May 17

SC EP:105 Throwback Part 2

In part two of the “Throwback” series, Woody and I sit down and talk about past show including “The Spottsville Monster”, “Ape Canyon,” “Deathbed Confessions,” and others. We will also be talking about behind-the-scenes stuff you never got to hear. I hope everyone enjoys the conclusion of the “Throwback” series.



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81 Responses to “SC EP:105 Throwback Part 2”

    • Phil G

      Sorry Carol for hijacking your post but i’m a mug for wanting my comment at the top!!
      I don’t understand why no one is commenting on one of the most interesting issues here….
      Binary type phone/text numbers, for e.g. 111111’s, 0000000’s or combination of.. are usually international telemarketing type numbers (so i’m told). So it looks like someone is at least trying to hide their identity? a bit?..

      • erin f

        there’s plenty of web services out there that allow one to send an sms message using a spoofed number.. you can also get a skype plugin that will do the same with voip… i have a theory on this whole bob garrett affair, but i bet it would not be received too kindly, thus in this instance, i shut my mouth and clench my fingers…

  1. geoffrey c

    I’ve been having a great time listening to you guys just sit back joke and talk about the show and the journey of it all. Really good to hear you guys together again

  2. Mike H

    It was awesome having you back woody like the good old days. One of my favorite episodes was with Ron Morehead and how nerous yet excited both of you were because he was the first big name interview on your show.

  3. Gabriel H

    Hey Wes can I pay you now for my next three years membership? 😉

    BTW when you’re back from Texas it would be interesting to hear everyone’s thoughts from Killing Bigfoot, on Jade Helm 15. Bob & his crew as well.

    • Zach S

      I agree with you Gabriel. it would be interesting to hear what Texans have to say about Jade him 15.I think all Americans should keep one eye open on this operation this summer.

  4. Gabriel H

    Gawd I love how candid you guys are. Even with every single show on the food network, THIS. You Guys. Sasquatch Chronicles. This is STILL thee best recipe available to we public at large. Seriously.

    • Andrew O

      Hey. Another Andrew O!

      I know it would be completely impossible to have the same name, but it’s a shame our names/initials aren’t shown in their entirety.

      It’s good to know you though!

  5. Reid D

    Thanks for coming back Woody! It’s great having you back on my friend. Can’t wait for the return to the home of the grumpy hairy fellas from the Lone Star State. I went to Sam Houston with my friend Sean who is also a member and got audio, yes it’s Jurassic Park just like you said Wes. Sent you some audio of it..

  6. Sean C

    Great show once again guys! Thank you for completing my weekend! Have a wonderful week guys, and maybe we’ll see you in Texas soon : )


  7. Butch C

    My favorite episodes were the insider and down the rabbit hole shows. Those shows ARE what made it worth it to pay to listen. I really thought it was interesting hearing what happened to get y’all to back off those types of shows. The government can threaten you all they want at this point, the cats out of the bag, and we all know they are hiding something. Sooner or later it will all come out. Keep up the good work and keep the shows coming.

    • jason p

      I agree with you. I almost wonder if a lot of the bs about Wes and Woody’s story isn’t started and perpetuated to try to discredit them. All the 92nd with Will and others leaving could also stem from this as well. I know the rabbit hole is deep with lots of twists and turns, but the truth is in there.

  8. Eddie M

    Enjoyed guys. Disappointed Woody had such a negative impression ref. Tim Baker. The Boykin Springs, TX incident has been re-told by those Novice at the time Witness’. Everything Coonbo and Bear said was exactly as they said. The Lady that set up that outing at that time relayed the version of the events from the van behind Tim’s truck. She was one of the people wanting to stay…when Bear and Coonbo were trying get them out of there. The point is many witness’ to that and 11′ gray guy thar as Coonbo said counted coo on Bear. Having the ability to call the Alpha is really special even if he is pissed when he arrives. I agree about Tracy’s emotion not being able to be faked but, so I was the live encounter Shane had when one ten feet in front of him. Woody needs to listen to that and I think his impression of Southern Woodbooger encounters might change…what you hear in Shane’s voice cannot be faked …he is crying and the encounter was live on the pod cast of Campfire Shadows. He is asking Bear “are you there “. And “theses are the boldest son of bitches”. And you can hear Bear” tell him “Don’t Run”. Had I not heard Coonbo and Bear I’d have never told a soul about what I saw in that tree in N.C. Oct/80.

  9. Sheila

    Nice podcast Woody and Wes. I started listening to your podcast around episode 10, I do believe. I still look forward to listening Sunday night’s after watching The Game of Thrones.

  10. Jay Carlsen

    ALMOST LIKE IT WAS ON YouTube ! KindaSorta , Closeenough.
    I Like the Ape Canyon episode as well , But the account that followed …….. That was Crazy .
    Bravo ! I enjoy it ! My personal ” Creature Comfort ” . My Children are not so hot about it , Since all Soda Can returnables Have since been Forwarded to the Up keep of the Web Site. ( But those brats are fine , i send them top Steal their Grandparents pop bottle Returns’.)
    Funny about the Rivallry ! I totally get it ! Though I would be the first in line to give my Brother a Kidney ! We are the same way When Drinking ! ( I quit in 2000 , when I picked up my First Laptop . So instead of returning to the Motel after working in the oil Field . standing around the BBQ Listening to everyone Bitch about what happened at work that day. I would retreat to my Room w/ my Happy Meal & ( back then it was Jedi ) play computer games. Haven’t drank since 2000 , one of the last times I was in Jail )
    LOVED the Guy who Pissed on Sasquatch ! WHAT BRAGGING RIGHTS AT THE BAR !

  11. r v

    Carol Germer HA!!! Good job! I laughed. I always get a kick out of the intro: “9-1-1 what are you reporting?” “Jesus Christ!” Uh oh, hold on sir. We’ll have the devil our there right away…”

  12. Jay Carlsen

    Sorry , I do not mean to clog the Page w/ comments. I Have a Head Injury from a Motorcycle Accident , Broke my Helmet in 2 pieces.
    But I was wanting to comment on the Mind , Blocking out certain events that are distressing. I was involved in this Accident oct 28 of 1987 . I lost 3 months from that. I barley remember starting School that year , I lost my 16th birthday . which is Oct 6 , But the one i turned 16 years old on . is Gone . So I can Relate to the mind playing “Tricks” to Deal with Stressful situations .

  13. Jay Carlsen

    I Agree ! Leave that Stick & Hornets nest ALONE .
    My name is Jason Carlsen
    I Live in Northern Michigan
    My number is in the Phone Book under ( 231 ) Area Code
    I am That Guy .

    & the Ron Moorehead , How is that Animal ? Isn’t that Speach ?

    the last I swear like a Sailor .

  14. Christopher c

    Loved it! the music was classic -Wes for an amateur sound tech you do great job man, the Siege of Honobia sound file you created would have been enough to give Vincent Price (RIP)a run for his money!

  15. Christopher c

    Wes your Ep:’s on Gov.c-up’s are pissing in some muckety muck’s cheerio’s LOL! you are a fearless flyer and we all love you for that! Woody thank you so much for stopping in to hang out ,we will be kickin right here when you come back brother!

  16. Thane M

    Re-visiting these episodes reminds me how amazing that a creature like this exists. It also reminds me of how important your radio show is. If the everyday people of America learn that this thing exists and that our government has agencies that have been covering this up, then this strikes a victory for the people in all areas where the government is hiding things and treating the people of this once great country with no respect. Then the people will start more and more thinking and examining things on their own instead of accepting hook, line and sinker what we have been told. Thank you for all your hard work in putting this how on!

  17. Scott P

    I absolutely still love the shows. no doubt. I’m thrilled that Woody is back and I have no complaints whatsoever. None !! I do miss Will’s input and I hope at some point you’ll be able to share WTF happened to scare everyone off. You leaked a little as to the pressure you’ve had lain on you for getting too close to the truth and I completely understand If you can at some point share what’s up, please do . Otherwise, I’d never ask you to jeopardize the safety of you and yours. Thanks for hangin it all out there for us. I have the greatest respect. Thanks again.

  18. ron n

    Thanks guys!!!! good to hear both of your takes on past encounter stories and your thoughts on some of the controversial beliefs about sasquatch from some of your guests! The story about the cargo van…really frightening; all interesting stories awesome!!

  19. Christian L

    Gents, why is the episode of the Mexican lady not in your top 5….??? Her very sincere account of it jumping on her dads speeding truck tailgate and reaching in the truck bed after her and her siblings was riveting….. Also the guy from I think Indiana who saw what sounded more like a Dogman seen between houses during the winter while delivering papers…. Finally the one of the two kids chased out of the woods in Colorado (I think)where the faster kid told his buddy to run and not look back…..I always wanted you guys to track that other kid (now adult) down to get his perspective as he saw what was chasing his buddy….it’d be great to interview that guy now that your show is even more established. Love the show…..keep it coming…id love to get a perspective if you guys think BF and Dogmen are woodland enemies (my assumption)…EPIC death match……can you imagine??

  20. erin f

    great show, thanks for referencing your interview on c2c.. i found it but only made it through 40 minutes before i had to shut it off..there’s only so much of that baffoon george noory that i can stomache… 40 minutes if about 39 minutes more than i usually tolerate.. maybe ill try editing the c2c imterview and edit out moory and that drunk caller 40 minutes in.. thanks Wes!

  21. Papa - Yeti

    Great show guys, there is a lot to be learned when listening to (Lily’s) horrific encounter, like after the (Dogman? bi – pedal – wolf – creature) was shot in the face by her horrified father, and it tumbled off the back of the truck: Then as it lay in a heap in the center of the mountain road, a second creature came running down the slope out of the wood-line and investigated the dead creature. From what I gather of that, after listening to that episode, I got that it was a Sasquatch, an entirely different creature that ran out of the tree – line to investigate? (or eat?) the dead creature.

  22. Papa - Yeti

    Speaking upon the frightening episode which [ron n] is speaking of; the Cargo Van incident: Which is ‘The Tracy C.’ Mississippi highway (breakdown) encounter, if I am right, Tracy identified after that episode was first posted here on S.C., that it was the snarling yellow teethed creature pictured on ‘Them and Us’ if so you should really Post that Us and Them Picture here for reference Wes. That was one creepy creature. If Wes cannot post the Image of the creature) The Image can be found on ‘Them and Us’ (how Neanderthal predation created modern humans) on ‘Danny Vendramini’ [click ‘Home’ in left upper columns upon that sites page, it’s that mean very ugly snarling creature with bright amber eyes, and blue charcoal color flesh. Then ‘Click’ – ‘GALLERY’ scroll down half way and there are four created images of the creature Tracy C. encountered and Peed upon.

    -During his frightening encounter. It’s the Snarling creature grasping a wooden spear.

    -(Pertaining to them utilizing stick spears / tools / weapons, although I believe in Tracy’s Cargo Van – encounter they had no spear at the time. (But there has been one episode of a huge creature that was encountered as it was using a thick wooden ‘stick’ / ‘spear’ as a digging tool as it dug out its semi – subterranean den, in the cascade mountains, Oregon. Alax (the caller) speaking about his best pal’s face to face encounter as they were exploring a crude wooden structure / Den: (Speaking upon the Creature) “and he said he was on all fours and he climbed up and looked down this shaft, and he saw something, he said at first he thought it was a bear, and then he saw this stick it was holding as it was digging out the sides of this structure. It was using a stick, he said he could smell it, it smelt just like an animal, he could hear its breathing, as it was huffing and puffing,”

  23. Papa - Yeti

    Has anyone here heard from Tracy C. ? His encounter really left him in a bad way (trying to cope over what all happened to him). Last I heard from Tracy, he was still traveling that route through Mississippi.

  24. Rich A

    Hey I’m surprised you guys didn’t mention the 2nd story on the Ape canyon episode. The one with the kid at camp who ran into a Squatch who had a dogs head in his hand and later had a second encounter at night…I remember how all you guys also were commenting on how the image was stuck in your head during the episode…That was both a sweet account and quite hilarious just listening to the guy tell the story…”Obsessed with nature” “Disturbing…Disturbing….” ” Shannon don’t have bad dreams” etc…

  25. geoffrey c

    Just want to say I’ve always thought Shannon sucked….. That idiot should have NEVER BEEN ALOWED ON…. Brought absolutely nothing to the table and who gives a damn about her show so glad she’s gone…. Wes if you’re down with her what ever but, just thought she sucked. Will only half the time did any good .

  26. Dutch W

    There was a quick comment you brothers made to an Sasquatch chasing and grabbing a young girl who was “Never seen again”from the bed of a Ford 150 or 250 back in the 70’s?
    Does any one have more information? Also I would love to hear any i individual from one of the gummut kill teams come on the show, I dont know how to weed a bullsh_ _ _ er, but the number of men and type of weapons and grain used would be interesting because those details might make the weeding out possible in some way? Also the drone operators who work for Dept of interior would also be of interest since they now have a budget for the MQ predator, unarmed of course until that jackass in the WH allows that for his domestic police force he is envisioning from his 08 speech.

  27. Papa - Yeti

    Blake, Tracy’s horrific Sasquatch [type?] if you click upon Episode 75,
    [it is a long podcast totaling in time at 2:49: 28′ from start to finish) but well worth the time and listen, with ‘Wes, Shannon, and Will J. \\

    ►// “Pam’s encounter starts at counter # 00:12:51 Our Sasquatch Chronicles ‘Pan Purple Rose’ tells of her very emotional Encounter of a huge white – gray -ish – white haired Sasquatch’ that abducts a new born horse and she sees it tuck the baby horse upon the hill top, tucked under its (Sasquatch Creature’s arm and disappeared into the forest. Pan was there at a horse farm along with her family to assist with the birthing of a baby horse.

    So Pan, this was a Sasquatch and Will sates this sounds like an older [Type – 2-] Creature. As well Pan has shared about a her Dog-man encounter upon another S.C. Podcast Episode.
    Thank you for sharing your encounter with us. Pan.

    -Will, at 01:34 Will’ takes you through and makes an interesting point that you can tell the sex of a Sasquatch, or human, based upon viewing where their center of gravity is at, so if you can only view the Sasquatch from the back, or if the eyewitness / viewer cannot see any visible sign of gentiles or breasts, when trying to identify the creature’s gender, for observation / reporting data. You can better rely upon identifying the creatures center of gravity, Will explains how to determine that.) //

    ►/ ►At 1:43:10 ► A caller speaks of his Encounter at in 1976 at Ogden State Park – Collage Camp – East coast. The Caller speaks about being paired up with another young man wearing 1970 vintage platform shoes and they are stalked by a (Sasquatch.?). //

    ►/ At ► Podcast counter # 1:54:00 is Tracy C.’s horrific Cargo Van stranded upon a lone highway in Mississippi Sasquatch (Type?) creature(s) Encounter. – Listening through to ► is well worth the wait – 1:54: 00 a Very emotional Tracy tells in fine detail of the horror which he endured that very humid, storming night, while broken down (Cargo Van) upon the highway). Here’s to wishing well Tracy C. a member here upon Sasquatch Chronicles.

  28. Frankie P

    Finally got to listen to these two parts, and WOW. You two rock. I really enjoyed the comaradarie and teasing too. Hope Woody comes back from time to time, but so pleased that you (Wes) stuck it out. It gets better and better, and reviewing the old episodes is a pleasure.

  29. Rick C

    The sounds of Ron Morehead show would make you believe that they are more Neanderthal. I’ve never heard why Will left but he was a know it all but maybe he does.

  30. Michael G

    So- I’m listening to this and thinking this is pretty good. Then, when they play a segment where a guest or a caller is telling a story, I started to realize that I would just get really annoyed and couldn’t figure out why. It was the same thing that always annoyed me in the past. I figured it out. It was during the story where the guy whose delivery van broke down and had the encounter. Will constantly interrupts and constantly finishes sentences. Compare that to Wes’s interviews. Wes is generally silent. He lets the story teller tell THEIR story. Oh… I do, however, miss how Will J had to mention that he was in the Army as a Cav Scout on almost every single show. Yes- I hold Veterans in high regards, but come on.

  31. Donald A

    Wes, you’re lucky to have a brother like woody, and vice versa. I’ve been listening since the way early days. You two were never small time, you just didn’t have a lot of listeners! You two together are classic. Great show!

  32. Chris B

    Wes, great show first and foremost, but after listening I went back into the archives and looked for the old “Down the Rabbit Hole” episodes and couldn’t find them. Were they removed recently?

  33. Letty

    I would have given anything to see those William’s photos and listen to his audio tapes. It kills me to know that it was out there and could forever be lost…

  34. DonRay

    I know i have mentioned it before……. Just discussing the Bigffot topic, would result in every E-mail you get or send, to be intercepted Wes… and i’m sure all your communications are monitored…. They are gathering info on you and guests. to use against you and guests….. The main reason for monitoring, is to be there to confiscate or stop any physical evidence or body from ever making it to the public eye….. I really wish you would stress the use of secrecy in locations and names….. Never use own phone….. I know it sucks to deal with this, but you must remain one step in front… Also.. remember govt. agents are trained in intimidation and fear….. We give the Govt. too much credit in there abilities….. They are not any smarter or advanced than you or I….. Thats why they need fear and intimidation to appear large and in charge….. its common sense. Squatch’on!! Ciao

  35. Frankie P

    I so enjoy the brotherly teasing you two do. This was a good reunion, and I hope Woody gets time to join the show more. Great podcast. Can’t even pick my favorites; I enjoy them all.

  36. Kerrin C

    This was an excellent interview but very sad. I wonder why they were taking out the females – seems to me they should have been culling the males – but who knows? It was a long time ago and maybe she was a menace as well. Still, very sad.

  37. Kerrin C

    Okay. Now I’ve listened to the entire show (my comments above, were regarding Deathbed Confessions). I just love this retrospective show. It is very interesting and I am enjoying it immensely.

  38. Bryan G

    coonbo was one of the best guests and always replay his episodes I wish you’d have him back. if your gonna do replays can you edit Will out pls👍🏼🤷🏼‍♂️

  39. Jean L

    Will: annoying, name-dropping, interrupting f**k
    Shannon: buy a brain cell
    So glad you got rid of the Buffoons Wes…way better show no that you dumped the idiots!

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