Jul 6

Round Table Question And Answer

I am working on a round table show with Tony Merkel from The Confessionals and Brent Thomas from The Paranormal Portal. We have several topics we are going to cover in an open discussion. Do you have any questions or comments I will read on the air? You can ask any question you want for the podcasters.

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  1. rosalyn b

    Question for Wes – are there witnesses that you’ve had on the show that you’ve followed up with to get updates? In particular, I was thinking of Connie from episode 433 “They made themselves known” – she sold most of her property that was a home and guest house near the river due to the harassment.

    Question for Tony – any guests that have expressed paranormal activity around a family member with special needs? I ask this because I lived in a house for many years where there was paranormal activity around my daughter with special needs. (Happy to talk to you about it at a future time).

    • John P

      Hi Rosalyn, I worked as a direct support professional for autism & brain injured adults as a lead counselor for 15 years & I honestly can say just about every facility I worked for an group home, plus private homes, I have experienced paranormal activity, I never understood why. an the only thing I can think of is maybe these spirits/ghosts prey upon individuals with them conditions for certain reasons? I definately would like to know myaelf on why this sort od thing happens..

      • rosalyn b

        that’s fascinating, John P. We lived in a 200 year old renovated home and the focus on my daughter was pretty intense. But it never seemed malicious. They rocked her in a recliner quite often when she was sick and when I would go up close to see if perhaps her breathing was causing the chair to rock ,the chair would turn to bump me in the knee – like get away, we are doing this.

        • Denise F

          Btw, you asked about an update on Connie and if I’m not mistaken her daughter had a disability (I want to say she was blind but don’t hold me to it, I’ll have to listen again).

  2. John P

    WES have you heard back from the guy who tried helping the baby squatch that was stuck in a tree then met the old lady that raised the squatche’s then didn’t return to visit cause he was sketchy of the older big alpha Squatch? not sure what episode it was but it left me baffled til this day on when the man said the old lady said at a certain age they go with the star people? I mean with the hundreds of credible encounter stories on these creatures all put together then adding star people in the mix is baffling makes ya wonder if these creatures just mite have some kind of magical power to them who knows…

  3. John P

    WES have you heard anything more about this rake creature? Any kind of info of any sort? There isn’t a whole lot online but the little bit of stufff I have heard it seems to me that these parasites from hell are also behind missing persons. an dogmen an rakes don’t get along an kill each other was just wondering if you heard any more info off air on these things

  4. Stephen C

    From red man in Bama , Wes do y’all think Bigfoot could possibly have some type of exodermal layer of skin that would allow them to navigate really thick terrain or help them from sustaining injury from firearms – just a theory I’ve had – keep up the good work guys love the podcast it helps a truck driver get through some long hours

  5. Denise F

    Have you guys ‘steered clear’ of a guest due to the sensitive nature of the encounter or the possibility of pressure you would get after the show? Whether by authority or audience…. question could be taken a few different ways, I suppose 😊

    Feel free to disregard this question if it’s too sensitive a topic 😉

  6. Teresa V

    One night, recently, I couldn’t sleep and watched an old Finding Bigfoot episode on You Tube. Matt Moneymaker made a comment about not really believing a witness’s description because he (Matt) said that Bigfoots had a black patch on their noses like dogs have. I’ve listened to hundreds of encounters and have never once heard this description. Have you? I’m thinking Moneymaker is full of it, and wondering why he would make such a statement on his show.

  7. Daniel E

    In the night sky there are from 5-6 stars that are the lowest from the horizon and are the brightest of the stars spaced around the night sky. They appear to be stars but if you watch each light for 20-30 seconds you’ll see them dart up and down or side to side or in tight circles. I’ve looked at these through binoculars and there are blue, orange, or red lights flashing from them. Can anyone out there tell me what the hell they are? I first noticed these “stars” 4-5 years ago. I’ve also hit them with 4-5 million candle power spot light and get additional movement out of them. I’m stumped.

  8. Daniel E

    Thanks Fran S. Wes, you Tony and Brent need to check out those “stars” there is someone out there watching us all from space disguised as stars. I know it sounds nuts but there is something weird about them.

  9. Kenneth T

    Hi Wes this is not a question more of a coment I understand what you mean when you talk about the researchers I brought my Sasquatch to Renee Minn for Bigfoot days and a researcher says that’s not what they look like he said he’s been doing this since the 70s and has seen hundred of them so I ask if he had a picture so I could see what they look like he said no. Hmmmm

  10. pam

    Lisa B I have wondered about that also. In my early studies of sasquatch I learned that some Indian tribes here in the US, thought that seeing a sasquatch would bring pain, heartache, disease or death.

  11. Scot B

    How do you feel about the possibility that we live in a simulated reality? Could supernatural, paranormal and cryptid creatures be “glitches” in the matrix or deliberate acts by another intelligence.

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