fantastic story. I have never had an encounter and I used to be very sceptical but it is when I hear someone like you, who sounds so sincere and I could feel how emotional you got, even my heart started pounding, it is that sort of sincerity that has convinced me that good honest people are telling true stories. I gotta say I had an encounter with a mountain lion once, I got that feeling I was being stalked and I found out it was true, the tracks were there, and so I know first hand that the feeling you got near that tree is probably because something was actually there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. m99

    ~ Where does a 400 pound Barn Owl sit? Anywhere it wants! ~ Thanks for sharing your experience, Q. We totally believe Sasquatch lives underground and swims into the caverns at times.

    ~Wes, that’s not the stink eye! That’s just his face!

    Cool interview. You are a smooth guy, as good in person as on the phone. Good job.

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