Feb 19

Sawdustt BEAST: Janice Carter

Janice Carter claims to have developed her ability to understand the creatures through what she describes as a lifetime spent among them.

Now an adult, Carter Coy first encountered a Bigfoot when she was 7 years old. Playing on her grandfather’s farm in rural Tennessee, she literally ran into one of the creatures. Frozen in fear, Janice was rescued by her grandfather who rushed to her side and proceeded to stare the creature down until it moved away.

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  1. Charles R

    This lady sure is making the rounds lately on podcasts. 90 percent of what she answers for these guys was never in her and Mary Green’s Book ” 50 Years with Bigfoot ” The 50 years are actually with her Grandpa Robert Carter Sr. who had that long of a relationship with Fox and Sheeba and their offspring who he provided food for nearly every day. The book was to the point. I think a lot of what she addresses here is speculation and is out their to speak, but who am I to know. They have ancient ones that keep a written history carved in stone is extremely difficult to believe. And how can they with these huge hands and fingers ever carve out much of anything on a stone rock? Kevin Laing could never teach his friend Glagg how to start a fire with a flint as he could never master the dexterity for this simple procedure. The Sasquatch know the Bible and creation stories and such – really? I don’t know. She stated she and Ron Morehead will be at the Bigfoot Days in West Branch, MI this May. Their website states May 15 but gives no mention of guests as yet. I hope I can attend as my sister and BIL have a house just 20 minutes away, but it may be the same date as a charity Motorcycle Ride that I organize in conjunction with other events for charities in Darke County, Ohio takes place. I certainly would have a lot of questions for her.

  2. Renee S

    Although her grandfather had the first & most interactions, they continued well past his death. Also, I’ve listened to the “Glagg” story a few times, & I’ll just say a lot of it sounds like that, a story. I don’t know either of these folks, but I do know the area of where Janice speaks, & there are numerous accounts of Sasquatch all around there. People just are not as forthcoming as others. They do not want outsiders nosing around their peoperties….

  3. Cathy S

    I’m wonder a couple of things. She said they live to be 120 years and Fox died of old age and he was around 7 when her grandpa found him. The years don’t like up. I believe a lot of her information is true but maybe she exaggerate s a bit. Don’t know. Love to listen to her though.

  4. Lisa M

    There was a full text version of her book on one of the blogs, and I’m pretty sure it was Sasquatch Chronicles. Now I can’t find it anywhere. Is it actually somewhere else? I read it about 2 years ago.

    • Charles R

      For Lisa M. Go to Bigfoot Casefiles. Their are about maybe 14 episodes each about an hour long that are both narrated and can be read. Go back to the episodes somewhere around Sept and Oct. of 2018. I read it their about this time last year. The book itself is difficult to find and has been out of print for years. Although they may come up on Ebay or perhaps Facebook Marketplace from time to time. One sold on Ebay last fall for $ 500.00, I guess someone wanted it bad. Janice has stated a few weeks ago she hopes to get the book reprinted soon. Janice came under heavy criticism when it was published in 2002 by the powers that be at that time in the Bigfoot Community. Back when the damn dirty ape theory was in vogue. Things were discussed in the book that were new at that time and were not accepted. However since the proliferation of info on the internet and also the relic more human type hominid acceptance, a lot of what she discussed has been witnessed by a good number of people.

  5. Renee S

    They all heard more than one creature at a time vocalizing in one of their research areas. There are creatures still active in that part of the state, as well as crossing up into Kentucky. Bb6As far as how many, male or female, would be the most obvious questions. I’m sure some type of interactions occurred between the Carters & these creatures, but to what extent is unknown, as you’ve pointed out, Knobby.

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