Aug 9

SC EP:134 Encounters While Camping

Due to technical difficulties tonight we will only have one guest. I was having technical issues with my audio all day. I will have Holly back on the show mid-week.

Tonight the witness describes setting up a camp. Leaving for a short time and when returning to their campsite finding the tent had been rummaged through and every item had been tossed about. Assuming it was a prank or some drunks came through and ruined their campsite the couple decided to leave, as they were leaving hey had a very close encounter with Sasquatch, The creature had been watching from the bushes and when the creature thought it had been seen it stood up out of the brush. The witness said  “It was not a man….it was not a bear….it was huge!”



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  1. Tyler D

    Great stuff, keep em comin Wes. It never surprises me how continually bigger and better this show keeps getting week after week. Makes me proud to be a member

  2. DonRay

    Great encounters to listen to Wes………. I think i heard some of those Technical issues u speaking of…………. Produce weapons, scare the squatch.. Till the next one…. Ciao

  3. Robert P

    Steven that was really great. Just thinking about you being 50 feet from one and not seeing or hearing it is creepy. My wife and I are visiting the volcanos right this minute from Texas. These forest are huge and beautiful

    • Steven J

      50 feet? Try more like 25″… seriously, I cannot stress enough how close in proximity we were… This campsite was wide open like a parking lot, extremely few trees or obstacles… One of those campsite most people avoid because you can see clearly 8 spots down from yours… I had parked the car right next to the tent when we noticed what had happened.

      • Gabriel H

        Steven: considering how fortunate we have been here, to listen to the many varied accounts we have… I don’t know what it was about the encounter you guys had but I found it particularly creepy for some reason. I think it was just such a perfect tale. In the movie version, your wife being new to this sort of thing, you make this arrangement that should you encounter anything that for any reason… and then it actually happens. In a particularly terrifying way. To your wife – the one for whom the newness of it all pertains to… And you do it. You have to peel out. But of course not before attempting to see for yourself just what it was that… but that’s it your wife descends into primal fear – truly terrified and unable to properly describe…. until you’re completely out of the mountains….

        It’s the perfect story line. If anyone here knows a screen writer and has some of the right contacts in the right places, this is the one to pick up. It practically tells itself.

        Thanks Steven. Really enjoyed that. Really enjoy you and Wes conversing.

    • Jay Carlsen

      The ” Found JESUS ” moment . That’s Great !
      I used to know ‘Cooler Hoodlums’ that terrorized the Campgrounds along the River . ( Maybe ? ) How who sneak through the Camp Ground ( Drunk) & pull ALL the coolers out to the edge of the Road . 2 Guy’s sat on the trunk – 2 were driving (1 or 2 ) driving the service road at a Idle . (lights off ) The 2 on the trunk putting coolers in . Those Bastards use to Make a KILLING ! FREE BEER ! FOOD ! ( may they burn in hell ) I think I can See this thing – BUSTED ! it seen them coming …. It couched down . Was it intimidated bye the Vehicle ? The Lights ? they are not Stupid . Was she on the Menu? Who’s to say ?
      But when it thought she Seen It . Gigs Up. Time to Go . & It was Walking . Crazy Man !

    • SantiamLady

      Seriously Eric? ????If you shut it off, you missed a great Show! ???????????????? If you just focus on the story, the annoying smoke detector noise fades as your mind starts to ignore it, the same way we don’t feel watch on our wrist after awhile. ????

  4. Jay Carlsen

    HEY ! LOOK At that ! Hungh ! I am going to point it out to my Child ! Got my Photo there , with out her help . I am More Smarter than she gives me Credit For !
    ( I don’t really know how I did it ? but there it Is !)

  5. Esther P

    I thought my smoke alarm batteries were chirping too…. So I put the show on pause for over10mins and no chirping of my smoke batteries. My batteries are brand new too. Well, it must be Wes’ audio chirping. LoL

  6. Kim L

    Now, that is some scary stuff, that big, that close, that quiet! I just can’t imagine it was only curious. Thank goodness they had that agreement to just get in the car and ask questions later. That was something I tried really hard to teach my kids, someday, I may have to tell you to do something, and you will need to do it right now, and without 20 questions. The kids’ mom, my ex, thought that was dumb and just more Marine nonsense. I’ve been in most of those campgrounds between Lewiston and Trinity Center, makes this encounter even scarier. Thank you Wes, you knocked it over the fence again !
    I kind of wonder if BFs are aware how fragile motor vehicles really are? Even a small black bear doesn’t have much of a problem ripping a car open to help itself to the contents. Lets’ hope ol bigfoot never watches yogi do it.

  7. Ray R

    Thank you Wes great show, I spent 30 years in Aberdeen Wa, as a timber faller and have been in the woods a lot, some places you could get lost in very easy and never be seen again, and I never seen one but our shovel operator and chaser seen three when they drove up on the landing at 3:30 am in the morning, we all thought they where full of shit saying bluntly, until we seen the foot prints, they said the biggest one lifted a 55 gal drum of diesel fuel like it weighted 10 lbs, and he dropped the drum and they all took off, that was just beyond the clearwater turn off about a mile to the right, the road is all grew up with alters now, but that was very interesting, I don’t think anyone has ever said anything about it to this day. just had to share this.

    • Garry M

      Hey Ray,

      When they were constructing the Bighorn Dam in Alberta there were several reports of full
      drums of oil and hydraulic fluid being lifted and carried a fair distance along with cat track plates.
      Lots of footprints and regular incidents.

  8. Garry M

    Interesting stuff but get to the encounter already !
    Prefer it like a police report the facts, not the birds chirping and what you assume.
    Starts to get painful like going thru somebodies holiday pictures.
    You show great patience Wes……

    • Steven J

      Wes was nothing but patient with my interview. I really appreciated his professionalism. I am ashamed to admit it, but I know he did some amazing things to clean up what I had said, and to give him credit, he didn’t cut up my story or change it into something it wasn’t. Frankly, I am amazed it came out as well as it did. Now if only I hadn’t learned to ignore those damn chirps (I was in my office, which has about 6 different computers, servers, and associated network and power equipment. They all beep or chirp occasionally, and I have just learned to have a deaf ear to them.) For the record, the interview was done on SKYPE with a better than expected performing microphone, lol.

      • Gabriel H

        That’s what is sweet about Wes. You don’t have to worry. He’ll handle his own end of things. All you gotta do show up.

        Now don’t get me wrong, showing up is half the battle, if not more.

        Even still

        Here it is. Here you are. The table is set and ready for the Service. This is your opportunity. Screw being judged. Screw people holding this over you. Screw it. The world needs to know this. Screw having judged. Screw having held this over others. SCREW IT. THE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW THIS. This is bigger than you. If the line does get drawn…….. it’s time. Make your mark. Make your move. The timing couldn’t be better. Everything on this end is in place. It’s time.

      • SantiamLady

        No worries about the some detector chirps, Steve! ???? I too quickly became ear-deaf to them as I listened to your encounter. Amazing encounter! Many thanks to both you and Wes for sharing with us! ????????????????

  9. David R

    It seems that BF is board! Why not check out a campsite to watch what we do. and if we leave then check out what we have! I would love to find their camp, but not without extra people. Also I would want my BB gun! LOL

  10. Janetta V

    I thought it was a great show. The smoke alarm everyone is spazzing about didn’t even bother me, such a small sound. I was too intrigued with his story, and especially the way his wife was so scared. It was a great thing that they had a plan and agreement for evacuation and they stuck to it. Might have saved their lives, you never know. Thanks Steve you did great. Also thank you Wes. Be careful one and all. J.V.

  11. Steven J

    Well, dang it… I pulled the battery out of that alarm, people. I’m sorry about that, as its in my office and I have so many computers running and chirping anyway that I have just learned to tune those chirps out, and since I work alone in it no one ever complains to remind me, lol.

    I just think its amusing people actually picked that up.

    • SantiamLady

      Don’t worry about it, Steve!???? I apologize for all those here who only seem to care about a silly occasional smoke detector chirp.???? Your story was AWESOME and that’s what folks will remember! ???????? ???? If people choose to focus on a silly background chirp, ????well, that’s their loss.

  12. Steven J

    For the record, My microphone worked much better than I expected.. I apologize to everyone for being so loud, it sounded to me like I was yelling have the time and I was simple trying to be clear when I spoke… Also had no idea I was such a terrible unscripted speaker.

    Well, Wes did amazing with that interview, anyway, cause he didn’t cut anything out and yet managed to fit 1.5 hours into an hour. Only part missing from the interview was my discussing with him the events in Texas and my saying how I would like to get involved in research out here now. Its been 15 years and 2 kids later, and this show has made me really curious about the idea of sasquatch activity in this region… I freely admit to having a past prejudice for west coast authenticity for several years. However, the more I hear from the “horse’s mouth” of the witnesses on this show, the more I feel its a legitimate claim. I am only about 4-5 hours away in Abilene, so Its doable for me now.

  13. Pierre M

    LoL I kept hearing the smoked detector too. But I was so into the show I blocked it out. Very good show though. But it makes me think that if these creatures are that fast and can be so silent in the woods, what good would a weapon do? I guess give you a false sense of security. If a Sasquatch wants a piece of you its going to get you. You probably wont even know its there. And there powerful too. These things snap and twist 4″ trees. They have hands also. Its not going to be fighting of a bear lol. I would think a Sasquatch would be on you in a flash and grab you and snap your neck ..Game Over! They tear up camps and scream cause they want you gone its a warning to get gone.

  14. Christian L

    Maybe I missed it but why was the wife not interviewed? I think in these cases of couples or teams of hunters’ or police patrol partners etc it lends more credibility if the actual witness (if available) is interviewed and the other aspects are coaborated by the other member….. Good show……..send that guy some 9 volts….:)

    • Steven J


      I guess it didn’t make it into the interview, but I did tell Wes in email when I first approached him with our experiences. My wife, Heller, passed away in 2006.

      And yes, I did go get some 9 volts, LMAO…

  15. Matt P

    I think my IQ drops a point every time I hear someone say “squatching”. So much gaudiness surrounding this subject… It’s a real shame more down-to-Earth people aren’t involved.

  16. Charles K

    Thank you Steven. I changed the batteries in my smoke detectors. They were due! JK….great encounter! I liked how, even though traumatized, you folks started researching. That shows what kind of cloth your cut from.

  17. Josh K

    I’ve been on an expedition with Geoff that he talks about. Very good dude. We had some crazy stuff happen while we were out in the woods. Made me a believer for sure. We were in the Mt. Hood area not real far from Portland.

  18. David R

    I wouldn’t care if they had alcohol to drink as long as it wasn’t too much! It all depends on the person. I’ve had several beers, and I know what is going on! I’m in my 50’s, but I know that some people can’t handle alc. I would of got the hell out of there even if I was drunk if it came to me life, or my wife’s! Would any of you have stayed there to see what happens???

  19. Papa - Yeti

    Steven, Wes was referring to the Bauman encounter that Bauman told to Teddy Roosevelt. Steven your Campsite encounter was very frightening; I am going to refer you to an encounter, which occurred down in the Anza Borrego Desert, the encounter witness was named Michael Lawrence, he had three horrifying Dogman (Underworld Type), When Michael was 15 years old, he went camping in the Scouts. You have to listen to Michael’s encounters, the one where the smaller of the two creatures un zipped the tent and entered it, he was awake, and a Giant one was towering over the tent, watch Michael and the smaller creature sat upon his feet, leaned in and licked his face, tasting him. Dogman Encounter Radio Podcast number 34. It’s going to freak you out Steven, because it was up close and personal, and it evolved the tent. You’re and your wife’s tent encounter was frightening. As well as your other encounters. Thanks for sharing Brother.

  20. Melissa K

    I am relistening to all the episodes in order…?
    I remember changing my smoke detector batteries when listening to SC!
    Too funny ? I never read the comments when I first started listening. I should have and would have saved some batteries.
    I really enjoyed listening to Steve, cool episode.

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