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SC EP:130 A Trapper is killed


The Bauman story comes from President Theodore Roosevelt’s 1892 book, The Wilderness Hunter, which describes an encounter between an ape-man and a young frontiersman named Bauman. According to Roosevelt, Bauman and his partner were trapping along a remote stretch of Montana’s Wisdom River sometime in the mid-19th century. After building a lean-to and making camp in what seemed like an ideal spot for game, the two men began setting their traps. When they returned, they found their packs had been rummaged and their shanty torn down. Undaunted, the men set about reconstructing their wilderness abode.

According to Roosevelt’s book, that night Bauman was awakened by the sound of rustling and the foul stench of a wild beast. He immediately rose up and fired a shot, and then heard something tearing off through the woods. He and his partner were unnerved by this and decided to abandon the camp at the first light of dawn.

Come morning, the two split up so that Bauman could gather the traps while his partner made camp downriver. Sadly, both would not make it home alive. When Bauman arrived at the new campsite, he found his partner sprawled on the ground with his necked snapped and a set of bite marks on his throat. He knew at once that the menacing forest beast was responsible, according to the story. The horrific sight sent him running — rifle in hand — never to return to the spot again. By the time he told his story to Roosevelt, Bauman was a very old man.

Tonight I speak to Brian who haad a very up close and personal encounter with a Sasquatch as a child. He talks about one of these creatures walking up on him and his friend in the middle of the night, Brian states “It had yellow eyeshine and the hands were like a catchers mitt…”


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  1. Tyler D

    Teddy Roosevelt was a very highly respected president. He was very much an outdoorsman and a man’s man if there ever was one. And as someone with the highest position of power in this country you would have to be a fairly level headed person. He heard this rather horrendous story from a fellow outdoorsman and a fur trapper known as Bauman and wholeheartedly believed him. If someone with such a high ranking position was willing to listen to this story objectively and believed it, maybe some of those skeptical close minded individuals out there should give this particular story a once over. I truly believe this story to be genuine. And you have to keep in mind this is a place in time where hoaxes were virtually never heard of. What would this poor man, Bauman, have to gain from telling this story to a fellow outdoorsman. I believe this gruesome incident was just eating away at this unfortunate individual and he wanted to get it off his chest. It was like a sense of relief, sort of like the people that come on SC who share their stories and shortly after feel a tremendous weight lifted from their shoulders. There’s no way of knowing for sure but that’s my theory about The Bauman Story. I have also always thought that the animal causing all the mayhem in this story was the Dogman type. My reason for thinking this is the extremely aggressive behavior it was showing and from what I can tell it seemed to be by itself. And from what I gathered, if you take a shot at a sasquatch they come back in full force with the rest of their group i.e. The Ape Canyon Story and The Siege Of Honobia. But from what I’ve gathered about the Dogman creatures they seem to be much more solitary animals, not all the time but most of the time. And from the puncture marks on the neck of Bauman’s companion, it would imply pronounced canines. Which some sasquatch do have but sasquatch seem to be the type of animals to simply over power their victims or beat them against trees or rocks. But the broken neck seems to be much more of a canine type of kill, including the puncture marks. If you’ve ever seen a dog attack another animal with the intention to hurt it, more often than not they’ll go for the neck

    • erin f

      I just cannot understand why the majority of bigfooters equate skeptisism to being closed minded. let me ask you something. whats your thoughts on sasquatch ontarios interdimensional travelling, english speaking tictactoe playing, sasquatch friend, nephitia? do you see where i am going, here?

      • Tyler D

        I think you might be taking what I said out of context a little bit. N no I don’t see where you’re going with this because you’re taking it in a complete different direction than the way I meant it

      • Tyler D

        Ok Erin, forget my last comment. I see what you mean but that’s not exactly the way I meant it. I think you might be missing the point I was trying to make by sayin that

    • Jay Carlsen

      But was the Broken Neck due to the Bite Marks ? Or was it After their Neck was Broken ? Say out of Anger that they were Shot At ?
      And we can Assume that it was a Lone Individual, in Both Accounts . The first Account was second Hand , So no way one could be Certain. The Second Account he did admit that he could have been Missing something , Happening so long ago. So really it is Anybody’s Guess.
      I do think from Tales I have heard , these things live in close Family Groups . And Now I am going to Assume everyone KNOWS about a Mother Bear & her Cubs ? And the Danger of being Maneuvered in Between Mama Bear & her Young . Where I live in Northern Michigan a Young Girl that was Jogging through the Woods one day was Attacked bye a Bear , Late Spring I believe it was . Many People theorize , That this Young Women just Happened Between a Mother Bear & her Cub Unknowingly . Just More the Reason to tell the Children to Be Aware of their Surroundings in the Forest .

    • JOHN E

      The guy put his face to the fire and the forest was behind him , game over…why would they split up ..to save time I guess…Some body shot one and get it over with…..

    • Rick C

      He was also a huge progressive, he opened the door for Woodrow, FDR, to Obama, this has lead to the land grabbing government. I like his outdoor and his service for big government he was wonderful.

  2. Kenneth M

    Why do I envision Crockett & Tubbs in a car at night on their way to Kill a Sasquatch when I hear this? I’m getting Miami Vice and SC blurred and I love it : )

  3. William L

    Wes you mentioned the little boy in Idaho. Along those lines, here in North Carolina either Time Warner Cable or Discovery Network is running very frequent PSAs for US Forestry/Dept. of Agriculture. These PSAs feature families recreating in the woods: admiring trees, having stare down contests with deer and other activities. The tag line in these commercials is “Find Your Forest”; obviously, the are promoting the use of forests as a family friendly place to relax, explore and learn in.

    Either the Dept. of Agriculture doesn’t know what is going on with the Dept. of Interior and Sasquatch or they know and just don’t care or this is some sort of nefarious program for God knows what purpose. What do you guys think?

    • Jay Carlsen

      Bravo Sir ! of Course they all KNOW . But why would they Tell us Anything ? Are we not all Treated as Children when it comes to the People we Elect into office ? Isn’t it Obvious ? If you are not in the KNOW – then No One tells you anything .
      What would a Bureaucrat care ? ( & yeah , wouldn’t they have a Say so with the ” Granting of Money’s ” for which Scientist publish Peer Review Journals for ? If they do not want it Spoken of without the side ways Smile on the Face . Then wouldn’t it be plain to see as the Reason this hasn’t been brought Forward ? Just Ignore it . Until You take your Family Camping & encounter this Feral People ? or Heaven Forbid have a Child come up Missing !
      I could not Imagine loosing a Child ……………….
      But THIS is not a ” NEW ” Topic . Look at all the Lore of Old . The Wendi-go of Canada , The Trolls & Giants of Norse Myth . All of the Nefarious characters of Native Lore . It is Obvious to Me that all the Old Wife’s Tales have some Basis in actual Fact.
      I think it is just Foolish to Think that the Government does not Recognize these things . Of Course they Do . It is only on a Need to Know Basis . I am Certain Those who Know , are not Planning their Vacation to some Remote area to take their Own Family Camping. Does not seem Fair ……. What can ya do ?
      I Am Certain the People working in the Promotions Department …… Are NOT in the Know .
      But now I do find it Funny …… That the President that had been Told of these Feral People , who Obviously Believed the Man who told him the Story . Having been a Outdoors Men Himself .
      Was in Fact the very President that began the National Park System . But i am sure that was Only Coincidence .
      I have heard of some of the Secrets of the Mystery Schools posses Knowledge of this other Race of Human ? I do have Friends that are Masons …….. but they do not tell Me Anything . And I have Made Them sit & listen to my Ramblings ….. But their only Reply is along the Lines of ” Ya Never Know . Maybe ?” They can Keep their Secrets .
      I have Thoroughly lost all Respect or even Interest , For the Media Today . They have all been Bought Out . They Feed us the Propaganda that they are Suppose Too . Keeping us Stupid . Treat us as Simple Peasants , when it is We who actually put the Money in their Pockets. From Advertisers Hoping to Gain our Interest for their Specific Products ? It just Makes me Sick . I wonder if Sasquatch would let Me Move into His woods ? Wouldn’t that be Bliss ? No Taxes , or responsibility’s , No Screaming Assed Boss (sorry Oil Field – Everyone Screams . The Ones working the Rigs have an Excuse , to be Heard above the Sound of the Motor that runs the Equipment . Everyone Else I just think they are Assholes ……… ( or yet it very well could be the Fact I am Deaf now , For when I Broke Out in 1992 …… I was Too Cool for Ear Plugs . Yeah , I was that Stupid )
      Thank You for Relating your Account Brian ! I am a Total Believer , I have Only Found Foot Prints . Where there was No Reason for them To Be There. Running with Great Strides diagonally Across the Sand Dunes , Heading for the Wooded Area of the National Park in Michigan . ( i am pretty sure it is a National Park , if not then a State Park ) A Find that only Solidified My Belief of the Thing that Made the Cast I held in my Hands at age 7 . Just after my Family moved north from Detroit in 1978. I Personally have never Seen One of these Creatures & really do not care to . ( But I AIN’T SCARED )
      Though now I must add , the Mother that was one of the Chaperons for Our Class Trip was none to Enthused about my Find. Being the fact of she had to Climb the Dunes one Last Time , To retrieve me from Hiding. Since Hearing the Teacher tell another Parent that it was getting Close to the Time of Departure . If in fact they wanted to make it Back in time for the Children to get on their Assigned Buss’s . So I had decided to Climb the Dunes one Last Time . I just did not choose to come back down , Willingly .
      As Soon as I found the Track Way , I Stopped. And called her Back , to Interpret for Me these Strange , Gigantic , Footprints . That Seemed to be Running down hill towards the Wood Line . Only with 25 – 30 Feet Between each Foot Print ! I was left to Question . Because she was already on to Me & My Games . What can ya Do ?

  4. Scott A

    William L, that is a creepy disconnect. Most people will be okay. Maybe all, maybe not. I bet info is controlled so anyone not immediately connected to an investigation would not know. I bet rumours get around. And anything that happens is more likely a different animal.

  5. Allen O

    In response to you William l. Maybe the government is noticing more and more negative sasquatch encounters popping up and this is an effort on their part to combat that. Maybe too much of the truth is getting out and that is bothering them enough to make these commercials

  6. Eric S

    To the people who run SC :
    1. Where can we see the video regarding the possible demonic case?
    2. Can you make an area of the website just for:
    – Photos
    – Videos
    – Links
    It would be much easier than looking through blog postings.
    Thank you.

    • erin f

      i would like to try eating a bigfoot. i hope they start herding them and sell the livers in the grocery store.. really getting tired of bovine meat..

  7. Papa - Yeti

    ► Near it laid the packs wrapped and arranged. At first Bauman could see nobody; nor did he receive an answer to his call. Stepping forward he again shouted, and as he did so his eye fell upon the body of his friend, stretched beside the trunk of a great fallen spruce. Rushing towards it, the horrified trapper found that the body was still warm, but that the neck was broken, while there were four great fang marks in the throat. The footprints of the unknown beast – creature, printed deep in the soft soil, told the whole story. The unfortunate man, having finished his packing, had set down on the spruce log with his face toward the fire, and his back to the dense woods, to wait for his companion. While thus waiting, his monstrous assailant, which must have been lurking in the woods, awaited for a chance to catch one of the adventurers unprepared, came silently up from behind, walking with long noiseless steps and seemingly still on two legs. Evidently unheard, it reached the man, and broke his neck by wrenching his head back with it’s for paws (huge Hands with unimaginable brute strength) while it buried its teeth into his throat. It had not eaten the body, but apparently had romped and gamboled around it in uncouth, ferocious glee, occasionally rolling over and over it; and then fled back into the soundless depths of the woods.). ◄End

  8. Rich A

    I had a question for Brian re the terrain where his encounter took place…I believe you said the encounter was in July or summer and in a forested area? I was wondering how the bottle rockets did not start a fire especially if there was a bottle rocket war….Please provide details……Still listening to the story as I write this…On a side note; Wes, your host skills just keep getting better all the time. Your production of music and story are super cool and it always gets us fully into the Sasquatch Zone. No joke man, this show is such a great way to escape all the negative Garbage going on in the news today. As a member I totally dig the extra shows as well during the week. Great job man….You deserve a cold beer.

  9. Brian D

    Rich A,

    East Texas and Western Louisiana share many things and one of them is rain. The area is always damp. Average rainfall for July is 6 inches in the area. Now contrast that with California which has 7 to 10 inches for the year. There was little to no chance of starting a fire.

  10. Gail W

    Great interview! Another outstanding show Wes. I will tell you guys and gals, the evidence they exist will come out of Texas. There are some great teams working this state, and they will do it.

  11. david s

    BF have individual personalities like people do. fortunately for these boys they came upon one who was not hungry or does not eat children. I think it makes a difference on each BF past encounters with humans which determines how they treat people when confronted with us. If they have seen people shoot at them and harm them, then you could be a missing 411er. If they have seen humans be kind and respectful of BF, then you will probably get that back from them. the problem is when you come upon one, you don’t know which type you got! This BF could have easily snatched one of the boys, but let them go.

  12. Charles K

    Wes, it seemed to me that you enjoyed this witness very much. And I did too. He seemed VERY cool and VERY knowledgeable. You seemed very vocal on this interview more so than others. Anyway, great show brother! Thank you!

  13. Seamus J. C

    People make commercials to convince people to buy things, in order to make money. Bad publicity, less money, not good, right? Less money is always not good, right? Anyone who disappears is collateral damage of a business plan. If EVERYONE knew, their profits would plummet–8-foot-tall, 800-lb., hairy, child-stealing, cannibalistic stealth ninjas in the national parks? Forget it. But it actually used to be the deal we had with nature: we live in Her, and some of her animals kill, and sometimes eat us or our children. That is the deal for any resident of Planet Earth: the community keeps all the individual members in balance. It’s actually not a bad deal, in exchange for that sacrifice of a some individuals, the community gets to live on in a balanced ecosystem. We have that deal now with civilization: for civilization’s comforts, we have to live with the reality of many dead in traffic accidents, or of civilization’s particular diseases (heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, dementia). Unfortunately, at our present rate of growth and mortality prevention, sasquatch may be the only thing besides disease and accidents checking our growth at all–and even all those things together won’t stop us from re-doubling our numbers by 2050 even as we continue to destroy and pollute the world more and more. It won’t be sasquatch that culls us, it will be pandemic, starvation, and war, all brought on by our own actions, and preventable. Sasquatch is not the monster, it’s just an animal doing what animals do. WE are the real-live, planet-killing monster, much, much worse than anything that has ever existed, as far as a habitable planet is concerned. Go ahead and fear the massive, hairy, man-like things in the woods–but fear more, much more, the naked ape that CUTS DOWN THE WOODS!

  14. Molly F

    I remember visiting my grandparents near Silsbee, Texas (southeast texas). We heard screaming sounds from down the road and we, too, were told that it was “cougars”. Grandma told me the cougars would scream at night and had done so for years and years. THis was the late 70’s.

  15. Alvin Y

    Question. . Does anyone know that Samsung store has a app for sasquatch chronicles and charging like 5 to 8 bucks for download. .. ?.. is it part of this site?.. I’m good and paid for full year.. but wondering if that was part of this.. jus asking.

  16. SantiamLady

    I hate to be a wet blanket, but……that “Umatilla Screamer” recording sounds EXACTLY like the yodeling Coyote Packs I grew up around, and still have a nodding acquaintance with to this day. The “Screamer” sounds like the way neighborhood Coyotes would party when they had scored a nice kill, Usually someone’s cat or Yorkie.

  17. K T

    THIS story I believe. The previous episode, where the dude couldn’t make it to a vehicle to leave (SERIOUSLY? Make some torches and burn your way out!), was total BS.

  18. m99

    I used to go to sleep at night listening to these sounds. My dad said it was a “Black Panther”, coyotes, and sometimes a “bogger” (I used to think my dad was trying to scare us, because somehow I didn’t ever believe him when he said “boogers” are in the woods)… and stay close during the day,

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