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SC EP:254 It had a look like “I’m going to kill you” Reloaded


Steve returns from SC EP:249 It had a look like “I’m going to kill you” Steve took my advice and spoke to his friend who is in law enforcement, and both men returned to the site of the encounter. You might be surprised to hear what happen to these guys when they returned. Steve also shares what his friend told him about these creatures and how they handle encounter reports. After returning to the site and spending time with his law enforcement friend, Steve was paid a visit letting him know he saw a bear and not to discuss this in the future…

Background: Steve writes “I was completely frozen with fear I was 20 feet from the shoreline and this thing was about 10 feet in the tree line… I could not do anything except sit there and stare…. I watched it for what seemed to be forever but it was prob a minute as this thing was going nuts…. And as quick as it started it stopped, I was in the coast guard and went through several training and all but nothing could prepare me for what happened next…. I was at the point of fight or flight but there was no way I was gonna fight…. As I tried to gather my thoughts and pick up my jaw and figure out if I pissed myself or not …this palm branch moved to the side and I saw this …… Monster… Just staring at me.”



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    • Michael L

      Yes, and then some. That is the best double back and only episode yet. He did what Wes said and came back for part two.
      We need more double back part two’s, one of the best of the best episodes yet. Even the shadow government…

    • Kory A

      Very good show Wes. Steve if your reading this, you did a great job on this interview and it takes alot of balls to go camp less than a month of were you had your sighting. Mark Zaskey is the man when it comes to research in that area, you should contact him and I guarantee he’ll have photos of both creatures you two saw!!!

    • Jordan B

      Zaskey is a fool? Have you seen his footage? Wow a member of sasquatch chronicles and you are nocking Mark? He is a REAL researcher doing real research. His footage is the best! Only time until the public takes notice of this relict hominin

      • F S

        I think we should all be free to ask hard questions in a respectable manner to ANYONE – even the host. I don’t think we should call people names or throw a drive by insult. That’s what a troll does.
        If you have a point that bothers you, clearly and concisely submit it.

      • F S

        Okay – checked out Mr. Zaskey (as in a quick drive-by of his FB Page – do not know the gentleman personally).
        Apparently he is a “Blobsquatcch” proponent.
        I have no doubt they will find tons of Sasquatches in every picture.

        • Stacey H

          I have followed Mark Zaskey and Melanie McCartney since his first discussion with Wes on his show. Since his encounter he has begun looking into the conspiracy of Sasquatch coverup in his area of Florida. He has been searching for YEARS to obtain clear pictures an evidence.
          You simply can’t base assumptions on “drive by” examinations of someone’s FB page. This is my opinion. Mark and Wes are friends as well. I really don’t think Wes would associate with blobsquatch proponents.
          Thanks, Stacey Winks- Hurn

  1. m99

    ~One question I’d ask, Why did the guy’s buddy report this to the office?

    ~Maybe the government put them there

    ~Consumed by these things? Perhaps because ‘these things aren’t supposed to exist’?

  2. Erwin A

    That was an amazing episode. Thank you for this show Wes because it really keeps people informed of how to be and what to look for in rural areas. The information discussed in all of these 254 episodes could save lives. I’m sure it has many times already. I hope the law enforcement officer gets through this okay and hopefully it won’t affect his employment. This topic really consumes people. I haven’t seen it myself but I’m consumed already with all of these encounters. It’s beyond any entertainment for me. There are real folks here who are affected. Again thank you and a big thanks to all of your guests past and present.

  3. darren w

    Hey Steve. Mark Zaskey is the guy who lives in florida. Episode 125. Great Episode.
    Awesome show guys. Wes, I would love to hear you and Mark chew one of the guys ass together. It really IS infuriating how they treat the subject and throw their “authority” around trying to intimidate people. Thats “law enforcement” for you.

    • Brad S

      @Shay W, just curious, why do think this guy is lying? I’m pretty skeptical of some things about this subject but this guy didn’t seem like he was lying to me. What was a red flag in your opinion.

  4. Gary C

    Great show, really credible and very brave for them to go back.
    Good idea to take Mark Zaskey to the area, I wouldn’t describe Mark as a fool as he’s out there right in the thick of it and there are not many people getting their hands dirty.
    Can’t wait for the truth to come out


    • Doug F

      I don’t know…I think I would take Wes’s advise and not go back there. If both Steve and his law enforcement friend were accurate in an assessing that this was an “older individual”, he may be a displaced/disposed alpha with only a smaller territory to call his own. Neither of these men indicated that they saw signs of more than one bigfoot and he may be pushed into trying glean limited food resources from limited hunting ground. That could make a creature more aggressive and territorial; it certainly makes humans act like that as well. I say this only because they go back to this same area and encounter him again. They didn’t have to hike around or spend days searching and trying to find this sasquatch or his signs over a large area. He was just there. The level stare the creature gave his friend is actually more disconcerting because if contempt and contemplation were the wheels turning behind that face he could be making plans about what to do when this happens again in the future.

  5. Jay R

    How about “I saw a huge dude in a Bigfoot costume”?
    This is where LE answers to a chain of command and not the public it serves. The Man wants it his way or the highway. Anything existing outside the controls of human existence gets relegated to such treatment. Whether it be dogman, Bigfoot, UFOs or who knows what else represent a threat to the order of our societal structure and thusly denied its existence. Yet, that only constitutes the thinking of an ostrich with its head in the sand because the event still occurred and the creature remains.

  6. Maynard w

    Thanks again Steve for sharing your encounters and for the glimpse into the drama associated with reporting it to the authorities. Great show Wes. And the ‘doughnut shop’ card- well played.

  7. Frankie P

    Wow! This was so good. I ‘m glad he went back and got some sense of not “seeing things” that weren’t there; I’m sure that helps a whole lot. Sorry his friend is having such a problem with not only seeing one, but his own bosses; I mean, really? Reminds me of those 2 guys we’ve heard show up so often – different person same bulldozer attitude. That is just uncalled for. If there is a reason, if they told you, most people would be more than happy to comply, but being run over by a bully makes anyone resent it, and talk anyway. You’d think they would have people with better people skills by now. Thanks Wes, just such a good interview, and you are aces in my book!

  8. Christine J S

    Wes this was an excellent show; so pleased (and saddened) that you predicted the actions of the LEO superiors involved in this encounter. Whatever naïveté you had after your first encounter is TOTALLY gone. When you speak now your credibility is at the top; your fans can truly trust and respect your judgment. Thanks for all you do. Steve good luck learning to live with your new found knowledge and being brave enough to tell the truth.

  9. Bruce D

    My God..with all the crap we have going on in our country with violence in cities, Isis, and our government is focusing on an animal that has every right to be here, but they don’t want to admit to it, WOW! what a sad state of affairs!

  10. MONTE M

    Fun stuff . I think an AR in the eye mouth or throat would stop anything same with a 12 guage slug or 30.06 . It’s gonna stop it .
    Thanks for coming back on and sharing again .
    Why the coverup ? So many reasons .
    Logging , Govt liability on past occurrences ( what happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas but doesn’t mean it did not happen ), religion , hysteria , widespread panic , people not feeling safe , etc .
    Maybe Facebook live will have something to do with uncovering the truth . A viral live video ?

  11. Steven J

    Reading between the lines it sounds like he was on BLM land or national wildlife land of some sort out near Cape Canaveral or Cape Kennedy. I’m basing that off as references to the NASA in the launch pad some things like that His description of the law-enforcement gentleman who paid him a visit reminds me of the BLM gentleman that was in the raid in texas.

  12. Joyce E

    Wes and Steve really appreciate the original encounter and the reload encounter with his LE buddy. GREAT conversation between you two guys. Thanks so much for sharing. Wes thanks for all your hours and effort producing the show… is really appreciated.

  13. Dave T

    Reloaded a great show. Steve, I’d call Zaskey up and take him out there. That’s one guy who’s got the balls to walk right up to that booger and shake his hand. If I was a betting man however. I’d say that booger is already a corpse in cold box on some military base. That state troopers superiors wanted that detailed info for a reason and like Wes said, the military has probably paid that island a visit and gave that skunk ape a one way ticket.
    “You saw a bear.” What a laugher. You need a new one Gary. How about you saw a hairy manatee? It is Florida so it kinda fits.

  14. MONTE M

    The episodes were creepy / scary . I have never experienced Bigfoot or skunk ape . When I came to believe it did consume me and it affected my thinking at much lower level as someone who had seen for real and maybe . Less shock and awe but still profoundly changed in realizing the creature exists and the larger part of world citizens fails to believe . It is such an interesting subject due to that .
    I think if Wes had a TV show and went to locations with guests or had guests darkened and unrecognizable who were uncomfortable and did not want their identity shown , or just spoke with some who were not actually present on the show , that it would be one of the best shows on TV . SC is a movement and gaining steam . A TV program would take what Finding Bigfoot started and add the seriousness and professionalism that Wes adds and the subject needs and thrust it into the spotlight . Wes is getting people to feel comfortable talking about it .

  15. Don O

    I’m glad this guy survived his initial encounter unscathed. It could have been so much worse, and sounds like it would have been had he not acted the way he did. Having his friend with him during his second foray into that area likely reduced the odds of aggresion. And I understand about being “consumed” by something. I think it happens a lot to people who get slapped in the face with a paradigm-changing event, and suddenly realize that there is not only more to the world than what we know, but that there is more to the world than what we are told. That the world really doesn’t work the way we are supposed to believe it does. That there are some pretty amazing and frightening things being deliberately kept from us for reasons unknown. When you are staring something in the face that isn’t supposded to exist, it does change you in a fundamental way. I wish Steve all the best, especially now that he knows something that he isn’t “supposed to know”.

  16. moderator7

    Steve Will Get Along With Mark Zaskey
    They Are Both Fisherman And Mark Is A Great Guy
    The ‘Authorities’Can Try To Coverup All They Want To But The Truth Is Coming Out
    The Massive Amount Of Groups, Pages, Youtubers, Podcasters, Local News Reports Etc Must Be Driving Them Nuts~Lol!

  17. L S

    This was a great episode. I like the real emotiond exchange. Not sure about what the poster above said about Missing this side of Wes, but I hope he hasn’t changed.

  18. James G

    Great older episode. For anyone’s future encounters that involve LEOs, wonder if you could immediately go back to vicinity and hide some game cams and see if military or LE show up??

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