Nov 10

SC EP:270 Open Mics – Behind The Scenes

Duke and Woody join the show and we left our mics on, we discuss topics we never talk about on the air.  We discuss past encounters and our take on what is going on the Bigfoot world. We leave our mics on and discuss our feelings on different topics in the bigfoot. This is before we interview Linda Godfrey on her research regarding Dogman.





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SCEP270 from Wes on Vimeo.

206 Responses to “SC EP:270 Open Mics – Behind The Scenes”

    • Michael L

      LMAO…The culture of Clinton corruption is coming to an end, finally LOL… the vast majority of Americans have made their choice, so eat crow cry babies…now we see who the real degenerates are stomping through the streets because they didn’t get a participation trophy..


      • Sandra H

        I always felt that most listeners were a bunch of gun toting Rednecks and Woody just proved that to be true. As a black female all I see is the same old racism against people of color being reinforced by people that feel as though they’ve are disenfranchised.

        • Tye H

          Oh so Sandra you’ve choose to stereo type everyone here really? You should re listen to what Duke stated, and wonder why you don’t get it. And get your news from other than national corrupt slanted stations.

          • Sam T

            Another disillusioned person. The most racist people in this world are the ones crying racism all the time. They are disillutioned and cant even get the facts straight. Dont believe everything you hear in the media today they are problem (the media) they spin everything around and dont report the truth.

        • Gumshoguy

          People see today’s Democratic Party as not dead; it’s just seriously ill and pathetically out of touch with reality.

          “I always felt that most listeners were a bunch of gun toting Rednecks and Woody just proved that to be true. As a black female all I see is the same old racism against people of color being reinforced by people that feel as though they’ve are disenfranchised.”

          Racism? Rednecks? Umm sorry but you tipped your hand with that comment friend. Again, another confused, misguided biased left of center to extreme left mouth piece espousing more of the same hateful divisive rhetoric without any idea what you’re talking about.

          “As Black female all I see is the same old racism,” I am sad you feel like that.

          Since you brought up disenfranchisement let me remind you our country has grown tired and weary of the Progressive Democratic Marxist’ loaded words and the same old narratives as catch phrases under a slick guise of being self-righteous.

          It was your Democratic party brought America the likes of KKK, the same party you espouse with your blind accusations my friend. The Ku Klux Klan was born shortly after the cessation of the Civil War in 1865, and around 1915 your Democratic president Woodrow Wilson brought it to the mainstream.

          Your Democratic party brought America such powerhouse names as; Bull Connor, Strom Thurmand, George Wallace, Jim Crowe, and even the father of former Al Gore Jr., all Democrats and all were against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the Republicans proposed.

          Before I go further let me preface this by saying, I am not a Republican, I’m a Independent voter.

          Let’s go on, when Senator Robert Bryd, (D-WV), the former Ku Klux Klan exalted cyclops died a few years ago, Hillary Clinton herself fawned all over this man admitting he was her “friend and mentor,” yes this was the Democratic Candidate for President and member of the same Democratic Party that Obama identifies with.

          Michael Zak wrote about this in his book Back to Basics for the Republican Party and reminds us that Democrats, the party of Slavery, Secession, Segregation and the KKK… fought against equality.

          Some historians believed the KKK served the interests of the Democratic Party, and some went even further in comparing it to a military force or terrorist group for the same party. You may shrug this off as all old history maybe, but the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. So before you throw blanket statements do your homework and understand who the real slim shady is … The gig is up!

          By the way, I am college educated, I’m Hispanic and my grandfather had blonde hair and blue eyes. In my family I have black brother-in-law and nephew. I have Jewish niece, a Muslim niece and a gay nephew. It makes for a colorful get together I can assure you but I am loved and respected by my family and friends and neighbors. Make of that what you may but don’t cast your blanket statements on everyone as though you know how think and live.

          Me? I’m a river baptized American man blessed by God and mama’s sweet prayers. I served two tours in the military and received two honorable discharges and believe in the rule of law and I worked with TRUMP campaign.

          In so far as the Democrat or Republican party goes they left me, I didn’t leave them. The establishment groups of these parties represent global corporatist, and not citizens of this great nation. It is they who drink from the same chalice and bow at the feet of their master, I don’t.

        • Eddie M

          The Willing have spoken. The Un-Willing have spent the last 8 years stealing from Willing whether able or Unable. The Willing and Un-Able will suffer due to these trashy people. A Booger is at least self sufficient…The Able and Un-Willing could learn a lot from them!

        • Sam T

          Another disillusioned person. The most racist people in this world are the ones crying racism all the time. They are disillutioned and cant even get the facts straight. Dont believe everything you hear in the media today they are problem (the media) they spin everything around and dont report the truth.

      • Jeffrey W

        I don’t agree with the demonstrations either but your comment about the “vast majority” was wrong – Clinton won the popular vote so if we go with what you say, Trump shouldn’t be President.
        I like the idea of an open mike show but please, as you stated in the opening, don’t bring up politics or religion. There are other websites for that. I listen to this to get my “squatch on”, not listen to a bunch of uninformed, hateful people.
        I just find it extremely odd that so many forgive Trump for preventing minorities from renting in his buildings, stole money from thousands of people with his Trump University (what do we do when they call the President to court or better yet, find him guilty?), walked in on under-aged girls in the dressing room at his pageants AND bragged about it on Howard Stern show, groped a number of women and bragged about that on the Access Hollywood bus (by the way, these are not just things he SAID but are things he DID). Not to mention the denigrating of a wide range of groups from various minority or religious groups to POW’s and family members who lost sericemen (I’m a veteran and a Republican and can’t back anyone who does not show proper respect for our service people).
        I think you were looking for someone who would stop the nonsense in Washington, help the middle class get better wages and bring back jobs to the US…and you choose a guy who has supported most of the politicians in Washington, doesn’t believe in increasing the minimum wage and has been outsourcing his products to other countries, not to mention buying illegal steel from the chinese instead of our own steel – yeah, that makes so much sense. You guys were conned by the best con man in the world!!!

        • Duke S

          Obama is the worlds best con-man, Hillary best con-woman. We will see how many of the bogus allegations stick as time goes on, and my guess is that ALL OF IT is B.S., Since NONE OF IT was going on before the election got close and Hillary found some liars she could pay to slander Trump.

          • Gumshoguy

            Agreed, Obama is a King con … a fraud, a shill, a practitioner of confidence tricks and deception held together by duct tape and a staple gun . This past election was a referendum about him and all lying the corruption that he entails. Hillary’s best predictor of future behavior is her past behavior and neither her nor Obama have anything glowing to hold up and present to world as a major accomplishment!

        • Karen C

          I find it extremely ODD that your want to listen to Sasquatch Reports but can’t STOP talking about Politics Yourself, enough already Sir…

        • Martin Z

          Ha ha ha ha ha ha! If what you said is remotely true then he would’ve been arrested for his crimes. BTW now that Trump is Prez, he ccould actually give himself a pardon and nothing anyone can do about it. Look why don’t we focus on what Trump can do for this country and not try to see if he’s fit to be the Pope. Like the bible says, he who has no sin cast the first stone.

        • Patricia S

          Totally agree with Jeffery W! ??
          I’m a political Independent & have things I love and hate about BOTH Parties. I’m Pro-Life, & Pro-Gun, but not ignorant enough to believe the GOP can stop Abortions (they never have so far) any more than I believe the Dems will somehow manage to overturn the 2nd Amendment (right to bare arms) because, despite what GOP says, Dems can’t, and never have. But it’s always great for gun dealers every time a a Dem wins Office.?

          I’m also Pro-Environment and Pro-Middle Class, for which I count on the Dems to produce, and they rarely disappoint on those issues.
          I Voted for Reagan & loved the guy, except for his Union Busting stuff. But that’s the GOP for ya, lower minimum wage, bust the Labor Unions, etc….. But somehow NEVER getting around to stopping Abortions. ? And then there’s “trickle down economics”. Didn’t work for Reagan & it won’t work now.

          I would LOVE to see our Boarders secured, But short of a Star Trek force field that extends miles under ground, it won’t work. They’ll just dig under any Wall we build! It will cost the Nation a fortune, and it won’t work. And no……there’s no way Trump can force Mexico to pay for a Wall on American soil, short of threatening to nuke Mexico if they refuse! With his “bomb the shit out of em!” rhetoric, Maybe he will.

          Lastly, I’d like to say that the Election is over, and DESPITE the FACT that Hillary WON the POPULAR Vote, the ancient Electoral College system is still part of our Democratic Process, and we must accept that. These furious Protests have to stop! It does nothing but make people more frightened than they already are, and it accomplishes nothing positive.
          And……if you are an American, & not a crazy Anarchy folks, you can’t say “he’s not my President”! You don’t have to like him. He’s pretty hard to like. But saying he’s “not your President” isn’t a Democratic option either.
          Listen to both Hillary & Obama, if nothing else… They are both telling the Nation that we have to give Trump a chance to lead. We owe him that much. He did win the Electoral College Vote, and sadly, that’s the only Vote that counts in America right now. ? Popular Vote means nothing right now……except to make it clear who the American People really wanted for President.

          • Gumshoguy

            “Hillary WON the POPULAR Vote?”

            TREASON: Analysis Now Shows Democrats Used 3 Million Illegal Votes In Plot To Overthrow Democracy
            “More than three million illegal immigrants cast votes in the U.S. presidential election, according to a report from

            The gig is up!

            People see today’s Democratic Party as not dead; it’s just seriously ill and pathetically out of touch with reality. The motto today is very clear: Either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.

        • Scott A. S

          I just read your comment and wondered if you knew that Clinton won that popular vote by winning 57 to 487 of the 3143 counties, parishes, burroughs & etc… I’m sure that the truth lies some where in between. In either case that represents 1.8% – 15.5% The rest wanted a “Change that they could believe in!” I suppose I’m one of those “deplorables”! My vote had nothing to do with race. I hope we can politely agree to disagree.

    • Tim L

      Please have more of these open mic shows with Duke and Woody! I loved this show Wes! The amount of information and honesty was awesome.

    • Rick P

      Wes, Woody and Duke, this show was AWESOME! As a Christian man the subject matter you spoke of makes perfect sense to me. I believe these things are genetic abominations created ages ago by the Devil and/or his fallen Angels, before(or maybe after the flood of Noah). The holy bible describes these types of things in significant detail where the fallen angels came down from Mount Hermon in the middle east and genitically corrupted the flesh of human beings as well as many types of animals. You guys are doing God’s work exposing the truth to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Godspeed my brothers!

      • Christian L

        You just hit the the nail RIGHT ON THE HEAD, Sir. Bullseye! That is EXACTLY what they are. This show has inspired me to share my encounter with Wes, I hate even telling the story because it honestly makes me sound like a crazy to so many people. I think I’m ready to talk Wes. I’ll email you when I get back from camping on Wednesday.

  1. Alexander F

    Umm the last thing I ever want to do online is discuss politics—but, I can sincerely aver and avow that Duke is the LAST person who should be.

    Duke, sorry man, but you have zero idea what you’re talking about…. like, any poli-sci prof would be dying listening to your definitions. Just … augh … stick to monsters, man.

  2. N H

    The most honest show I’ve heard yet. Wish it was this frank all the time, now you’re getting really close to a perfect show. What I mean by that is not laughing or discounting the folks who see the partial/full invisible thing happening, and also stay open to all possibilities. It is really helpful to hear your selves talk about the confounding nature of all this out loud- “is it physical or not” and so on. Really pleased I stuck around, I almost checked out after the political talk. Many of the folks that have many “paranormal” encounters with Sasquatch and whatever else the other things are supposed to be called are not squarely in any set camp- on a given day my own ideas will change based on new possibilities I run across from other people’s encounters. Again, very refreshing to hear the 3 of you go all over the map out loud, that’s really what happens in the mind of someone who experiences this. Mores shows exactly like this, maybe even a weekly round table or invite others on to do it as well would be perfect.

  3. Nicolas B

    Trump has been able to pay for his campaign, but in 4 or 8 years you’ll be back with the same 2 parties bought by lobbies and corporations, same crap again.

    • Sue H

      Right on, Nicholas! we won’t be owned by foreign governments either. I wish the liberals really saw what Hillary stood for and who she stood with. It wasn’t the American people!

    • Martin Z

      But by that time we’ll know if Trump is fit to be President. I have no doubt in my mind that Trump is a true leader. With an IQ of 152, he’s a bad ass in my book.

  4. michael n

    Well I think that we have to believe the brothers. It would be thex same as not believing someone that says they have seen sasquatch. Why would they lie about this? I have never been on the side of the woo and it is hard for me to swallow this info but I have to believe what they are saying. If they were trying to make money or get famous I would think twice.
    These creatures are just an enigma. I dont think we will ever know to be honest.

    This was an absolutely fantastic show!!

  5. Michelle L

    Seriously, I hate the political discussion. I’m a Canadian and I’ve had it with this election. WTH people. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs but please leave it out of a podcast called Sasquatch Chronicles. If it was called Ars#hole Podcast then talking about Trump would make sense. Let this place be an oasis with monster stories and zero talk of politics.

    • Mark B

      Michelle L whether you realized it or not you just talked politics by calling Trump an Ars#hole. Now that the elections are over your just listening to a few people decompress.. Plus you have to remember the show title is “Open Mic”

      • June P

        In America, the First Amendment gives us the right to free speech, among other rights, contained therein.
        Wes, as the founder of the show and the man who holds the ‘cards’ here, has every First Amendment American right to discuss, on his show, the topics of his choosing. This is the difference between the American Constitution and other government’s guarantees, or lack there of.
        I wonder how many people have actually read the Constitution and truly thought about how it affects those who are delivered by it.

  6. Anthony C

    You guys are a riot! Lol. Woody, nice come back to your brother. Sorry, Wes. I gotta give props to your bro. I still like ya Wes. Duke, great points. I do agree with you all about the politics.

  7. Anthony C

    Also, I like the fact that Trump has so much money and the other millionaires and billionaires and corporations could not buy him. He is not a typical politician.

    • Patricia S

      No….Trump is just a typical misogynistic, pathological liar! Not to mention a raging narcissist, and a downright mean, horrible person!
      I’m a white, college educated, woman of retirement age, and I can’t believed this Nation elected a bully who brags about his perceived entitlement to sexually abuse women!!! (I was a victim of a sexual assault, and when I look into Trumps eyes, I see the same haughty entitlement that I saw in my attacker’s eyes that night. I was an object, a piece of meat, to him. I see that same mentality in Trump’s eyes.). Not to mention his ridiculing the handicapped, any woman who’s not a perfect 10, grieving Gold Star parents whose son died defending America, and our brave Veterans who suffered under torture as POWs! He “likes heroes who don’t get captured”????? I’d like to see Trump go thru what John McCain endured for American and see how HE holds up!
      Sorry all……but the things Trump SAID he’d DO, if elected, TERRIFY me, and I’m still curled up in the proverbial corner, softly weeping in fear. Trump has, for now, stopped threatening to jail his opponent, or change the Constitution (1st Amendment) to allow him to “sue” the Media for covering the things he said and did, or “bomb the shit” out of someone.
      He was calm and kind in his Victory Speech, and that gives me a bit of hope. He went from accusing Clinton of being a criminal that needed to be jailed (never mind that FBI cleared her) to praising her 30 years of “hard work” for “all Americans”. Despite the fact that I’ve seen Cutting Horses who can’t pivot that fast, it still made me feel alittle better. He promised to be “everyone’s President” and to that he “wouldn’t let us down.”
      I hope and pray he’s telling the truth now, and that it’s this new calm/presidential Trump that shows up for work in the White House, and not the red-faced, bellowing, angry bully Trump that we so often saw during the campaign.
      God bless America!

      • Duke S

        The FBI has not “Cleared her”, they are investigating the Clinton Foundation as we speak. The NYPD is investigating her for child trafficking also, she is a criminal and compared to her Trump is a paragon of virtue. Get over it. She will be in court, if not prison…….

          • Janetta V

            Amen again and again!! And it’s not Hillary, it’s Hellary and if you saw her in the dark, she would have red eyes. Anyone who believes in killing babies at full term, as she does is not of God.


        • Irene A

          The case for the 11 women accusing Trump of sexual harassment is making its way through the court system, as well as the lawsuit against Trump University. Can the Trump campaign NOW produce his tax returns? How do we now he’s not “in bed” with Saudi Arabia unless he discloses his tax returns? His neck ties are made in India, and his suits and shirt made in Mexico. I want to see him brings those jobs to America. I can’t wait to see what the first six months of the Trump presidency will look like. Thank goodness for checks and balances!!

        • Mark B

          Duke S. People are gonna think what they think and will NOT be swayed no matter what. The only thing left to do now is just sit back and see what becomes of Clinton and see how President Trump guides this country.

        • Patricia S

          So…..? Why then did Trump praise Hillary’s “30 years of Public Service to America” in his Victory Speech???? So, was Trump lying when he said he wanted to see her in prison during his Campaign, or is he lying now when he praises her long record of public service for America????? Weird huh? ? He was either lying then, or he’s lying now. Which is it? ???

          • Gumshoguy

            We’ll just have to wait see Patricia … if Obama doesn’t pardon her for her crimes first … let’s just sit back and see what develops … then you can answer your own question.

        • Kathy S

          I agree Duke, Clinton is a criminal. Even be comparison, Trump is not a paragon of virtue although I did vote for him. Honestly, 2 weeks before the election, Trump wasn’t even a blip on the radar for me… I just didn’t like him. He came on my radar when he posted his promises to the american people… I downloaded it and was very impressed.

          After that, I found information that exonerated Trump of disrespecting a handicapped journalist… apparently he makes those same gyrations when talking about anyone who gets flustered about answering a question, not just handicapped people. There were a few other things too that made me consider voting for Trump but the final thing was he had the best chance of beating the evil one, and I wanted more conservative judges on the supreme court.

          Hillary is not guiltless, now instead of 30,000 unsecured emails, there are over 650,000 unsecured emails. Anyone else would suffer greatly for just 1 of these emails but her supporters are ready to forgive more than 1/2 a million infractions. During the debate, she tells details about launching out missiles… ugh! She stayed with a cheater who got #@%&jobs in the oval office. They stay together because they both have the dirt to put each other away for many years!! She didn’t even have the decency to talk to her supporters that night… she was even an hour late to speak the next morning.

          Up until the last day, I was leaning 3rd party candidate… I’m not convinced on Trump but I still believe he’s our only hope.. Our country is so corrupt & he’s the only candidate who I felt was not already in someone’s pocket.

          To the gal who was sexually abused, I too was sexually abused as a child & even though Trump’s as crass as can be and has been an ass to some, he even talks a good talk about his sexual conquests but I never got a sexual predator vibe from him. However, I’ve known 3 master manipulators in my almost 60 years of life and the Clintons have them all beat… they’re good, real good. I just wish more could see this.

          Folks, you do realize that most of the people who are supposed to be representing us, regardless of their party affiliations, have gotten rich by representing themselves with the lobbyists. Honestly, this election was hard and I can’t fault anyone for their choices… though I do fault riotous behavior. It’s time to dust ourselves off & give Trump a chance… remember he’s not sworn in until January but after that we’ll see.

          That’s my 2 cents worth! Wonder who Sasquatch voted for? 😉

      • Gumshoguy

        The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and neither Obama, Bill nor Hillary met the smell test. The gig is up sorry!

    • Gumshoguy

      Good of you to mention that Avis, the Electoral College was a product of the brilliant framers of the U.S. Constitution who envisioned, despots and dictators some day would attempt to circumvent our laws by opening the flood gates to illegal immigration and swell the popular against the will of the people and their right to hold free elections.

      … somebody spreading a false dichotomy boastfully rambled on how Hillary won the popular by 150,000 votes and yet, 1.5 million illegals are already fleeing the country 3 days after the election in a rush to beat the January 8th inaugural ceremony when DJ Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States.

      Good or bad, the Electoral College is a safeguard against lawless invasion …

  8. Gabriel H

    My two cents then I’ll shut:

    As a Canadian the election campaign was frustrating, and at times infuriating to watch, and I’m on the outside. I feel for you guys south of the border.

    Alexander – Respectfully (really, I mean that) I’m of the opinion that Duke is correct. As an example I will even include a link to an article from one the most corrupt media corps that has been pushing to sway public opinion to accept lies – the Guardian – in case you or others are not aware, WWII did NOT end as we are told. Hitler lived out his life peacefully in Argentina, and the FBI declassification is easily found online. Here is an article from The Guardian detailing how the Bushes – Prescott Bush specifically – were funding Hitler:

    Lastly – really enjoyed the show. Thank-you

  9. Daniel S

    Todd is going to make sasquatch great again!!! Sorry, could’nt help myself………….. P.S please ask your celeb’s to stay in the U.S build a wall to keep them in if you have to. V0m8t, V0m8t,p155

  10. Robert C

    My brothers father in law had a brief encounter years ago. He’s a big game hunter and has traveled all over the world. He is not one to make up stories. He told me he saw a creature along side of the road driving home one night. As he approached a curve he caught a glimpse of something hairy and bipedal. It stepped over a gaurdrail and seemed to disappear into the woods. I asked him if it disappeared because of the forest being so dense. He said no… It seemed to disappear before his eyes as they made eye contact.. He got the feeling it was supernatural. This was extremely strange coming from him because he is so level headed. This episode reminded me of that story. Great show guys! Keep up the good work!

  11. Avis B

    OMG… You guys are on spot.. on all of it.. nobody is wrong .. everybody is right.. I could have made all the connections for you guys.. to show that you all are right… Please I would like more..!!! Thank you for saying it out-loud… I have listen the first time now I am on the second time..

  12. pam purple rose

    This episode was EXACTLY what we, as SasChron listeners, wanted and needed.
    It allowed us to get to know your personalities, thoughts, ideas and insights.
    The demonic aspect basically can be applied to anything, animal, inanimate or human object.
    It explains the “gifting” successes, and the ” mindspeak” and the evil emanating from some of the critters.
    As for Dogman, oh how I hate that name, that thing. I waited 40+ years to say anything about what we 3 experienced on that fateful camping trip. How do you try and explain what you see, feel, and fear when you think ABOUT what folks will think of you ? I know if I were to hear the encounters and never experienced it myself, I would just not be able to believe the story.
    What it taught me is , when anyone says they saw a UFO, an elf or a ghost I am a hypocrite if I laugh at them. BUT it explains that all of these could be something possessed by something demonic. Not all sasquatch are possessed, but anything dogman like is truly something of an abomination,.

    • Gabriel H

      Well said Pam

      And regarding the Predator discussion: Paulides went ahead and included an encounter with this phenomenon in Hunters. It’s the final tale in the book and it happened to Bruce Maccabee’s wife. Bruce Maccabee is a well-respected optical physicist. David was so impressed by the account and Bruce’s reputation that he was compelled to include it. Fascinating stuff. Scary as hell. But fascinating.

  13. Frankie P

    We know demon possession can happen to humans as well as animals, what if some are possessed, and others aren’t (sasquatch, I mean). Now, the dogmen, on the other hand, according to a lot of religious traditions, animals are much easier to “possess” by demons than we are, so why can’t it be both ways… Dogman – evil, period, and Sasquatch – occasionally possessed?

    I have to say – I am horribly uncomfortable talking about aspect, but this show was GREAT! Maybe you should have a sit down and talk show on whatever… once a month! This is a keeper guys – great show.

  14. Kristen

    At risk of sounding like a crazy person, I will tell you all I heard this crazy theory one time that “Aliens” prey on us for our souls. If you think about it. Humans have souls whereas animals have spirits. I’m not saying this is true but if that’s the case, it makes sense that demons would posses one of these creatures- as they are maybe easier to take over and control. I think sometimes that all these things (Dogman, Sasquatch, Aliens etc.) are the same thing and the spiritual warfare the bible talks about is truly happening on earth.

    Wes, I think you should have more of these shows. It was a fun podcast (minus the politics). I still love you guys even if you votes for Trump or didn’t or whatever.

  15. Jeffrey H

    I was told not to get into politics or religion with my clients and it worked well for me! That said, I’m happy the way things turned out on the 8th! 2A! This demon aspect might have some teeth. I have seen a couple pics now with a very small humiod figure on the Dogman’s shoulder or very near him. Crazy as it is, the lady preaching the demon thing just might be on to something! Good show! ??

  16. Maynard w

    Read Pendulum by Williams and Drew if you want to understand the dichotomy of todays politics. I thought it was very eye opening

  17. Patricia S

    Okay…..this Episode…..?
    I love❤️ all of you guys…..Wes, Woody, & Duke. I’ve always been the SC cheerleader, but, this Episode…..?
    You started off with 18 minutes of talking about the Election. (I could have watched Fox News if I wanted to hear anymore about Trump! I was trying to escape from it!)
    Then we spend another 30 minutes bashing other Bigfoot Shows/Investigators. You’ve always said, Wes, how you hate the way Bigfooters eat their own, and now you’re doing it too???? I thought you were above that nonsense?
    Finally, after promising us Linda Godfrey, you guys have a round table discussion about demons for the remainder of the Show instead? Are demons real? Absolutely. Should we be casually discussing them? No! Unless you want to attract them to you! I was horribly uncomfortable with that whole discussion. Nearly shut the Show off for the first time ever!
    But……I sat thru all of the above, waiting to hear Linda Godfrey……. and, NO Linda! WTF guys????
    I hope this is not an example of how the new Show is going to be, cause if it is, count me out.??

    • Wes Germer

      Sorry I wasn’t super comfortable when it came to Operation Sea Monkey, I have no problems with those guys and tried to build a case for them, it was just an open mic night it’s not the new show, I just wanted to share some of the things going on behind the scenes. The open mic night was suppose to only last 30 min not an hour and a half. We may continue the open mic night once a month, I will try better to reel in the conversation. Woody is like Trump he has no

      • Paula B

        I haven’t listened to the show yet, completely, but Wes, here’s the thing. Probably cancelling my subscription S Chron. Not over freedom of speech, or because I hate Trump, I don’t. But this is where I came tonight to escape the election. I work in the media, I’m sick of all the election stuff and I’ve cancelled several online newspaper subscriptions, too, over their poor quality reporting on the election. Man, this really upsets me. I’m sorry you asked that question. Will cancel for sure, now that I’ve ‘talked’ about it. Just did not want to hear another word on Tuesday night, or the campaign, for a long time. Never, ever expected you to go there. Thought I was safe. So sorry. It’s your show of course, and I’ve loved it. But this is bad timing for my exhausted self.

        • Campion G

          I usually don’t care for politics in conversation , that being said I appreciate the honest talk. woody bitching about people asking for money and other people giving it to them made no sense. If you didn’t give them money and it didn’t affect you then stop bitching. I’m sure you don’t want people telling you what you should do so stop the bitching ! The rest of the show was amazing !!!!!!!! Seriously. Listened to it twice . Would love to hear more on the subject and I liked the open mic. It gives you guys chance to take show down different avenues and mix it up . Great show Keep it up.

      • Kathryn C

        Wes, I loved Open Mic and please don’t cut it short because one person is unhappy with the format. I enjoy hearing all sorts of different subjects. You’re never gonna make everyone happy about every subject but there will always be some that do. It was obvious that you weren’t comfortable about the Sea Monkey subject but I think it shouldn’t affect your reputation or show because your guests spoke against it. I just really hope you continue exactly like this show, many subjects, many opinions. Please, please use your own judgment and not don’t worry about a few complaining.

      • Jayson B

        I listened to it this morning, then again at work tonight. I love the way you guys rib each other. The candid thoughts and the way Woodman speaks his mind. This is your show Wes, you can never please every one. keep up the good work my brotha. you guys have a great thing here. I am like a recruiter for your show, five new people addicted to the chronicles . thats what they call it. keep pumping em out.

      • Cindy W

        Wes, you didn’t do anything wrong so you dare apologize for your show. Most everyone and especially me loved it!! It was like y’all were talking to me as we all sat around discussing different topics. I loved hearing y’all’s views on different subject matter. Yes, I do understand why y’all talked about politics because the election JUST happened the night before – not like it happened a month ago! Please don’t change a thing when y’all have open mic night. You will never please everyone as you already know so don’t try to. Just NOT going to happen. You are you and because of that is why everyone who loves you listens to you. You don’t owe anyone an apology for being you on YOUR show. You did good and be proud of that. I loved it as did most folks. Keep on doing it cause like I said, it felt as if we were talking to each other. Loved all the topics as well as the opinions of everyone! It always amazes me how people can get offended by someone’s opinion but then get mad when the same thing happens to them! Don’t change!! Love you cuz you so rock!!

  18. Chris I

    Hey Wes I really enjoyed the show. I’m going to send you an email in regards to the demons. I have a little experience there you might want to hear about and I could definitely use someone to talk to who would listen and not judge. I really enjoy the Bigfoot stories but this hit close to home!

  19. Kathryn C

    Hillary lied and lied and lied and lied and lied and lied. Trump spoke the truth and was very unpopular for it. So it makes you wonder if Hillary had told the truth, maybe she would have been unpopular too!. It was one of those , lesser of the two evils but I do have hope that maybe americans can learn to be proud of America again.

  20. Gary C

    Got to say it was nice to hear an honest opinion on the election and the protests that followed, as a United Kingdom Independence Party politician I’m thrilled that Trump got his Brexit plus plus plus don’t let the protestors take that away from you.

    I’ve been waiting for an update on the brothers and their story just gets more amazing, I wish you could get them back on truth is by far stranger than fiction

    Wonderful to hear you debate current Bigfoot events, excellent episode keep it up .

  21. Maynard w

    The “predator” thing reminded me of an incident in Hunt For the Skinwalker. It screamed at a person meditating on the ranch.

  22. Nathan E

    Austin, TX protesters proving that after all it is still the state that hassled the hell out of our Big Thicket fans. 😛
    Oh well, like I care here… Yay for Woody & Duke being back on the show! Good to have Linda Godfrey on the show too. She has some of the best stories, and she was the origin point of Dogman as a cryptid worth knowing.

  23. Kathryn C

    Hey guys. Really enjoyed your show tonight. Please continue. The three of you make good conversation and don’t step on each other while talking. It’s very comfortable. Anyway, wanted to mention again that Scott Carpenter, a bigfoot and dogman researcher, has several videos on his sight where he’s filmed bigfoot cloaking. Check it out. And maybe have the brothers see it so they don’t think they are crazy.

  24. Ainsley D

    I am almost finished with this segment of the Nov 10 show but I just want to comment regarding the weird aspects of Bigfoot and of Dogman. I have my personal beliefs as to what these creatures are but that does not mean that I “know” what they are. What I do appreciate from Wes, Woody and Duke is their courage to discuss all aspects of the phenomena and that is refreshing. Guys who are willing to state their minds and let the Devil take the hindmost. Few there be today who are man enough to do so. Too, I am not offended by the political discussion at the beginning. I am an American citizen and we Americans feel we have come through something historical, unique in American election history and I like most, exhausting. As for me, I consider my subscription to Sasquatch Chronicles a worthy investment. Now I am going to listen to the 2nd half of this program in a few minutes.

  25. Maricela C

    Sasquatch please. Your views on politics I can do without. Duke whistles when he talks how many teeth does he have missing? Investigate that.

    • David R

      That’s not very nice Maricela! Not everyone has perfect teeth! I’ll bet if they were happy if Hillary won you would be all for it wouldn’t you?

  26. Faydra R

    Loved the open mic show!

    Maybe someday you could interview the Spirit Medium?
    It would be interesting to hear her version of what happens with the brothers. ?

  27. Jay Carlsen

    What does the Native American say ? Do They not all say they are a Primitive Tribe of People ? That These Things have abilities that We do Not ?
    I do not believe these are Primate. The Native Americans say they are a People. I would wager it being Neanderthal related ? As the Episode of the Tooth Marks on the Deer Bone ? The Shoveled Incisor ? Which is exclusively a Neanderthal condition. Are They a Nocturnal Nation , who are able to SEE The Infra Red of the Camera ? Do They have a Different EYE than We Do ? To see such Things ?
    Isn’t THAT Crazy ?

  28. Stephanie G

    Delete. Delete. Delete. Fast forward. Fast forward. FINALLY! Got to the good stuff. Let’s talk demonic, Sasquatch, etc. I’m an atheist, but o love to hear what others think. I don’t believe in heaven, or hell, or demons, I respect you if you do. We all have to make sense of our universe with the tools available to us within our belief system. Find all this fascinating. Thanks guys!

  29. Wayne B

    I thought that open mic idea was briliant .Politics a side talking about what these things are, and what they do, and how people think about what they are is just fascinating Project sea monkey is just very typical of so called elite/celebrity types doing what they want on others money.Mind you the real dummies are the donators that funded these clowns .I would have thought folks might have smelt something fishy right from the start.

    More round table open discussion on just what these thing are would be nice, maybe you could once in a while grab one of the members to join you to give their thoughts on the subject as not evryone has had an encounter. But we still have our ideas on Bigfoot and what goes on in the bigfoot world.
    Have fun Wayne

  30. Stephen W

    Well I enjoyed that session, on the election we had the same thing with brexit , this election campaign and protests is a carbon copy of it ,you could see what the EU has done to the uk crippled us ,and to see America going the same way is terrible but it’s also our fault for letting the people we elect getting away with it ,trump is a man of business and American needs business and Clinton was in the business of war ,god bless you America hope you get back to your former republic best of luck ,Steve

    • Duke S

      Thanks Steve! Believe it or not, my primary concern was the current push for war with Russia, and the likelihood Killary would double down on it and there would be a nuclear war. All other concerns do not matter if we are dead! Stopping WWIII is security concern number 1, everything else was a secondary issue to me.

  31. Dovie D

    I enjoy sasquatch chronicles but can not stand Donald trump and he did say I will fix things. Go back and hear his speeches. He is racist and sexist. I can’t stand looking at the man. He’s cheated people out of money didn’t pay workers and cheated people out of their college money. He still has court. He thought because he was rich he could grab a woman what an ass!!!

    • Irene A

      Wes, there were several snippets of the podcast that the audio repeated itself. Also, when will we hear from Linda Godfrey? Thank you

  32. Dovie D

    I just wanted to add that the two separate occasions years ago I was home alone ( which I have been several times ) when I was awakened by the sound of suffaling on the side of my home next to the field and the horrible smell of sulfur and a septic tank eruption. I was so scared I thought something was going to break into my home. I attempted to look out of my bathroom window where it was coming from but something was blocking the window which is 4 1/2 feet up and the window is two feet tall. Our Senser light was broken out and a street light and something had gotten into our garbage can that has an attached lid you have to lift up. It took me months to sleep with the lights off when home alone. There was even a few years we would be awakened by our door bell being rung at 12 -1am of a morning and could not figure out what was going on. We live at the edge of city limits in a rural small town. I recall closing our blinds all the time because I felt watched. My husband would always ask me why I was closing them we had. I neighbors on that side of the house but a tree line and filed. I never saw one but from what I know now I’m sure we had a few coming up to our home. I usually keep that bathroom window open and looking back recall thinking I heard someone talking outside or would think my husband said something and I would ask him what he said and he replied he didn’t say anything. Yes I strongly believe they are closer then people think. The wind didn’t break our lights or the street light. I recall being upset having to pickup garbage on the side of our home. A dog or raccoon could not lift that lid up. The can stands 3 1/2 to 4 ft high

  33. Janetta V

    You guys were so great. I love the open mic, please do it often. Such a nice addition to the usual bigfoot show, which can get a little old. Keep it up. I so look forword to it. Goodbye Paula B. You will miss them. j.v.

  34. Derek R

    REGARDING THE BROTHERS, AND TO ALL WHO DONT LIKE “RELIGION”….(No disrespect intended, Christianity used to make me uncomfortable too) THERES ONLY ONE NAME IN ALL CREATION THAT HAS THE POWER TO STOP DEMONIC POSSESSION, ALIEN ABDUCTION, CURSES,AND EVERY OTHER DEMONIC AND EVIL ATTACK, JESUS!!! NOT BUDDA, NOT ALL THE GODS OF HINDU, NOT MOTHER EARTH, NOT SOME POWERFUL WICAN MAGIC. IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!! I’m not trying to preach and I’m not trying to offend anyone. But if you believe there’s real EVIL there has to be good. And if that’s the case , why does the demonic only submit and fear the name of Jesus. To all, have a great day. ” In every encounter we either give life, or we drain it, there’s no neutral exchange “. SPEAK LIFE

  35. Robert P

    Great show again. Love the political talk. Still kinda shocked 50 million Americans ok with starting a charity then ransacking it.

  36. Cindy W

    Love the name of this show – love y’all talking about all kinds of topics. I totally agree with everything y’all said. I’ve said the same thing. Talk about great minds!! What bothers me the most is the idiots who voted for Hillary!!! I think you need to take a political test before you are able to vote because most of them don’t know anything about her or politics! She has been proven to be a criminal in more than 12 ways!!!. This show was great. Thank you for catching us up on the brothers. I have been wondering about them but I wasn’t expecting what I heard!!! Oh and I to am tired of seeing the Don Peak stuff – it’s on everything BF. Y’all are Fab as always!! Thanks so much for a wonderful show – Wes you so rock!!

  37. Dee V

    Wes, you have a good head on your shoulders. What I hear hear, is the human tendency of corruption. Corruption in government, and even in the Bigfoot research hierarchy.

    Under each US presidential-administration, there are those who feel oppressed, forgotten, and ill-used. I can tell you this election is those people, mainly the geese that lay the golden eggs–the middle class–saying ENOUGH!!! Saying we are sick of politicians. Sick of huge promises, lies, criminal activity, stupidity in MASSUVE spending, that builds a house of cards that this country will not survive, when it falls. that day was coming swiftly.

    Everywhere corruption. The American voters said we are sick of politicians. We are sick of the Clintons, we are sick of higher and higher taxes to support too many social programs. We are sick of administrations, like Obama’s, spending like drunken sailors. Trump deserves a chance as a successful businessman to solve the insolvency woes of their country, and stop the slide of our cities looking like Detroit.

    People are easily taken cadvantage of. Like the American taxpayer. Like those who sincerely want answers to mysteries.

    Ok..we GET IT Woody, you have a problem with those who eat lobster and crab, (whilst on expedition) and are handed easy money. At the end of the day–People are free to give their cash where they want. Let them learn from their mistakes. If they will. They’re free to follow the dictates of their hearts. Accountability? Well, what is it that they present, and what do they report to their supporters? Let it be up to the people who have a stake in it, to decide upon support, or pulling the plug.

    And BTW–I’m sure someone would be glad to buy you a nice seafood dinner.

    For myself, it’s so DAMN awesome to feel like I actually have a chance to NOT be taken advantage of anymore!
    It’s so DAMN awesome to believe as a small business owner, my family just might make it! Because we haven’t been with crushing taxes, and a $1200 monthly payment for “Affordable health care” that then says my deductible is $10,000 a year. That ain’t health care. It’s my family paying for everyone’s else’s healthcare. We cannot afford to go to the dr. We cannot afford paying out of pocket thousands upon thousands of dollars each year, BEFORE any relief. There’s been a war in middle class Ametica. The class that lays the golden eggs for the govt


    P.S. So many folks saying they’re moving to Canada. Crashed Canada’s server at immigration. I’ve heard ZERO people saying they’re moving to Mexico. Now isn’t that interesting. Isn’t that telling. Isn’t that the racism they deplore in others, but is just peachy in themselves.
    No question marks needed.

  38. Scott D

    No one is forced to listen to any one episode. The current liberal mindset is that if they don’t like something, they whine or pack up their toys and go home. It’s immature and one of the problems with society, and unfortunately it manifested here.

    Wes, Woody, and Duke, run the show the way you want to, not in response to those who don’t like what you do. You will attract more authentic listeners instead of those who are so easily offended they bolt at the first sign of discomfort.

    Sasquatch Chronicles will grow by being your authentic selves. There are episodes I am not too fond of, but I just don’t listen to them then. And still yet, others are fantastic…which is why I stay. Thanks for all that you do.

  39. DOUG S

    Wes…I have been meaning to write uou, but after hearing this episode, I think you are thinking what I was going to write. What keeps coming back to me is if BF is ONLY a flesh and blood primate, why does the govt go thru great lengths to cover up its existence? Like UFOs it is still a mystery. What about reports of orbs in the vicinity of creatures? I don’t claim to know for sure what they are, but I am confident that there is at least a demonic control or guidance happening at least some of the times. Great show!

  40. Gerard C

    I loved this show. I think I am one of the few Europeans not worried about Trump. He is a loud mouth, but he is not stupid. He will work it out and I think Trump will be a president much like Reagan with the slight difference that Trump is much more of a Democrat than Reagan was…

    Also, I must add, I really love simply just hearing you guys talk about other things than Sasquatch. It does not always have to be about these creatures. I love the brotherly rivalry between Woody and Wes. It makes me wish I had a brother. So much love expressed through teasing and rude remarks. I love it.

  41. Thomas M

    I love this show but Jesus, stick to the topic. I’m from New York and Donald Trump is a well known con man who regularly screws people over. Please don’t talk like he’s some kind of business savant/savior. I hate Hillary as well, but you’ve been conned. You want big business out of American politics? Donald Trump is the epitome of the negative aspects of big business. If anything, it’s going to go full throttle in the opposite direction of what you were hoping. I guess in the end it didn’t really matter who won, they both suck and we the public will be taking it in the ass either way. The Donald won’t using lube tho. He’ll be draining the swamp alright..right into his and his cronies coffers. Enjoy the next 4 years, remember who you’ve voted for, get on you’re weather gear for the impending shit storm, and by all means turn off the iphones/tv’s/bullshit news, wake up to reality, and demand real change not empty words and promises. We the people have the power. Organize and mobilize. : )

    • Dovie D

      Thank you I knew he was a con man and I live in the Pacific Northwest Oregon. I agree he’s not stupid but crooked as all hell. He has conned the people. I worked with criminals for years and could see through this. Hahaha wait until you see what he does next. He has court coming up too. Wow wow I can’t stand that man. Sexist pig

  42. Ruth B

    Really loved this and hope you do more . Having listened to almost all the shows twice (that was fun), it’s nice to hear updates, like the We Need Help show. It’s also an opportunity to hear about encounters that Wes has been told about by people that don’t want to come on the show–I don’t mind hearing those account even if it’s secondhand.

  43. Brian R

    Good chemistry. Good discussion. If you plan to keep doing this then keep any topic open…no off limits…no taboo…and just let the convo flow. This idea won’t work if begin setting up arbitrary boundaries because you don’t want to rustle someone’s jimmies. I really enjoyed this.

  44. Robert V

    Loved the show.

    There is nothing enjoyable about running into something demonic. My son and I ran into one of those orbs while camping. It lead to a demonic encounter. I chose to stay in the car. One of the reasons I did is at the time I felt the Demon would have brought an animal or a Sasquatch to the area.

    There is nothing fun about having the “gift of desernment.” Sensing something evil you can’t see or having a knowledge of why a spirit is haunting a place isn’t fun.


  45. m99

    Wow Wes. I wish you would get a witness from Louisiana sometimes to speak of rougarou encounters. Very interesting show tonight. We really enjoyed it. Thanks.

  46. Dovie D

    I love vacationing to Mexico and would love to be able to afford to purchase a home there. Trump is as curupted as they come. I worked with criminals for years and can tell you he is as dishonest as they come. Elections have concequences and as time goes by all will see what I mean. Put someone in power like him and all will see what I’m referring to. I plan to enjoy watching ????? love it

  47. Jacob K

    Trump hasn’t payed taxes in 20 years ! He owes contractors over 80 million and he won’t pay . So he is just as bad. Now we have kids in school making walls screaming trump and threating Muslim kids. Just what we need .

  48. Jacob K

    Make America great while he used steel from china. To build dump towers . He paid them but not the American trades worker that built them. Yep he definitely the saint out of the two . And for dukes information the nazis took socialist party out took Germany over.

  49. Taylor W

    Woody is my new hero, Duke is a freakin genius and wes we love you.we are not researchers, or experts. We are all trying (trying ) to learn

  50. EDWARD D

    USSR – UNION of Soviet Socialist Republics…….if you can’t even get the name right it shows that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about……stick to making up bullshit about aliens fighting wars with humans beneath the earth…….keep the people fooled all of the time while Trump bends us all over and shafts us good and proper……Hilary is a disgusting crook …no doubt about it….and so is Trump…the idea that a narcissistic squillionaire will do ANYTHING for ordinary Americans beggars belief….

  51. Taylor W

    When I had my first had my encounter I wanted to kill every one of them my whole life has changed I’m scared I don’t understand. What Am I supposed to do

  52. Sue H

    Awesome show. I love the banter back and forth, Wes, Woody and Dukes though and Ideas! Made me really think about what Sasquatch really is. Very scary but needed conversation. Can’t wait for the new show!

  53. Michael D

    Absolutely loved the show guys. Appreciate the honesty and straight talk.

    To me it’s interesting to see the variety of comments but I wonder how many would feel comfortable/confident saying what they type to the group in person. Probably very little.

    Keep up the great work, site content continues to impress!

  54. Pat T

    Wes and company, great show!!, Wes you did a great job retelling the story re:the two brothers, love hearing how they’re at peace now that they’ve called on the name Jesus to rid their property of these things! “Greater is He who is in us than he that is in the world”! Keep up the open Mic forum!, Loved it!

  55. Danny H

    Open mic means just that people. Please do this show more then once a month! It was fantastic! I love how its the same people who complain but still continue to listen. Keep drinking your Haterade. Nobody cares.

  56. LoraLee A

    Thank you for the talk you guys. Although it is a close call, I am still more afraid of these creatures than the human political craziness.

  57. Alan H

    Last summer there was an account of a man and his son driving near the Big Thicket. A Sasquatch was in the middle of the road trying to peel up a dead snake (interesting visual). The son recognized what the creature was but the father drove up to it, got out holding his Bible and began rejecting the Beast. Considering the show tonight maybe it was the father who truly recognized what It was. I’m still flesh and blood and Dogman free though it is an interesting conversation. I’m also a Bible believing Christian so I am listening. And please, it’s Revelation without the ‘S’. In order to believe the brothers claims I’d have to hear it from a third party.

    Discuss religion and politics all that you want.

    • Pamela C

      I was very disappointed to hear a political discussion tonight. As I have always heard and practiced the rule of not discussing religion and politics I was surprised to hear this on a show about Sasquatch. So as I exercised my right to vote I will now exercise my right to no longer subscribe to this show. I have been a member for nearly three years but tonight’s show crossed a boundary for me.

    • Gerard C

      One of the best podcasts on the topic of BF is about a lot of things besides BF. (The Bigfoot Show). Just hearing encounter after encounter does get sort of boring, does it not?

  58. Jay Carlsen

    ( And Here I Am. Binge Listening again ! My Name is Jay Carlsen & I have Had this Problem before there was any Members ! )
    I was Born & Raised a Democrat from Detroit Mi.
    Until 1992 When I started working for the Oil Field. I was Determined to do This Job. As I had just been Told I could not Join the Service ( They do not want Broken People like Me ) ( Motorcycle Accident in 1987 ) And I had just Lost my Job where I worked along side a Marine. He Was STOKED That I was planning on Joining the Corp . & He had all sorts of Stories of Service . But every Once & a While ? He would tell Me of this Oil Field Job called Seismic Survey . But it was a Hard Job & He didn’t Think I could do It ? ( But SO FAR I have done everything I have Put My Mind Too ) & This Pissed me Off ! I would tell Him ‘ Flip You Buddy ! You think I can do The Marine Corp ? But I can not handle this Stupid Oil Field Job ?’
    When I got Fired … I got a Job through Manpower . The First Check I cashed , I found a Business Card on a Bill Board in a local Store that was ” SEISMIC HELP WANTED ! – NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY – WILL TRAIN ON SITE ” ! I took It & filled out an application. When I returned the Next Day to leave a Message Phone Number ? They handed me a W-2 & Told Me to show up for Work Tuesday !
    I was Young. I showed up for Work with a Pony Tail off the Top of My Bald Head. ( Like a Harry Kistna ) ripped up Megadeath Tee Shirt – Black Fatigues – Combat Boots . Punk Kid .
    After 3 weeks of Doing whatever was ask of Me. After Work one Night , as the Job was coming to an End . When I returned to The Shop & seen the Drillers standing around a 12 pack ! I walked up & found them Taking about the Up Coming Election. I was Even Offered a Beer ! After I drank 1/2 , & there was a Lull in the Conversation … I Grabbed My Opportunity & Stepped right up in the Middle Of These DIRTY MEN & asked Them all ‘ Well Who is Going to Vote for Bill Clinton ? ”

    It was Then ; that These Fine Gentlemen corrected My Error.
    First & Foremost – NEVER Vote Against Your Job.
    2) Republicans Like Guns
    That Made enough Sense for Me ! I have Been a Republican ever Since !

  59. Clayton S

    Awesome awesome show Wes! So glad y’all had this conversation of the sasquatch/dogman/nephilim/demonic subject. The followup on the brothers was a very fascinating story and how you elaborated on the trailcam phenomena and how they are near impossible to catch or prove and how you talk about the feeling of fear and being watched. Hope to hear more on the subject. Maybe get that spiritual medium on. This show reminds me a little of a cross between Darkwaters Inside Baseball, Darkwaters Live Shows, and Bigfoot Crossroads. I love the freestyle talks. And Woody, thanks for giving Wes the idea! ??

    As for getting rid of ’em, the brothers should consider using tannerite (if I spelt that right) ???

  60. Clayton S

    And Wes, don’t apologize for the talk of politics and religion. I like to hear honest opinions agree or disagree. I voted Trump hands down btw. He’ll do good.

    Woody had the best political commentary also.

    As for the Beast, I’m open-minded on what the lady says about the Beast coming out of the earth. May be a layer of Truth to it. The primary focus regarding the Beast is the revival of the Ottoman Caliphate. The Beast represents a coalation of Islamic nations ruled by Turkey. Remember the Beast that was wounded in the head and was revived. It’s the Ottoman Empire, once dismantled, then will be revived. Keep your eye on Turkey. That’s where antichrist comes from. Revelation states Pergamos being the “seat (or throan) of satan”. Pergamos is in Turkey. Check out books God’s War On Terror by Walid Shoebat and Islamic Antichrist by Joel Richardson. Here’s a video of the Mark of the Beast you will find interesting.

  61. Robin B

    Thank you for the chat! Excellent time!
    I live 5 minutes from Snohomish…the whole Snohomish County itself has always been squatchy

  62. Karen C

    THANKS for the entertainment, It was all great! Have to listen again so I can catch everything. A nice closure to over a year of Politics, were all glad its over but Very Happy with the results. It’s going to be a wonderful Holiday Season Now…

  63. Jacqueline N

    Love the open mic concept but got 10 minutes in and turned this one off:(. Don’t want to come here and hear politics! Another Bigfoot podcast I was enjoying one day decided to go off on Hillary Clinton. The hate and anger was such a turn off to me that I no longer listen to him. Tried to give him another try and he is just not enjoyable to me anymore! Hard to let it go. Please keep politics out of your podcasts:). I hope you decide to stay on topic in the future. Lots to discuss in the crypto world!

  64. Joseph C

    One of the better shows,should go down as a classic. I would put it in the best “top ten” category. As a person who primarily listens to right wing/Christian, geopolitical, 2nd amendment, and paranormal talk shows, I loved it ! Being an ex Californian who fled that God awful state in ’98 and who now currently resides in SW Washington(a few miles from Wes and Woody and maybe 15 or 20 miles from their encounter location) I do appreciate the fact that when I recreate in this beautiful state of ours, I am comforted by the fact that I can possess a firearm to protect myself. This is something Hillary would have gladly taken away from me and others like me. We’ll soon find out if Trump makes do on his promises.

  65. Gale R

    LOL I loved the show. By reading the comments here I can also tell who only watches the sick media and repeats what they’ve been brainwashed to repeat…like puppets and who really researches the information…Clinton Network News aka Communist network news ….Go Duke You spoke the truth! Thanks.

    • F S

      Okay. Just listened.
      Good information.
      All of the threads you have gathered are correct.
      There is PROOF as to what these are and why phenomena follow them.
      I hope it comes out soon.

  66. Erik B

    Great Show! I have a friend you should talk to Wes… I thought she was going the way of the “flute player” but maybe there was some meat to her stories and dealings with these “things”. PLUS my episode is the 2nd half of 215 and I have to wonder about the Fox Grape vine I saw swinging back and forth after our encounter at my aunt and uncle’s house where we had the 3 trying to, what I believe, get their neighbor’s dog across the road from them.

  67. Zach S

    By far one of the most interesting informative and my favorite show too date from Wes Woody and Duke. It Kept me glued to my car stereo. The story about the 2 brother’s was mind blowing but had similarities to other shows and witnesses that have contributed to your show for many years Wes. Thats what makes it so freaky and scary. It wad early morning when i was listening, the sun was out but i was petrified. Like Woody said its stuff not to be messed with! Down the rabbit hole we all go on this program. And we might not like the answer or truth if the two are connected. Bigfoot and well you know the old lady that disappeared in the story. All i can say is WOW!!!!!!!

  68. Vivia A

    Politics aside, great show very interesting, the ghost lady the two brothers encountered added a whole new dimension. It reminded me of the Pilliga Princess, some believe she Iives with the Yowies in the Pilliga scrub. There have been strange Yowie encounters in that area. Recommend listening to Bongo’s story (You Tube).

    • Duke S

      OMG! I simply can’t listen to Bongos encounter without breaking down in tears, that poor guy! I have posted his encounter to my group 4 times now, but for someone who has had a bad experience with Bigfoot, it is traumatic to even listen to that!!

  69. James E

    Wes…. I love it…! The new studio sounds awesome. The lows and highs… crisp and deep. Bravo…! Damn, it’s depressing to hear such hatred in the comments. Without self love, people have to look outside of themselves for their validation, and when they don’t get… well, just look at these comments… Adult Brats, who couldn’t possibly know all they claim to, otherwise they wouldn’t feel the need to throw temper tantrums on social media. Woody and Duke are fantastic. You guy’s chemistry is great. And the 3 of you are bright, intelligent guys. And Wes, your approach is still beautifully calm and non-judgmental. Funny and scary. Keep up the “Open Mic’s”…. you know you’re on to something when people completely fall to pieces.

  70. Doug K

    Hey Wes. I am so glad that the brothers have found a resolution for their problem. This was absolutely an eye opening episode. Thank you for sharing this with everyone.

  71. Jeremy J

    I thought Wes was a shill for the longest time. I was ready to cancel my membership. This open mic changed my mind. Congratulations Wes for opening your mind to such things. Follow the evidence!! You Cannot be a true researcher/ investigator without an open mind!! Follow the rabbit. ✌?️

  72. Monica S

    I found this to be an incredibly interesting show. I really like the different views and explanations for what these creatures really are. The standard descriptions of experiences always seem to leave the experiencer/listener with a feeling of dread or angst. This is what you would expect from something that is not natural or has a tendency towards an evil side.

    Please continue these discussions since a broad view of this subject is much more useful than a single track mindset that excludes other views/beliefs/histories etc.

    Thanks!! Monica

  73. Blair D

    Love, love, love having Duke and Woody on the show!!!!!!!……Duke is a wealth of information…….. Would love to see more side shows with Duke about aliens, ufo’s and underground bases. Or other government cover ups……… Wes , you and the boys are killing it!!!!! Everyone has a right to his or her opinion…….. And most would never have the balls to voice them publicly for everyone’s scrutiny…… Good on you guys!….. Love this show and all the hardworking that goes into this website

  74. Irene H

    Sheez, not,sneeze. I want that time back in my life that I had to listen to the political cr*p. I am here to listen to info about the dogmen. BUt I do agree that it is a facist state. But have to laugh at all the EO that Trump has signed. Lol. Do not compare the youth to where you were at when you were young. That is arrogant. Now please no more politics

  75. Irene H

    Good it finally quit reloading and when it reloaded this last time I was able to move the the first part. It felt like a continuous cycle through hell, lol.

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