Feb 7

SC EP:191 Do not chase strange lights


Earlier in the week I posted a video of strange lights in the woods (the video can also be found at the bottom of this post). Woody returns to the show to talk about what we experienced that night.

I also welcome Seth to the show who shares with us two experiences he has had with Sasquatch.

My final guest of the night is Steve and Steve writes “I was visiting our family house in St. Étienne de Bolton, Quebec, Canada. There is a creek behind house. My cousin (probably around 8 or 9 at the time) and me (around 13) walked down to Creek like we always did when we went up there. We got within eye sight of creel and we both froze. There was this grayish white monstrous sized thing sitting at the waters edge.

At first I would of sworn it was an elderly thin polar bear. Obviously couldn’t be a polar pear, or a grey gorilla much like the movie congo. As soon as it moved it’s head the slightest bit I shoved my cousin in front of me up the hill and we ran back to the house. I told my parents that we saw a giant dog, polar bear, gorilla, thing and they basically said, it was probably a big dog like our neighbors.

It definitely wasn’t a dog, or polar bear. The thing I remember the most are it’s shoulders. They were bony and decrepit. That’s the only way I can describe it. It was like I was looking at the back and shoulders of a very large and hairy 95 year old man. That’s it. It was a very quick sighting but I’ll never forget it.”



Wes and Woody’s Video – “Strange lights flying around”


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  1. Papa - Yeti

    Of course I believe you brothers, I have to have an open mind in all area of strange phenomenon and cryptid related topics. And you’re right in telling people not to go chasing after strange lights / orbs and creatures in the forests, especially at nighttime. Also I do not suggest that these orbs or light are not a threat, as I remember a year or so back we were discussing Igneous Fergus as seen around the Browns property if I have that right? There a horrific event / encounter which occurred in Eastern Brazil, it was known as: ‘The Aracariguama Incident” which occurred in March 4, 1946, what happened to Joao Prestes Filho is so horrific and well documented, it is still talked about today. He too was very curious as to what was the source of the strange beam of light and very ‘odd / creepy’ awareness, when he leaned out his window and glanced up to the Orb hovering above his house. His flesh started cooking and melting off the bones, a very slow ongoing horrific event, until his death in the hospital, he was conversing with the only man who could stomach the horror of his melt, until his jaw flesh and tendons could no longer support his tongue to form words. It was a very well documented case. There have always been just strange lights reported within the jungles of Brazil and South America.

    keep a good safe distance from them.

  2. Robert V


    The one time my son and I ran into a floating light it was when we went camping. The light turned out to be a demonic entinity. It acted exactly like Wes described; until we figured out what it was.

    DON’T GO CHASING AFTER THESE LIGHTS. If if flashes in and out they are not “angels” they are demons.


  3. Frankie P

    Loved the music! haven’t heard Ghostbusters in a long time… and it went so well with the topics. Really good one Wes and Woody, and I agree – report what you see because we do not KNOW! I’m just not getting hung up weird lights because they are everywhere. (Take a net with you – maybe you can catch a “glow worm” or something and solve it!)… No seriously, no running up and down those mountains guys – not at night. Really great episode.

  4. Paris A

    My Grand Father called these lights fox fire. In 1957, he told me about a time he and three others chased one all night. They had several ideas but never got close enough to know for sure. But I do know this, the lights in the woods predate modern drones.

  5. DonRay

    A sighting like that, is something special Wes… I had a close up with one orange one… very interesting(sent Email)… Both good encounters… drawings or some visual reference is always helpful for the encounters…. Ciao

  6. David D

    Hey guy’s. I guess my family, now mostly deceased, came from some scary (sometimes’), locations. Everything we type and talk about, has already been either seen, heard, or felt, by the old generation. There really isn’t anything new-under the sun. Back in the very early eighties’, about a year after my dad died, my mom as you can imagine was going through rough times. I had stayed home to look after her for about a year. There were times when she almost went off into the deep end, so I and many friends kept a vigil of prayer and helps during that extended time. I was working at a year-round Christian camp at the time, and would still get away for a day or two, every week, while mom was in her fragile state. One afternoon in the late summer, I returned home, and she was real quiet. She told me that the evening prior, just after sunset, she was in her room getting ready to draw the drapes on the south-facing window. That’s when she saw two basket-ball sized lights, drifting downward, slowly circling each other, until finally stopping about six feet off the ground, about 12 feet from the house. She said she wasn’t afraid (she prayed a lot!), but she just watched them for about a half an hour, then they just “vanished”! She said they were yellow-ish-green, in color, and semi-transparent. Weird stuff Manerd!! They never came back, although it was a little creepy, to me , anyway. I didn’t really have, and still don’t, have an explanation as to what these things were. I do know however, that many prayers and supplication’s, were going Heavenward on her behalf, as well as mine. People can infer all they want, they can even try to explain these types pf happenings as insignificant; but mom was truthful. Her side of the family always did have a little of that “old time religion”, mixing about. You know, it’s strange. The older and “wiser” I get, It just seems that I have more questions than answers; strange. As far as knowledge goes’, well, that’s something we just accumulate over time. I do enjoy the “wisdom” end of things, but sometimes’ the why and how’s seem to mix along the way. Mom’s side of the family, had some really neat folk’s; very Spiritual, sturdy, tough as nails, kind. Hopefully, I’ll get to meet some of those old folk’s someday,; then, I’ll ask them a lot of questions-and receive answers! Too-cool!! David.

    • Joyce N

      This orb stuff is weird. I don’t know what it’s bout. Just this past summer, my neighbor up over the hill from my house, saw an orb about as big as a basketball hovering over my house at 10 o’clock at night. My husband was up there fixing his bathroom and he sat down with him and my husband knew he was pretty shook up about it. My neighbor is an honest man, very direct, doesn’t play games. My husband said his hands were shaking very bad as he told him about this, He called me and told me to come up and see Blayne. He’s shook up. So I went up-it’s walking distance, up my backyard his house sits. He often sits out on his porch at night, especially since his wife passed away. He watches over our house when we’re not there. Blayne is a good friend -we’ve been close for years. At any rate, I sat at his picnic table and he came out-I asked him what was up. He said Joycie, I saw something so strange the other night, Ive never seen anything like it. I said Well, take a deep breath and let it out. He did. He looked at me and said, Well, I was sitting out here on my porch, like I always do. Just smoking and enjoying the evening and I saw a light, start out real small and grow bigger hovering over your house. It was pulsating. It looked the size f a basketball from here, so you know it was actually much bigger. He said I just froze, I was going to get my camera and take a picture but I was afraid it would be gone by the time I got back. I was afraid to move. I just stared at it and then it got smaller then shot back to where it started. I swear to God-I’d never make something like this up, Joycie.. So I asked him-what did you feel when you saw this? Did it scare you? Did you feel threatened? He said. Yeah, I kinda did, but not for me , for you. I asked him-You mean you felt it was a threat to me? He said yes. I was like, well, I have no fear of these things. I don’t feel I have given this orb any reason to threaten me. He said when he thinks about it, is hands start to shake . I told him not to worry – There’s lots of things in this life that we don’t understand yet, but they’re here. I told him to let me know if he sees it again. Call the house as it’s going on. Keep your phone on you. So far, nothing. Could be lots of thing-My parents and my oldest sister passed away-it could be them checking on us. It could be my husband’s dad. Who knows. Maybe it’s aliens. My daughter’s boyfriend sees ufos all the time-he shows me pictures of them. He says the ones that disturb him are the triangular black ones. He feels negativity when they’re around. The orbs never bother him. Why worry. It is what it is. I’ve had no history with abductions, my husband has seen a ufo one night walking home with his best friend. He said it crashed and it was glowing red hot. He and his friend were like 13 or 13-they said it scared them so bad they ran the whole way home. This was at the church that is also walking distance from my house.
      Going back to my daughter’s boyfriend. We had a couple incidents, J has insomnia and stays over a lot. He often goes outside to look at the stars-it calms him down when he has a lot of anxiety. I got up the next morning and my door was wide open.-I wasn’t happy-so I reminded everyone in the house that the doors are to be shut and locked -I don’t want a home invasion or to become a statistic. J got upset-I was like -what’s wrong? And my daughter proceeds to tell me that he thought it was a nightmare but the door being open was proof that it really happened. He was having trouble sleeping-went outside, walked up the back hill towards Blayne’s house- up by our shed-we have a really good view of the sky from the backyard. He felt like he was being watched and suddenly a very large black triangular ufo crept over the shed-it was only a couple hundred feet over it-it made no sound-so J ran to the house and watched out the window until it was gone. He said he thought it was a dream. But that was the door he went out and back in, the other doors were locked. Scared the hell out of him. We’ve had several incidents-One was right after we moved here. I don’t know what it’s about. So far, nothing bad has happened. I hope it stays that way.

    • Christian L

      Ditto PPR…..these “BF only fun police” dudes take themselves a bit too seriously and really need to cancel their accounts and move on…..Wes please give them their money back so every time someone posts a non-BF story they stop complaining…..soo tiresome.

    • Jason M

      Why would anyone associate the Bigfoot phenomenon with “lights in the forest”?

      Listen, not to blow my own horn, but here is why I’m very persnickety when it comes to Bigfoot stuff:

      * I just finished my PhD in Environmental Sciences and my undergrad is in mechanical engineering.
      * I am trained as a scientist, and therefore I am highly skeptical of claims that cannot be falsified (btw – this doesn’t mean “faked”, it means they can be tested and there is a mechanism by which they can be proved false) in a lab or in an otherwise controlled environment. I believe in things that can be measured and observed — these are the cornerstones of all science. And only science will prove the existence of a creature like Sasquatch.
      * I do not believe in the occult or supernatural, so any side trips down those topics is simply foolish to me.
      * I guess you could classify me as an agnostic regarding religion; I do not like organized religion, but I do see evidence of engineering and thought in the physics of how everything works. Is it evidence of God? Who knows.

      Bottom line: if you are going investigate something like the “lights”, then do it scientifically. This is not easy. There is a proper and very rigorous procedure for this… the same one that should be applied to studying Sasquatch. But this IMHO subject really has no place along side the serious investigation of Bigfoot/Sasquatch.

      • John S

        If your are honestly about using a scientific approach to investigating a phenomenon you don’t yet know everything about, then how can you justify arbitrarily discounting and or not reporting any or all data that you simply don’t think is related? What if it turned out the two things are indeed significantly correlated?

        How would you know if orb sightings are relevant to Sasquatch or not until you collect enough data to prove your hypothesis either way?… unless you already know everything there is know about Sasquatch ?

        • Jason M

          OK. And what can *you* tell me about how to collect data? Or how to interpret data statistically? Can you show me any credible body of data about the “lights” phenomena? I’ll give you some measurements that might be useful for scientifically recording such phenomena in the future:
          * Times
          * Weather conditions (including air temp, humidity, wind speed and direction)
          * GPS Locations
          * Elevations
          * Luminous intensities of lights (read from a light meter)
          * Color spectra (this would tell us the chemistry of whatever was giving off the light)
          * Temperature readings (from a hand-held laser thermometer)
          * Sounds
          * Ambient light conditions (e.g. moon, snow on ground, nearby city, low cloud ceiling, etc.)

          Also, Wes could have held the camera perfectly still for a minute or two so that we could see if it really was moving.
          All of this would have been valid data from which one could draw some logical conclusions. I highly doubt that Wes collected anything that a scientist would consider valid data. Sketchy night vision videos don’t really cut it.

          Not that Wes is incapable of doing so, but he’d have to be a lot more rigorous in his approach. For example, LEOs are trained observers: that’s the kind of attention to detail (at a minimum) that would be necessary for scientific data collection. You have to make those kind of exact, objective observations. Like Sgt. Friday used to say, “Just the facts, ma’m.”

          And just because two things are correlated doesn’t necessarily mean that they have any relationship to each other.
          That’s Statistics 101. 😉

      • Bryan H

        This is exactly why science can’t prove shit. Listen and listen carefully my friend. Humans only use a fraction of there brain. By that, we use less than 10% of our brain. So what we don’t use, is a shaimful waiste, so we pretend that we are the smartest things on this planet? Science is about cold hard evidence to prove anything, which i find nothing wrong with at all. The lack of what we don’t know, because of the portion of our brains that aren’t being used, for only GOD knows why, is the main reason we as humans are limited to what we know, or can prove. And because of that, anything beyond what we as humans can’t see to believe, have a hard time finding fact on. And with that being said, we also as humans will always limit ourselves to anything beyond what lives, breaths, and bleeds. Once one opens there mind to the abnormal, than maybe you’ll see what you’ve been looking at for so long is now primitive, and it will began to move the human race forwards.

      • MONTE M

        what if my laser thermometer is up me bum waiting for an orb and a Dogman bitch slaps a Bigfoot fighting over my cats food out behind the shed ? Will anything measured scientifically at that moment matter ?

  7. Stephane M

    To Steven L:
    I live only 3 km from St-Etienne-de-Bolton, where you saw the old grey sasquatch!
    I know the Bolton area very well
    and found possible signs of bigfoot there in 2013 (three 14-inch tracks).
    I’m looking for Quebec cases, and yours is very compelling since it happened right in my “backyard”.
    So I would be really interested to know more about your sighting, Steven.
    You can email me at: bigfootquebec@gmail.com
    My YouTube channel is “Bigfoot Quebec”
    Thank you.

  8. David D

    Hey Jason, the definition of paranormal is simply something that can’t be explained by “science”-so-called. Bigfoot, is also paranormal, according to their definition. But, I know what you mean man. Some of the stuff in this world, is just plain scary-creepy! But, you don’t need to fear it, or fear will get the BEST of you, especially if you’re out in the middle of nowhere. That’s when it can get to ya-big time! I practice my solutions, and won’t share them at this time, but, if you check out the creatures’ that Yeshua encountered in the N.T.:scary! Normal man isn’t supposed to see-hear-feel, things like that. David.

    • Jason M

      Wikipedia says: “Paranormal events are phenomena described in popular culture, folklore and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts is described to lie beyond normal experience or scientific explanation.”

      So for me, there is the rub: Nothing lies beyond scientific explanation.

      I firmly believe that for every “paranormal” phenomenon, there is a perfectly reasonable scientific explanation waiting to be discovered. My point is that it’s easy to believe in the occult and the paranormal to explain things that go bump in the night.
      But man left that kind of thinking behind in the Dark Ages. That’s what the Age of Reason was all about.

      Remember, Mulder wouldn’t have been so convincing without Scully.

  9. darren w

    Wes…you and Woody shouldn’t have to be careful about anything you say or post. If I don’t wanna hear about something I’ll wait for the next episode. Nor should you have to censor or “bleep” anything out cuz we all still know what you’re saying, but that is up to you of course and I’m fine with it either way. You shouldn’t have to let others dictate you or your show. I hate blurry indistinct photos and have bitched about them before but that does not mean you should stop posting whatever the hell you want. I’ll still be here to listen to the show. You can’t please everyone all the time so ignore our whining and just do your thing.

    • Jason M

      Actually, I can’t stand the Dogman crap either, but I let that slide since it “could” be Bigfoot related.
      But I draw the line at damned floating lights in woods being anything but a natural phenomena.

    • Stephane M

      Steven L,
      In 2013, I found three 14″ tracks in moss about a mile from where you had your encounter, in St-Etienne-de-Bolton, Quebec.
      The step between each track was 5 feet.
      I’ve been looking for signs of sasquatch in this area for the last 3 year.
      It started after finding a suspicious tree break while hiking a trail. I looked around the tree break to find more clues, and that’s when I found the 3 tracks.
      I also saw once a “huge Chow Chow dog” running away while kayaking. I was drifting quietly on a small stream and when I turned a bend I saw this big furry butt, with long, puffy light brown hair, just bolting away. First thing that came to my mind was “big dog”, not “bear”. At that time, I did not know much about sasquatch, so I dismissed it as a bear. I’m still not 100%sure though this was a sasquatch.
      So imagine my surprise when I found out somebody had an encounter right “in my backyard”. I was amazed to hear you say you thought at first it was “a big dog”.
      Anyway, nobody gives a damn about bigfoot in Quebec, I’d say we are 30 years behind the rest of Canada and the USA. It actually took an American to report a sighting in Quebec. This tell you how bad it is here. The ridicule factor is huge.
      Anyway, Steven, if you have time, drop me an email and watch my YouTube channel “Bigfoot Quebec”.
      I’m thinking about posting a video about your encounter, with French subtitles. Would that be ok if I use your drawing ?

  10. Eric H

    Seems a logical next subject to me…….. so many people that have seen bigfoot have also seen orbs….. it should be talked about…… Im here because I dig bigfoot, and I think Wes has a great talent for presenting the stories and evidence…..
    If people dont appreciate whats being done and they want to see it done a certain way…… have at it ! go make it happen. Otherwise enjoy whats going on dont expose us to your bitching.

  11. Joseph C

    Hey Wes…was that area you and Woody saw the lights on that road that you make a right on that goes over the bridge immediately past the Sunset Campground ? Lots of gnarly potholes,puddles,and potential for adventure ? That road in the Gifford Pinchot will take you to hell and back, to Carson, Chelatchie, Larch Mtn.,etc.
    Joe C.

  12. Jan W

    Thanks to Seth and Steve for sharing their encounters with us. Nice drawing, Steve. Maybe what you saw was an elderly Sasquatch with a hearing problem or maybe it was deaf.

    I also really enjoyed seeing and hearing about the orbs, so thanks to Wes and Woody. It is really great to see where your experience happened, so thank you!

  13. Steven L

    I have wondered that a lot. Why did it not turn around or why did it stay there. It’s not like we were quiet up at the house before my cousin and I went down there. It seemed very old but I never thought about it maybe being deaf or hard of hearing or maybe even visually impaired. I just know it was old looking and it barely moved if at all but it still did something to me.

    • Jason M

      You are correct, sir. In fact, according to Wikipedia, bioluminescent fungi emit a greenish light at a wavelength of 520–530 nm. If Wes could have recorded the spectra of what he was observing, we could have cleared up this little mystery up fairly quickly if there was a match. On the same page, I count more than 20 species of bioluminescent fungi in North America.


  14. Robin B

    Wes, I don’t know what the lights are, BUT I find it very interesting that our interview on the ground shaking and my dad seeing the light is followed by your lights experience! I’m glad you experienced that! About 15-20 miles west of where I grew up, where dad saw the light is The Tulalip Tribes land. Back in the day we as teens frequented a road out there called ‘Firetrail Rd’ the lights were wild out there! Too long of a story but, I will tell you THOSE LIGHTS DO POSE A THREAT!!! I’m serious…. I know stories I know people that were ‘accosted’ by them and are either dead now and /or are suffering greatly. A family member and his best friend…..yea, I know it’s intriguing but, PLEASE BE AWARE. At our interview I didn’t expand on this because it’s lengthy and another different subject. Firetrail road is paved and full of houses now. I will email you a link on that road. You guys are awesome and so are you members, peace and love

    • Jason M

      OK, now we’re getting somewhere! Have any of you heard of the “piezoelectric effect”? Some materials are able to generate an electric discharge when a pressure is applied to them. The piezoelectric starter in a BBQ works on this effect: you squeeze the button compressing a spring, it releases and strikes a crystal, generating a spark. Turns out that if you squeeze a huge amount of rock high in quartz (e.g., quartzite, granite, gneiss, or mylonite) you can generate a huge static discharge. Google “piezoelectric effect and earthquakes”.
      See also:

      Again… it’s just science folks. Not spooky stuff 😉

  15. r v

    Yacolt. Has a history. I’ve done some research. My recordings/casts are from the Tahoe/Desolation areas in CA. Have so many stories, as well as physical evidence, but, you know what? I’m just going to keep it to myself. UNTIL.

  16. Jane M

    I’ve seen orbes. They have distinct and insanely fast movement. I’ve seen them at night and in the light. Not bioluminescence. Hey Wes, where in OK was Seth talking about please? Thanks. Anything that gets people thinking is cool. I do love my Squatchy Pants though!

    • Seth H

      The first sighting was in Beavers Bend State Park. The second was at a vacation cabin in the area. This area is active. I had another bigfoot encounter 65 miles north last night.

  17. James D

    Hey Wes I’m surprised that after all this time you seem to be apprehensive because of what some creeps have to say about what and where your search is bringing you to. Screw them man-we want to hear it all. I am fascinated by you adventurer guys Mark Zaskey, Melanie, Woody, Bob Garrett and his crew, even Mike Patterson. You guys have have the balls to go driving to the top of a mountain at 3 in the frigging morning-I know one thing; I DON’T. I will never put you guys down-even Fat Tim the cabbie-you just know the guy is gonna keel over some day out there with the shape he is in-but still you guys have cohones the size of casaba melons (thanks to Safe Men for that imagery). Keep bringing us the stories-screw the haters out there-me, I’m just a guitar player I don’t do the bigfoot hunting thing -not yet anyway, and one thing is for certain-most of the people who make the negative comments are nothing but a bunch of gutless cellar dwellars who wait for mom to bring them their Hot Pockets every day for lunch. Ignore them Wes, they have evil intent for you, your site, your brother, your friends like Mark and Garrett and the rest-because you guys scare them-they are afraid of the monsters you guys talk about and they mask that fear with their hatred and ignorant words-a lot of us know who they are-you can read them every day on Bigfoot Evidence and on Bigfoot Forums. THEY are nothing compared to you guys.

    • Jason M

      What a load of bullshit! I hope you’re not insinuating that I hate Wes or the show in anyway. In fact, I think he does a super job. SasChron is the ONLY Bigfoot/Sasquatch site I follow. All the others are TERRIBLE — just garbage. I don’t want to see that happen here.
      As a paying customer, I have a right to voice my opinion on the content and direction of the show. I make constructive criticisms, never negative attacks… and certainly not personal attacks.

      Wes: Trying to be all things to all people generally never works out. I know you’re a curious dude, but stay on point, man.

  18. Michelle L

    Love when Woody comes back! That was a great show – were there beers being consumed during the first part? I was laughing away – felt very nice and relaxed, and funny too. Thanks guys – thoroughly enjoyed the show.

  19. Debbie C

    Welcome back Woody:) It’s fun to listen to when you and your brother talk story:)
    Paranormal/ orbs and animals go hand in hand
    with each other, for that matter with people as well.
    So don’t feel silly or odd to share what you’ve
    witness. It’s up the the people to believe you or not.
    If they simply cannot believe you, it’s there loss.
    By the way Wes, I’m glad no one shot out into the darkness towards the orbs. It’s not the orb I’m concern about. It’s what could be behind or near the orb.
    It’s not safe is all I’m stating.
    I’m into the paranormal and animal mysteries.
    Love the show!:)!

  20. pam

    To not state the entire story; leave out anything you think may offend others sensibilities when it comes to unnatural things, sightings or experiences….isn’t that self censure? I mean , we want the truth don’t we?

  21. MONTE M

    Yeah people lighten up would you , if Wes and Woody want to harvest an Orb more power to them especially if it was following them . Hard to study an Orb without one hanging in your garage . I would harvest one but with my luck it might turn into The Blob and digest the 57 corvette Iam restoring in my garage . Explain that one to old lady . So quit being pretentious Sasquatch / Orb save a wale wannabees and light one up hang it in the garage , video tape it and get CNN and The Today show over .

  22. joe r

    Just for the record, Wes never stated that the lights were related to anything, particularly Sasquatch, he and his brother were out driving in the woods, presumably looking for a Squatch to hopefully get of film and they noticed these weird lights. They decided to film them and also try to find out what they were. No claims were made whatsoever that the lights were anything other than lights being in a place where there shouldn’t be lights. What does he need to do, start a new website for each and everything he captures on film that doesn’t look like a Sasquatch,? Get a grip people!!

    • Jason M

      [What does he {Wes} need to do, start a new website for each and everything he captures on film that doesn’t look like a Sasquatch,? ]

      Ah, no. But he doesn’t have to be distracted by the first shiny object that comes along and drags him off his mission either!
      And he sure as hell doesn’t have to spend two blog entries and half an episode devoted to it.
      If you’re going to spend time to find out what they are, then friggin go down to the river and look! You’re both armed with AR-15s, right? Light plays all kinds of tricks on your eyes when it passes through air of different densities. I’ve seen lights out over Lake Superior that were nothing more than the planet Jupiter and its moons, but if you didn’t know that you’d have sworn it was a UFO moving toward and away from you and changing color from greenish to pinkish to bluish. It was all an illusion due to atmospheric conditions over the water.

      * Was there a moon that night? Could it have been a really flat rock in the water reflecting moonlight? I’ve seen that before.
      * How about a beer/pop can on the bank? I’ve seen those make some crazy reflections.
      If there wasn’t an ambient light source, then it’s more of a mystery.

      Wes: Rack one into the chamber, take the safety off and head down the river next time.
      And make sure you can run faster than Woody. 😉

  23. Daniel S

    woody and wes’ seen stars moving in ways they and no air craft, shooting star space junk can at speeds none of the latter can either, above port Adelaide Australia last Friday a friend pointed them out we reck’en aliens seen them clear as day, know youse ain’t a ufo show just wanna say,

  24. Nancy A

    You guys must have been up by the Sunset Falls Campground if you came in on the North Side of Silverstar Mountain. On national Forest Service roads 41 and 42? I can see some dirt roads on the google map that run along the river. Interesting phenomenon. James Gilliland up at Trout Lake says they are on his property quite a bit. He is big in the UFO and Sasquatch connection. Thanks guys, don’t go driving off any cliffs up there!

    • Jay Carlsen

      Seth , Thank You for your Service Sir. Steve , Great Account !
      Does it Matter ? The Man has just had a Little Wooder. ( I quit drinking BEFORE the Children came into my Life.) I couldn’t Imagine Changing the Diapers while drunk ? ( I was a kind of Professional Drunk , I Guess ) I had a Hard Time Driving – When I was Drunk. And Walking , And saying my Alphabet Backwards ( could NEVER do that & I tell the Officer right off the Bat) Stupid Human Tricks, Fighting ( Many Times I have had my Ass BEAT. Never when I have been Sober ) I drank Whisky – Because it would get me on the Floor the Quickest . But I could Never Imagine changing the Diapers while drunk.
      And YES , I have already warned the children. About my Allergy to Alcohol. And I told them they had the Same Allergy I have. Just the way it IS. ( 10 & 12 years old ) I told them I could SEE THE FUTURE . And I predicted the first Time they have the encounter with the Alcohol ? And they find them self’s Hugging a Toilet Bowl afterward ? That They NEED to Remember My Allergy. Because that IS the Reason they will not be able to control it ( same as I found out. And Yes. I have the Thick Skull )
      Funny thing is , As a Friend of Mine , Who I worked with in the Oil Field called me one morning. And asked Me if he could stop bye & visit for a While ? As He had to Wait on His ride to drive up to Traverse City Mi , To pick Him up. He was already drunk ( 12 Pack ) And bye 1:00 pm We had walked to the local Bar To play a game of Pool.While We talked of the Old Times .
      He was SHOCKED When I ordered a Coffee . And Said He thought He would Never See the day ! That Jay Carlsen would order Coffee at a Bar ! And For NOW , It is just the way it IS .
      We played a couple games of Pool. & I seen I have gotten Rusty. But soon it was Time to Pick the Children up from School ? So I told Him to go back to My House. I had to pick up the Children , But I would be there Soon.
      I walked the 2 Blocks up to the School. And I never Thought of it ? But the Children had rode their Bicycles to School that Day. And When I showed up On Foot ? They Made It home Before I did .
      I realized This after they took Off. That They would get Home Before Me . I KNEW My Friend was there . My Children never Met Him before……….. So I went Straight Home. & I was expecting Questions. Who this Guy was ? Where I ran into Him at ? & so on.
      When I walked in my Door ? I Found BOTH My Children standing in my Living room. But like 10 feet in front of the Chair my Friend had Passed Out in ! Staring at this Drunk Man they didn’t Know. So The Quick Thinker I am ! I walked in Right past them & went into the Bathroom – shut the Door. I heard My Oldest Daughter say ” HEY ! Dad , Who is THIS Guy? ” And I yelled back ‘ OH , That is Luke. One of my Old Friends from Work.”
      And then my Youngest Daughter asked ” But What is wrong with Him ?” & I flushed the Toilet , walked out , And Said ‘ Oh , He’s just allergic To Alcohol ‘ as I walked back past them to get them something to Eat after School. They seemed to Take My Meaning well. & such was Life.

      But when My Friend Woke up ? He was Embarrassed. And After he was done apologizing to Me – Having Woke Up & my Children were Home. He asked Me what I told Them ? And I Thanked Him ! And Told him what a Shining example He had Made ! When I told them He was Allergic to Alcohol as well ! ( which kind of Pissed Him Off ….. But as We used to say in the Field ? Oil Well.)
      Thank You fro Reading William C ! Your Great !

  25. Jay Carlsen

    Paulding , a small Town in the upper Pennisula of Michigan. is a Town Known for these Obs. They appear outside of Town in the summer Time ( I believe ) Dancing in the woods. I remember Seeing it filmed on ” REAL PEOPLE ” or maybe ” IN SEARCH OF ” ? those Television shows back in the 80’s ?
    I have never witnessed the Lights Up There ? But some Friends of mine went up there to Investigate & they didn’t see anything. Not saying that it doesn’t Happen anymore ? Only they didn’t get the Chance to See them when they were There.

  26. Jay Carlsen

    And I KNOW I am Late Posting ……. But I sure do Hope it wasn’t MY Comment ? About you Shooting everything Up . Go Right On Ahead !
    Just Realize , That You NEED a Plan . Haven’t we Already seen that the Powers That Be do not want this in the Public Eye ? In NO WAY am I against Guns ! ( If they ever take the 2nd Amendment away – KNOW that We as a Country are DONE)
    I just view these Things as a People . Maybe another Manner of People ? But People all the Same . As the Native Americans say. So if Not in Defense ? Then what would it Be Besides Murder ?
    When I grew up as a Child. My Father wouldn’t allow my Brothers or Myself to have even a BB Gun. He said He ” wouldn’t SEE us Maiming the Animals in our Neighborhood. ” And He even Refused to Buy us Squirt Guns ! His Reason was ” You can Not Kill anything with it. He wouldn’t have us Pointing Guns at anyone out of Fun. ” I had always Thought He was Only being a Prick about it. Until He mentioned it Later , After I was Older. That IF the Chance occurred That We were ever in the Position to HAVE To Defend Our Self’s ? That if Bye Last Resort We had to pull a Weapon on someone ? That We were to Shoot them Dead.
    Not Wound them in a Leg.
    Or shoot in the Air Over their Heads.
    Or just to Only Make some Silly Point.
    That there was Nothing Silly about It. If that Sad instance ever arose in front of one of us ? Say someone invaded into your Household ? That We were to Shoot to Kill. ( Because No One takes a gun pointed in there Face lightly & it could come Back on ya )
    And there was the ” Stick & the Wasp Nest ” Thing . Which is the Largest of my concerns , as a Paying Member . Yeah , Yeah , I was a little Asshole to. The Kid who would Call all my Friends Over ; Only to Poke the Hornets Nest w/ a Stick & RUN LIKE HELL ! ( & Hope I didn’t Get my Ass Stung ! ) Laughing at the Poor Bastards that Did get Stung ……………. But If you get Shut Down ? I would have to Give the Children their Pop Bottle Returns back to Them. And all they would Purchase with that Money is Candy. So You Sir , Insure My Children have the Good Teeth when they get Older !

  27. Adam Stewart

    God darn it Jason, its just entertainment!!!
    I don’t believe Wes and Woody are submitting an article to Scientific America, they’re just filming a strange phenomenon as they see it.
    I’m sorry you know everything, and don’t care about strange lights, but most of us do.
    Maybe Wes posted this to appeal to a wider audience, in which some witnesses of events like this one, might be more comfortable coming forward with there stories… Sasquatch included.
    Nobody cares if you don’t believe in Dogman or lights, the people who’ve had encounters with them know they are real.
    The fact that you say that so matter of fact is insulting to witnesses and guests of Dogmen or Lights.
    I hope one day you have just 1 truly incredible experience with the paranormal, then you might understand that not everything is so easily explained or documented.

  28. Adam Stewart

    Great job brothers Germer. I was entertained, intrigued and curious myself about these lights in the woods. Keep posting any interesting videos or audio you take or receive, so we can form our own opinions and possibly get closer to an answer to these mysteries.
    Wes at know point said they’re anything other than what he saw, so stop with the accusing JM.

  29. Adam Stewart

    All that education, fancy degrees, a profound knowledge of science… Hell! you deserve to dictate what the audience wants to here…and you deserve to tell Wes what to air on HIS show.
    Scientists are studying this and have for a long time and have only flimsy theories to explain them, admitting its unexplained and unknown. I’m sure you knew this already… Didn’t you??
    You’re big Daddy Brain!!! The final say of what’s what and what’s stupid. All of us are SO interested in your opinion and we are all SOOO impressed by your lack of faith, disbelief in immaterial things, your miracle mind and understanding of the Scientific Method.
    That’s why I only listen to the Jason show… Oh wait you don’t have one… And if you did nobody would listen to it. I would be as bored as I am reading your novels you post on here about your
    Total lack of faith, imagination and curiosity.
    Smarter people than you (yes there are many) have seen Ghosts, Bigfoot,Dogmen, various Crytids, Strange Lights, UFOs Poltergeists and Seamonsters encounters and been blown away

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