Dec 24

SC EP:284 The Christmas Show

I have several guests lined up for this evening. It is going to be the longest show I have every produced. I am really looking forward to this show, and I hope you guys enjoy it as well. We will be talking to investigators, eye witnesses, Woody, Duke and Ron Morehead. Ron discusses “THE” Bigfoot 9-1-1 Call and the Lovelock Cave giants.

I want to wish everyone the best as we approach a new year!


Here are the photos Ron discusses regarding the hand print:




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107 Responses to “SC EP:284 The Christmas Show”

  1. Martin Z

    My brother in law and I are going on an expedition to Lovelock Caves in the spring to see what we can find. According to other archeologists the Lovelock caves still hides more secrets.

  2. m99

    _Well Wes, this was a first! We had Shrimp and fries for Christmas Eve dinner, and SC on the stereo. We are even done eating, and still listening to this fabulous show. We realize you’re probably at your mom’s by now, enjoying your family, but it felt like we had you guys to dinner tonight. Thanks again. Enjoying it…

  3. Eric

    Thanks for the special show Wes, and thanks to all the guests for coming on. Unfortunately Christmas has become increasingly stressful with age for me (I’m sure some can relate) and I’ve been really looking forward to this!

  4. Daniel E

    Merry Christmas to all and may the good Lord heap blessings upon blessings to all of us in the coming years. Great job Wes in 2016. Keep up the high quality that you’ve brought to us week after week. Your hard work shows brother, God bless.

  5. Debbie C

    The subject about the “little green man”…
    My husband, his brother witness something
    like that when he was a child in Sacramento,Ca
    in the 1940’s. He has seen UFOs as well.
    Many don’t want to believe green or gray men/alien
    as real. Seeing is believing!

  6. Katie F

    Merry Christmas Wes, and to all of you SC fans and members!
    “For today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who
    is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2: 11

  7. michael n

    Thank you wes!! Let me be the first to say that I have enjoyed every single episode you have done and an early congrats on 300 shows!!! This show is without a doubt the best out there and the reason is obvious… many other shows have the same researchers on over and over and over and they dont know anymore than an eyewitness does. I love listening to peoples encounters instead of some dude trying to sell me a book and that he/she knows more and is more important than anyone else out there. I dont come here for “researching sasquatch”. So thanks again for this wonderful and most interesting show you have produced.
    May god bless you and yours and everyone else here at s.c.

    • michael n

      Let me clarify that when I say thanks for the most interesting show that you have produced I mean your entire show not just this episode.
      The eyewitness accounts you have accumulated are due to your interview style which we all love. Everyone knows this is “the” show when it comes to bigfoot. Your honest and trustworthy approach to eyewitnesses helps them to have some closure or just some relief from their encounter.
      So thanks again wes and all of the guests that have been on the show.

  8. Pat T

    Merry Christmas to the members out there and to you also Wes! Thanks again for providing us with an incredible show each year! Wishing all a prosperous and happy New Year!

  9. Paula B

    Wes, GREAT show – all of it, and especially Ron Morehead re energy/spirituality and the power of humans to direct their lives positively through their innate abilities. Terrific guest, Morehead. Merry Christmas to all!

  10. Carolyn R

    Merry Christmas to all. Wes,Woody,Duke may your New Year be very prosperous an extra informative!
    The Christmas show was great! I wanted to hear Ron since I listened to him a couple days ago for the first time. I wish I could have called in. His theory is basically the same as mine, guess that should be turned around, I don’t have to feel so crazy and alone now. I’ll have to look into quantum physics…. also I’d like him to read Isaiah 56:9.
    Information to me is gathered in graph form in my mind then I take from the tallest graphs and start to put it all together. I’ve helped solve a couple of almost dead end crimes that way. I wish you and Duke still had the conspiracy corner…

  11. Robert H

    Thanks Wes for all the work you put into this web site . And thanks to all the guests for sharing there experiences. If anyone is interested in learning more about what your friendly military complex is doing in our day read Tom Horn books he’ll fill plenty in for you. And if you want to check out vibration remember 432 Hz . I’ll just add this in scripture people say angels why can’t we see them because they vibrate at different speeds then we do so they have to slow down so we can see them. Angels are close to us now the chances the energy will slow down for you very unlikely. But it is possible maybe if your walking in the spirit instead of the flesh. ?

  12. Mary W

    Long episodes are the gift that keeps on giving! Wes put mr Morehead on more often . Can’t wait for Quantum Bigfoot to be out! Happy safe holidays to all. Gotta go to work . Casinos like hell , are open on christmas!

  13. Pat T

    Wes, love hearing from Mr. Moorehead, such a compelling guest, sounds like an awesome book coming out soon I hope. Thanks for breaking down the 911 call, never gets old.

  14. Bruce D

    Wes, great show, but that is what we all know we will get when we listen to you. Really glad you rose above all the crap from years gone by. The true testament of someone who knows their own truth. Happy New Year!

  15. hickory67

    Spending Christmas alone this year. The family has gone to Disney – but someone had to stay and feed all the animals and I didn’t have the leave hours from work to make the trip. So this was a great way to spend the evening – thank you, Wes! Merry Christmas to all!

  16. Curtis G

    Great show, as always. Your show is great and a world class act, as I always say. Love the Christmas music you guys have been playing for the last few shows. God bless!

  17. SantiamLady

    Amazing episode, Wes!?????? Thank you sooooo much, and Merry Christmas to you and all your awesome guests! ??
    I’ve always found Quantum Physics both fascinating and mind-bending! It explains a lot of the “high strangeness” we, as humans, see and experience from time to time. We think we see, and know, everything that goes on around us…… we don’t…..not even close. ?
    What Ron was saying, about everything being connected, brought to mind the Quantum Physics idea of “the seamless whole”. A concept I find fascinating, and that I subscribe to. Everything is connected, but we can not see or feel a lot of it. God knows and experiences all of it, knowing the beginning from the end. He and is Angels function on a plane that is beyond us, as humans, unless He chooses to let us see and hear.
    Quantum Physics has always reminded me of a 3 year old child (us) trying to make sense out of his Dad’s (God) Dictionary. ?? We can grasp an idea here and there, just enough to blow our minds, but it takes a real genius to even begin to really understand all the concepts of Quantum Physics. For most folks, like me, the theories of Quantum Physics, while jaw-dropping, end up making your head hurt!?
    Thanks again for the awesome Episode, Wes!!! I loved it! ????????

  18. Bryan P

    Thanks Wes what a great show. I really like that last guest of yours, Ron, with his audio is fascinating. As well the quantum physics which I have believed in when it comes to Sasquatch. Big foot having special abilities would explain so many things the skeptics keep throwing at us. Not sure about the little green men but just in case I come across one I will not get too judgemental, u never know in this world.

  19. Diane L

    Your last part when you talked with Ron Morehead made me feel like I was listening to Art Bell in his prime. Wes, you are a great interviewer and I love your calm voice and intelligence..

  20. Reid D

    I hope all was well and Christmas was great for everyone!! May your 2017 be filled with Love and joy for everyone!! Thank you Wes for all that you have done for me! Ive killed alot of time with the encounters at work! Probably my favorite is behind the wheel of my mower at work with my ear buds! Peace!

  21. michael n

    I have to apologize to mr. Morehead. I never really gave his research the time of day because I thought he was into all kinds of hocus pocus. But I have huge respect for him having an open mind and not shoving his theory down people’s throats. It turns out I think a lot like he does. Go figure huh? I am right there with you ron. Thank you sir.

  22. Alexander F

    See, Wes, this is where you really show your innate business acumen: There is never a time I need a 3-hour podcast of one of my absolute fav / go-to podcasts than on the holidays. Man, if you could do this every day-before-Thanksgiving and day-before-Christmas-Eve … man, I would be forever grateful. (Just a thought, but if you could release these the day before, as I was noting above, that would be the best, since that’s when so many of us are traveling.)

    Also, I will always take a 3-hour+ show. I mean, come on! That way, I know I’ll get at least some parts that I really will dig. That even allows for the revelation that Ron Moorehead has lost his freaking mind 🙂 … Sorry, but it’s just the truth … any of the Nephilim / global flood stuff just screams 700 Club caller / ‘they’re alllll watching me …. ‘ types. But, hey, to each their own.

    Merry Christmas.

  23. Scott D

    Just my two cents as an atheist… I thoroughly believe in Sasquatch. I have no doubt they exist. However, I believe there is no evidence of any paranormal connection. So much, that I get disgusted and frustrated with any mention of supernatural mumbo jumbo concerning them. While the subject has made some advances recently, it is still quite taboo and ridiculed. I have to deal with it a lot in my circle of friends and family. I have got to stay ‘grounded’ all the time when I plead my case for their existence. I respect Ron for a lot that he has accomplished. But, anyone that mentions supernatural or metaphysical stuff needs to know they are losing ground with me and lots of others I encounter. BTW, I don’t care if I was surrounded by these creatures…. I STILL would not look to any deity ( take your pick, there’s plenty ) for protection or comfort. Thanks for all you do Wes!

  24. mescha m

    I live in Kitsap County, i have always wanted to know which part of the county this 911 call took place in. I am betting North up on Parcells/Sawdust Hill. or out in Seabeck/Holly. Also I didnt realize this was an OLD encounter. its nice to hear some of the back story
    Thanks for the interview

  25. Melissa C

    Is it just me, or does Ron Moorehead have the most kick ass voice…? I could listen to that guy read the dictionary and he could make it interesting just with his awesome voice. Excellent episode, Wes! Love the first hand accounts and Ron’s view point on this subject is always interesting and intelligent.

  26. Janetta V

    THIS, was the greatest show on earth. Just today finished this wonderful three hour show. A big thank you to all the contributers. Wes you are the best. I learned so much and realized how much I don’t know. Happy New Year to all.

  27. mermaidmood

    I really think a lot of Ron Morehead. I’ve listened to him, on this program, twice now, because I want to understand. Because of Ron’s knowledge , life experience, quest for human empowerment by understanding our divine nature, and his great contributions to the quantum-Sasquatch question as well as “capturing” Sasquatch auditory aspects, I credit him. I listen to him with an open mind, and am mesmerized, excited, and yearn for a quest of my own. Thank you to Ron for sharing this with us. Just fascinating. How magnificent to be human with a divine nature, and to quest for our own identity; how we fit in with the unfittable…like Sasquatch. Because—in my experience (my opinion) I’ve always said they just don’t fit. They are so immensely different than anything we’ve ever encountered in our world.

  28. Derek H

    You weren’t joking about “christmas show”, this episode seems more like a religion class.

    Also, the researchers that you have on need to look up the definition of the word “theory”. A scientific theory is a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment. Such fact-supported theories are not “guesses” but reliable accounts of the real world….. if they don’t know and they’re guessing like Ron says he is doing, “hypothesis” might even be a stretch to use, “speculation” or “conjecture” might be better to describe what they’re calling their “theories” since they really don’t know and second hand accounts don’t count as facts.

    You should probably stop talking about quantum physics, its cringe worthy hearing you guys combine natural science with religion/spirituality… that’s called metaphysics, its pseudo science (conjecture/speculation) and has nothing to do with the actual observations of the quantum physics. Other than that, great show.

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