Sep 4

Maine man accused of spray-painting Sasquatch images around town

KENNEBUNK, Maine —Police in Maine say they have arrested a man who’s been spray painting images of Sasquatch throughout town.


Freeman S. Hatch, 36, of Kennebunk, Maine, was charged on Tuesday with criminal mischief and possession of a drug, according to police.

Officers executed a search warrant as a result of the ongoing investigation.

“These markings deface public and private property, costing time and money to repair or replace,” Police Chief Robert MacKenzie said.

Hatch is scheduled to appear in Biddeford District Court on Nov. 4.



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  1. Christian L

    Cool stencil. Motive? Warning? BFRO does actually have some reports from that area from the 70’s…..look up Wells county, Maine on the BFRO site. Or…..meth is a Hell of a drug…

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