Sep 4

SC EP:359 International Bigfoot Conference Overview

We will be wrapping up the broadcast with some of the speakers from the international bigfoot conference including Lyle Blackburn and Tom Sewid. We will also be speaking to some of the members and a special guest who will be sharing her experience at the conference and poker highlights!

Most of the listeners know Tom Sewid here is some information on Lyle Blackburn.

Lyle Blackburn is an author, musician, and cryptid researcher from Texas. His investigative cryptozoology books, such as “The Beast of Boggy Creek” and “Lizard Man,” reflect his life-long fascination with legends and sighting reports of unknown creatures. During his research, Lyle has often explored the remote reaches of the southern U.S. in search of shadowy beasts said to inhabit the dense backwoods and swamplands of these areas.

Lyle has been heard on numerous radio programs, including Coast To Coast AM, and has been featured on television shows such as “Monsters and Mysteries in America” and “Finding Bigfoot.” Lyle is also a writer for the monthly horror magazine, Rue Morgue, and was recently featured in the documentary film, “Boggy Creek Monster.”

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20 Responses to “SC EP:359 International Bigfoot Conference Overview”

  1. Duke S

    I always imagined Avis voice would sound like that, lol. Great to hear you! Lyle has something major coming? Well, it better not be Bigfoot related, because Thomas will have it in the bag and proven, with Lyle having to pay the Indian Nation royalties for even talking about it, by the time he is ready to announce it. Great show!

  2. m99

    Loved to hear your rich, southern accent, Avis. Wes, you’re getting a real cult following. 🙂 Love you Thomas Sewid. God Bless you for all you do.

  3. Gabriel H

    You know what though Wes? If many First Nations came together and came forward at once it could have an enormous impact. Just open the damn flood gates y’know? I totally get (and agree) with the logic regarding video or handful of videos, but if Tom can take a few lasso lessons from Bob and bring together say 20 First Nations to all come forward at once…

  4. m99

    They’ve never paid any attn to the First Nations Peoples before, so what really needs to happen is “Thomas will have it in the bag and proven” as Duke said above.

    PS & BTW ~ More Renegades Podcasts Please! ( Wes, Duke, Woody)…

  5. Darrell O

    I can tell you that if you are on the fence about going to IBC just go! Everyone and I mean everyone is so nice. I even had great 30 second conversations in the elevator. The presenters were so gracious and the attendees were friendly and eager to share their stories. If you are wondering if it is full of weirdos (like I was) then rest easy. If I took a photo of the attendees you would never guess they were attending a BF conference. Of course there is always a few free spirits and they were fun. Wes and Woody were friendly, generous and approachable. The gals manning the booth when Wes and Woody were elsewhere were super nice and friendly. Sasquatch Chronicles members were showered with freebies! Thank you guys! I have no complaints and only one regret. I attended the Saturday VIP night dinner which was awesome. Great food and watched Lyles Boggy Creek monster movie. I was lucky enough to be seated at the table with Lyle Blackburn. What a cool dude! However when I got done with the dinner the poker games already started so I missed getting a chance to play. Maybe next time! The only thing I would have liked was a block of time so people could share their encounters like a town hall meeting. That would have been awesome! Thanks again fellas

  6. Karen C

    How FUN this sounds, poker is a good way to get to know our friends and enjoy yourself at same time. Thanks Wes and Woody for keeping us in tune like we were there, so entertaining Thanks so much….

  7. Curtis R

    Liar liar Wes! You said you would put some of Lyle’s music on at the end but ya didn’t!
    Another highly entertaining episode. I don’t mind my insomnia as much thanks to your program!

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