Jul 9

SC EP:341 Encounters with the old man of the forest

Lee talks about a recent sighting they had while out investigating Sasquatch. Lee says “I took Sam into this area and never told him about the old man of the forest.” Lee states “I never told my friend about this creature the locals call the old man. When people see this creature they describe him as being a gray/white color. The night we were in one of my area’s my friend who is not really into bigfoot saw this creature and described it to a tee. Sam was in front of me about 20 feet when he shined the light right on this thing….”




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37 Responses to “SC EP:341 Encounters with the old man of the forest”

  1. RubenD S

    Ok Wes! Thanks for all the variety we get from SC! As some might say the episodes are “similar, but different.”

  2. Dean M

    Thanks Wes! I’m in china right now, so it was painful waiting until Monday morning for a new episode. Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. winkatme

    Thanks Wes have great weekend. I’m 6th this time WOOOO HOOOO!! In the top ten 2 days in a row! Now if someone would send me a shoebox of $20 it will be a perfect weekend!

  4. Jeffrey H

    First guest sounds like a man from NC, from show #118. If not #118(which I think it is) then maybe #120. Lee, was not scared of anything. He was the one, with a friend, that was hidden in the middle of the woods on a raining night and had a large BF which might have been trying to sniff them out. It’s worth a listen to. It will get your heart beating. Lee has some large brass ones for sure!
    Great encounters, thanks everyone!

  5. Melissa K

    I could listen to you two talk all night! Very cool 😎. I think I will just listen to your experiences rather than go into the woods at night. I have heard that laughing sound at night many times when my windows are open and I always think it’s coyotes. I have also heard whoops many times and I always think it is Canadian geese. 👀 Once I heard growl talk that sounded so loud it was like it was on my porch and when I yelled for my husband coyotes started yipping very close to our house. 😳 I thought they must have been greeting each other, so I don’t even like to be in my yard at night let alone hours into the woods. Thank you for a great show and please take care while on your adventures.

  6. Glen K

    (New Jersey) Great show, Wes and Lee. When listening to this show, and many other similar ones, I come to the conclusion that Sasquatch truly enjoy “messing around” with humans. It seems they use many means at their disposal to accomplish this. From throwing rocks, breaking sticks, mimicking other animal sounds, making wooping noises, growling, bluff charging, etc, they seem to have a great time interacting with us dumb humans, while rarely being seen! It’s like a game to them. They are true masters of their domain. They live in the wildrness 24-7, and completely control their surroundings. We come strolling into their territory, especially in the pitch black, and have as much of a chance as if we dove into the ocean with sharks! It’s a Bigfoot sport, an activity if you will. Screwing around with humans! And boy are they good at it!

  7. Gale R

    Great interview. I love listening to Lee . Here is the name of his YouTube Channel.
    UBRO Uwharrie Bigfoot Research Organization

  8. Jeffrey H

    I wish Lee would put together a UTube channel. Lee has no fear and gets right into the mix of things. With recordings from his Flir it would be great to see the things that he gets to see. I go back once in a great while to listen to his encounters from his first show(again, #118 or 120) with Wes. Excellent show if you want to raise your heart beat, as I mention before. Wes, please bring back Lee when possible, he’s a great guest and his encounters are enjoyable to hear. Thanks Lee for sharing your time with the Old Man in the Woods!

  9. Tiffany L

    Thanks Wes! Fridays and Sundays never come fast enough. I have been listening since before the website.
    Beat to you, your family, and wishing speedy healing!

  10. russell s

    That was a great show , I’m in the uk so I don’t get it until the early hours of the morning , so I wait until I finish work at 3.30pm get home get me a coffee and sit back and enjoy , Wes thanks for the great episode ….


  11. m99

    ~ Dang Peeping-Tom Sasquatch! ~ What do you think Sasquatch is? …a hybrid. It’s a human hybrid, aka_chimera. Dogman, a human hybrid as well. Has to be. And, that includes, other man like things people have seen. And yes, they are Smart, otherwise, they’d have been out in the open by now. Of course this is theory, but that’s what I think. Another thing, only recently have regular people even considered these creatures were real, aside from the country folks who simply would not talk about it in the open. From the BF perspective, thanks ya’ll for helping me maintain my privacy so’s I can hunt, spy, and trick you stupid humans. Think about it. Sasquatch may be smarter than people. He’s certainly stronger. He’s adapted to the wild places. There’s no ‘Cabelas’ where he lives.

    Oh, here’s a link to a site I enjoy, and you can look up the ghost towns where BF are seen too. There’s a place called
    Saratoga , TX that has lights, called the Saratogo Lights. These lights hover, go around cars that are parked, and a lot has been documented. A lot of paranormal researchers have been there.


  12. Jay Carlsen

    I LOVE ALL YOU PEOPLE ! Such a Happy Community !
    And Another GREAT ENCOUNTER !
    At Least the Sun Shines Bright 3 Times a Week !

  13. B.A.

    Does anyone know what brand of recorded he uses that gets “one week” worth of recording time? I use zoom1 and zoom2 models and get approx 16hrs.

  14. thomas w

    did he send u any pix Wes?? he said there at the end he would send u something…these pix that guests’ say they will send is the Other half of the interview. doesnt feel like a whole show without the payoff being the stuff the guests say they have. thanx

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