Jun 13

SC EP:766 Encounter In North Texas

TJ said “In 1979 I was hunting in North Texas. I saw this creature, it was about 50 feet away. It was massive and it was so close I can tell you it was male. The hair on the arms were hanging down about 5 or 6 inches long. The one thing that really stays with me is the red eyes. I took off to get away from the creature and get to my brother and the creature chased me. I was able to get away from it.

I told my brother what I saw and he did not believe me. When my brother found the creatures tracks he was shocked. He did see the creature but he did not tell me what he saw until many years later.

A good friend of mine lives near me. He has had major problems with these creatures. He never believed in these creatures until he saw them. I would like to discuss what is going on this property”


More pictures to come but here are a few TJ sent me.

This is the gamecam picture that was triggered by movement


This is the strange light anomaly that was captured














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88 Responses to “SC EP:766 Encounter In North Texas”

  1. Stephen W

    Yea I love the sounds of whales.Back in 1994 I believe I bought a tape of whale sounds and gave it to my then wife but she thoughtt I was saying to her that she was too fat! Things went downhill pretty fast after that.The end.

    • Leann G

      I thought the same thing or the web especially since the lens is facing into the sun but maybe his explanation of the event in real time will reveal more details.

      • Jason D

        Great show Wes Looking forward to part 2 with TJ. Also, Robert Kryder is fascinating. I’ve been following his channel for years now. I had an encounter last year deer hunting that scared the crap out of me. I’m still a little reluctant to talk about it, but I will. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to this topic. You’ve helped me a great deal. ✌

  2. Lisa B

    Great show Wes! Thanks TJ for sharing your encounters. I would’ve been running across that field too! Can’t wait for Part Two and more pictures! They’re masters of disguise for sure. I’ve had a theory that there are the ancient ones, I call them Bluebloods, I don’t know why, it’s just what comes to mind. Then, there are the ones that have been manipulated thru dna. Will we ever know the truth? Who knows. Thanks for “putting the lights on” Wes! You’re the best!
    P.S. Don’t forget your flag tomorrow 🇺🇸👍🏻

    • Whizbang

      Blue bloods is a term, originated from when England was going through the Black Plague. The common folk had ask the doctors why royalties were not getting plague, answer was they had blue blood, look at veins in arm. Reason behind royalty not getting plague, was they were eating drinking of real silver, nothing microbiological can live in presence of silver.

  3. Leann G

    Thanks Wes for another compelling episode. It seems like TJ has seen some wild stuff during his life. Excited for a part 2 . Thanks to TJ for sharing!
    Have a great week ya’ll!
    Regards from NC

  4. Denise F

    Was a really good episode. Thank you, TJ for sharing with us. I’m from east texas and we have our share here too.
    I think you are onto something about the genetic engineering, explains the weird eyes, I believe. I hear Giants supposedly had two eyelids!?

    Looks like foot or handprints in the pic (6th down, I believe) of the twisted tree. They are on the right side of it. …could be human I suppose but???

    We have mostly pine forest so bark doesn’t come off in strips like that but I’ve seen it used for what I believe looked like the base of a ‘map type thing’ and as a ‘plate’….dead grubs and caterpillars were in the middle of the back side of a huge piece.

  5. Timothy D

    As authentic as storytelling gets. Another first class experience which begins to bump up against some interesting truths regarding the phenomena. Nothing is as simple as it seems on the surface, when it comes to sharing an encounter. Like the so-called meta-materials we hear about, there are many layers to each encounter, and no two are the same it seems.
    Thank you TJ, for contributing your amazing experiences, along with the corroborating photographic evidence. There is no finer platform to engage the public than West Germer and Sasquatch Chronicles. But I’m sure you knew that already.
    Much respect brother, for your courage and candor. Looking forward to Part II!

  6. Rhonda D

    Good show Wes! Here in N. Texas, the dirt here is very difficult to leave prints in if it’s dry..where I am. We have a black gumbo/ clay .. I actually broke a shovel last month! No joke..

  7. Jay Carlsen

    OH ! I was escorted down a mile stretch of dirt road one night by something walking in the woods on my left. ( south side of the road ) I caught it after the sun came up in the sky as I was walking back to the road I should have taken earlier ; when I turned from the wind to lite my Cigarette. A 10 foot Tall Gorilla that was looking up over its right shoulder ! ( Largest thing I have seen in the Wild ) It was so large I had a Trauma Block that was holding the memory back.
    They haven’t found a Body because these things are Cannibals. ( I am sure of it – and David Paulides has presented the Evidence )

    Great Episode as always , Thanx TJ & Wes.

    • m99

      @Jay Carlson ~ I agree with everything with an exception. Maybe some (perhaps rogue one, kicked out of the group) are cannibals, but I don’t think all are. My opinion has changed over the few years listening to Wes & his eye witness account guests.

      Now I think these creatures are more human than beast, and they probably carry off their dead and bury them. I can say that but I haven’t seen a Sasquatch, nor have I been escorted out by one (that I know of). But if they are cannibals, and are (at least part) human, why wouldn’t the big one you saw just come and get you for food? If not for himself, but for the troup? I do believe the Sasquatch are cannibals sometimes. How about the episode where the torso of a man was found in a “bone yard” ? after the witness has climbed in on all fours through a tunnel of brush. Scary stuff.

      Jay, sorry but can’t remember, but have you been on SC Podcast? If so, what episode, and if no, why not?

      Also, a few members are active on the chat room mewe page knobby created. You can develop your own page and chat from there as well, or at the SC Forum mewe page. We’d benefit from your experiences and many people would love to hear more about it. Please check it out, okay? https://mewe.com/join/sasquatchchroniclesforum

      Thanks as always. _m

  8. Janetta V

    Really enjoyed the show. Thanks T.J. for telling us what happened to you and the pictures. I hope you can come back with your neighbor and with more pictures because this was really interesting. Thanks again Wes, you are always able to come up with a great show.

  9. Reid D

    To my fellow Texan!! Thank you sir! I believe they are all over the Lone Star State. North Texas East Texas and South Texas. Of course Im in West Central Texas where they are not so much! Lol

  10. Paul R

    Hey Wes, I grew up on Cape cod! (Harwich to be exact) my grandmother lived there and we would go on whale watches frequently, every time I go back I’m reminded of my grandmother, humpback whales and whales tales always remind me of her. Moved to Colorado last year and miss cape cod so much. Thanks for all your hard work brother.

  11. Erin D

    :: oh cool, even more freaked out to be in Texas. That’s all super disturbing. I’m just gonna stay in the suburbs even tho I’m not far from a lot of these hot spots – 45 minutes.

  12. NHSquatcher

    I love that you played the whale story on the channel I watch every night here in Massachusetts where I’m caring for my mom. We have tons of whales now off the coast of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It’s very possible the whale was scooping up small fish or plankton and the guy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. In other news we have a bear wandering around Marshfield which is highly populated Massachusetts town and a mouse running around in Chelmsford Massachusetts which is just south of the New Hampshire border. And yesterday a hummingbird tried to get into a bouquet of flowers through our picture window here in Massachusetts in a high-rise apartment building. 🙂 gotta love wildlife.

  13. Mike B

    Could we keep the start of this show as a new intro? I absolutely loved it. The music and the start of his story comin in was absolutely perfect.

  14. David R

    Really GREAT STORY! Thank You! I would of SHIT myself! I hope MARK from Colorado Bigfoot has a close encounter soon. He deserves a close encounter. He thinks they know him, and are friends with them!

  15. Renee S

    If that squatch from 1979 had ribs showing, he may very well have singled you out as a food source, & then veered off maybe due to having seen ur brother?

  16. Pam M

    on the whale story, I go out of my mind every time a journalist or reporter makes those lame, predictable idioms or cliches that make me want to puke. Oh, this is a whale of a tale. it is not endearing at all and comedy is not a job for them.

  17. Meesha F

    that 3rd and 4th picture just kills me how their hair retracts the light the way it does and it’s also crazy the way their eyes reflect the light too 🤔 masters of camo

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