Jul 30

SC EP:347 East Texas Encounter

A listener writes “I had numerous encounters while hunting in south east Texas from the late 70s up until the early 90s with two visuals.

I would share the exact location with you, but not publicly. I didn’t really realize what was going on at the time until the computer age came about and I started reading about others encounters and the things that they do. Anyway, I would be glad to share my encounters with you”

I spoke to the witness today and he shared with me his experiences and talked about getting a really good look at one of these creatures. The witness said “This thing was peaking at me from behind a tree and I had to walk past it to get back to the hunting camp. I wasn’t sure what I was looking at so I put my rifle up and looked at it through the scope. I think pointing my gun at it really upset this thing because it showed me it’s teeth. I finally got up the nerve to make it back to camp and this thing paralleled me all the way back to camp.




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43 Responses to “SC EP:347 East Texas Encounter”

  1. Robert D

    Thanks Wes I listen every day . Since the 1st episode and never missed one. I love your show . Thank you again for all you do

  2. Adam S

    Hey Wes its Adam from episode 207…I have been meaning to write you about some strange encounters I had in SC a few months ago… I was followed also and smelled a huge hit of pine or cedar then a very very stinky game smell like bear and boar etc I’ll tell ya later.
    Also it’s encouraging for me to hear other people say it’s eyes GLOWED INTERNALLY or seemed like it…
    I compared their eyes to “GLOW STICKS” like the neon green ones you snap and shake and they get super bright for a few hours.
    I believe that’s what many of your recent guests would probably agree to seeing.
    Anyway keep up the great work…
    Adam Stewart.
    The guy from Canada and Tennessee that got his camper “Shook Violently” with my grampa in North Georgias Mountains and saw the big glowing green eyes and heard all the screams in Gatlinburg Tennessee in the smokies….

  3. RubenD S

    Thanks again Wes. The previous stories we’ve heard that came out of that part of Texas have been great. Looking forward to this one!

  4. Scott P

    I got a picture of Bigfoot it’s real but I don’t want to show you, and I know where a family of Bigfoot lives but I don’t want to tell you.

  5. F S

    I believe you.
    The “hieroglyphics” you saw may have been a kind of writing called “runes”.
    Now, runes are not just the old form of Norse writing uses by Vikings. Many different kinds of runes are used in witchcraft. People even make up their own alphabets for spellwork for themselves, their covens, or their traditions.
    (I tend to think you “knew” what they were when you saw them.)
    Many people who practice witchcraft have links to spider power.


    • F S

      Don’t feel Wes or we won’t believe you when you have these weird experiences. The kinda of phenomena do tend to slip into the world of the paranormal.
      Sasquatch are real flesh and blood creatures who are also part of nature we do not totally understand. YET.

      • F S

        One last thing to consider:
        There is a theory in the UFO community that any time we see a UFO, especially close up, and for an extended time, WE HAVE BEEN ABDUCTED.
        You mentioned observing the craft for some time, along with the strange “fog”, and surreal atmosphere, which may indicate an abduction experience.
        God Bless.

  6. Dovie D

    Hi Wes,
    I know some members may not be interested in hearing about the supernatural but some of us would be. I know I would be interested. Thanks Wes

    • Kim S

      Lol New Zealand’s the first in Pacific time….by the time I get around to it I am loser at being anywhere but first , Mr David ..grin

  7. Avis B

    Hello Wes, I would really love to hear the Demon Story you spoke about… Great Show.. and I will be seeing you and Woody very soon..!!

  8. Richard L

    Realy good encounter ! Thanks for sharring Ronny ! And the weird stuff with the fog… the ufo….the spider web …omg… scary things out there 😱

  9. Daniel E

    Episode 347 was one of your best Wes. You were good when you started SC, and your interviewing technique has improved a lot. Great show Wes. You’re like a brother to me now as long as I’ve been listening. By the way east Texas is my old stomping grounds, Conroe, Cut & Shoot area. I’m now in central Indiana and have strange things here too. They are everywhere folks!

  10. Kim S

    👏 that was an epic episode!!!!!… I gotta run but I will add later…that’s up with my favourites 😊And worth another listen AA++ damn good job!!!!!

  11. Daniel M

    God dammit wes. Youll tell him the most fascinating story you heard off the show. Tell us all dont worry about the cry babys. I want to hear everything

  12. Gene P

    Very inner resting show Wes! I’m inner rested in the correlation of the Sasquatch and the orbs or lights etc. After watching “Extraordinary The Stan Romanek Story” on Netflix, it got me thinking outside the box. If the Sasquatch were created by genetic manipulation it would have to be done by an advanced race.
    I’m also interested in the so called men in black, who aren’t part of the mainstream government.
    All of this defiantly has to do with Sasquatch because there is no simple explanation for these Bigfoot.
    I’ll bet the real explanation of the Sasquatch is so mind boggling no one would want to believe it.

  13. Andrew O

    Great episode, as they all are.

    My take on the red eyes phenomenon might be something to do with their large retinas. When we have flash photos taken of us, suddenly we see red eyes, and they seem to fill the entire pupil/iris area on some. Maybe because the Sasquatch has huge retinas for extraordinary night vision they are much easier to see even without much directed light at them.

    I’d imagine that if you took the reflective element away from a cat’s eyes, then maybe the same thing might occur.

    It’s interesting about the red eyes from cows in a field, as I’ve seen that many times.

    Anyway, will look forward to the next show.

    Thanks, Wes (& Woody) 😊

  14. Derek H

    Loved the show Wes. Would love to hear the Demon story as well. I find the “woo” to be very interesting. Love hearing all sides of the arguments.

  15. Nancy A

    Ronnie, I have seen several glyphs that were left at camping sites over the past two years. A gentleman in Canada has recorded many of them and I have seen some very interesting photos. Also Thom Cantrall in Kennewick has many pictures and has studied glyphs for years. They have nothing to do with the demonic or witchcraft. The sasquatch do leave symbols that represent their name and clan. Some are directional. I have been the personal recipient of a lovely twisted grass glyph that was left by my RV in a remote area of the Blue Mountains last year. I greatly appreciated your comments of having respect for the sasquatch. I think they could “read” your intentions, and perhaps thoughts, pretty well.
    Although I have not personally had a face to face encounter I have seen fresh trackways at Bumping Lake here in Washington. Bob Gimlin was with our group on that trip and he personally followed this trackway . (That was a day that will be a top favorite in my lifetime for sure!) The UFO experience would probably concern me more and I have heard stories of the sasquatch having a connection with aliens from their early times on this planet. Perhaps they were brought here to perform some special function…. who knows. That is a mystery. If you have any more encounters I would hope you would come back on. You sound like a good-hearted person and it came out in the interview. Very well done and thank you Wes for a great show.

  16. Linda P

    You can not dictate a persons experience,no matter if it is supernatural or not is really at this point subject to opinions until there is more answers than questions….

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