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Giant Bones Found At Lake Delavan Wisconsin, 1912

According to a report that ran in The New York Times on May 4, 1912, 18 gigantic skeletons, buried in charcoal and baked clay, were found at Lake Delavan in Wisconsin. The discovery was made by the Phillips brothers while excavating a burial mound. They were presumed to be the remains of an unknown race of people who once called the area home.

Although they appeared to be very much human, there were some noticeable differences aside from their much larger size. The bone above the eye socket sloped straight back, and the nose appeared to be much higher than the cheekbones as opposed to being more or less in line with them. The jawbones themselves were described as “bearing a minute resemblance to the head of the monkey!”

These giants apparently weren’t the only ones found in Wisconsin. In 1891, The New York Times also reported that scientists from the Smithsonian Institute had discovered giant remains while investigating burial mounds in the ancient city of Aztalan near Madison, Wisconsin. Six years later in 1897, the Times published another report about the discovery of a 2.7-meter (9 ft) skeleton in nearby Maple Creek.

While all of the reports stated that the findings would be further studied and investigated, there appear to be no published reports or conclusions about them.


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5 Responses to “Giant Bones Found At Lake Delavan Wisconsin, 1912”

  1. Paul M

    Seems the giants roamed N.America all over the place. Well for that matter all over the world. And the COVER UP is really World wide. I not sure of all the reasons but l do think they will not just try to duplicate the giants they will modify the for very Ugly reasons. These faints are still alive on earth. They found a alive on in Afghanistan. It killed and ate black ops military guys. But it was hauled out and covered UP. JUST LIKE THE BODY IN THE RIVER IN IRAQ RIVER. WE WENT TO WAR THERE LESS THEN A MONTH. LATTER. KEEP IN MIND. THE ANTARCTIC. AND WJOS BEEN GOING THERE LATELY. THERES A BIG DEAL IN THE NOT SO FROZEN ICE. ADMIRAL BIRD WAS NOT CRAZY. HE WAS CORRECT. HISTORY IS WRITTEN BY THE ONES THAT CONTROL THE MASSES. SHEEPLE JUST FOLLOW .

  2. Richard I

    This isn’t too far from the Aztalan mounds. Giant skeletons have long been associated with mound builders. There are several similiar sites in southern Wisconsin.

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