Feb 19

Missing Michigan Couple And Their 8 Month Old Baby Son Are Found Dead

A missing Michigan couple and their eight-month-old son have been found dead outside their pick-up truck after crashing it into a boulder in the woods and getting stuck, according to police.

Amanda Pomeroy, Douglas Dougherty and their eight-month-old son Jacob were found dead outside the vehicle in Rose Township in northeast Michigan on Tuesday.  They had not been seen since January 12 and were reported missing on January 16. Police have not revealed how they died or whether the deaths are suspicious.

They have also not indicated how long they were dead for.

‘There’s a lot of unanswered questions that we need to know.

‘We’re doing autopsies right now, so we’ll have some final answers (soon),’ Sheriff Brian Gilbert said on Tuesday.

They have only said that the bodies were found by a snowmobile, outside of the truck, and that it looked as though the vehicle had become stuck on a boulder. Dougherty had been trying to get it out, the sheriff said. Autopsies are underway on all three bodies.



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8 Responses to “Missing Michigan Couple And Their 8 Month Old Baby Son Are Found Dead”

  1. Drew C

    Only n hr from where I live. Very odd situation and the fact that it’s very tight lipped makes it even more suspicious. Definitely will be following this until the final conclusion. Might even have to go take a hike and check out the area.

  2. Marco F

    They died of hypothermia, found outside their truck with no shoes on. This was reported by the Detroit Free Press. The no shoes on the victims seems to raise red flags. Although paradoxical undressing is one of the potential final stages of hypothermia, there would be shedding of clothing, it would seem illogical to be only the feet suffering from this and all 3 taking off just shoes???

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