Jun 8

SC EP:112 Nephilim Conspiracy

Some in the bigfoot community feel that Sasquatch are the Nephilim. I decided to do a show on the Nephilim. Once we have a clear picture of what the Nephilim were we can look at the facts and decide if it fits into the Sasquatch topic. My guest tonight is Gary Wayne, author of “The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Humankind.”

There are giants among us, passing largely unnoticed, intent on carrying out a secret plan to enslave all humanity. They may not look like giants today, but their bloodlines extend all the way back to the Nephilim—the offspring of angels who mated with human women—described in Genesis 6 when giants roamed the land. Gary Wayne, author of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Humankind, details the role of modern-day Nephilim in Satan’s plan to install the Antichrist at the End of Days.

When God cast the angel Lucifer and his followers out of heaven, Lucifer set into motion a scheme to ensure the Nephilim survived. Why? Because from the bloodlines of these Nephilim the Antichrist will come. To keep his plan alive, Satan has enlisted the loyalty of secret societies such as the Freemasons, the Templars, and the Rosicrucians to conspire in teaching a theology and a history of the world that is contrary to the biblical one.

The Bible, along with many other ancient sources, clearly records the existence of giants. Wayne provides copious citations from many society insiders, along with extensive Bible references, other religious references, and historical material to bolster his contention. What he uncovers will astonish you.

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139 Responses to “SC EP:112 Nephilim Conspiracy”

      • Scott A. S

        Wes I’ve been listening to your show for about a year and I’ve relistened to multiple episodes. I really enjoyed this episode and I’m very intrigued by this. I hear and see that you took some heat. Thanks for presenting this alongside others.
        I’ve been a silent majority and haven’t thanked you until now.
        THANK YOU, Thank You, thank you….
        I LOVED IT!!!!!

    • Patrick N

      Absolutely ignorant. Beyond ignorant. Doesn’t believe in something as simple as global warming too. This kind of thinking is destroying our civilization. Rapidly.

      • Warren D

        Dude, when I was in High School they told us we were headed into an Ice Age. Then they told us “Global Warming”. Now it’s “Climate Change” Patrick you’re the ignorant one here. I mean ignorance in the true sense of the word; that you aren’t old enough or educated enough yet to know when you are being lied to. All the planets in our Solar System are warming. It’s a natural process like breathing.

      • Dylan V

        The thinking that is rapidly destroying our civilization is the absolutely evil thinking of the global elite that are literally “hell-bent” on killing off the vast majority of the human race and enslaving the survivors. “Global Warming” is simply yet another tool in their arsenal to brainwash people and enact a tyrannical global government. Even Al Gore is quoted as saying the whole eco-movement is simply another way to get there. It has nothing to do with saving the earth. It is all about getting total control of people so that they can commit diabolical evil. It is absolutely despicable that the same politicians that are running around preaching to us how we have to sacrifice to save the planet are the same ones who are using Geo-engineering to alter the climate to kill us off.

  1. Reed D

    I’m about to hit the play button… and I can hardly wait. This no doubt will be very enlightening for all who listen. I’ve studied the subject of the Nephilim for a number of years and it plays a bigger role then most would begin to suspect.
    I must confess that I’ve wondered if bigfoot and the Nephilim have shared any commonality, even wondering if perhaps bigfoot is a creature that possesses “diluted” or trace amounts of Nephilim DNA. However this has never quite felt right to me as Nephilim were known to possess abilities that, for the most part, bigfoot does not. I do believe that one area where there is some confusion about the two are the ancient stories of Native Americans in the south west who tell of intelligent, six-fingered giants who they attributed the building of certain structures to; these very well could have been the Nephilim (IMHO).
    Wes, I really think you’re on the right track. Keep up the great work…. because there’s nobody that even comes close to you!

  2. Tyler D

    DAMN I LOVE SC! YOU’RE A BOSS WES! There’s so many amazing people, including myself, that are unbelievably dedicated to this show. I believe that Sasquatch Chronicles will be one of the foundational pillars in this phenomenon we call sasquatch becoming common public knowledge. N I’m extremely humbled to be here to witness the growth of SC. This show, in my opinion, keeps getting more successful and progressing forward. Which says a lot about Wes’s character because he’s doin this all by himself. Which cannot be easy. I just want you to know Wes we recognize all the hard work you’re putting into the show. N It’s very much appreciated

  3. Esther P

    Ah shoot… Wes, you are too fast for me. I didn’t get around to listening to SC EP:111 on Sun, June 7, until late Mon, June 8… When I logged into SC on Mon, June 8, a few hrs before midnite, I also looked at the Blog comments posted. But SC EP:112 was not posted when I logged in on June 8 (not before midnite)…. And so I started listening to EP:111 trying to catch up, and after I went to Blog & posted comments on EP:111 about this subject. I stayed logged in to SC & was busy searching on some other stuff and then I came back just after midnite on June 9th to look to see if I had missed any articles on SC and there it was… EP:112 — dated June 8th (didn’t see this on the site until June 9th). Don’t know why this happened.. could have been synchronicity or a tech glitch. Then I went to look at Blog comments posted for EP:112 and comments posted were pretty much stating some of what I had posted June 8th on the Blog for EP:111, before I listened to EP:111 for the first time on June 8th… Weird.

  4. DonRay

    Awesome subject and tangent Wes… enjoyed the show… Rob Skiba (onYoutube) brings up some interesting scripture also, …. Dont know if we will ever know what it all really means… I do believe this info is suppose to come out now. We’ll see. Ciao

    • Gale R

      So true! They are having a lot of success with that. Michael Tellinger said in a recent interview I listened to that he was surprised how well it was being received even by the young men.

  5. Steven B

    Looks like my “Comment is awaiting moderation” so I’m re-posting without web links:

    * Disclaimer: Before I go on to post here, I wish to make clear that I do *not* post this to create controversy, heated debate, and division over what has been spoken about here. I am not posting this to argue with anyone. I am *not* posting this to step on anyone’s beliefs. I am posting this, in the name of critical thinking, just so people know that the explanation of the “Nephilim” is not the only explanation accepted by Christians and Jews. For evolution, all that is taught is not all that there is. I am posting, for those that wish to, that they may research and draw their own conclusions. For the Scholars, my source is blueletterbible.org. *

    First, as always, Wes, a thought provoking and interesting show. 🙂 Thanks!

    Evolution: For those interested there are 2 excellent videos available on YouTube dealing with the topics that are “glossed over” or not discussed when evolution as taught: Look for “Icons of Evolution” posted by “Stan Ivanov” – if you do a search on the title it should be first in the list. The second is “Unlocking the Mystery of Life”. Again search the title on YouTube and it should be the first one on the list.

    Nephilim: There is another view that some biblical scholars hold in regard to the verses found in Genesis that some may not be aware of. Those who desire may research deeper into the topic on their own. To keep this short I am just going to quote:

    The First Book of Moses, Called Genesis
    Commentary by ROBERT JAMIESON: “2. the sons of God saw the daughters of men–By the former is meant the family of Seth, who were professedly religious; by the latter, the descendants of apostate Cain. Mixed marriages between parties of opposite principles and practice were necessarily sources of extensive corruption. The women, religious themselves, would as wives and mothers exert an influence fatal to the existence of religion in their household, and consequently the people of that later age sank to the lowest depravity…4. giants–The term in Hebrew implies not so much the idea of great stature as of reckless ferocity, impious and daring characters, who spread devastation and carnage far and wide.”

    Text Commentaries: Matthew Henry: “Mixed marriages (v. 2): The sons of God (that is, the professors of religion, who were called by the name of the Lord, and called upon that name), married the daughters of men, that is, those that were profane, and strangers to God and godliness. The posterity of Seth did not keep by themselves, as they ought to have done, both for the preservation of their own purity and in detestation of the apostasy. They intermingled themselves with the excommunicated race of Cain”

    For those here on SasChron that are Christian in their beliefs, what you believe or do not believe about the “Nephilim” is not a matter of Salvation. So, have fun, research if you are interested, and draw your own conclusions in the matter. It won’t be on the “Final Exam”. ????

    Cheers & God Bless
    Steve, RGV TX

    • Reed D

      Very well said. And it is definitely food for thought. Thank you. Also, I get a kick out of your Disclaimer! It’s to bad that some people are so sensitive that we sometimes feel that we must do this; I applaud your insight and thoughtfulness.
      In my Biblical research concerning the “Sons of God” in the passage in question, I’ve stuck with the original Hebrew meaning, “B’nai Elohim”, referring to angelic beings.
      But scholars that have been at this much longer than me have been pouring over this for a very long time!

      • Steven B

        Thank you, Reed. 🙂 I’m glad to be able to contribute in a positive manner to SasChron. I appreciate the insight from many that are on here. Great questions are posed and some well thought out answers are often given. I appreciate Wes for doing this. I don’t think there is another site like it.

    • Gail d

      I know about this alternative view but Sons of God (Bene Elohim) refers to Adam, Jesus and the angelic hierarchy because they were directly made by God the rest of humankind were the sons of men. Personally I believe the Nephilim were the basis of the Roman and Greek god beliefs.

      • stephen m

        I disagree . Scripture interpets scripture . Too much evidence for the nephilim . Satan trying to corrupt the bloodline of Christ 🙂

  6. Gabriel H

    Awesome Steve. Great comments from all. Even Kim 🙂 It’s irresponsible and immature to disregard our human tribe.

    Great show Wes

    Thank-you for the additional links everyone

    • Kim L

      I agree Gabriel, Steven B is an awesome commenter, like to sit down with him sometime and “pick his brain”. I’m sorry I gave the impression I was willing to disregard our “human tribe”, I like that terminology. It’s my own fault, I posted a rather curt comment, not thinking how it would be taken, and you were good enough to give me a smiley face anyway. Says a lot about the kind of person you must be. I’ll be giving more thought to my posts from now on, have to admit I needed a “tune up’ !

      • Steven B

        Hi Kim, I am humbled by your comment. When it comes to Sasquatch. I would say 99.9% I learned here through the host(s), interviews, and blog posts. So the accolades are Wes’. I appreciate that you appreciate my “commentaries”. I’m “long-winded” at times, I know, but I try to post, most times, something helpful or speculate on a question asked or even add a bit of levity from time to time. So, if there are 1 or 2 people here, like yourself, that get something out of it, I guess my “2 cents worth” have been worthwhile. 🙂 If you are down in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas sometime, I’d be happy grab a bite to eat with you. “Picking my brain” might turn out to be a “short dig”, but we should be able to have a couple of laughs at least. 🙂


  7. Kim L

    I feel like my previous post sounded a little abrupt, I want to add, Wes, I know you put some time and effort into this episode, even asked for our input, so thank you. I am not ungrateful, though we’ve not been face to face, I like you. I don’t feel closed minded, I have examined much of this line of reasoning, and just don’t wish to revisit it. Thanks Steven B, I always enjoy your posts. Your last sentence — “it won’t be on the final exam” a world of wisdom within that thought! May I use it? not kidding.

    • Steven B

      Go ahead, Kim. Feel free to use “it won’t be on the final exam”

      I’m glad that I can post that some people enjoy. 🙂 Thank you for saying so. I appreciate that.

  8. Jay Carlsen

    Was the Bible a little Bias ? …… Very well could be. Native Americans in Colorado chiseled a line on the Mountain side. Where the Great Spirit told them to go w/ pairs of Certain Animals . The Rocky Mountains are higher in Elevation than Mount Ararat in Turkey. ( I would assume ….I haven’t worked out of Country . )
    Pre – Flood the World was Much Different , I would assume . The Firmament was above as well as Below . Some think that the Firmament that was Above …… was Actually a sheet of Ice that surrounded the Planet ! & if this was so , it would Produce a ” Barometric type Atmosphere ” , Like a Pressurized Oxygen Chamber . And everyone Knows that a Human Body heals twice as fast under Barometric Conditions . Also things Grow to Gigantic Size ……. Like Dinosaurs ? Maybe ?
    The Reason behind the Flood …….. Could it have been to Wipe Out the Mega Fauna that was here then ? The Cave Bear that stood 10 foot tall at the Front Shoulder , that ran like a Dog. The Dire Wolf , Saber Toothed Cats , & Mammoth . Could Be …..
    Jonathan Grey , does a deal on the YouTube. Where he went to Mount Ararat in Turkey . & wanted to go to the Mountain that held the Boat. He was Taken to a Grave of a Man Who HAD to be 15 foot tall & was told it was Noah’s & his Wife’s Grave ! Was Noah in fact a Giant also ? Was Everything ? Who is to say ?
    Isn’t it Funny , that some People who Believe in Sasquatch , that until recently were thought of as Trolls , Ogres, Mythological Creatures that did NOT Exist. Catch a hint of someone talking about the Bible , & they just Turn Off ? ” Oh that can’t be Real ! Just way’s to Control the Masses “. I find that interesting . Just like People who have Seen Sasquatch KNOW that it is Real . I had a Crazy Dream , sometime in the Month of August 2001 . After that Dream , I am Sorry ……. I KNOW that the Power that left 2000 years ago , Promising to Return is Real . Beyond All Doubt .
    ( oh yeah , Esau is Sasquatch . When their Mother felt the Twins struggle in her Womb , she went before the Lord & ask ” Why am I Thus ?” And she was Told ‘ 2 Nations are in your Womb , 2 separate Manner of People will be separated from your Bowles . The elder will be the Stronger – But will serve the Younger ‘ After Esau was Born , & when he came out it is said ” He came out Red , all over , as if wearing a Garment of Hair . He brother Jacob came out just behind , as He was clutching Esau’s Heel . And he was of Smooth Skin .
    Yes , Homocapensis I think is in Fact the Nephilim . What about Jinn in the Muslim faith ? They were made right after Angels . Angels were Made of Quicksilver , & Jinn were made of Smokeless Fire . They were warned against having dealings with the Jinn , for their Meanings could be 2 Fold .
    Are these Jinn the Pilots of these Craft we see zipping around our Sky’s ? After the Creation they were Bound Here . Could Be ?
    There are over 500 Flood Story’s through out Ancient Civilizations , How can you Piont at all these People & tell them they are Wrong ? Was the Bible Bias ? Maybe …… it was Written by Man . Not God Himself .
    Forget my Facething Page , If this Crazy Dream is of any interest I would GLADLY write it down . Here . So you can Decide for your Self . It would be My Pleasure .

    • Jay Carlsen

      Who Built the Megalithic Stone Structure around the World ? the Pyramids ? Stone Hedge ?
      Did you Realize that the Sarcophagus in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid is the Exact Dimensions of the Ark of the Covenant ? Nassiem Haramien talks about this . When he came to this Conclusion ; he looked Back into Egyptian History ( very good record keepers ) & found a Story 100s of years before Moses . Where a Pharaoh & his wife were on a Lake , Boating one day. And she lost a very Precious Bracelet. Pharaoh was troubled & sent for the High Priest . Who cam to the Lake & ” Opened ” the water. & retrieved the Queens Bracelet for her. Isn’t THAT Crazy ? Did Egypt possess a Power Source that made the Pyramid Machine Function ? Was that why Pharaoh let Moses go – then chased after him ? Parting the Red Sea could be Simple , with a Gravity Generator . The Ark was fashioned afterward , when they were at the Foot of the Mountain . Isn’t that Crazy ?

  9. Reed D

    Sad to see this on this site.
    It doesn’t belong here.
    I believe we’re trying to keep this a hate-free place…. and I believe most of the members will say the same.


  10. Avis B

    I want to Thank you Wes .. for all your hard work.. and Thank Wayne for his hard work and research into this Subject .. I have come to the same conclusion Wayne has come to… I to Believed the family of Seth was the sons of God, that they mixed… But something happen to me, that made me start to question everything .. I started to research as far back as I could .. And I to found what Mr. Wayne found .. so my view point has changed a lot.. .. Thank you again Wes for everything you do… I am still looking for the expert on Animal Nephilims…

  11. Gareth M

    I would first of all like to thank Wes for bringing out all of this new content.. It’s amazing, here in The UK I listen to them at work due to the time difference and
    the days fly by.
    I don’t think it polite or right to criticise any one for the beliefs they hold when it comes to region or spirituality. What ever people believe they believe..
    The odds of there being a catastrophic northern hemisphere wide flood event 12,000 – 20,000 yrs ago? I would say evens..Google The Laurentide Ice Sheet for North America. Even where I am sat now in England was under a mile thick ice sheet. When that stuff thawed things must have got soggy!
    And the odds of Sasquatch in the U.S. And Canada being descendants of giant fallen angels who mated with humans as described in an ancient religious text based in the Middle East 6000 years ago? Better ask C3-PO!!
    EditWatch this page

  12. Ryan o

    Before I hit the play button, I want to say that I think of the Sasquatch “right now” as a wild animal.
    Just like a bear, just like a cougar, just like a mountain gorilla.
    I have heard many things about Giants and nephilim. None of which helps me out when I am in the bush facing wild creatures.
    I will listen and then read, and then post again.
    The question on my mind is “what impact does this have on my day to day life and my experience when I go into the wilderness to face this thing?”

  13. Brian M

    Wes, great show, real David Icke territory. I listen to a few other internet shows on similar themes and you’ve produced a show as good as anything else out there along these lines.

    I think this is the kind of show I was hoping Shannon would produce and it definitely has a place in the Sasquatch Chronicles week.

  14. Robert M

    This shit is dope! I have been reading about the Nephilim for a long time, but this guy gave in depth descriptions. Need to get that book. Is there audio book version to listen while working.

    • Steven B

      Hi Steven

      Looks like there are 2 of us on here – I don’t know how people are going to be able to tell one’s post from the other. I’m surprised the system allows for same “post names”.

      The Other Steven B, RGV TX

  15. Kent C

    Well…………. I think that someone needs to say it: ….This is a fantasy story!

    Literal Genesis Interpretation…, Atlantis…, “Pre-Flood” Space Aliens…, Creationism…, Fairies…, Cross breeding between species…, “Seven Sacred Sciences” given to Adam…, Freemasonry…, Secret Societies…, World Government…, Space-Time portals…, Interdimensional travel…., The Anti-Christ…, Dragons…, Shape Shifting…, Demons…, ad infinitum, ad nauseam!!

    Is there any “Pseudo-Science” topic or “Conspiracy Theory” that this guy HASN’T rolled into his narrative??? …….And to top it all off, he goes on to site totally removed literature like J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, and the English accounts of Merlin as evidence for his hypothesis!!!

    …..And throughout this narrative, we are given an astonishingly few actual data sources for his opinions. In his early remarks regarding Pre-Flood Nephilim, he refers to Josephus as a source for the physical description of the Nephilim: ….Josephus was a Roman historian who lived in the first century A.D.!! ANYTHING that Josephus wrote about pre-flood Nephilim could only have been the worst kind of “Hearsay Evidence”.

    Extraordinary Claims require Extraordinary Evidence: ……And his narrative fails badly in this respect.

    • Gareth M

      What about the ancient texts telling of a giant who lived at the top of a beanstalk? And here in the UK we have tales going back 1000’s of years about at least three known little pigs and a young girl dressed in red terrorised by a Dogman….The truth is out there Kent!!!
      Any one who citates the scientific fact of DNA in a serious attempt to prove among other things Fairies, is probably best left alone.. Hope he s happy and his book does well. No offence to the guy..
      I just hope that this episode has dealt with this side of the subject.. Back to trying to establish facts and more information about this animal through credible accounts and filed work.. I hope!!
      Keep watching the skies!

  16. Mike B

    I tried,i realy did.but this is sooooo fucking boring.this guys got a lot of fuckin wires crossed.you realy cant do the history of the world through the bible(sorry folks)not his bible anyway.

    • stephen m

      He referenced data other than the bible . Ancient samarians , native americans most ancient civilizations do have mention of giants .

  17. Kim L

    Actually, I did go back and listen to the entire show. The lack of Biblical scholarship is shocking, but, I’m sure some would think the same of me. Long live saschron!!

  18. Kim L

    Thank you Steven B, for the kind invite. I’ve not visited your part of the country, be nice to already have a pal there. Same goes for me if you ever visit northern California (not to be confused with the rest of this limpdick state). Thanks again for your insightful posts and polite and kind demeanor.

    • Steven B

      You’re welcome, Kim. Thanks for your invite. Northern Cali…never been there. Been to Southern Cali and one time years ago drove through Yuma to Los Angeles and then back out across towards Vegas but never been to the north. Watch out for the Samsquanches up there. 😉 Again, your welcome for the posts. Happy that you and others enjoy reading them. As for my demeanor…I believe that people can disagree, but they don’t have to be “disagreeable”. 😉

      Your friend in the Wilds of the Rio Grande Valley (where Squatches fear to tread due to Cartel violence across the border)

      PS – If there is a post without the photo of the character to the left <—- it'll be by the other "Steven B"

  19. Carson H

    I’m more likely to accept the fact that govt keeps these beasts under wraps because if it is the missing link or a close close ancestor that would support evolution it would pay to keep them secret because a population of adults who don’t think logically or scientifically are a lot less easier to manipulate than a population of people who believe in a story invented by Bronze Age sheep hearders 2000 years ago who would rather just do stuff like wait for the 2nd coming than trying to take care of the only rock in the solar system that can sustain human life.. The idea govt would want to keep it secret because it would prove Christianity doesn’t make sense because in actuality it doesn’t make sense trying to even attempt to disprove Christians because it’s impossible to convince people of something they already believe in the face of all the data on biology we have this far.

    • Jay Carlsen

      Could be I guess , Maybe ?
      In 1987 my Best Friend & I were involved in a Motorcycle Accident , when a Car backed out in front of us. ( I was Riding Bitch) We hit it doing 65-70mph, catapulting me 100-110 feet . I landed on the Back of my Helmet , breaking it in 2 Pieces. I sustained a Basilar Skull Fracture , Broken Neck , 9 Ribs , left Knee , & first digit on my left Foot . I was close to Death. After 8 days in a Coma I woke up , 22 more days in the Hospital , 3 months later I started back to School in hour Increments. ( 1st week an hour a day 2nd week 2 hours …. & so on ) I Skipped 10th Grade of High School & Still Graduated with my Class of 1990. Blah , Blah , Blah ….
      Just after I returned to School , My Friend wanted to stay over for the Night on a Friday , After School . I was kind of Confused , I was still under 24 Hour Supervision ( in case I fell & hit my Head ) I wasn’t even Sleeping in my Own Bed Room – I was on the Couch ……. ( just in case I fell down the Stairs. My Parents said it was Alright . I told Him – That Friday , he walked home from School w/ me .
      ——- My Friend broke his Jaw , left Collar Bone , & left Arm . ——————————————-
      That Night I found out …….. He didn’t Bring me any Weed ! I had turned 16 years old 2 weeks before the Accident ( I don’t remember 3 months before the wreck ) And the Whole Time I hadn’t smoked any weed since ! ( HA, HA , HA – Old Man …. You GOT me ; I have to Admit ! ) I was allowed to sleep Upstairs in my Bedroom. Since my Friend was sleeping on the Floor. My Parents told him If I woke in the Night , If he would walk with me ( Just In Case ) I was Embarrassed… to say the Least .
      Anyhow , as I lay in a Coma those 8 days . My Father went to all My Friends & Told each & every one of them – Separately
      ” Yeah , right before I left the Hospital. The Neurosurgeon that is On Call ( to release the Pressure from my Brain . My head was Swollen , they feared further Brain Damage ) Told me My Son is laying there in the Coma … Because he Smoked the Weed ! AND if bye some Goddamn Miracle sent bye God Himself , My Son wakes up Again . Were he to take just One Puff off of a Marijuana Joint – He will fall as One Who Is Dead ! Back into A Coma again ! Never to wake Up ! Ha , Ha , Ha , Ha it took Me MONTHS ! To convince anyone Otherwise !Ha Ha
      Anyway , My friend didn’t bring me any Weed , & he didn’t want to Sneak Out . But he brought $1000.00 his mother sent him for a new Car (bike was Totaled ) We divided it in 1/2 & that night he taught me how to Play Poker . 1/2 way through He got all …. Funny on me . Apologized that he went home that Very Night , & I was left in I.C.U ( I kind of took Offence to it . Like what is he saying ? That I was Retarded ?) I Snapped back ‘ What the Fuck Are you Talking About ? I am All Better now , They let Me Out !’ & it was left at that . ( I could never Recognize my Draw Backs from this Head Injury – it is what it IS )
      3 days later , My Friend put a 22 Rifle in his Mouth & ended his own Life ( Mike – you dumb ass . Why did you Do That ?)
      My Projected Plato of my Recovery was not until I turned 27-28 years old . I was 16 …… What the Fuck ? So Please try to entertain the Idea ………. I had my Own Doubts .
      In 1992 after the Marine Corp wouldn’t take me ( I listened to my Mother , Got a note from my Doctor ” Oh Yeah ! Jay Carlsen – Basilar Skull Fracture – Broken Neck – 9 Broken Ribs – Broken left Knee – 1st digit on the left Foot Broken ( Big Toe ) …… yeah , He’s healing well , HE CAN DO IT ! the recruiter Laughed at me ( the Dick ) 2 months later I was Hired on to a Seismic Survey Crew , Mapping underground formations for the Rigs to know where to Drill . I Escaped the Little Town in Northern Michigan that I live ! I been to 43 of the Lower 48 States.
      Since this Accident I do not recall my Dreams anymore. I am Sure I have them every night , but bye Morning , they are Gone. All except for one Crazy Dream I had , sometime in the Month of August in 2001 . While working in Washington Pa .
      In this Dream , I am walking away from a Work Truck into Woods that are Unfamiliar to me. The Trees are small & Scrubby looking – Not like the Hard Woods of Northern Michigan ! I am carrying something Heavy , like on my Shoulders. ( not sure if Equipment or a 7 hrs Chrysler – 2 stroke Back Pack Drill [ like a fence post digger on a Back Pack frame ] all I know is it is Heavy) I am Sweating Rivers .
      There is a Hand Held radio clipped to my Belt , that I am 1/2 assed listening to ( just in case someone Calls for me ) And as I make my Way , I am looking at the Equipment , that all the Wire is on the left of ‘Line’ & it is so ….. Good . I am Counting Shot Holes , that they are Loaded & the cap wire is hanging up in clear view. ( digging charges out of a 10 foot hole sucks Shit !) & they are all on the right of ‘Line’ well away from the Equipment. Good – Good . { I am doing my Job }
      As I go , I Move my thought from what I am carrying , to something more pleasant ‘ FUCK YEAH ! I am Working for the Same Company I broke out for in ’92 ! I got my License Back Again ! I got Money in my Pocket ! I have Wheels !’ Then a dark thought tries to sneak in …..BUT I CATCH IT ! ‘ OH , NO , No , no , Not THAT ! Think of something Else ! ‘ & I start going down a Steep hillside .
      At the Bottom a field opens up Before Me ( about 2 acres ) Our ‘Line’ Crosses & goes up another Steep Hill . 1/2 way up the Next hill is a Wood line w/ Lots of Shade ! I mark it & head that way. Meaning to put this Down & take me a Break ! It is very Hot outside , the Sun is Beating Down , the Mustard weeds I am walking through are 5 1/2 – 6 foot tall. I assume Late in the Summer. I start up the Hill , but as soon as I Step over the Threshold of Trees – 2 Hands slide into my Back & pick me up like by my Shoulder Blades ! ( doesn’t hurt – but feels Gross ! No ones hands are suppose to be there ! ) [ Who ever this is , can
      ” SEE ” right through me. And is holding me at Arms Length! Like Eeeeewwww! ( because I am Dirty )] I even make the Flimsy Excuse ‘ What do you Expect ? I am Working Right Now ! ‘ A Voice inside my Head said to me ” Never mind that now! NOW is your Time to Go , Are you Ready ?” confused I said ‘ Go ? I can not GO Anywhere ….. I am Working , I am On The Clock.”
      The Voice said again ” Are you Ready ?” and I am impressed with the Thought of 2 young children , w/ an older child Behind ( can’t tell if Girl/Boy – But all Blonds ) I PLEAD ‘ What of my Family ? What of My Friends ?’ when I am Told ” they are Fine ” ( children) ” But you must Tell Me ! Are You Ready ?” still I need a moment to Process – there I am 3 feet in the Air , Some one’s Hands in my Back , Talking to me in my Head …… THIS has never happened before …. Must be Legit ! I said ‘OK , I am Ready ‘ But I am Told ” SPIT THOSE OUT ! HE does not want to see you With THOSE !’ now I am Bummed ! I said ‘ FUCKING DAMN IT ! I just Paid $1000.00 for those Last Week ! PPTTUYYYYY’ I spit out my Top Denture. & Reach in my Mouth w/ my right Hand & un-snap the Lower Denture from the Mounts embedded in my lower Jaw. I let them fall
      I see my Boots
      & underneath them the Ground disappears !
      Tree Tops
      Then BAM ! I am standing on the O-Zone ! The voice comforts me ” It’s OK , Your Alright , You can Stand on it…. Like a Table ” But even before that …. I realize my Head Injury is GONE ! my back doesn’t hurt ! My bones do not Ache ! I even got the Teeth in my Mouth Again ! I said out loud ‘ What The Fuck ?!? is this what it is Like ?!? Not to have that Head Injury !?!’ I am in Awe ….. I look up from my Feet & Hey ! Right there is the Moon ! Just hanging above the Planet ! it is bigger than I thought !
      I look Straight up & See ALL the Stars in the Sky !
      I Glance over my left shoulder & 2 planets away is the Sun , just burning at the center of our Solar System … & it Is HUGE
      Then I am Told ” ON YOUR KNEES ! You are in the Presence of the Son of Man ! ” I fall flat on my Face !
      ——- Below me I see the Gulf of Mexico , Before me I can see about Southern Illinois , ( not Michigan , I loose it in the Curve ) down ; of the united States , to my Far left I can make out Mexico , below & behind me I see the Coast of South America , to my right a few Islands – Then Ocean—————–
      At the Sudden ! This Big , Disappointed , Terrible Voice said “‘ WATCH WHAT THEY DO .”‘ & I am Watching …. I see Fire ! Big Billowing Clouds of Fire Jump up at me from the Ground ! Maryland , Delaware , Virginia , North / South Carolina , Georgia , then into the Interior West Virginia , ohio , Indiana , Illinois , Kentucky , Tennessee , Alabama I Scream ‘ WHY DID YOU LET THEM DO THAT! ‘
      and I woke up. Isn’t THAT Crazy ?
      The second time I am Asked if I am Ready …… I get the Hint .
      That Big Voice , that was the Voice of the Power that Left 2000 years ago . And Promised to Return .
      Even as I write this …… I have that Head Injury . Grey Matter does not Heal ( fact ) How is it that it was Gone ? How can that even Be ? That is the Crazy Part . I can not get Over it …… Kinda like , I guess …… A Bad Head Cold ? & some one just walks up & picks it up off your Shoulders & throws it away ? ( No , Not like that at all . I am Sorry. I can not do it Justice with only Words. Sorry )
      One thing I have going for me …. I guess . Is the Company I said I am Working for , I am a NO HIRE . ( they got tired of Fronting my Bail , I always paid them Back ! & I Quit Drinking in 2000! They are just Being Baby’s about it ) So That will never Happen. I have Tried , to be turned around at the Door. While they went to work short handed .What can ya do ?
      20 years after this Accident I spoke with an Eye Witness, When he heard the BANG ! He turned to see me Flying through the Air , as if I was still Seated on the Motorcycle , But doing a Somersault. My helmet hit First , Breaking it , & my chin bounced off my Sternum. Smashing my Jaws together , busting up all the Enamel on my Teeth . I never figured that out until After I spent that Blood Money . I never even Heard of Implants.
      When I had this Crazy Dream , I was single. No Childrens ! Today I raise my 2 daughters & still on good terms w/ their Mother & My Step Daughter – All Blonds
      Not Aliens – I knew who it was .
      I can be a real piece of Shit if I put my Mind to it . I am not a very good Christian (but I try ) I do not know anything about the Before After Argument. I haven’t even read the Entire Book !
      I can not say I remember dreams from Before the accident , but they were always nonsense – random . Nothing like this , that follows a chain of events .
      Somewhere , I can’t put my finger exactly where …. But I am in a Panic ! Terrified! That I will be Seen with ” It ” I tell the Voice in my Head ‘ QUICK ! Take it away ! Before he See’s me with It ! ‘ ( the dirty ) & I get a sense , the Voice is almost Amused …. As an adult w/ a Naughty Child . & I am Told ” No , You must Answer for all you have Done ” But I am calmed , I Know it has already Been Paid For . But I still must give Account ( & I am Loath to do that ) .
      Another place I can’t say where , I get the Feeling it is time to Sing to HIM. No Faking , Everything is Doing it. So True to Form I Break Out with ” Creeping Death ” !
      SLAVES – Hebrews born to Serve , to the Pharaoh
      HEED – to his every word , Live in Fear
      FAITH – of thee Unknown One , The Deliverer
      WAIT – Something Must Be Done – 400 years
      Then I catch Myself again ‘ WHAT ?!? NO , NO , NO , NOT THAT ONE ! Sing Something Else !’ & I go right into Jesus Loves Me.
      I don’t KNOW ….. I do not judge anyone – I do not care who you Marry – Whatever. That’s Your Business. I have enough on my Plate to Answer for .
      Isn’t That Crazy ?

          • Jay Carlsen

            Thank You ! ( I just tell it Because I can not explain it . ) the Head Injury thing ….. I have No Reference for that . This is how it IS . It is my Normal right now , & has been since I was 16 years old . I do not remember 3 months before this Accident . I recall something said on that Topic – kind of different . But kind of the same .
            I have told many people about this Crazy Dream . I had it in August 2001 . I can not Cheat this …….. & yes , I have tried . Then to look back & it all fits into my perspective. It is Crazy .

    • theodore M

      Man, your on a bigfoot site. Why are you concerned about so called “facts”? The gate keepers of knowledge will state sasquatch do not and can not exist. And thats a fact.
      This site is about expanding ones universe. I wanna hear what the so called fringe think., cause the “fact”guys have an agenda that is not mine.

  20. Matt P

    Hopefully this is the last time the show deviates into the ridiculous. The idea that Bigfoot is an Alien wasn’t entertained for one second but this apparently is, pick your poison I guess. ..

  21. Brian R

    I have been wondering how far you have allowed your curiousity to take you. Now I know!
    Although much of the material in this show isn’t of my primary interest I found it to be absolutely riveting. I have some reading to do…whew!
    Out-f#cking-standing show Wes. Very well done. Gary Wayne was an excellent guest.

  22. Cindy W

    Wes, this is just another reason why I love you!! The shows are always so exciting in every way! Thank you for working so hard and having wonderful people on as guest. This show was very interesting indeed! I plan to listen again and to have my husband listen too. It opened my eyes in other ways than had been before. I am a fan of yours for sure because you so rock!!! Thank you Wes, thank you.

  23. Carol S

    Really interesting show, though not squatchy????. I, like others here, am not necessarily on board with the Nephilim theory of Sasquatch, but am compelled to consider alternative answers. I have always been intrigued by descriptions of the beast that take it out of the realm of it being just an ordinary undocumented animal for example; it’s higher level of intelligence or it’s perceived evilness.

    In terms of tonights show, I am wondering how a government cover-up of Sasquatch benefits the powers that be (nephilim blood line)? Why keep it undercover? There must be a reason or some kind of pain being kept under wraps. Maybe Bigfoot is the mentally challenged cousins of the Nephilim. We all have at least one family member we would like to forget about ????

  24. Andrew O

    I’m looking forward to listening to your show on my drive around town today. It’s become an separable combination!

    Every monday, wednesday and fridays, I go and collect prescriptions from doctors surgeries to take to my local supermarket (Sainsbury’s), and it takes me about an hour and a half, so your show fits perfectly in that time.

    Thank you so much for considering me, and producing such a brilliant show.

    It’s nearly, almost as good as Game of Thrones, but none of this is fiction!

  25. larry h

    good story not much evidence and a lot of speculation, but with out hundreds of books of that was kept out of the Bible in those you could possibly answer a lot of questions that most people have, you may or may not like the answers but I think all the holes or unanswered questions could be made clear. This guy has a few reasonable answers, but some of his conclusions to me just doesn’t fit. Wes your getting side tracked of what this show was to be all about, BIG FOOT I think unless you get back on track your audience is going some where else, you said at the beginning that both subjects would be discussed well two minutes for big foot and the rest about the book he wrote, I would really like to see the next three or four shows done on big foot only.

  26. Papa - Yeti

    The being produced it’s own light source -shined of its own light / shine. Which had dimly cast its light of its weird body across our hardwood bedroom floor as it peered through our bedroom window and gazed very intently upon her as she slept peacefully that night in 1962. I have written much of the encounter in my personal journals, but as my sister died right after that terrifying night over have a century ago, and the suspicious circumstances of her death and that night’s encounter I do deem as a very possible correlation. I hadn’t even pieced the two together. Thank you to Gary Wayne and to Wes, and as a paying member I do hope to hear of other strange encounters and of the beings and creature of which people encounter. Sure it can and most always is classed as a Psudeo – Science, but this is where we have to search for our answers of which our own Government and Sciences deny and or fail us of our answers to what these creatures and beings are. I will always be upon a personal quest for all the answers and clues I can get. Wes, bring us the knowledge of Gary Wayne and if I had not listened to all of what Gary stated, then I would have never heard the clue pertaining to the being we encountered many decades ago.

    I hope that Gary Wayne and all of the guests and encounter victims gain the answers and knowledge they can to better help them, as Gary Wayne has helped me. Thank you for another great show Wes.

  27. mitch r

    Using myth to try and describe a mystery does not give you any answers and gets you further from the truth. At least you gave us fair warning the day prior.

  28. Kent C

    This discussion highlights a very important current issue: The conflict between Myth and Science.

    …..Both seek to address the same problem: …..Explaining the Unknown.

    It’s important to note that the original myths of the ancient civilizations were written to provide explanations for natural phenomenon that were not scientifically understood at the time. They were a comfort to ancient man when he contemplated the Unknown. (….And his own mortality.)

    Seen from today’s point of view, it should be clear to any rational person that there are very few (if any) real truths to be found in ancient myths: ….But in spite of all that, myth based “pseudo science” is more popular than ever.

    This genre is popular because it requires little effort from the reader, and the theories it puts forth are intended to perform the same function as the mythology it draws from: …..Providing easy answers for various “Unknowns” without burdening the whole discussion with FACTS.

    There is nothing “easy” about REAL Science! Disciplined Scientific Method requires extensive, meticulous research and both experimental and observational verification of the data: ……It is brutally hard work!

    Unfortunately, UNDERSTANDING real science is also hard work!! REAL science creates extensive volumes of information that must be examined by the critic in order to properly understand the work in question: ….This requires a person with a solid fundamental education, an open mind free of prejudices, and a willingness to invest A LOT of time examining the work in question. In our “Dancing With The Stars” and “Saturday Night Football” culture, people with the above mentioned qualities are in the minority.

  29. Barry M

    This is the best show yet. It’s proof you can go outside of the …. whatever box some of these people want you in. Google Search “Project Camelot”…real far out stuff on there, aliens, reptilians, etc, they take it all seriously tho. There’s a site and youtube.

  30. Pat T

    Wes, thanks for bringing Wayne on. I thought the show was interesting. What i like about your forum is that we all have our own opinions and that is what makes not only your listeners but our country great! I have to admit that it is the encounters and those who are brave enough to come on the show who make it. I’ve always been impressed with your demeanor and how well you treat your guests. Do you think Les Stroud would ever come on your show and share his experiances while taping the six shows he did for the Discovery Channel? Will he do more? Have to ask. Like all the others, thanks for the effort your putting in to produce a great show!

  31. Blake S

    This is how I got into Bigfoot in the first place, by researching into giants, Steve Quayle is another author that writes about giants, even had an account of one being killed in the tora-bora mountains in Afganistan by special forces and airlifted by a C-130 plane to Germany if I remember rightly, he actually interviewed the pilot, what makes this even more interesting is the interview has completely vanished from youtube!! if you look up his book “longwalkers” the front cover is a recreation of that story.

  32. Dave A

    Great show Wes. I totally understand the slight deviation from the subject matter. .Gotta put this nephilim vs squatch stuff to bed.. I usually don’t feel compelled to offer my two cents on every episode but I gotta say I like the direction you have been taking the show. I’m a fan and I’m glad I became a member. Solid job Wes!

  33. Keith M

    Worst episode of all, alas. I can stretch credulity enough to nearly see the rationale for it, but being subjected to biblical hogwash, misreadings and outright distortion of texts, fanatical lunacy and the irrelevancy of the whole silly enterprise in how it applied to sasquatch research left me hoping this was a one-time experiment that will be seen as a failure – of mission, vision and sense.

    If nothing else, I suppose the absurdity of the show reminded me how well-grounded (despite continued popular dismissal) sasquatch lore is – and how fine just about every other episode of the show has been – compared to this sort of tripe. No more wrong-headed biblical tie-ins, PLEASE.

  34. Mark S

    OK Bubba, worst show ever. Pure pseudo science nonsense. Please Wes don’t jump the shark….you’re getting dangerously close to a type of “flute playing”. Please try to keep the show as factual as possible. Ask yourself if the information being shared could be admissible in a court of law. Or if that’s too much, stick to first hand encounters. Thank you for your time and still a fan.

  35. Papa - Yeti

    Hay Jay Carlsen, tell me, while Christ had you up there hanging by the scruff of your neck! Did Christ at all have a sense of humor? If not I am in a hell of a lot of trouble, and therefore will be needing to prolong my stay here as long as possible…

  36. Linda W

    I ordered Gary’s book! Found it fascinating. I’ve been thinking along these same lines. If there can be supernatural beings of all sorts in and around this earth then why not these beings called bigfoot. I still hang my hat on that they are supernatural of the evil sort with human and animal mixed in. Jesus has already defeated them per the bible tells me so. They are here to deceive and are doing a goiod job of it… my opinion.

  37. Kathy S

    A few folks are acting as if they love and are accustomed to listening to Sasquatch Stories & feel as if they were forced to listen to a Percy Jackson Movie instead… too funny!

    I like this episode… listening to it for a second time right now. In fact, I’ll probably buy the guys book… I appreciate learning about different things and by the sound of the comments, most everyone agrees.

    As far as encounters go, I love hearing about them as much as anyone else. That being said, the topic of this episode was not much of a deviation from the norm, especially since many people believe Bigfoot/Sasquatch are Nephilim.

    Good grief, to hear some of the whining going on you’d think the show was about animal husbandry in a group of vegetarians. Geez Louise, it’s not like you are hung up on G.I. Joe’s & are forced to attend a Barbie Doll convention!

    I think it’s important to keep the kids happy but I also feel that story time can be a learning time so minor deviations should be on the topic menu. Guys, it’s unrealistic to have a show/encounter as exciting as the Honobia episode on a regular basis and it isn’t fair for us to expect it. It won’t kill any of us to be open to hearing something a little different once in a while… we might learn something.

    Wes, I’m ok with going a few inches further out on the limb every now & then, maybe some of my siblings here need some reassuring that more Sasquatch stories are coming. Pretty sure the species wasn’t killed off yet & the Big Thicket still exists not to mention the Pacific Northwest as well as everywhere else… there WILL be more encounter stories. Just breathe everyone… we all need to play nice 🙂

  38. Dale G

    Wes, thanks for bringing on a guest who knew what he was talking about and had the knowledge to provide solid basis for his claims. I think there is a lot of merit to to what he believes. Thanks for going out of your way to share something with people that goes beyond bigfood, and helps to expand the small bit of reality we all see.

  39. Dutch W

    The quick way to gain a further understanding of their place in the Bible is to utilize crosses, Bibles at the habituation locations, Les Stroud was with a researcher I think in Tennessee who would leave wooden crosses and he would return and they were either broken or turned upside down,,,,Just saying in an encounter wip out the bible , or quote scripture we as believers have authority in our saviors name JESUS CHRIST to command evil spirits, or if it is not a Nephlim make certain you can run faster than your partner you brought with you….You did bring a partner ?

  40. John Ellison

    As a person that spends quite a bit of time in the word of God, I consider Genesis 6:4 the Rosetta Stone of the Bible I have read through the word of God several times in my life. When I got to the sixth chapter of Genesis this last time, I must say that I have never had a single chapter in the Bible take me to so many places. I have learned so much this time through. I never knew why God destroyed the world until I researched the giants and their off-spring, and found out that their kind had corrupted every form of life, especially man-kind and when man could no longer sustain them, they turned on us and it grieved Gods heart that he ever made man. Can you even imagine. My Sunday school class had me believing that it was because of a few ol rowdy country boys who like to fight and raise hell, and I actually thought it was that, instead of what the Giants, their off-spring, and the Nephilim had done to man-kind, trying to pollute the bloodline of Jesus. Genesis 6 has taken me to so many places in my studies, and I thank God many times a day for what it has done for me. If anyone is interested, look into the dead sea scrolls, the Sumerian writings, especially that tablets of creation. Look into some of the info about the Annanuki, Enlil and Enki, Anu, Nibiru, the book of Enoch, check out Trey Smiths you-tube show on Noah, and the multitude of shows that he has. Also check out Steve Quayle on coast to coast, he also has a website and he has some great info about the giants and the nephilim. This was a great show and I must say that I love anything associated with this topic. The government is definitely covering things up. Jesus says in the scriptures that his people perish because of their lack of knowledge and there is no doubt that the powers that be do not want us to know the truth. Jesus also said that if a person wants to know what it will be like prior to the coming of the Son of Man to study what it was like in the days on Noah. The book of Enoch was in the Bible until about the 16th century and I must say that the devil has done two things that shows me he is pretty smart, but not smarter that what Jesus can give us if we ask. He has convinced most of the world that he doesn’t exists and he got the book of Enoch removed from the canonized Bible. It looks to me that Enoch, Noah’s great-grandfather, and a man that was no more because God took him would be someone that man-kind would listen to, not to mention the 365 books he wrote. Check it out, some good reading. This topic will take you places you cannot imagine. Thanks Wes for another great show. You never cease to amaze me. All the best my friend!!!

  41. Virginia Q

    In The scriptures in the beginning Berahshit/Genesis
    And Elohim created the man in His image, in the image of Elohim He created him – male and female He created them. And Elohim blessed them, and Elohim said to them, “Be fruitful and increase, and fill the earth and subdue it, and rule over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the heavens, and over all creeping creatures on the earth.” And Elohim said, “See, I have given you every plant that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed, to you it is for food.
    Berĕshith (Genesis) 1:27‭-‬29 TS2009
    those are the six day people before Adam and Eve I think this would help to understand the city of Nod where Cain met his wife and maybe this helps.

  42. Tammi C

    Phenomenal show, will be looking to purchase this book on Neph. Thank uou so much, Wes and guest❣️❣️?????? Incredibly interesting information to ponder over and over again. ❤️

  43. Steve M

    Well, for me….this one was a bit of a reach into the tin foil hat zone…of course that is only my opinion… however the speaker did believe his review of things, .

  44. Anthony S

    I forgot to add to my previous post that one of the most common elective surgeries here in So Cal is the removal of extra fingers and toes. It is not uncommon for infants to be born with six fingers and toes on each hand and foot here in So Cal. If you have family that work in surgery ask them if this is common in your area.

  45. craig d

    Best Episode Ever!
    Well kinda!
    Absolutely enthralling show.
    It scares the shhhh ..poop outta me .
    Woe to thee oer earth and sea, for the devil sends the beast with wrath.
    Let him who hath understanding recon the number of the beast for it is a human number.
    And it’s number is 666.
    Jesus is King. Lord protect us.

    When the Jews return to Zion.
    And a comet fills the sky,
    When the Holy Roman Empire rises, then you and I must die.
    I’m a glass half full type guy!!!

  46. Kimberly M

    Let me just say, I am a Christian and if you are a Christian this book could lead you down a slippery slope! There is ONLY 1 God. Chamelot and Kitd of the rings is fiction and the only book you need to put you trust in is the Bible. The book of Enoch is not in the Christian Bible so I do not follow it. They try to make it mysterious by saying it holds “secret knowledge “. I’d stay away from that but that’s just me. As for the fallen angels, they rebelled against God and therefore they are evil and would like more than to lead Gods people away from Him, so be careful! God WILL destroy this world and Satan it says will fool many people in the end times. Don’t be fooled because Revelation says even Christians will be fooled by his twisting of the Word. Know your Bible and what it says and what it DOES NOT say.

  47. Kimberly M


  48. Michael H

    I heard somewhere that a better translation would be the word “whenever” rather than “when” in the following passage, indicating a second incursion after the flood:

    4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

  49. Michael H

    King Tut is almost certainly the first born son of pharaoh who died in the 10th and final plague of Egypt. Mary Nell Wyatt, Ron Wyatt’s wife, wrote a fascinating book about it called, “Battle for the Firstborn: The Exodus and the Death of Tutankhamun.”

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