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Bigfoot Seen In Munising Michigan

It was on a July evening in 1998, and Laurie, and her sister were heading into the town of Munising driving in from the west, along highway M28. There is a large Holiday Inn at this spot now, but at the time there was just an abandoned building, a street light, and a grassy field. As they approached the street light, from the left side of the highway, coming from the general area of Lake Superior, they saw what was described as a 8 to 8 ½ foot tall big foot. The head lights caught the creature in perfect detail. 

He was medium brown in color with very long hair and its hands hung below his knees. They guessed the weight of this creature to be somewhere in the 800-900 pound range. As they approached the creature he already had one leg out onto the pavement and he proceeded to walk across the highway in front of Laurie, and her sister. It only took three strides to get across the road. Laurie was totally awe struck as she grabbed the dash board saying “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD”.  As it went by he stopped on the edge of the road on passenger side of the car were Laurie was sitting.

From her vantage point she could see the torso of the creature and she could tell it was looking down at her but she could not make out the facial features because the head lights were not high enough. At this point her sister, who was driving, floors the car and they sped away from the area. After they got back into town, Laurie wanted her sister to drive back to that spot to see if they could catch a glimpse of the creature again but her sister was too rattled to go back there.

This particular story was retold to the Big Foot Research Organization, or BFRO, when they went to Michigan’s Upper peninsula in September of 2013 to do a segment of “ Finding Big foot.” At a town hall meeting Laurie, and her sister told the group of their sighting, and their story ended up as part of the program. You can still see this segment on reruns.

There is not a time that goes by when Laurie drives past that spot and remembers her brush with the big guy. This was the same general area that she had her first encounter just below the look out. It seems that this area is a hot spot for big foot activity. This is such a vast area with endless forests lakes and rivers it would be easy for a large primate to flourish there. There is plenty of food sources to sustain a large hairy bipedal creature. And plenty of people for it to harass.

Source: http://strangify.com/bigfoot-seen-in-munising-michigan/

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  1. Jeffrey H

    The article was a very good read until you get to the last part where it says ” And plenty of people for it to harass”, dang,! Do you think they are harassing people or just trying to get them away from their family’s home area so that they can exist in peace? I guess it us harassing them in their eyes. Coming into their area more and more with not hurting us generally. I guess the hurting us depends on the area your in. It’s like they are more friendly in the north west versus eastern Texas! Wes, be safe on your trips down in TX buddy. We need you at the controls. Your doing such a great job at the helm and thanks for all your hard work too! Be safe!

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