Mar 19

SC EP:308 Killing Sasquatch

We will be discussing as a round table how to kill a Sasquatch, what should be done afterwards and the unforeseen consequences of killing one of these creatures. Should one be shot and killed?

Tom Sewid joins the discussion tonight, if you get a chance check out

Tony Merkel will also be joining the show, check out his podcast

Duke will be joining the show, check out his YouTube channel

Finally Chuck and Woody will be joining the discussion





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102 Responses to “SC EP:308 Killing Sasquatch”

    • Eric H

      Great show, great information, I concur, ONE and ONE only will have to be harvested. After that lets set up protection for them.

    • James B

      Woody doesn’t believe Bigfoot is flesh but a ghost, alien or specter? Boo ..Insults the witnesses. All these encounters are ghosts? In the day even…

  1. winkatme

    Wes, there is only ONE way to do this and that’s the AMERICAN WAY! First we need a KILL TEAM, DEFENCE ATTORNEY, PROSECUTOR, JUDGE a VETENARIAN and MEDICAL EXAMINER.[To make sure IT’S dead and cover all bases since we don’t know what IT is]
    They ALL go out into the woods and find a bigfoot trying to hurt, kill or eating someone. The DEFENCE ATTORNEY claims the creature is INSANELY HUNGRY, The PROSECUTOR claims he’s a KILLER CANNIBAL, and the JUDGE rules he’s GUILTY and tells the KILL TEAM to read IT it’s rights and then EXECUTE it. The VET and EXAMINER pronounce time of death and now you have your body and he received DUE PROCESS. Wink

    • Stephen W

      No one would be allowed to discover a Sasquatch, the government would use a false flag operation, i.e. Nuclear radiation spill or what ever , there would be a news media blackout and they would shut the areas down completely however big and if need be take down anyone they feel is a threat to the coverup and cover it up as a big accident

    • Travis E

      Lol, in a perfect world that is a great idea. I just think the state or federal government would find a more profitable ans a less productive way to conduct their buessness as always

  2. thomas w

    ive been waiting on this one. im gonna post a possible spoiler… shoot it near the throat/mouth area if possible. More than likely you will kill it from causing it to choke on its own blood, rather than bust thru its breast plate or hit vial organs. Ever tried to hit a moving target? If so, imagine trying to kill a monster. Should make my 4am drive pretty good!

  3. David G

    I live in the Uk,bigfoot is not part of British culture,back in the 90s my cousin came back from his tour with the marines,we grew up in East London,my cousin wanted to get away from everything,so we went on a trip to North Wales,we went to a place called Snowdonia which is a mountain range,the trip went great,we were driving home on a ancient road,the A5,a road built by the Romans,there was nothing on the road,our car lights was on full beam,this thing walked out on the road,the car beam hit this thing,it was solid for 2 of its steps,by the third step it was transparent,till it just disapeared,we never conected it to bigfoot,but that is what it looked like.This is the first time i have spoke about this.

    • Gail R

      Hi David,

      I live in Snowdonia and know the A5 well. Can you remember where you had your encounter??? My wife saw something strange in a forest the A5 a few years ago.

      • Smallfoot

        Hi Gail, thanks for sharing. Any chance you could detail exactly what your wife saw in a forest near the A5? Thanks!

    • Smallfoot

      Hi David. Thanks for sharing. I’m from Wales so this encounter immediately caught my interest. As Gail R alluded to, we’d definitely like to know more about it. It sounds like you may have seen the legendary ‘Brenin Llwyd’ or Grey King.

      As it happens there has been other encounters detailed here where they could see a Bigfoot disappear then reappear!

  4. Michael L

    Better have a big gun and the balls to match cause your never just kill one after you kill the first one you will have to deal with its passed off clan

  5. RubenD S

    Wow! Tough to put into words. The bottom line is we must bring the creature to the scientific community to help ensure their survival. Every means possible should be used. Unfortunately, that includes killing (as a last resort). We should also remember that sometimes we have clashes with these creatures and sometimes we lose. I’m sorry but if it comes down to me or my family, the safety of my family comes first. Always!

  6. Richard S

    Off the charts awesome! like Tom said though, get your raincoats own for the shit storm! sometimes topics, like people need a kick in the ass to get jump started, i think the panel tonight did just that. to the panel, watch your six…

  7. Michael L

    Better have a big gun and the balls to match cause your never just kill one after you kill the first one you will have to deal with its pissed off klan

  8. Debbie C

    Killing Sasquatch saddly must be done.
    I do not believe Sasquatch is nothing
    more than an unknown ape.

    Taste the wild side of Sasquatch BBQ!

    Tom Sewid, you speak with BIG BRAVE WORDS!
    Your backside is strong along with sharp eyes.
    You are spiritual but you are not open to
    what surrounds you every day of your life.
    The spirits of your dead ansesters always accompany you.

    When I was a child, I would actualy
    see with my own eyes spirits-ghosts.
    I would tell my parents what
    I witness but they wouldn’t believe me.
    I witness spirits-ghosts as an adult.
    One doesn’t have to believe in these
    things, they are indeed the real deal.

    Great show this evening!:)!

  9. squatch

    first the obvious… this has already been done multiple times – its just that we will never know about it. second – you guys are missing the key to doing this properly…the internet. how about assembling a group of 20-25 ex military men. multiple planning and contingency plans in place to harvest a creature… a precise neck shot from a 300 Win should do the trick with a very fast follow up shot to same region. if that can be accomplished, rest of team is immediately deployed to site within 2 minutes… they come in… 20-30 strong… 1/3 of team creates the perimeter diversion group with firecrackers, lasers, smoke bombs, scent bombs, dogs, and cameras everywhere with goal of confusing the hell out of any approaching clan members… while other 1/3 immediately document and take photographic, video and dna evidence before attempting to load critter into back of pickup. (less important to bring body in but worth the effort)…. most important part is the final 1/3 blast video and photographic evidence across the web pior to loading body… but not to fake news/msm media but rather to real media… Wikileaks, Drudge, InfoWars, etc… must use web before body and event can be covered up and hidden from public if one expects to have any chance at real disclosure

  10. Charles S

    Wes, I applaud your courage in tackling this subject, and I had looked forward to this episode. I had expected to hear reasons for killing, or not killing, a Sasquatch, as well as ideas for how to successfully kill and recover one. Instead, I heard a debate on what Sasquatch is, with a detour into the woo complete with ghosts, demons, and UFOs, as well as a story about a sniper crawling through the jungle in the Philippines, which had nothing to do with anything. The conversation was all over the place, with a lot of talking about individual things that need to be done, but with no plan from beginning to end for how to actually kill, collect, and reveal a Sasquatch specimen to the world, with all of the inferred tasks and logistics. I got the impression that since there would be obstacles, real or imagined, that the whole idea wasn’t worth persuing because of the difficulty involved. Woody and Tom presented the most complete ideas, and it was obvious they put some thought into this. Tom was very aware of the downstream effects and unintended consequences of killing a Sasquatch to prove its existence, and seemed less intimidated about the idea than the other guests, despite his cultural aversion to killing a Sasquatch. This episode was interesting, and I did learn some things, though I think I wrongly expected something different.

    • Duke S

      The story about the sniper was to illustrate that even humans can perform acts of stealth bordering on the magical, there is no reason to assign magical powers to Bigfoot because it is sneaky and has spent a lifetime developing those skills of stealth. That is how it related to the conversation, since you clearly didn’t get it the first listen.

  11. Chris A

    I talk to Sasquatch at night when it’s dark and there’s a full moon I also listen to Wes from Sasquatch chronicles and you give me the fuzzy warm feelings knowing that my wood brothers are out there.

  12. doug w

    I shotgun it and cutting it up. The Canadian guide hit the nail on the head. Your gone to have to kill it cut it up quick and beet feet. Most people don’t hunt but to cut off a head a hand a foot is normal. We do it every day with deer elk moose and bears. But you have to go in with the mindset I’m gone to kill this thing and get outta here alive.
    Now there was a guy from PA on here. I bear hunt in PA so I know. If you shoot a 600 pound bear in PA which they come bigger the effort it takes to get that thing out is unreal. Trycitvin the Poconos near long pond with swamps and tell me your gone to get 800 to 1000 lb beast out whole. It ain’t gone to happen without drawing attention. Kill it quarter it and get out ASAP!!! AND YOU MUST DO IT IN THE DAYLIGHT. Night ops is too risky.
    As for guns Canadian guy knows his stuff. Double lung and heart will kill anything ask Fred bear. Grizzly elephant polar bear all killed with a cedar arrow well placed. Now my main gun goin in is a 338 Lapua mag. Backup shooter has a saiga 12 with slugs and buckshot. He is op security while you carve it up. His buddies may rush you out of anger and buckshot breaks legs and arms. Bring say 3 trail cameras with you and some road flares. Kill mr big cut it up out trail cameras near the site. You may learn a lot from those cameras over the next few days when the clan goes looking for grandad. I think it can be done. No disrespect to Mr Jim at the gcbro but it’s a 2 to 3 man op at the most. One main gun with 2 for security. No willing banging just go in and let them come to you. You gotta have big balls to pull it off but there are many on here I bet that are ex SF and a team of them with the right redneck from the woods and the mystery is solved.. great show Wes.

  13. Dave T

    Wes, I’m stunned you had actual death threats for doing this show. Just talking about this subject brings out some of the nut jobs. I like their logic, ” don’t you talk about killing a BF or I’m gonna kill you!” They’re all probably from Berkley anyway and probably had nothing to do in between protests. Thanks for sticking to your guns and not being intimidated by these hypocrites. They’re probably the same tree huggin hippies that don’t want any hunting period.
    Woody, what is up with you? Have you been brainwashed by Dr. J? Boogers are flesh and blood my friend. If they can bleed than they are real and can be killed. They do leave footprints behind, usually large ones. Don’t jump to conclusions and give something supernatural qualities just because they are very good at what they do. Besides if they weren’t flesh and blood, why would you carry a gun into the woods? It would be useless against a supernatural being and BFs would have no fear of them which on the contrary they do fear them.

    • Woody P

      I havent been brainwashed. Im just opened minded. If they do bleed like us do you have proof of this? I would like to see it. And as far as carrying a gun in the woods its a smart thing to do with other predators about. Im not saying for sure that Sasquatch is, could it be a spiritual type of creature? heck man I don’t know, until we have hard evidence and evidence that can be made public we can only make assumptions right? thank you for your thought I appreciate it and thats the beauty of it we all have different ideas.

      • Dave T

        Woody, it’s all good brother. I’m not trying to pick on you or anything. It just seems so many people are turning to the “Woo” for explanations about these critters. I’m no expert either but I think there’s better answers to these beings than the supernatural. I haven’t personally seen the blood of a BF but have heard about them bleeding due mostly to being shot in some of the encounters. Anyway, that’s cool you replied to my post. Glad to see you in the mix from time to time on the show. Is it true Wes kicks your ass in poker all the time? It’s just a roomer I heard but I can’t say where. Lol

    • Dovie D

      That’s judgemental . I’m sure they were not from Berkley. I think we can have conversations with out the political garbage.
      it saddens me people are so sick and they stoop so low they make threats. They should be blocked from this site.

  14. tony k

    Why bother shooting it? Set up some type of trap, explosive, snare, pit, I don’t really know what type, but you wouldn’t have to even risk your life. Just have cameras to monitor the area and wait for it to get trapped, blow up, be incapacitated, I don’t know. Leave it up to whoever knows about this stuff and make sure its private land so nobody gets accidentally hurt. I could get all detailed with this but its just a quick thought. Why not?

  15. Michelle L

    I’m not going to listen to this one as I have zero appetite for the subject. I am against any killing and am weary of the hyper-justification that this is something that needs to happen. No one has the right to kill any creature because they think it needs to happen. That’s a BS reason. These are creatures that have social structure, family, emotions – would you want someone to kill one of your own, just because? I don’t care if the majority of the world remains ignorant on this subject, that is absolutely no reason to harm a creature. Just stop it already. It’s wrong and it’s cruel.

    • Pete M

      Eating people, especially kids, eating pets and livestock are good enough for me, regardless of how distasteful it seems to any tree huggers. Whether you listen or not is your choice and we didn’t even notice that you weren’t listening until you told us.

  16. Seamus J. C

    The thought of murdering and dismembering a sasquatch, as I listened, made me ill. Especially since it seems a doomed proposition (although “squatch” has the best ideas for making it happen), and even if images of the remains successfully make it out onto the general internet and the remains themselves make it to several scientists, there will be hell to pay, and for what?

    Bigfoot being proven, every yahoo and his grandma will hit the woods trying to get their own glimpse or, god forbid, their own specimen. BF is safer being everyone’s, and no one’s, nutty secret. Science is busy being singularly ineffective at defending the climate, and ecosystems in general, having been relegated to a chronicler of environmental demise. Why should we wish more of this same ‘success’ upon wood apes?

    You could soothe your conscience by going after an aggressive one (a “monster,” as some put it), but chances are it was made aggressive in the first place by human encroachment on formerly wild lands. Talk of the demonic aside, BF may have a role to play in limiting our advance into wild Nature. We don’t get to go wherever we want and do whatever we want to do; there are consequences, and BF, more than any other species that I can see, reminds us of that.

    This would make them more angelic than demonic–avenging angels. How’s that, Woody? I get that they scared the shit out of you–as they would have me, I no doubt would have needed a double layer of adult diapers, plus plastic pants–but consider the Big Picture, will you? At some point, our dismantling of Wild Nature will result in the collapse of Nature in general (or, rather, the part that makes Earth habitable to our own species). BF, again, reminds us of that–not to mention that they have occupied niches and played roles vacated by other large predators that we have extincted locally–puma, jaguar, bear, wolf. Without BF, deer may have stripped many of our forests bare! What can they say, except “You’re welcome!”? In the sense of the role that they play, of all Creation’s being related and ultimately One, they are truly our brothers and sisters. We need them.

    This talk of them as “monsters,” “demons,” “creatures” and “things” I find disturbing. These are the kinds of labels you put on an animal (or human) to justify their slaughter, not something well thought out, nor compassionate. But why should they be any more demonic than grizzlies? Do people call grizzlies “things”? OK, I’ll bite that demons, if they can possess humans, can possess animals, too. But why would they? Just to f*** with us more? It seems that demons are expressions of the (unclaimed) psychic power and turmoil of our own species, more than anything. Perhaps my understanding of malicious spirits is incomplete (and I’ll thank God for that!), but so it seems to me.

    A couple of angles for your consideration, if anyone is still listening. For one, if you are dead set on killing a sasquatch for their own good, examine your motives. Two, if you do this, and find your motives pure, consider finding an ageing, ailing sasquatch to dispatch. They are easier to find, easier to kill, and more likely to make a snack of a human that wanders into their territory because they are too slow to catch deer and coyotes. And they seem often to be loners. Three, the technology to find and follow a troop of bigfoot is fast approaching, if not already here. Tiny drones could make researchers “the fly on the tree” (almost literally, as they could look just like flies), enabling them to observe them more or less in the same way that Jane Goodall observed chimpanzees, which would be much more satisfying, to my mind, than killing one for science. Why not wait for that? By the time killing one and claiming the body for science becomes actually feasible, this tech might be quite accessible. One last thing: why bullets? Why not sedatives? If you were going to kill one anyway, you don’t have to worry about overdosing the animal–you mean to, and he/she just goes to sleep and dies, rather than causing a bloody, painful mess.

    • thomas w

      many of the “questions” u posed above were given “answers” if u just listen to the show first. You gave a 2 page opinion on all types of subjects, but not before first telling us that you would not listen to the show and hear the guests’ comments.

      • Seamus J. C

        Is your comment directed to me or to Michelle, thomas w.? I was the one with the “two-page”comment; she was the one who refused to listen to the show. I did listen to the whole show–though, as I said, it sickened me some. In reviewing my own comments or questions, I see very little that was addressed with “answers” in the show, so maybe you were talking to Michelle there? I am confused.

        I get that it might seem fair to listen to the guests’ comments before commenting oneself, but by the same token I see no reason not to respect Michelle’s feelings about all of this. My own feelings are quite strong; I am considering giving up my subscription over it. Perhaps your feelings tend in another direction; I respect that, too. Like most moral dilemmas, this one has no easy answers that jump out at us. But we can listen to one another. If you find yourself by this or that argument in favor of killing a sasquatch, I would certainly listen to that with respect, thomas.

  17. Charles R

    I must say I was mesmerized by the opening statement by Woody and follow ups through out the show. And our tract of the show went that way at times and it got me really thinking. Woody was so emotional I for one could not dismiss his reasoning. In fact he made a pretty good case. We were not there after all. Now I believe the Sasquatch is flesh and blood. I have seen one, had multiple encounters in my life, found tracks both in dirt, banks of rivers, snow, and casted one next to a tree that one pulled down just six miles from me outside of Laura, OH. I am pretty darn sure I had one tap on my bedroom window in late Nov. 2013 due to evidence I found and then leave a gift the following June. However I also know that their are spirit forces that visit. I and my wife had such a visitation by her diciest son who was accompanied by his/my diciest golden retriever one time. I have heard and read of many tales of demonic forces that can come in through maybe port holes, vortexes, etc. that can cause real harm and even possession. There is pure good and pure evil on this planet and so much of it is not understood, nor is it being addressed by 99 plus percent of the scientific community. Tom spoke of the Spirit Bear. The Native populations where much more aware of this phenomena that the Europeans. Thank goodness Tom some tribes are carrying on this message. So if this is true, and I am convinced it is, why would not these kind of forces also be found in the Sasquatch Community as well. This would be the 3 entity Bigfoot that both Duke and Tony talked of. Maybe this happens in all the animals, especially large and predator animals. Is it demonic activity causing some to a lot of the missing 411 cases? Is there an Alien ( UFO ) connection? I have heard cases of so called Alien abduction when the witness was on board the examining craft and saw Sasquatches there. My thoughts are to keep an open mind and really listen. My thanks to Woody for opening my mind even more, and to WES for having me participate. Wes you have stated to me and others there is just something more to the Sasquatch phenomena, and I 100 percent believe you.

  18. June P

    Awesome show!!! A civil discussion on the pros and cons of bagging a Sasquatch. Wish those who had very vocal off camera ‘no kill’ views could have stepped up and come on the program. I wonder how the show would have gone with them onboard. Well, as it was there were gentlemen and scholars onboard. Great discussion, gents!!!!

  19. Rodney A S

    If there were emmys for podcast’s I would nominate you in a heartbeat ! Woody, I respect your opinion and will defend your right to the death to voice it but with that being said, I think too much emphasis is given to spookism. As far as I am able to determine, they are flesh and blood albeit different maybe even special, but, carbon based lifeforms just like the rest of us and, can be killed. Obviously uncle Sam knows their real so killing one would only be for the lay person such as myself whos never seen one so, with that being said, killing one ? A famous NFL player one said ” for who and for what ?” We as humans dont play very well with others and hate to share. We put ourselves in a catch 22 scenario with these beings and there is no peaceful solution so, for the layperson, kill one, take it in, protect its territory then leave it alone then we as a species need to go back to the beginning and learn to coexist cause this planet was NEVER ours alone.

  20. Zeston G

    Thank Goodness Tom is on the show, you guys are starting to become to wooo wooo , ironically it’s the Native American bringing you guys back to Earth ,now everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but there comes a point where we are just reaching , I love the show and I know you have to keep it interesting, but come on this is making it hard for me to refer people to the show . Tony this is for you Just so you know how they look FullSizeRender.jpg

  21. Jay Carlsen

    How Many have been Shot & Killed already ?
    Even if you have a Carcass ? This would Only stir that Hornets Nest. And who ever is involved – will get Stung.

    Now …… Am I Crazy ? That after listening to this Show , I recognized Things detailed Here as things that have Happened in my Life ?
    The Stalking People on the Road from the Woods.
    Mumbling Voices in the Forest at Night
    Track ways that have Tracks Directly In Line with the Other
    And That Gorilla I had Seen in Northern Michigan – Which I tucked away in a Far Back Corner of my Mind.
    The Eminent DANGER ? That was Turned ON – Like bye Flipping a Switch
    Could I Produce Memories by only Listening to this show on the Computer Box ? I am not Convinced. As All These things have Happened. I only didn’t Speak Openly ( Because People believe I am CRAZY ANYWAY )
    – just because I rather Buy Firearms instead of Paying a Shrink ? – ( & for the Record – It Ain’t ME Who’s CRAZY )

    Native Americans believe EVERYTHING IS REAL. I think they are Correct. And How Frightening that IS.

  22. Jay Carlsen

    Muscles Weigh more than Fat.
    This gorilla I had Seen HAD To have weighed 1000 – 1500 easy.
    I have Seen Elk in the Wild ( 100 feet away ) I seen Bear , My Wife had Seen a Cougar that was out in Front of the House we were Buying.
    I have Seen Moose ( Driving through Yellow Stone National Park )
    Nothing compared to this I had Seen.

    I Ask Any Native American of This Nocturnal Nation of People
    Who just Happen to be The STRONGER
    Who as we have heard , a Dominant Red Hair Gene
    The Cunning Hunter – The Wild Man of the Field
    Who eat their Meat Raw
    Who Have Never Been Conquered ( Hell ! They Have em all Brainwashed into Thinking it is Beyond Possibility ! That it is all Hoaxes & Myth )
    Who do Live in the Mountainous Areas
    Who ARE Feral ( & Being Feral – How do they Track Time ? )
    All This can be said of Esau – in the Book of Genesis ( Well & also some of the Curses from Other Books )
    They Reason they HIDE THIS is more Sinister than we Expect.

  23. Scott B

    Can’t abide the thought of some hairy ass hunter blasting away at one. Has anyone ever thought of the damage they could do if they killed a female who maybe has young ones nearby who depend on her for their survival? Plus all this insider business needs to stop, just take the insiders validation of their existence. Paranormal & spiritual please Woody let’s get real!

    • Pete M

      You don’t have to agree with Woody or that other guy, but at least they have an open mind and they are entitled to their opinion. If I don’t like someone else’s opinion or point of view, I change the channel, turn it off, or just don’t listen. I don’t try to force them to accept my world view. Try that sometime…

  24. Knobby

    I didn’t expect so much of the show to focus on the spiritual/paranormal aspect of whether “can you kill one?” There are so many reports of dead sasquatches that in my opinion it nullifies that speculation. So, even if there is a spiritual aspect along with a flesh and blood nature you can kill it, and I think we can go ahead and move on from there.

    As far as its tracks in snow disappearing, there is evidence of sasquatches shaking the snow off the trees above and covering their tracks, where it was observed that the trees above where it walked, unlike surrounding trees, were missing snow off the branches. They can also take to and move in the trees. They are sometimes known to destroy their tracks and I have to be honest that making it magic discounts their intelligence, that they don’t have the intelligence to figure these things out.

    Woody is dead on right about taking it to the media before anyone else. My recommendation is to go to several TV stations and leave each some kind of body part, and let the government try to squelch that. I disagree with Tony that the government can easily step in and discredit it in that instance.

    • Zeston G

      THANK YOU Knobby I was almost thinking I was the only rational one here . I feel the same way , I don’t get why they always go back to spirituality. Its like when in doubt talk about demons or something.. Kind of frustrating honestly.

  25. Keith S

    I am in the supernatural camp. They give off heat and leave physical evidence, so no doubt they are flesh and blood, but there are other attributes that are not natural. There is no reason, why they cannot be both.

  26. Jesse B

    Wes mentions a female “insider” from a previous show at the 9:22 mark. Does anybody know what episode he is referring to?

  27. Zeston G


    Round tables at great I love it ! But its hard it enough to come forward! Its even harder to explain to people why it’s possible if they don’t believe. My father and aunt has seen one in texas as a young man. When he told me I could see he was waiting for me to brush it off , but I told him about your show. Showed him a few episodes. To this day he’s only told a few friends and me. happened when he was 20, he’s 70 this year. I’m telling you if you ask him what was during there he will tell you “biggest good damn MONKEY I’ve ever seen”

  28. james s

    wes thanks for a very good show I enjoy tom points of view .tell your brother that they are flesh and blood the okies ones anyways seen them bleed .as for the ones upthere cant say

  29. Jesse B

    Wes mentions a female “insider” from a previous show at the 9:22 mark. Does anybody know what episode he is referring to?

  30. Matthew J

    Just started listening to the show last week. Have been going back through the archives and listening while I work.

    Honestly, I think if anyone wants to be taken seriously by someone in the scientific community we need to drop all the supernatural junk and focus on physical evidence. If you truly believe it is supernatural chances are you are not going to prove it anyway.

    P.S. If anyone in Ohio knows a good spot where I can go and have an experience of my own, be sure and let me know.

  31. Bal G

    Really liked the show. But please, next time let my guy Duke talk! “Tom” the blabbermouth know it all Vancouver island guide could not shut for 2 seconds. He belongs on bigfoot outlaws. Can you imagine those three “experts” talking over each other. Talk about the smartest guys in the room Woody was a real treat. Wes, have him on more often.

  32. Bryan H

    Excellent, excellent show, and a lot of great valid points to made. However I’m not pro kill, and I’m not against kill. If it happens it happens. In the ever so adolescent minds of ua human beings, everything that has proof, must have some sort of physical form. Sad but that is us human beings. I truly think that the world is on an uproot change, and that we will see it with generation X, and the melinial generation. The old ways are gone, and moral and humanity are soon being lost. Look around in the world right now, everyone is brain washed feim the media, the days of analog is gone, and the list goes on and on. If one the these creatures are brought in, it will definitely rewrite history, and the evolution of man kind. It will also further more go to prove that quotes from the bible are definitely true. And it will be sad that good or evil, one of mans last mysteries sceased to exist. But one thing is for sure, as soon as man gets his hands on it, he will FUCK it up, just as he does everything else

  33. Bryan H

    Sorry about fat fingers. Lol, ua is suppose to be us, and moral suppose to morals, as well as feim, is suppose to be from. I’m horrible about proof reading. Lol

  34. Stephen W

    Toms right about calibre, but it’s also about shot placement under pressure ,talking about ghosts and spirits well think of this one school of thought if Bigfoot is a spiritual, when we die do we comeback as Bigfoot or dogman , now I don’t believe this but it’s something to consider, now or is Bigfoot the real occupiers of this earth and are we the aliens if this is true our whole belief system would be in disarray especially religious beliefs, GOD IS A SPACEMAN , plus if Bigfoot was declared as real when the government have covered it up and lied , would anyone believe anything they said again the governments whole credibility would have crumbled , I truly believe Sasquatch or Bigfoot are just flesh and blood in my opinion which doesn’t count for much lol , the question is not if Sasquatch exists, what is the reason for covering up the existence to a very high degree that people are silenced, and threatened

  35. Al G

    Lots of good stuff to ponder. Though provoking. No doubt about it, a body is going to have to be produced for the scientific community to acknowledge Bigfoot exist.

  36. Knobby

    I ‘m of a like mindset as most of those on the show, that I don’t want to arbitrarily kill one unless it becomes a matter of self-defense, but if someone does just shoot one and handles the body correctly, getting it recognized, I will not get upset and start leveling threats at whoever does it like I’m sure some people will do. Wes getting death threats before he even broadcasts the show is just a small tip of the outrage that will ensue if someone kills a sasquatch for no other reason than to kill one.

    But I really want this thing recognized in the public/by science. Once it is I can come out of the closet more on my beliefs and silence those that have laughed me to scorn.

  37. Jay R

    If I ever run over a Sasquatch, I’ll drop it off at Wes’ house lol. My perfect idea would be to get a Sasquatch liquored up and slip it a Mickey. Then let the real fun begin!!! Road trip!

  38. Julian A

    worst show so far. these guys are both Jokers. First time I never listened to a whole episode. not even half way. Sorry Wes, I love your show, but this is not why people listen.

  39. JEREMY E

    great show Gang!! I agree with killing one too, however I think your efforts will all be wasted if you send any info the major news crews etc. I FIRMLY believe that the major news or media crews are all managed by the government. they will shut this down and erase it just as fast as can be. you would need someone that is truly independent.

    keep rocking these out Wes.

    Jeremy E

  40. Knobby

    On the contrary, if you get body parts in the hands of TV stations and newspapers and allow them to photo/video what you’ve got the cat will be out of the bag and the government will have a hard time suppressing that. I agree with Woody on this one. That was one of the more important parts of the show and I would have liked to have seen more emphasis on what to do with the remains.

    Getting incontrovertible evidence in several media outlets is the better course of action. But it has to be more than video or photos, that even the media outlets might take themselves, since debunkers will still declare it fake. You need to leave them a hand or a foot, or something, even though the government will attempt to seize those parts, and may get some government scientist to declare its a known animal, but let them be on record for seizing it. If the media can photo/video more of the animal that part came off of it will be harder to refute.

    So, Woody had the best advice. Before you get it in the hands of a Dr. Meldrum, etc., get it in the media.

  41. Greg T

    The old timers that I started elk hunting with a long time ago gave me this advice on shot placement for something big. Shoot it near a road.

  42. Seamus J. C

    In the event someone has a body and wishes to broadcast the fact, I would not go to news outlets, only, or even first. Because that might be as far as you get. I agree with JEREMY E that the “government” has its hand in almost all news media (although there should be more talk about who owns the government, and whose interests it protects).

    So, we wait for someone to find a body (I don’t agree with killing one), and they flood all sorts of media with it–facebook, youtube, twitter, email images. You give each image a different title, use computer virus tricks. But you also print photographs buried in time capsules somewhere safe, you scatter hard copies everywhere, handing them to others to scatter more–and they tell two friend, and they tell two friends, and so on, and so on, and so on….the point is, it goes viral. Then we will see how much control the government and its owners actually have over all media, or don’t.

    If someone runs into a BF on the road, killing it, and six guys with a pickup get there before the BLM or men in black, or whoever, then the process can begin. But those guys are going to have to be prepared….I don’t know, maybe that’s too difficult. They would have to be like tornado chasers, right? Only, instead of radar, there’d have to be a network of people with eyes and ears out for a sasquatch cadaver.

    I would like to say that the talk of spiritual phenomena, per se, does not put me off. Who were the spiritual and medical doctors before human beings had physicians and psychologist? They were shamans, who had all kinds of beliefs in spirits, both evil and good, and for whom a typical intervention would be to remove an evil spirit, or retrieve a lost soul. Evidentally, they were onto something, because every single tribe and people known to us made us of shamans with these types of beliefs–evidentally, they have played a crucial role in our survival. If you are alive today, it’s in part thanks to shamans and their beliefs and interventions all down through the generations of your ancestry.

    But it’s also true that fear can warp perceptions, so it’s an open question whether Woody’s point of view about demonism makes sense, or whether he is “reaching”. It is interesting to me that Woody is vocal about this, while Wes is not, and from that I draw the conclusion that Wes is not entirely sold on Woody’s interpretation. If that’s true, then two guys having roughly the same experience can interpret it differently–but we knew that, didn’t we?

  43. Charles R

    I agree with getting it to the media. However I would call for a press conference to meet. They will show up. Also have scientist, preferably a primatologist, biologist, and the sort. Get Dr. Meldrum, George Noory ( due to his large base ). Have viles of blood drawn before hand by a Veterinarian, Nurse, Dr. and documented in case the body disappears. Keep some body tissue for DNA in case the body disappears. Document the specimen with the best video you can obtain, professional ( someone you can trust to say nothing ) would be best, with measuring devices. If possible get it weighed.

    Now when everyone shows up let them know exactly what you have. Explain everything you know. Be detailed. Do not have the body at the press conference so it can be taken away before members arrive. Instead take them to it preferably at a cold storage unit of some kind. Afterwards, I seriously doubt you will be allowed to have custody of the specimen.

    • Knobby

      Rick Dyer did all that, had a press conference, showed them the body, but that alone proves nothing. They have to handle the remains. It wasn’t until someone, I think Steve Kulls, was able to examine Rick Dyer’s prop without permission that it was discovered to be rubber and costume hair. Calling a press conference is not a bad idea, but it would be no different than Rick Dyer, or the Minnesota Ice Man, if the press only looks at it and takes pictures. You need to dole out body parts for them to take and examine, otherwise its just pictures and he said she said.

      You could be right about the body being seized before the press arrives, but you might could have some body parts near-by on ice in some vehicle or something that you could take them to and dole out.

      You could also do the same thing by first going to TV and newspapers and ten later holding a news conference. Just don’t take the whole thing. Maybe offer pictures of the whole creature and leave them a hand or something.

      I don’t get those saying the media is not the way to go. Getting it in the public arena is what these MIBs try their hardest to thwart because once the cat is out of the bag well enough they can’t keep it under wraps anymore. The U.S. media is not like Pravda, a government institution. If the government controls the media Trump needs to go find that control panel.

  44. Spanky

    Great show Wes. I’m in the pro kill camp. But I think it’s already been done. The government knows what these things are.

  45. Pete M

    Great topic Wes,
    I agree with Woody and the other guy that seemed more open minded. We don’t know what they are or if they are all the same thing.

  46. angela c

    Woody, sorry bud but I don’t agree with u at all. I think what u encountered caused some possible sikeological issue with the way they move.they are flesh and blood and not able to do magical crap. U were traumatized of this I have no doubt. They are in credibly athletic and that’s why they move the way they do. Still a great show and Wes don’t quit doing it, u have helped a lot of people including my self. You have no doubt saved a few lives as well..hang in there and God bless …

  47. Elliot M

    A while back Tom was on your show talking about smallpox and bigfoot. If sasquatch are able to be affected by some of the same diseases as man, why not gift some food that has been half eaten by someone with the flu or strep throat? Might be a little safer than looking for that double lung heart shot, or trying to get a head shot on something that can run 50 mph. I understand you would still need to find the body, but maybe the whole family group could be sick and less stealthy. I dunno what do you guys think?

  48. Knobby

    Elliot, if you get them sick they probably would stay home, whatever nest or cave that is, and not bother checking out the campers. I don’t see any good reasons to infect them with our diseases.

  49. Mike H

    First of I’d like to know where I can send my death threats and hatemail, I think in another episode woddy said Also how dare you kill this magical creature that farts rainbows and shits lepracons, I’m deeply offended. This was an amazing episode this info needs to be presented and the way you did it was very professional except woddy, I think he is lying about his encounter but we’d definitely seen these creatures lol Great show I love all of y’all on the panel I wish that Woody would come back more often When you 2 are together magic happens.

  50. Jan D

    The topic here was a good one. However, the topic itself assumes that we are talking about a flesh-and-blood creature (a primate that can be shot dead). The whole debate about a supernatural being was, for me, off-track. Would have a liked more focus on how to drop one, haul it out, avoid the cover-up, deliver it to the appropriate authorities, and live your life after that. As for the ethical question, well, that could be another useless digression. One specimen would be enough. These things have been and continue to be killed. Sometimes by accident. And the reasons for not delivering the corpses to the public range from fear of the law (guilt) to just plain not wanting to deal with the pain in the ass of dealing with that much meat and the ensuing fanfare. Hell, if I were a trucker on a lonely streatch of freeway in the Sierras and I slammed into one of these things, I’d be hard-pressed recover the corpse and go through the life-altering task of hauling it out and bringing it to light. I mean, look at what happened to Gimlin for just filming one. The publicity factor is definitely another matter that needs to be considered. It could ruin your life. For every whackjob who wants to be the one who killed a bigfoot there are probably thousands who would rather not be the one. I’ll bet you many, many more of these things have been killed than we will ever know about. And the history shows that they can be killed. No doubt about that.

  51. Marian P

    Did anyone else find it ironic that the episode about shooting a sasquatch was episode number .308
    Kind of like when I wrote a check at the eye Dr and it was check number 2020 !!1
    Very interesting show and I like how Wes covered all angles – openly
    Good choice of panel members

  52. Wolfgang M

    I don’t care one way or another if one is brought in. Humanity is too self serving to save any species. So killing one to preserve the species is completely irrelevant. The people that want a Sasquatch body, just want their own claims vindicated. So killing one is completely irrelevant to the facts and won’t get us here nor there. Besides, I can only assume many have been killed already. And we aren’t seeing any of it.

  53. Monica H

    Wes, thank you for a great show. All the guests were very knowledgeable and well spoken and I enjoyed hearing their different points of view and opinions on a very hot topic. But most of all, I really respected how the guests did have different thoughts, and yet they all were respectful and cordial to each other, let one another speak their piece, and they really seemed to *listen* to each other. No yelling, no over talking, no nasty comments. Everyone respected hearing everyone else, and when they disagreed, they simply said ‘I disagreed” and explained why without slamming the other people.

    I an a teacher and have a poster on my doors that says “All thoughts amd opinions are welcome. All behaviors are not.” Even my youngest students get that it means you can believe what you want, and it’s ok when no one thinks the exact same thing. You can have very different opinions and beliefs. But you do need to respect and project that same open mindless to others. Don’t be afraid to stck up for your beliefs, but know and accept that there are many different beliefs from your’s.

    And intelligent, well -spoken, and cordial channel of gentlemen. Here here!!

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