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SC EP:11 The ‘Siege’ at Honobia

Bigfoots had been harassing a family who lived deep in the sticks in Honobia, Oklahoma for some time. The family had planted a lot of Austrian snow peas, a crop that deer loved to eat, so deer congregated on their property. The family then hunted the deer for food, mostly by spotlighting at night. They stored deer meet in a freezer in a shed outdoors.

The Bigfoots were coming around the house mostly at night, attacking the house with rocks, banging on windows and doors, screaming and yelling, stealing deer meat from the freezer, damaging property, and just in general raising Hell.

These incidents took place at a rural homestead outside the town of Honobia, Oklahoma in January of 2000. Some BFRO contacts went to visit the family. They stayed overnight and were impressed. Weeks later television stations and newspapers in Oklahoma mentioned the incidents but never told the whole story.

Mid January, 2000

The first message received by the BFRO, from the uncle of the Honobia family:
“Too many incidents to mention here, please have someone contact us. This is no hoax and my brother is afraid for his family. This creature is getting bolder every time it returns. This thing is huge, walks upright, smells like a musky urine, burned hair type odor. He repeatedly comes back in the early morning hours after midnight and harasses them until just before dawn. It has on more than one occasion tried to enter their home. We don’t know where to turn. Everyone thinks we are crazy when we mention it. Please, we don’t know what to do but I do know that something needs to be done! There are stories we could tell that would make the hair stand on your neck…”


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21 Responses to “SC EP:11 The ‘Siege’ at Honobia”

  1. Calvin K

    Is there a forum page? Just saw an interesting post on Facebook about an orangutan that learned to produce human like sounds. Thought it was interesting and could apply to this subject of the mimicking these creatures can do.

    • Christen E

      Apples and oranges. Sasquatch’s can’t be considered as monkeys or compared to when they are human. Of course they can not only speak words and knows what they mean. But if you was just moving on to another topic, please pardon me for misunderstanding

  2. Jim D

    March 25th 2015 So I’m sitting here at my computer waiting for episode 89 to start and I start going through some of these older shows to see if there’s anything good on them. I have to tell you, in retrospect, and this is about Wil, I find him to be; one. extremely intelligent, and two, just as aggravating as he is smart. How is it that that guy can have had nearly every kind of experience known to Sasquatch encounters ? He is one of those guys who we all knew growing up, the “anything you can do, I can do better” guys who we instinctively knew was pretty much full of crap. Also, Wes has an amazing ability to recall conversations and information that was passed on to him – almost unlike anyone I have ever heard do it before.

    • Geoffrey C

      I couldn’t agree with you more!! It actually is starting to frustrate me the way Will goes about trying to put his 2 cents in the conversations. He repeats himself a lot and his story changes frequently

  3. David G

    You guys are hilarious, Will knows more about these creatures that just about anyone. There are literally a handful of people that hold such knowledge, and are open and willing to share and help people who are grappling with their own encounter. This is quite literally therapeutic for the guests, and not geared toward your entertainment. You can’t fault the man for helping.

  4. stephen P

    Well said lads. At one point about the ‘samurai chatter’ he actually said ‘ I’ve heard it,so it is true’. I’m new here and am going back on the old shows. Wes is so much better with guests and his brother on. I find Mr. .Jevning condescending ,patronising and arrogant. It’s only true if he has seen or heard it. Wes,being decent seemed in awe of him and his ‘years of experience’ he keeps reminding us about. He makes Matt Moneymaker seem modest!!…and I love ‘finding bigfoot’ btw.

    Starting in the present and working back,this show is so much better. Wes is a gifted interviewer. No ego, and thought provoking. His biggest asset is ‘listening’. Wes, like all great interviewers has the ability to listen and allow his guests to speak. Wes, you are soooo… much better off without that self righteous gasbag.

  5. randolph w

    I really enjoy this encounter. It’s great to see how the show’s progressed, but this has to be an all time favorite. Always wondered what happened to the folks on this property.

  6. Susan B

    Wow, those poor families. I really would like to hear more about them though. It seemed like we were just given snippets and highlights. Is there a later show were Mike or his brother are being interviewed? As far as the latter part of the show I’d like to see that documentary but I must admit I am not liking the connection of Neanderthal to Sassy’s due to my DNA coming back a few years ago showing I have over the normal amount of Neanderthal DNA in me – plus I have auburn hair. Yeah, not liking that connection one bit; just saying.

  7. michael n

    Susan, I personally think thats why this is covered up by the government. I think we are CLOSELY related and they dont want to open a huge can of worms by telling us that sasquatch are our relation.

  8. Charles W

    Hey Wes, Thanks, many times over for this show. I am 67 years old, physically disabled person, who was VERY interested in sasquatch.
    Until recently is was looking at a property just a short distance NW of Honobia, OK. on the Old Indian Trail. I called the broler, and told him I had lost interest, and was no longer interested, and thanked him for showing it to me, but, had changed my mind.
    Call me a coward, if you will, but, I can think of MUCH better ways to spend my Golden Years than in a pitched battle with a DDA, as you call them.
    I was, until recently, thanks to BFRO, and others, of the opinion that they WERE the Friendly Forest Giants. Now I have seen the other side of the coin.

  9. Jay Carlsen

    ……………. They caught me Binge Listening Again !

    ( I gotta remember the Episode that Guy Coined that Term & Thank HIM ! )

  10. Elizabeth R

    Wes, do you know where I can find the footage of the neanderthal documentary now? I can’t find it on youtube or Jevning’s website. I’d love to watch it. TY x

  11. Megan M

    I miss Will. ….he’s a majority of the reason I became a member. He’s intelligent and experienced. It’s so easy for you faceless, conceited, judgemental pricks to comment about Will and, what you perceive to be shortcomings, personally I don’t find them to be shortcomings at all; but why don’t we take a look at your shortcomings?!? Why don’t we put YOU under the public microscope? What would the crowd say about you? If you have nothing nice to say, then please, do us all a favor and keep your bloody mouth shut! I don’t care to read your negative comments about the cast of this show. Why don’t you focus on the positive aspects of the show rather than pointing out negative ones? Are you oblivious to other’s feelings or just plain disrespectful? Let’s just hope that if you’re ever in the public eye the public is nicer to you than you have been to Will.
    Will, if you read this, thank you for all you brought to this show. You’re amazingly intelligent and I’m sorry you’re no longer on the show. You have my utmost respect and admiration. Please forgive the negative commentators for they know not what they do. Jealousy is an ugly mask and they wear it so well. I wish you all the best and success in your future endeavors. If there’s even the slightest possibility of you coming back to the show, I pray that you at least entertain the notion. I miss you, your thoughts and opinions as well as your insights.

    • Irene H

      I thought Will Jevning continued his own show. I am sure you can find him if you want to hear him and his intelligence. He left this show of his own volition. I hope he does not come back.

  12. Dougie

    Great show but all this close up interaction, and yet no photographs that there willing to share. Surely the chance to make final proof of their existence loads of money and fame.

    I’d jump at the chance 100% it just seems a littled odd though to astound the world! But having said all that, it still was a fascinating show one of the best I’ve heard for a very long time!

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