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SC EP:249 It had a look like “I’m going to kill you”

Steve writes “I was completely frozen with fear I was 20 feet from the shoreline and this thing was about 10 feet in the tree line… I could not do anything except sit there and stare…. I watched it for what seemed to be forever but it was prob a minute as this thing was going nuts…. And as quick as it started it stopped, I was in the coast guard and went through several training and all but nothing could prepare me for what happened next…. I was at the point of fight or flight but there was no way I was gonna fight…. As I tried to gather my thoughts and pick up my jaw and figure out if I pissed myself or not …this palm branch moved to the side and I saw this …… Monster… Just staring at me.”



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67 Responses to “SC EP:249 It had a look like “I’m going to kill you””

  1. Janice P

    Wow, Steve! I’m glad you’re alive! I think you should tell your FWC friend and your wife. I think you should warn your kids and friends. Your encounter is very legitimate sounding and your friends will at least react sympathetically to you and help you out. Can you take someone with you when you go next time? Try some breathing techniques you can find on youtube.
    Also, nobody wants to say this but there may be more than one which is why most think you shouldn’t go alone.
    Thank you for telling us your experience.


  2. Martin Z

    Hey Wes I just listened to a podcast from Ground Zero with Clyde Luis a few days ago. Clyde was talking about the video of the game warden that was buried in leaves. Clyde said it was a male because he seen at the 5 second mark a weiner on what ever was on that game cam. The game wardens encounter is starting to gain exposure. Ha anyone else seen this male appendage on the video?

    • Martin Z

      BTW Clyde Luis has a nation wide radio show at night and mentioned that the encounter of the game warden was on Sasquatch Chronicles, so if you get a flood of new members, that is why. Clyde also had his own encounter for the first time at the SETI Center in Sequoia somewhere.

  3. Frankie P

    Awesome! Wow… Incredible encounter, and so scary… what a helpless feeling to be in the water that close to it. Boy, I feel for him so much. He’s already gone through the worst though, it’s just working through it I hope. I wish he thought he could tell his wife, and maybe he will soon. Hope he lets you know how his fishing trip goes, and that he concentrates on that instead of this one experience. Thank you Wes! Great one tonight.

  4. Adam Stewart

    Wes im In SC and have done some pretty amazing research… not that im AMAZING its that north Georgia and SC have seriously incredible activity involving bipedal cryptids… and I believe I found a hotspot… but im scared to go alone. Im trying to get a couple military friends to back me with guns and cohonas. Ill keep In touch… I am going for a good video or a corpse. Wes for prez.

  5. jennifer g

    Steve, thanks for sharing, i had an encounter in the 6th grade in 1977…..sooo many people have…i absolutely must say i agree w/ all of Janice P’s thoughts/advice…….anyhow good luck to you & prayers.

  6. Dovie D

    I agree Wes steve is really lucky to be alive. This Creature was upset because Steve was there and scared off the pigs. The pigs we’re his meals. Steve mught highly consider taking a weapon with him or a partner in another boat. I know I couldn’t go back but By no way without a weapon. Steve trust your wife. She may acctually be supportive.

    • David R

      I was thinking Ted Nugent! That would make a great video. Ted going out to hunt Sasquatch with bow and arrows! lol Then again Ted has a shit load of guns that would work!

  7. Kathryn C

    Gary B had a great idea, Steve. You really should contact Mark Zaskey at Crypto Reality. He is a Bigfoot researcher (and a lot more) in Florida and I think he could really be a great guy to talk to Steve. I wouldn’t wish an encounter like you had on anyone. I hope you’ll be able to get through it but you definitely should talk to someone knowledgable about Sasquatch like Mark (and Melanie). I’m a huge fan of theirs and truly respect the work he is doing. Steve, Thank you so much for coming on and letting us hear your encounter.

  8. Janetta V

    Too bad you couldn’t get a flame throwing gun liked they used on the Jap. islands in WWll, and light that baby up. I would love to see that. At least take plenty of flares with you. Thanks Wes.

  9. June P

    This was a scary encounter- poor guy, you could hear the emotions in his responses.
    Sometimes I think people scarcely realize we really do have a strong animal survival instinct. When the chips are down, we switch into that fight or flight mode and your body is doing it before your brain can say, “what the heck??”
    I agree on the fact that taking photos, getting recordings- all that tech stuff goes right out the window when primal fear walks through the door. We are animals and for the most part we know how to evaluate a situation in a split second to stay alive. So yeah, grabbing your device to snap photos is NOT PRIORTY!!!! ??????? otherwise you would be taking a dirt nap.?

  10. Taylor P

    Wes I love how you let people tell there experience with out interrupting them all the time with speculation and wild guesses .. Thx for all your hard work your the best.

  11. Eric H

    Great show,……. I have a hair brained theory of what they are. I base this on the fact that I have not yet seen one in person, obviously Im guessing.
    I dont think Humans are natural to this world. I think our DNA has been effected , or designed. and I believe this was done eons ago. Which may have effected other species as well.
    I think Sasquath are natural to this earth and are remnants from before the “enhancement” and have been left that way by the designers for whatever reason they do stuff.

    • Gareth M

      Hi Eric

      Humans DNA has being effected & tampered with and with for sure.. 100%
      As have every other organism that has ever existed on Earth for the last 1.2 billion years. If mankind aren’t from this world and the Sasquatch are then surely the “enhancement” has been a good thing..?(Houses, toilets, clean water, medicine, libraries of knowledge, a written history, democracy, rule of law, education,)
      Peace Eric I honestly wish you well my friend

  12. joseph b

    I’m with Wes, SHOOT IT – don’t act like some kind of wigger and try and use one hand – if possible drop to one knee, use both hands on your sidearm, take a deep breath (if possible) and put those sights right on it’s mouth and SQUEEZE (try not to jerk that trigger) off 5 shots – don’t empty the gun if possible – you may need a round for yourself
    If you don’t think you can hit the head, the softest, thinnest tissue is in the pelvic area and the pain is unreal – if you have a .40cal or better, there is a good chance you will damage it’s spine and drop it – aim anywhere from it’s nuts to the area that would be below the belly button
    You people with 9mm’s – leave those home for paperweights – have at least a .40cal with good ammo or a .45, however the rounds you can buy for a .40cal are WAY better than any .45cal garbage.

  13. Rich A

    Hey sounds like although the witness didn’t have a camera or gun to point at the thing. The paddle may have worked. Maybe looked like a gun to the ol squatch.

  14. Nick H

    Lots of good encounters on SC Wes, I have listenened to them all at least once 🙂 I think this one is one of my favourites so far. I usally listen with my earbuds in late at night close my eyes and put myself into the shoes of the guest. I think I would have died of fright or at least needed new pants after this one. Thanks for sharing this with us Steve!
    Keep up the great work Wes!

  15. michael n

    Thanks Steve and wes. Sorry wes but from some of the comments you’re just not the guy to talk to if someone’s had an encounter. I guess you just dont know enough about bigfoot yet…
    Thanks for all the work you put into the show and website wes. This is my home away from home. I appreciate you and the guests.
    Have a safe and happy holiday.

  16. SantiamLady

    What a story, Steve! Yikes! ? And so recent! Terrifying! You handled it just right, and I fear Wes is right about what might have happened if you hadn’t!
    I think it sounds like you Deffinitely interrupted a hog hunt, ?and that Sasquatch was pissed about it, wanting a piece of you in return!?
    I know you don’t feel lucky, or blessed, now. But you are still breathing! You saw something few others have, and you survived it! ????????
    Wes, great job as always man! ???Thanks!

  17. Gerald G

    This show was awesome wes, every detail was so right on like you,, we understand what it’s like to be in that situation. I’m still sick inside for not allowing you to air my encounter I’ve lost friends been told I was an embarrassment. But it’s so appreciative you took the time to listen to me and not belittle and berate me. I’ll never forget how terrifying it is to not know if your going to die. I’d still would like to take you there some day I know your to busy now for, that and I understand. To be honest I don’t know if I’ll ever go back in the woods again I’m past that stage of I need to see it again. After last year I believe they were tired of messing around with me interrupting their hunt. And I feel they where saying last time. Good show wes thanks for being there when so many let me down. God bless

  18. Robert W

    Great show Wes. Worried about his acute PTSD lasting this long…

    He should seek help in the next week or so if the hyper vigilance symptoms persist. He is at risk for drug related issues as he self medicates his anxiety (e.g., DUI, inadvertent drug overdose). Good luck!

  19. Diana A

    I really appreciate STEVE for coming thru with this scary encounter. Wes, you are getting very aware of the beings intentions, I am impressed. You went from,”its a gorilla,…its wants 2 eat you….too bad you didnt put a round in it” to a person understanding the habits and patterns of th being you have intently observed and studied. VERY GOOD!! I have learned plenty from by Native American Heritage by being a gather of materials in the forest and being told of how to behave and accept beings in the woods. I have been learning about what common squatchers dont know!
    STEVE: With your experience, which is amazing(i am glad it wasnt me!), you are kinda ‘gathering’ like I do. However, what you are doing is taking life away by fishing. That life is food that struggles to keep its balance within our horribly maintain and unkept environment. This makes the being mad at “us”, but they understand our needs and intentions. If I were you, I would take a gift or offering that recognizes the “being” and incident as being real. Such as a safe fishing lure? Something that represents what you are doing. State outload, like you were speaking to the forest, that its for him and/or sorry for catching him off guard.
    I know Wes and the groupies think gifting or offering is out of limits but they dont know the being. We offer for the reasons I stated. And its just not for the being you met. Its for the cycle of life that effects all. Balance that the being thinks you are abusing needs to be recognized. He may be checking on the area or moved into the area because he had been shoved from another developement being created somewhere near or far where he resides.
    Our cultural rules: leave some or half of what you catch or take for him by setting it towards the forest. Its like a trade. You are in his area, you need to make barter/payment.
    Steve, you may consider bringing an unarmed bigfoot searcher along with you when you need to go. Carrying a camcorder will make it warey of being seen too.
    BTW I love how you “made yourself bigger!!” Genius!!

  20. Debbie C

    When you feel that overwhelming petrifying anxiety, I hope you give Wess a phone call!
    Or, talk to one of your friends you completely trust.
    If you do go back to where your encounter took place, I think you’ll be more aware and less hopeless feeling than your first sighting.
    Your interview was perfect! Your actions towards this bigfoot is spot on as well.
    This was an amazing show tonight!:)!

  21. lee d

    We are not alone,and never Where , people need to wake up custom guess what there’s alot more things out there , maybe I don’t no but maybe that’s why the government cover shitup cus,alot of people can’t Handel it,its rocks your world and you need a clear mind and prave,heart to Handel this shit man this is not the movie s

  22. Tye H

    Great show Wes,,, I laughed there close to the end of the show were you said, if you weren’t alone you might of just had rocks thrown at you. I wish i could my 2 no believing friends to listen to this show. I just got back from Colorado this weekend. Me and my 2 prospecting buddies were on Cashe Creek 16 miles north of Buena Vista last week sluicing for gold. I had to walk up the creek valley to retrieve some gear i left the day before. While i was gone they had rocks thrown at them. They never seen or heard anything. One of my friends had his gun in his pack, but i always had mine on me. I didn’t even want to think about big foot while i was there.

  23. Peter C

    Who knows why it backed off, gorillas bluff charge and possibly this was a bluff, but no way would I go back there alone. Shooting it ist really an option either, even if you had the balls to shoot chances are you miss or hit it somewhere non fatal then it’s really pissed. I’d sooner avoid that area.

  24. Jeff M

    If these things are or are not a government product then these creatures with human like characteristics makes me lean toward Nephilim. As it says in the days of Noah genetic manipulation was going on then and probably now.

  25. darren w

    Super frustrating, Wes, when you start to comment about something and then say, “well I’m not going to get into that.”
    What do you know that you’re not sharing with us?

  26. L S

    Amazing episode. Awesome guest. Horrifying encounter. Nobody ever says it, maybe it’s Obvious and unspoken, but I don’t know about such things naturally… When it parted the foliage and stared at him for 30 seconds, when they show themselves like that to us, it’s more than to see you or to size you up, it’s to intimidate you. Think about it. They spend their lives hiding, being unseen. To expose itself like that has got to be a big deal. Their whole survival is in hiding, to hunt and to evade us and other foes. When they show themselves it’s like, “That’s it! Take this, mofo.” They understand that they are a frightful sight to us and they probably delight in our terror response. I loved Wes’ advice to empty the clip into the thing if it comes at him again. The bad ones should be culled. I wonder what they taste like. Probably nasty.

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