Nov 3

SC EP:10 A hunter’s encounter with Bigfoot

In EP:10 we bring you a hunters encounter with Sasquatch. A listener contacted the show and wanted to share his encounter with Sasquatch. The listener wrote us saying “I had an encounter years ago (1987) in Eastern Washington. It was a three day ordeal with a couple of witnesses. I didn’t see them by choice, but was able to hear them “talk” to one another.Several years ago I spoke to an individual named John Berry who is now deceased, and gave him the details. He was the only person in the bigfoot community that I have spoke to about this. He was very interested in my encounter but I shied away from going further with the ordeal. I’m not looking for public attention and It seems that many of the bigfoot community lack integrity and shame and I just dont want anything to do with that circus environment. You mentioned an area in your interview with a couple of brothers, the Souixon area in Washington, this is an area that I have been hunting and camping in since the 70’s. This is an area that I am very familiar with and that I often bowhunt alone for more than a week at a time. I am interested in knowing more about the activity in the area. I have never found a track but have seen a suspicious figure in the dense fog on the Squaw Butte Trail above Skookum Meadows. I cant be certain as to what I saw there and have filed as merely a unique log and branch combination. I sometimes feel the need to share my experience with a credible individual(s) and maybe get some insight to what I encountered.”



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  1. Jay Carlsen

    We Have found Bones , But we call them Neanderthal …. or Cave Men . The Reason you never find Bones of Most animals in the Forest … Is the Fact that Squirrels & other rodents Chew these Bones for the Calcium content . You will Never find such Bones .

  2. kaleb

    Dude! This is incredible! Talk about closure! This guy comes on the show, not only do the hosts know the area, but know patterns of that specific group of sasquatches! Amazing. That must be quite the feeling for all 4 of those people involved with this episode. Wow.

  3. m99

    ~Now-a-days I get & appreciate Wes’ interviewing style… he is really the best at this. No offense to anyone, but I’m glad that guy Will is gone. He sure seemed to (consistently) interrupt the guests on the show. Wes just gets more out of people in his own way. Good show though…

  4. Tracey F

    I know the feeling. I took my daughter fishing in Red Feathers CO, but we had our reservations screwed up at the public campground, so found a campground for “free ” in the remote area. We pitched a tent, and there was a group of very loud and drunk partiers across from us. We awoke to footsteps about 3 a.m., at first I thought raccoon? Bear? But it was on 2 legs, walking around and around us. I thought maybe the partiers, but that didn’t make sense, they were sleeping off the alcohol. We were so terrified, it was only a piece of cloth between us and the thing, I had no weapon, I was a woman with a daughter totally defenseless. I’ve never gone camping since then, if I ever do, it would have to be a hard shell camper, and now I always carry a .38. It changed me. The shame was ny daughter was the happiest I’d ever seen her, but that cut the trip short.

  5. Andrew B

    I decided to start back at the first episode since I missed a few here and there. After this one, I ended up searching for the ones that came after Will was gone. I this, I that, I, I, I…. Almost every sentence starts with “I”. And the interruptions…c’mon man. I don’t want to trash the guy but I had to fast forward past the ones with him on the show.

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