Mar 22

SC EP:638 Caesar From Planet Of The Apes

A listener writes “I am originally from Miami, Florida. I lived with my grandparents in Clewiston, Florida which is right by lake Okeechobee. They lived in an unincorporated community called pioneer which is about 23 miles from Clewiston. And about 80 miles from Big Cypress preserve.

A very rural part of the country indeed. I was about 10 at the time the encounter. It occurred during the summer time. So bearing this in mind many of the canals in the area were low of water. My grandparents owned a couple of acres of land, so they were far apart from neighbors. I loved being outside trying to find different animals and trying to catch black racers, rat snakes, and different turtles in the area. The surrounding area around the property were full of palmettos which were towered by evergreen trees. I would like the fence in the back of the property to go catch reptiles. I walked a half a mile deep in the woods and hit a small dry creek bed, which is where I found different animals from time to time. The creek extended to about a mile which fed into a canal. As I was looking for reptiles heard the brush move from across the creek bed. I was used to rustling in the wood, so I didn’t pay attention until I saw something step out from the brush out of the corner of my eye. What I am about to tell you still haunts me to this very day. What stepped out was 7 ft tall ape looking thing. Its fur was a deep reddish brown. It was almost boxy in shape with legs longer than its body. It almost seemed designed to live in the swamp. I just froze. I knew it would not be wise to run through this brush.

So I did something that learned from years of watching nature documentaries. I crouched down and pretended I was eating leaves. I remember seeing a documentary about Diane Fosse, and I recalled she would do this as to not provoke the silverback. I was too scared to do anything else, and whatever I was doing was keeping me alive. Every so often I would glance up at it, and it was just standing there tensely examining me. It would also look back and forth almost over me almost to assure I was alone all the while making a huffing sound. The only thing separating us was a dry creek bed. Which may have been 15 ft of space. It was doing this for about 3 minutes, but it felt an eternity. Then that’s when it went down on its haunches and squatted. I felt the courage to raise my head and look at it. We were just examining each other. At this time I noticed it was female due to the breasts. I also noticed at the time that she wasn’t alone. I saw small arm draped over her shoulder. We just kept looking at each other for about another 5 minutes. The whole time my body was telling me to run. Like some primordial instinct saying danger, but my mind remained extremely calm. At the same time I was expecting to smell a stench, but none ever came.

I only thought this because I have heard what a skunk ape was and heard the stench they exude, but she wasn’t smelly. After five minutes she reached behind her never taking her eyes off me the whole time and held her baby. It was looking at me with intent. Examining me like its mother. It couldn’t have been more than a month old. It was kind of small but bigger and more advanced than a human infant. She must have given birth to it last month. I felt as if she was teaching her baby what a human was, but at the time I think she may have been confused what I was considering my skin is dark brown like hers and I had long curly black hair. While she was holding her baby, I could notice scars on her face. I figured she was old. Never did she bare her teeth at all during this encounter. About 6 minutes later she stood up and turned her body, slung her baby on her back, and stared down the creek bed when I noticed a bigger one of these things was standing 50 feet away. He was staring directly at me with disgust. This one bared his teeth at me.

He looked kind of like Caesar in rise of the planet of the apes only taller and more muscular. He may have been half a foot to a foot taller than her. I noticed the stench and she also began to reek of this smell. I can only describe it as hot garbage, and dead animals mixed into a vat. I later concluded maybe they only smelled when they’re stressed, or angry. They both started to puff up. Meaning that they were trying to make themselves bigger than they were. The female then positioned herself between me and the male. As if to almost protecting me. Maybe it was all those motherly hormones in her that told her this. The standoff lasted for maybe at least two minutes. Then the male walked back in to the brush on the side where the female came out of. She then without looking back at me began to make her way back in the brush as well. I think she was making sure that male didn’t follow me, I have no idea. I turned to leave very quickly and didn’t turn back till I was back inside the house. I never went back in the woods ever again behind my grandparent’s property. I tried telling my mom what happened, but my mom was more of a city woman, so she did not believe me. That really hurt me. I did however tell my grandma what I saw, and she simply said, “I believe you”. I never knew if they had any encounters with them considering none of them ever came on the property.”




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71 Responses to “SC EP:638 Caesar From Planet Of The Apes”

  1. Jason D

    Wes, you are an absolute stud! Thanks for providing excellent content at a time when everyone’s stress, anxiety and boredom levels are peaking out. It’s a little embarrassing to admit—for a guy who’s never seen one of these and runs a nonprofit on the other side of the world—but this is a great escape. You do that man. Own it, f*** the haters and roll on buddy! ❤️??✊

  2. Janice K

    Love the Native wisdom and encounters. My Grandmother was Comanche. She was my Grandfather’s second wife so not my Father’s mother. However, she was my chosen Grandmother and she gave me much wisdom and love. She was amazing and I built my life around what she taught me. She passed when I was 11. I was spending the night and she came to me at bed time to tuck me in
    and told me she would be passing in a week and gave me a gift to remember her. I week later she passed from a heart attack. I still carry the gift and she is with me each day.

  3. Barbara F

    Thank you thank you thank you for keeping us sane !!
    Our small town just reported cases and nerves are frayed . The extra shows helps take our mind off of all the news reports.
    Kudos to you. Wes !

  4. Paula L

    What intreating encounters. I have heard from so many local tribes & listened to our beloved Native Americans of Sasquatch’s total fascination of Native American Music & the dances & prayers. I feel they have found utmost pleasure from the respectfulness & honor displayed from these gatherings. I would think they have grown with them for generations possibly brings them extreme peace. I totally respect Tribal Names & all the truth they have shared with white men. I hear repeatedly they were here when Native Americans came. We have everything to learn of these blessed creatures from all Tribes, Bless You & Thank You for sharing your encounters & Wisdom. An old white woman ?

  5. Melinda J

    Wes, Thank you so much for all the content this week. You’re a good man Wes. I personally thank you and I’m sure so many more folks are as grateful as I am. ?? Everyone stay safe.

    • Thomas D

      Des Moines Iowa checking in. So far so good here, but we’re shut down in large part. I cancelled our upcoming gigs until things improve. Saw it coming, cancelled early.
      We can get most food, but no rice, bread, or jug water. We have good water at the farm, so I’m not sweating that.
      Drive thrus are open, many people are getting take-out to preserve the food stock at home, which is sensible.
      The streets are deserted, looks like a Sunday in the 70’s out there.
      I manage a farm-based biofuel plant, and we are still running, but are prepared to shut down if the refinery that we sell to shuts down.
      I hope you all are doing well, and am praying for all of us. This is a world thing, every one of us is in this together. Please let this bring out the best in you, please help folks who need it. Share your supplies, and your compassion.
      We are not defined by our success. We are defined by our ability to pull together when shit gets rough.

  6. Linda C

    Fascinating encounter and especially from a Native who’ve had these creatures in their culture forever. Thanks so much Mark and Wes! Also, much appreciate the extra shows, Wes!

  7. Terran S

    So comforting and wonderful to know when the world is coming to grips with this new reality……SC carries on. This is not the first time these episodes have gotten me through tough times.

    Thanks to your wonderful guest, very interesting encounter!

  8. Melanie W

    Oh man, Wes, you are an angel. Thank you! And great interview. I love your guest calm and down to earth outlook.

    Hey, also… where can I find a copy of that closing bit you used in this episode? It was wonderful!

    Be safe and well, brother!

  9. Erin W

    That snippit at the end got me, what a lovely way to have some hope and inspiration and touch the hearts of people going through such an unknown and scary time. Beautiful ♡

  10. Miss Kendall S

    Thank you Wes for doing this as you can see we all appreciate you more then you know ❤️
    Our small town here in Va just said we who be in lock down starting 2mrrw but If that’s what it takes to help everyone stays safe Well then so be it..
    Everyone take care of yourselves and thank you again Wes this it’s Awesome..

  11. Ulrike H

    I’ve greatly enjoyed the extra episodes but this was one of the best. I can’t imagine how eerie it must have been to encounter the female with child and then to remain so calm throughout the sighting!
    Also, I loved the extra words of inspiration at the end of the podcast.
    Thx, Wes!

  12. Paul H

    Thanks for the extra episodes Wes.

    I’m sure you’ve already answered this but, what episodes are highlighted in the new intro. Those are two of my favorite episodes but, I can’t find them. Want to turn someone into the podcast and those I know would get them hooked.

  13. Bonnie I

    Many types of Sasquatch I think. Possibly some interacted more with our ancient ancestors than others. And song and ceremony of Native American people strikes a familiar chord with those particular ones in some kind of way. A very interesting and thoughtful guest, thank you Wes.

  14. m99

    _started scratching, twitching, jerking around_thought, oh my, what’s this?! I then recall, it’s been a few days since listening to SC. I came back & listened to this again… it seemed to calm the twitch, itch, and the nervous jerking around…calming me down. Oh no! I’m addicted to SC! It is especially bad right now. We’re all stuck under house arrest. At least it isn’t sunny outside… I just found a reason to look on the bright side! It’s gray outside! Oh well, think I’ll go buy some necessary groceries…

  15. JEREMY J

    Hello all, I am looking for an episode where a young man helps neighbors on a reservation with the creatures coming on their property. He helps a lady (not really) find her missing husband, that had been dragged and dismembered for several miles. The incident ended up being covered up with a story about a pack of large dogs or wolves. Can any of you point me in the right direction?

    The husband was on a hunting trip and the campsite was trashed and so was his truck.

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