Jul 26

Roadside crossing right before the mountain blew

A listener writes “I live in Longview Washington and has recently discovered your podcast.

I find it all very interesting and extremely entertaining. It gets me through my graveyard shifts at the mills so thank you for that.

The quick story I have for you isn’t about an encounter Ive had but one from my father. Back in 1980 my father was working security in the red zone of Mount St. Helens right before it blew. He was working with my grandfather, his dad while doing it.

My father told me of a group of loggers that needed some help out of the area around Cougar Washington. There was not enough vehicle to evacuate everybody in the group so my dad and grandfather came with a van and helped them out. He said it was late morning/early afternoon while they were driving down the log roads a large Sasquatch was seen crossing the road in front of them. What sticks out to me was that he said it crossed the road in almost one step not even noticing the van or caring. He said it looked hell bent on getting out of the area.

Anyways after it crossed ahead of them it turned the direction of the road and could almost keep up with the speed of the van it was sprinting so quickly. It veered a different direction again and ran off into the brush. My fathers story isn’t filled with as much detail now a days as I remember it as a small child but it’s always stuck with me. When my grandfather was still alive I remember him talking about it too. I remember seeing the excitement on his face as he talked about it especially with my dad. They both thought that it could tell that the mountain was going to blow and that it was leaving the area. I always thought that was fascinating!

The mountain blew the next morning which only further makes me believe they were right about it knowing something was about to happen there. I can ask my father about what color it was or facial features and other stuff later tonight when I speak to him if you’d like. He never really spoke much about that. He just bragged to our immediate family that he won a race with Bigfoot. But he never really spoke about it with other people from what I can remember. I don’t even remember him ever going into that all with me. Anyways I hope that sparks your interest like it did mine.

Have a good day Wes!”

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  1. David R

    I can remember that day. A girl I liked called me crying. She said her mom and dad were by the mountain when it blew, and was worried about them. Later that day she called, and said they were fine. I miss the High School days dangit! LOL We almost missed the Ted Nugent/Scorpions concert on May 28th because of all the ash that was on the highway. It was a great concert. Ted was like Tarzan wearing just a loin cloth, and the first song was Motor City Madhouse!

  2. Lee D

    That is a pretty amazing, cool encounter. It makes sense. Just like all the birds and other animals that left the area. They definitely knew something was coming. As far as sasquatch goes. Makes you wonder, did they leave just because of the instincts kicking in or did they feel the vibrations or hear them? Considering the hearing the hearing they’re believed to have? I have a feeling that wasn’t the only encounter in the area in those days leading up.

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