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SC EP:142 Retired Border Patrol Agent Speaks Out

Rocky Elmore will be my guest Friday night. He is a retired United States Border Patrol Agent. He shared with me a scary Sasquatch encounter he was involved in. The agents were tracking illegal aliens coming across the border when the agents were told that a “large predator” was tracking them and the commander was watching this creature through the scope. A command was given that all agents were to return to their vehicles. Later he was told by his supervisor “I do not know what it was but it was bi-pedal,it walked like a man but was not a man and it was giant compared to the rest of the agents… was stalking you guys and matching you step for step.” The Supervisor was afraid that this “thing” was going to harm the agents that’s why he told everyone to return to their vehicles.

Rocky also ran into some employees of The Bureau of Land Management in a very remote location. Rocky says “I came up on these employees who were with the The Bureau of Land Management. I asked if this was an area where Sasquatch can be found. I just had my encounter and I said it in a joking way so that they could not make fun of me. To my surprise one of them said……yes they are up here, we have been tracking a group from Otay Mountain down through the wilderness and we think they are traveling with younger ones because we found prints of a very small creature along with some very large prints.”

Rocky also talks about one of his supervisors along with 30-40 illegal aliens being chased up Otay Mountain by a “Monster.” Rocky said the descriptions given match that of a Sasquatch.

I also ask Rocky about some of the stranger things he has run into while out on patrol and he shared several stories.

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78 Responses to “SC EP:142 Retired Border Patrol Agent Speaks Out”

    • rob b

      I can’t believe Wes did not mention about the missing head reference on the suspicious death Rocky discussed. How many times have we heard sasquatches popping the heads off people? Sounds pretty squatchy to me.

      • Eddie M

        Please use another term. “Squatchy” immediately transfers to something or some subject that is not real. These are real … At least one for sure in 1980. Every time I hear that I think of “not ever going to bigfoot” a program where 4 humans give subject a horrible credibility issue. They are “why” people like me don’t talk about it.

        • Christen E

          Ya, I don’t even like to refer them as Bigfoot or Sasquatch. I just call them wild ppl. Hell if they have rules,empathy,hate AND they use currency, they are every bit human so calling them a mythical name is just going backwards to me

  1. Elaine C

    Got his book on kindle. I’m only about 20% thru, but it flows easily and keeps your attention. Well written, can’t wait to get to the paranormal and squatchy parts.

  2. Frankie P

    Absolutely awesome! I’ve known BP officers, and they are very close mouthed about “the job”, but they are always “on the job”. I have always wondered about those lonely nights out there. I know they have seen the worst of mankind, maybe some good too, but that just means there is a lot we never know. Getting the book NOW! What a treat – THANK YOU WES.

  3. Gabriel H

    Just bopping back in to say I really enjoyed this episode. It was great. Unlike Elaine & Pam I haven’t delved into the book on my kindle yet, but I shall soon.

    Thanks again Rocky. Thanks again Wes. Really enjoyed that.

    Take Care Out There

  4. Jay Carlsen

    Where Rocky said it was Beating the Brush down , w/ It’s Arms…… When Surveying for the Seismic Lines , for the Oil Field. When we would run into Briars – blackberry – Mountain Laurel – what eva ; That is how we Clear a Path Through that . Grab a 3-6 inch piece of Dead Fall – The Longer the Better. & Beat that brush to one side. ( So WE can cut it w/ the Machetes ) Where He states the Thing looked like it was Swimming , that makes sense to me . Only for Our Own Technique we employ to Brush Trail through it .( 4 foot wide – Clear Enough to Walk Through . Nothing over 3 inches diameter – Alive )
    & No , no …. Not some Super Technical deal ( If I could Only teach the Neanderthal to do it ………….. ? I would be a Rich Man !)
    ( but who cares about that ? – Can’t take it w/ ya ) But Surveying is The ” Gravy Job ” of the Field . & Brushing Line , is the Only Labor end of it . A Lot of Arm Work )
    I would love for a Copy of this Book ! Sounds like a Good Read !

  5. Robert W

    Fascinating guest! One of the best ever…ordered the book from Amazon. Wonder if David P has any cases of USBP agents going missing? Any word on when he will be joining the show? Have a great long weekend everyone!

  6. Kim S

    Now that is an e p worth listening to again….this is a “real” Person that wants to make the greater good…another words heads up….hmmm I really love the real people…it keeps it in perspective…thank you both …I have to say this guest….is ačtually your average jo blogs..that’s what make so friggn awesome.tyvm …..I very much appreciate it.

  7. Victoria A

    What a good speaker. He could be a great one with his very thoughtful delivery of facts. He had me tensed and eagerly waiting to hear what he would be telling us next. Thank you so much.

  8. Al G

    As a retired “PA” I can honestly say that for the most part we were not afraid of “things that went bump in the night” when your working twenty miles away from your nearest backup. Over time, you developed, for lack of a better term, you developed “spidey senses.” And when they started tingling you paid attention.

    I’ve been waiting for this episode for a long time, remembering that Wes had mentioned a long time ago that he was going to interview a Border Patrol Agent.

    I cannot help but wonder if this is the one he was talking about. There are some agents that have always said, “If they ever saw a Bigfoot that they were going to shoot it.”

    After 9/11 when they opened up all the Border Patrol stations on the northern border, I always figured it was only a matter of time before a Bigfoot was caught on video.

  9. Jill F

    Great show as ever, Wes! Thanks a bunch!
    Just bought the book, delivered yesterday, didn’t get much sleep last nite. It’s a really great read. A fascinating insight from a guy with one heck of a sense of humour. Thanks Rocky!

  10. Jim D

    Best show in about a month. Man when you consider all that those poor folks have to endure trying to get to America, ghosts, smugglers, killer drug cartels, deadly animals, ghosts, aliens, bigfoot, hell the border patrol is like about the least of their worries.

  11. John G

    I love listening to law enforcement folks tell stories. They have to be so clear and precise about explaining situations to everyone at all times. They are great communicators and matter of fact. This has become one of my favorite episodes. I’m definitely buying the book.

    The Zoobies story happened about 15mi north east of this mountain top, but the terrain remains the same between the two locations, so that doesn’t seem too far considering how these creatures are known to travel. Could have very well been the same group migrating south. The lake and river he talks about is right near the proctor valley which has always been the source of scary stories locally.

    Love the new format and all of the efforts to keep things positive. Great job Wes and everyone!

  12. Neo

    Lived in that area for over 20 years. I have driven to the top of Otay Mountain many times. I have also hiked numerous other peaks in that particular area of South San Diego…Mt. Miguel, Tecate Peak. I am an avid outdoors person and spent a lot of time just north of there in the Cleveland National Forrest and east of Otay Mt. out by Lake Moreno. I am very familiar with the Border Patrol and how tight the observation is in that particular area. This is what I find odd about Rocky’s encounter stories: They are taking place in one of the most highly observed environments….Helicopters, ground sensors, foot patrol, drones…..If Bigfoot is remaining undetected in that environment, there ain’t no way of finding him/her in remote areas. Don’t get me wrong, people do get through undetected but…Let’s just say from my own personal experience, it took the BP about 5 seconds to see us coming and 10 min then scramble some ATV’s to intercept on the road as a friend and I were hiking Tecate Peak. No one is walking around Otay Mountain for very long before the BP has a bead on you. And while there is cover it’s typically brush, it’s an arid place. Ground cover is mostly low allowing for good visibility. I did notice how he was very careful to never say that he actually saw anything or had a direct personal experience with Sasquatch. He says the squatch explanation of the large hominoid creature that was stalking them came out a few years later.

    • Rocky E

      Neo, you’re right with your observations. The encounter was 1995, there was a fire that wiped out the mountain in 1996. No vegetation left. I explain in detail in the book why I believe Sasquatch has not been caught. But your right, if he was a simple primate we would have caught him on Otay Mtn.

      • John G

        I can’t imagine them living on the mountain or you would have seen them daily with scopes and sensors. But that area could definitely be part of a habitat range that goes all the way to campo and boulevard with the openness and continuous chaparral until you reach the desert.

        Thanks for coming on the show and talking through the stories. I was afraid of hearing “you’ll have to read the book” as we got into the details of the encounters. It was great to hear you go into the details and tell great stories. That made me want to get the book even more.

        I’m glad you stuck around all those years. We appreciate your service!

  13. NW Mike

    Really interesting show Wes. Rocky came across as a very matter of fact kind of guy. Now you have to find some northern border agents who would be willing to talk. I’m sure they have seen some things too.

  14. Patrick F

    A bit far out there this guy. Let’s stick to sasquatch . Talking to ghosts indeed walking around carrying there head!!!wtf. Can’t see a massive sasquatch in 2ft deep 20ft wide river where he can easily see the other bank???

  15. Kim L

    Just got back from camping on no. Ca. coast. What a great show to begin my “catching up listening” with!
    Thank you, Wes and Rocky!
    Fortunately, BF didn’t show, where we were camping.

  16. Pete M

    I’m buying the book too, but Wes you made me laugh my ass off when you said the agent had to worry about being stabbed at the same time he had to evade an angry Squatch! So damn funny, but so damn true also!
    PS my boys asked about “alien” means something else to them!

  17. Patrick F

    I say no! To guest’s who are trying to sell books! Let’s keep it real. Don’t lose focus. I must have listened to a different interview judging by all the praise it got??

    • John G

      Will was the one selling books every episode.

      This was totally legit and worth the listen in my opinion. We are all here for the same reason but we all have our preferences. You just have to pick and choose what content you absorb and go with the flow. That’s what I do.

  18. Nathan E

    This was a great interview! It had good encounters, good description, and was very exciting. The Bigfoot encounter bits were very intense. At the same time they were described in a very credible way. I will have to get the book later on and add it to my Bigfoot Kindle collection.

  19. John R

    According to Forbes, theRothscild family is nowhere close to that wealthy. In fact, as of now, there are no trillion airs in existence, with Bill Gates expecting to be the first around 2045.

  20. Penny F

    I simply cannot get Rocky and his encounters out of my head. He sounds like a serious guy with a serious job. What epic stories from his time on the border. I don’t want to call them stories, I believe they are true.

  21. craig d

    After Wes n Woodies account my favourite episode is the Nephalim episode, the only ones I have listened to multiple times. However I throughly enjoyed this one too. Captivating, love when Wes branches out to include the paranormal.
    I am with Woodie, I believe these entities are flesh n blood but have paranormal abilities possibly a distant decendant of the Nephalim who grew ferrol after more interbreeding with us and taking to the woods to hide from us.

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