Mar 21

SC EP: 637 I Think It Was Watching Us Kids [Members]

Dave writes “I have had two encoutners, my first encounter was in the 90s my brother and I would go stay part of the summer at our grandma’s house north of cohasset MN.

My cousins lived about a 1/8 mile down the road we spent the summer in the woods four-wheeling fort building camping fishing riding bikes and about everything else that went along with living in the country in them days it happened right at sundown we were all riding our bikes and we would always look for cars before leaving the driveway and riding on the tar that’s when we noticed this giant hair covered bipedal being run away from our direction we all just stood there in shock really not knowing what we were all looking at.

I don’t remember how long we looked at it and then a car turned on the road and once that car turn down the road it ran into the brush in the woods and then once the car passed it came back on the ditch and continued on that route heading west and then another car turned on that road and it ran in the woods and then came back out but that car tapped its brakes in that area like it had seen it and then it continued down probably a total distance from us there was within the eighth Mile and then it turned and went north on a logging road we never seen it again and also is really weird is we seen like a shooting star but it almost looked like it went like backwards from where we were later on in life we told our grandma and she didn’t really believe us which is understandable but we definitely know now what we had seen




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65 Responses to “SC EP: 637 I Think It Was Watching Us Kids [Members]”

  1. Dean C

    Wow!!!! Just came to the site to catch up on the last show!!! Your putting them out faster than I can listen. Thankyou Wes, truly. Your going through the same things the rest of us are with the COvid19, yet your still at the coal face too, doubling capacity. You can tell almost all you need know about a person by their work ethos.
    Hope your well, as are your nearest and dearest, and the same goes to all my fellow Squatchaholics.
    All the best,
    Wales, UK.

  2. Denise F

    I really liked this sighting when I read it the other day.
    It says alot about their behavior. I’m working an all nighter so I’ll listen later but a great big, forever indebted, keep em coming…..I mean …..thanks for keeping them coming, lol. ?

  3. Amy K

    Wes, Thank you for the extra shows! It was fun to hear the original exit music last night – keep the lights on, baby, but close those curtains if you live near the timber line!

  4. Matt T

    Thank you Wes. You don’t even understand how much I appreciate you uploading more stuff during this time. I know this might seem dramatic but your show truly helps people in a time like right now and new episodes are as good as gold to me. Sure it gives us something to do but more important takes our mind away from what’s happening. Thanks again man.

    • SCOTT O

      I’m in the same boat. But don’t do it unless you make peace with these things. I’m trying to come up with a game plan for this. But I don’t want them following me home either.

    • Eric S

      I had a school teacher in the 10th grade and I used to keep a tally of how many times she would tack “okay?” behind every statement. As much as I love Wes.. I gotta love him that much more for having the tolerance I don’t have for these “y’know” people. Wes.. you are a man who teaches a better lesson that my failures of character keep me from learning.

      • Rodney P

        I went back and listened again and counted 437 ya knows. If you take out all the ya knows in his encounter his encounter would of been 7minutes an 15seconds shorter. It was still a great encounter YA KNOW.

  5. Kris G

    Thanks so much, Wes, for the extra shows! Much appreciated. You were wondering how others are doing across the country….I am writing from the Fox Valley, which is a population center just south of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Of course it’s very strange with all schools, churches, restaurants/bars and many other businesses closed. The grocery stores have some empty shelves, but at the same time the aisles are full of pallets being emptied and shelves restocked. People are “intense” with their shopping… an unsettled mood, but polite and orderly with the store staff considerate and helpful. The neighborhood children are out on the street using their bikes and skates when weather allows. The neighbors had a garage party the other night! ha…not sure if there were less than 10 people. Most of the cases right now are in the Milwaukee and Madison areas. I will say I am angry when I see on the news 1000s on the Florida beaches and in the bars…casinos still open in Las Vegas…ski resorts still open in the Rockies ….all when we here are sacrificing so much in Wisconsin….students missing school….1000s of people out of work and missing pay. Hopefully the 15 days will bring the beginning of recovery! God Bless the USA.

  6. Doug K

    Hey Wes….great program as usual ……Big thanks to Dave. Thanks Dave for sharing your awesome encounters with us. You helped a lot of us to get through another day of covid isolation. Thanks !!! YEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

  7. Richard W

    Thanks Wes. Appreciate the extra shows. Good witness, but I don’t think they need protection. They can’t be found the way it is, and we need to protect ourselves if they become aggressive.

  8. Gregory B

    Wes, thank you so much for these bonus episodes! I listen to these when working and now that I’m working in my home office for the foreseeable future, having these extras goes a long ways!

  9. Josh G

    I’m in Minnesota and I’ve seen a similar “shooting star.” It was about a month ago around 1am. It was above the tree line but I can’t say what size or how high. It was a little slower that what I would think a shooting star should be. It was the same color as a star (soft blue glow). Looked darker in the middle like a blue flame kinda, and flew perfectly straight. It seemed to fade away, I imagine due to a jump in altitude but I don’t know. I watched it about 8 seconds. I never saw it appear, I only noticed it when it ended my field of vision when I happened to look up.

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